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Summary: Comedy originated in ancient Greek drama. And glorified heroes different tragedy, comedy borrowed from the comic characters on satire and mockery of stupid behavior, causing the audience's laughter and reflection. Comedy drama comedy movie originated, in an exaggerated way, ingenious structure, witty lines and on the depiction of character, and thus the introduction of the "stupid funny" acts of ridicule, on the normal life and beautiful ideals affirmed .1919 years, the comedy film Charlie Chaplin series of independently produced films but also to promote the development of American film, so that then U.S. comedy film became an integral part of the history of world cinema.

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Creative contemporary Chinese comedy movie scene showing a more prosperous, its styles and diverse, creative ideas unique. Overall, China is now the creation of comedy there were two ideas: one for the absurd reality of such videos available called absurd comedy film, the story is based on aerial absurd trying to show the value of its realism, on behalf of the film Let the Bullets Fly as << >>, << Laughing Wild >>, << >> Swordsman, with its two of the absurdity of reality, the reality of such films can be called absurd movie, based on the tone of realism to turn to their stories of absurdity, on behalf of films such as << You Are the One 2 ", absurd reality of the absurdity and reality of - Chinese contemporary comedy film two kinds of creative ideas Preliminary Wen Wang Lu Yang Lu / Text / Wang Lu Yang Lu Summary: contemporary Chinese comedy film showing a more prosperous creative scene, its styles and diverse, creative ideas unique. Overall Contemporary Chinese comedy film making there are two approaches: one for the absurd reality of, and the second is the absurdity of reality. absurd comedy is an important type of comedy, it has a strong realistic colors is drama and tragedy creative ideas are completely different. absurdity is false and not credible, may be regarded as "subjective" and "false," while the reality is the objective reality of nature, be regarded as "objective" and "real."

Both in concept form antagonistic relationship. In its application to the creation of the film, the two concepts are often able to form a unified opposition and relationships in the pursuit of the absurd reality, in the real sense of the absurd to find that the two are mutually antagonistic and creative ideas and mutual influence eventually become unified in their influence, contemporary Chinese comedy film showing a wide pattern.

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<< Crazy car ", << >>, etc. in the embarrassing way.

Absurd comedy is an important branch of comedy, it has a strong realistic colors is drama and tragedy of creative ideas are completely different. Though absurd comedy factor in the emergence of ancient, but as a type of comedy - absurd comedy it is established to the modern times its absurdity factor because in the 20th century era of environment, social environment and irony, humor and other factors regroup and become the dominant factor in comedy, thus forming this new type of comedy. (1 ) is false and absurd credible, may be regarded as "subjective" and "false," while the reality is the objective reality of nature, be regarded as "objective" and "real." Both conceptually antithetical relationship will be of use in the creation of a film, the two concepts are often able to form a unified opposition and the relationship.

In pursuit of the absurd reality, in the real sense of the absurd to find that the two are mutually antagonistic and creative ideas influence each other and eventually become unified in them under the influence of contemporary Chinese comedy film showing a diversified pattern.

Levels of reality to think its absurd elements of creation rooted in the reality of deep frustration, so "absurd" Here is just appearance, just way, which is why the story absurd comedy movies are in strict accordance with reality logic of life creation, rather than the legendary, does not have the logic of life theme or event, so absurd comedy movie though space environment absurd, but the reality of the story from the film on the audience to find connected with the real world contact, so that when the majority of people watching the films can generate strong resonance.

3. Idealized character development and a positive theme. Comedy movie characters are often portrayed as absurd, ridiculous. Similarly, absurd comedy movie the main character is usually portrayed as obvious defects of the "little people." << Allow such bullets fly >> in a whole body began Fei Qi, Zhang Mazi illegal robbing and his men, as well as in Babbitt << >> Swordsman proprietress Tong Xiangyu with guys while in the end of the movie, usually through the efforts of little design to overcome their own character flaws and defeat the forces of evil grow into a great hero, thus completing the logical development of character, such as << >> Let the bullets fly in the bandit Zhang Mazi last Shigeyoshi open-minded, the inn << >> Swordsman a crowd of selfless solidarity ...... for absurd comedy film, although the reality is harsh and unfortunate, but hope is eternal, so the character in the film tends to idealize the development will eventually become the "truth, goodness and beauty "moral reflection idealistic ultimate achievement humanistic care can be said, absurd comedy comes from is not to destroy, the spirit of the true meaning of its cynical just hope.

Absurd comedy stems from the core spirit of fierce conflict between ideal and reality, in such films, although ridiculous story, although it is assumed that space-time environment, but often used the reality of the performance practices to create a comic effect. Contradiction refers to the objective things and human thinking within the various interdependencies between opposites and mutually exclusive relationship rather absurd essence is an objective material world and human contradictions prevalent in social life as a prominent and unique manifestations. absurd Comedy movie roles these contradictions exist in the interests, ideas and consciousness, works of fiction things and ideas in the real world while comparing real thing had a strong comedy in which characters and environment conflicts, contradictions thinking and behavior , ethics and conflicts of interest, etc., as yin and yang, influence one another, forming a unified opposition and dialectical relationship, and when the movie absurd things in comparison with the reality of the process, viewers get a viewing sense of pleasure and satisfaction, the work which showed a strong dramatic tension.

Second, the reality comedy: the absurdity of reality is characterized by realistic comedy of the absurd reality, that is in real life for the tone, turn to the absurdity of their story. Typically, in such films, the creator Against the background environment is often constructed reality of daily life, but the story of the film but with a strong logical absurdity main color, described as "false drama really do." to movies << You Are the One 2 >> Case movie tells the story of older youth in modern urban marriage difficulties, but in the story content and highly absurd sense Li Xiangshan film gala with mango "divorce ceremony," the effect of catching wedding ceremony. Li Xiangshan held after dying. " Life farewell ", etc. all this absurd story is realistic romantic comedy film brings a strong dramatic increase in the comic effect. Throughout the comedy of the absurd realism of aesthetics, a, absurd comedy movie : Absurdity of absurd comedy feature film is absurd reality, that is absurd overhead is based on the story and trying to demonstrate its realistic value. Typically in such films, the creators have built an absurd Against the background of a sense of the environment as the story of the stage, while the use of a large number of absurd sense of comedy with elements of film-making, while the main logic of the film's story, but the logic required to comply with in real life. described as "stark reality." In movies < "Let the bullets fly >> Case story the film will be the stage on the" goose "this fictional environment, the film's characters spoke Sichuan dialect, but living in the Guangdong region of the towers, the county and posing as fake The touts coupled with substitute bullies, half-truths, falsehoods, the story itself has a non-realistic irrational absurdity, but the film's storyline is not elevated, but the reality has very careful logic , such as fake Magistrate Zhang Mazi collusion with bullies yellow Shiro reminiscent of collusion since ancient times, the people defection mapped class revolution truth, coupled with mahjong, jelly, bombs, coffins, silver and other objective existence of reality thing letting this fantastic story looks authentic, with realistic features, all this constitutes the reality of absurd comedy film aesthetics, including three more specific characteristics: 1. Fiction space environment and space environment is the most important element in filmmaking as the story of the stage background and geographical environment strongly influences the content and form of the film in the absurd comedy movie, space-time environment is often fictitious, overhead, and in This occurred in the context of the film is full of absurd stories natural colors such as movies << >> Swordsman fictional one called "Seven Chivalrous town" where as "Wild World," the representative said the characters or antiquity, or modern language, to act with modern values. << >> Swordsman original background is set to the Ming Dynasty, but here the "Ming Jiang Hu" no longer stick to the ancient monarchy under the "Wisdom and Faith" values, no longer just a "loyalty "" filial piety "," courage "of the show arena. Bai Zhantang Although the film" Pirates of the saint ", but has not been deemed greenwood hero worship, but as a" person "is treated equally., and he I do not do this kind of greenwood hero to be proud of, Annette was although not high school champion, but never to consider fame as the sole purpose of life, Tong Xiangyu as Foolish, dissolute than just the pursuit of rivers and lakes, getting rid of these people cherish modern "humanitarian" values, living in this "Ming Dynasty" and "Seven Chivalrous town", this "man" is already not the Ming Dynasty, "Man", but modern "Man." This non-realistic environment makes the story stage with a great deal of scalability. fictional story space environment more able to "accommodate" comedy movie "absurdity", in order to facilitate freer to express the theme of the story and characters of the distinctive character, thus increasing the film's dramatic tension strengthen the comic effect.

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2. The reality of the story logic mainline. Movies mainline logic of the story is the backbone of movie content. Usually has a fantastic sense of cinematic storytelling setting, absurd comedy films in the narrative plot logic often seek reality as in the movie << >> Swordsman, the entire film is permeated with "money", "buy", " real estate, "and so the reality of today's society, the treasurer and Tong Xiangyu Guo Furong, Bai Zhantang contradictions and other figures around the" take it or leave room "issues.

Through the film's creators to show contemporary social conflicts and criticism, expressing concerns about the social situation and the audience's deep thinking can be said that the essence of absurd comedy in order to criticize the irrational behavior of the real world, which also includes three more specific characteristics: 1. The reality of the space-time environment. Such space-time environment settings comedy film based on real world based, and thus a lot more realistic, the film produced by the reality of realism. Movies << You Are the One 2 >> The story takes place in space-time environment in contemporary Beijing and Hainan, the two, while the main narrative is set in today's society, "older youth marriage" hot issues, with a strong reality, "crazy car >> the story set in contemporary southern China coastal city of Xiamen City, so its story "drug smuggling" provides a real-life logic; << >> in embarrassing way a phenomenon unique in contemporary China "Spring Festival" as the background story to Changsha destined for pole be realistic. reality comedy film selected temporal reality environment, creating a real space environment, the audience accepted the reality of the space environment, "illusion", which on the absurdity of the story had a sense of identity, while the film Real life is logical to increase the credibility of the story, the story has a fantastic sense of plot development has laid a "reality" of the foundation.

2. The story has a sense of the absurd logic of the main line with the reality of time and space in different environments, such comedy movies are usually logical thread of the story is absurd, with a strong "hypothetical." << Crazy car "tells the story of a modern version of the prostitute buried Father's story hero buried in order to master with the "underground CBD, the garden of life," said the luxury cemetery to filial piety, figuring out ways to make money but in the process accidentally lost the Master's casket was involved in drug smuggling transaction. apparently logical thread of the story has a strong sense of absurdity, where "prostitute buried Father", "luxury cemetery", "drug events" and other absurd bizarre incident after another, Taiwanese drug traffickers, Thai boxer, local killer and always impressed with the silver medal (mean failure of the hero.

Although in reality the story of the space-time environment, and the absurdity of the plot has already broken through the shackles of reality, however, the audience is often talked about in such a fantastic story logic, no doubt its absurd essence of this is due to the reality of the space-time movie background for the story laid a "real" basis caused while in the viewing process, the logical absurdity of the story comic effect caused by the audience in real life but has become a self-venting, forming a unique artistic charm.

3. Character development and themes of uncertainty and ambiguity ambiguous. Kind of comedy movie character development is often uncertain. Movies in which the hero of the story in the experience of the film, often in a "Thanks for the Memories" and "enlightenment" of life feelings in << You Are the One 2 >> of Qin Fen, after experiencing emotional ups and friends parting arrived at after "marriage how election is wrong, long marriage is the wrong," the recollections, and As crazy car >> << end, the hero will do so in the luxurious master burial cemetery, but life still continue, so nothing has changed, and if the movie << >> embarrassing way in the end, the hero perception of life creating a "own true feelings in the" conclusion, it may well be a recollections.

Reality comedy movie theme often due to uncertainties in the development of character and appears ambiguous polysemy, recollections than conclusions, enlightenment than preaching, so that the film genre is drama and has certain characteristics.

This also can be seen, realistic and absurd comedy movies comedy movies of the three main characteristics of exactly the opposite, it seems that their creative thinking is completely different, but the point of view from their works, realistic and absurd comedy film comedy movie has reached exactly alike The comic effect and viewing experience. connotations spiritual nature of his work is to have the absurd reality of things for performance characteristics, resulting in a strong form of dramatic tension works in this form, the creator of humanity in-depth analysis, conducted a mockery of the real world, to enhance the work of comic art effect with the same absurd comedy, comedy of the absurd reality of creation from the ideal and the real world, the same intense contradiction is often demonstrated by the film's cynical comedy spirit of the helplessness of reality, as Belinsky said: "comedy should depict life hanging between the target interval." (two three, Soil: Contemporary Chinese art of social values ​​conflict is a reflection of social life , the film is a mapping of social reality of contemporary domestic comedy movie, whether it is absurd comedy film comedy movie or reality, its creation of the soil are the real social life, while contemporary Chinese society is experiencing from the traditional culture and modern consciousness, oriental culture fierce collision with Western thought these opposing value systems arising from conflicts affecting social, political, economic, cultural fields, so that people living in the community have a strong sense of anxiety and ambivalence. has always been taken for granted the value of ideas are challenged, people, and everything about people, such as human dignity, human values, human ideals and so all being questioned.

At this point, a state of hostility between man and the world, human existence is absurd, is one kind of indescribable human alien forces around him powerless to change their situation, people, people unable to communicate with the world, people in the a meaningless existence of the world. (three in this large background, the film is the work of art as reflected in social values ​​conflicts arising under social consciousness, and his works, showing the absurdity and the reality of opposition and unified nature of values ​​in today's society it is also a reflection of conflict.

Social values ​​conflict produces all kinds of social reality, but with true sense of the absurd things. Community in real life under the influence of these absurd things, resulting in suspicion of reality and absurdity identity. Similarly, the filmmakers have also would in real life true feelings to reality and absurdity of the conflict in the form of expression. This film works of art showing a sense of unity consciousness with the audience, naturally got public recognition. Comedy is that people on the social reality of these absurd things, an attitude of social consciousness contradictions but helpless mentality epitomized, of which there are self-deprecating, but also masturbation.

Not an end in itself absurd, absurd art creators through this way to express their own point of view, it reflected the creator himself on a realistic view of contemporary society, but also from the side reflects the social reality of the audience on a state of mind. Chinese Since reform and opening, planned economy to a market economy, in addition to bringing rapid economic development, but also spawned a social thinking of the collision and transition during which mostly showing a creator anxiety anxiety and this mentality final conversion for the contemporary situation of people with insight and self-worth and self-deprecating sense. absurd comedy describing the object is "unfortunate and ridiculous man", so the object of ridicule by someone else comedy into their own. (4 argued that the power of humor has three level, to laugh others can make fun of others are thinking or sub-minimum high level, while only able to laugh at myself, to make fun of their own ideas to the highest, the best level. (5) self-deprecating and thus become filmmakers and the movie-goers against the common understanding of social reality, and thus by their own self-deprecating objects become contemporary society all "people" epitome from a historical perspective, the emergence of such a self-deprecating attitude is not unique in the world-wide national economic tide, self-deprecating comedy of the absurd ideology product as fixed in the long river of history of art. scholars believe that, with the rapid development of science and technology, the degree of social production and increasing population, as well as a variety of personal philosophy of succession bankrupt, people are getting fully understand their nature and social life in the true position.

Self-centeredness has become a myth, people have been abandoned by the outside world ever-present threat, out of this crisis and sense of knowing consciousness, people face the contradictions in reality to take self-deprecating way to re-adjust and nature, and society, relationships with others . (6 socially conscious era of change occurs often spawned artistic creation and prosperity. contemporary Chinese society, conflict of values ​​become comedy film creation of the soil, thus the birth of absurd comedy movies, comedy movies are the original reality towards the development of the absurd, eventually formed a unity of ideology. Indeed, domestic comedy films, whether absurd reality of the creative ideas, or the absurd reality of the creative ideas, its essence is in contemporary Chinese culture, postmodern context for the film seeking new value creation, whether or creators of the movie's in the movie audience, absurd absurdity of reality and the reality of contemporary China has become socially conscious and value conflicts truest reflection.

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