Let the bullets fly in the Enlightenment discourse on film

Summary: << let the bullets fly >> with its rich imagination, highly exaggerated plot scene, has won the full house cheering on the film market at the turn of the year, while the narrative style of the carnival in the film on its head. Carnival's strength lies in the subversion, deconstruction is not difficult to see the film Ironically, the national character, but also deconstruct the radical destructive revolutionary force.

Keywords:: << let bullets fly >> carnival, the Enlightenment, farce, revolutionary

A non-rational carnival narrative

A refreshing new film "Let the bullets fly >> in its allegorical form, absurd performances, funny language and suspense of the plot in the Chinese film market to win the full house cheering, creating a Chinese film commercialization : fables movie. a fables behind the success of the film, entertainment coding aesthetic factors, said, << Let the bullets fly >>'s success is the carnival, let the audience into a lofty imagination results among the utopian Enlightenment sentiment and violent revolution.

In >> << let the bullets fly, Jiang said its personalized statement was made in the film convey to the public with an irrational, wild, romantic feelings. Goose City, into the water, the opening of the Mara Train "," pot steam "," Mahjong mask "stands like a fairy tale world reveals an abstract fantasy means goose the women of the city walls before the crazy knock gong drums, manufactured with the festive atmosphere of celebration, plus the flying bullets, the streets of Montreal full of boxes held the silver dollar, can be said that the whole story occurred in the city goose like a fantasy here, the reality rational framework for time and space has been ignored. Jiang here trying to explore the awareness of the origin of the visual style of fantasy-style carnival spirit.

Carnival time beyond the time of biographies, it was like a time removed from the historical time, the process follows the carnival special law contains numerous thorough turnover and a fundamental change ". [1 The] film is in its wonderful story, rich imagination, the fracture fragments of the exaggerated scene to be stitched so as to construct a carnival of the narrative structure to convey the creators of critical consciousness and subversive forces.

Jiang Wen's film is in the state of such emotional catharsis, "spirit", "will" itself Chinese-style reading, the pursuit of such a statement is obviously not rational analytic, while the non-rational sentiment once the spirit of carnival carnival world is temporary, relative symbolic, but the meaning of utopia does not thereby lose its meaning is in it and the actual distance, so, the film with the Shanghai is Pudong, Pudong is Shanghai, the moral of the utopian end. it is a critique of reality and beyond. It embodies the spiritual power of the human pursuit of goodness and beauty.

Second, the people of ignorance and deception enlightenment

Zhang Mazi originally came to the the goose City, namely that to do three things "fair, fair, or fuck equitable", which undoubtedly has a strong sense of enlightenment, and proposed to allow for a warm conversation and sixth child six small child to go studying abroad to study, and no doubt that the appropriate means of enlightenment - education, however, his enlightenment to the end of the sixth child of death, the purpose of enlightenment is no longer to establish a fair and the world to live with dignity, while to revenge.

Zhang, animal husbandry face to be the goose that lays the city people of the Enlightenment, is not the heart With the ideal country and the people, the pursuit of fair awakening people, in fact, some of the numbness and the awakening of "Yong people" groups. "Their entire existence therefore be limited to purely emotional: fear and hope is the only motivation to rule it high. Share Free paper Download Center http://eng.hi138.com
timid, lazy, habits and oppression and tyranny , fear of their patron saint, as to resist injustice, it fanned the breeze, lose their lives on Earth. "[2]
Then let the people how to follow their own revolution which? Zhang and animal husbandry have their own means: The first is the myth-making, arms lifts the rod, through the the knight Habitat for Humanity righteous "" Robin Hood "to build a fair world, to shaping their own image of God. On this basis, the use of repetitive folk songs and slogans, and by repeating this propaganda mechanism, thereby strengthening the goose city people inside the yellow Shiro hatred, and the wealth of material desires. by sowing held stimulate the goose City's inner gushing desire out of greed for money and guns, to stimulate their unlimited imagination, yellow Shiro enormous wealth, but also to provide them with a force protection. the face of the goose City "who won Who" smart and sit on the fence, and animal husbandry, only a last resort - to deceive. Zhang and animal husbandry, public Huang Shiro substitute as a yellow Shiro executed, so you see the benefits, they determine there is no danger (yellow Shiro is dead finally, geese City With imagination and distorted the facts, irrational emotions through a transmission, the formation of an extremely powerful destructive, subversive forces rooted in goose City yellow Shiro.

John Adam shell << enlightenment lead to revolution you? Proposed the concept of the "double enlightenment" >> that enlightenment can be divided into substantive enlightenment and form of enlightenment, there are two tendencies, the first tendency to point to limit yourself to the sensual pleasure of the animal. Second in the tendency to point to a rational, he thought to express a tendency. [3] and animal husbandry, undoubtedly belong to the first is a tendency to goose the city people's enlightenment, he points directly to people's greed, point to hate on the yellow Shiro caused by sensory discomfort. Zhang enlightenment is essentially confused rather than inspired, is to deceive rather than guidance, use of the vicious chaos of the human mind and the heart of temptation.

Because of this, Zhang and animal husbandry with confidence and passion lofty goose City to lead the people to kill the yellow Shiro, but found that to follow him only a group of geese, he let the men play an exclamation point on the iron gate, in fact, people ignorance sigh sigh fail on their own enlightenment, he played the question mark, it is doubt on how the Enlightenment people, but also questions about the future loss.

Third, the revolutionary farce

So, the revolution led by Zhang, animal husbandry, a real sense of the revolution? The answer is clearly no.
The revolution is one of the consequences of the Enlightenment, its most important endowment is that it is not only a violent activities against the tyranny, but also point to the construction of a new order. Zhang Mazi said to the crowd, he came to goose the city to do three things are "fair, equitable, or fair" but unfair remain, obviously, Zhang and animal husbandry, the leadership of the revolution did not cause the goose city people of any ideological, moral or political and legal changes, it the greatest significance is to kill the yellow Shiro, ruined his five generations of the family business for six child, second child, a clerk, wives revenge, nothing more.

Fact, goose city people up, not because they have guns, but because of their fear of the yellow Shiro has been eliminated due to the decapitation of the fake yellow Shiro is servile prejudices, Zhang and animal husbandry in good faith on the Square Ritual of Summoning, the existence of forces to the spectators who erode an almost silly farce. As Gadamer said that "all thinking is rooted in the traditions and prejudices can never be excluded. [5] Nuyan the people have become accustomed to servile, they have lost through reflection and authoritative criticism and the ability to break the dogma for the enlightenment of the the goose City people use Enlightenment rational in their spiritual level rise to prejudices critique of the concept of revolution, is to get rid of the shackles of right yellow Shiro force, fear and deception.

Film carnival and black humor style comedy, in fact it is also Zhang, animal husbandry and the type of blue sky elite enlightenment model negation and deconstruction, because the power of carnival and comedy is to construct, but rather the deconstruction. Three days, time is too short for a will cause drastic changes in the revolution, it can be staged only a carnival farce, so the audience to dilute the sanctity of the sheets, animal husbandry and the type of radical enlightenment and revolution in the carnival laughter. Share in the free paper download center http://eng.hi138.com

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