From the literature from the animated film adaptation of the novel method of analysis and practice of

Abstract: With the continuous development of the animation industry, more and more animated in all age groups continued to spread. At home and abroad by countless classic animated classics, novels, fairy tales adapted from the fairy tales, and at the box office or ratings both achieved fruitful results. This classic text by re-creation from the animated film is also more and more by people of all ages, while the animation creators are constantly exploring and With this creative approach. This paper studies from the literature, from the animated film adaptation of the original method, which specifically refer to the "red pepper>> this animated film, this animated film is a detailed analysis of how well Cannon's from simple <<Dream Detective >> adapted from.

Keywords: literary fiction, animated film, re-creation

A literary novel comes from the animated film of the method

Adaptation, by definition is an attempt to rewrite the original works, adaptations of works before and after the genre are often different. Also has creatively adapted, adaptation does not limit the creativity of animation creators, but you can break through the inertia of thinking, creative thinking to open in I will text into a literary novel in the form of animated film, divided into three types: faithful to the original type, local type and subvert the structural adaptation.

1 faithful to the original type

Faithful to the original type, and retain the original story and character design framework, to maintain the original works of genuine, original content and strive to shape the characters faithfully shown, this is an adaptation and transformation into the concrete to the abstract text audio-visual language in the process. In a lot a lot of animated film adaptation of the process are used in this way. For example, <<Snow White "<<row sky>> <<Nazhanaohai>> and so on.

(2) type of local adaptation

Local adaptation, by definition is a choice of local adaptation, the paper will mainly be divided into three specific local adaptation of the adaptation method: excerpt, from Italy, compound.

Excerpt is in the original select literary works part adapted into a complete story. For example, the animated film "The Magic Lotus Lantern>> intended to take, is to keep the original theme of the inner and the external manifestations of their for change, such as "The Lion King>> There is a complex adaptation, this adaptation is to form several stories into one, to the theme of harmony and unity of several stories up is not easy.

3 subversive deconstruction of type

Structure type and subvert the adaptation of the first two methods is that the biggest difference between the subject matter of the original approach. Subversion is precisely to break the story of the original way of thinking, or even to overturn this paper focuses on the "red pepper>> is this subversion adapted form of deconstruction. Kim Min-director of the original Jane Wells Cannon <<Dream Detective>> to split, reorganization, animation fans a show to the world of ideas.

Second, the <<red pepper>> for example, resolve to subvert the form of deconstruction-based adaptation

<<Red Hot Chili Peppers>> The heroine is a calm and composed one thousand Ye Duizi the psychotherapist, she has another dream fantasy in the identity of Paprika - both lively and charming, she could sneak into people's dreams , find ideas for treatment of trauma, but when Chiba and actor Tian treatment instrument co-developed dream "DC-MINI", stolen, which triggered a series of bad events, the shuttle back and forth in Chiba dream to reality, and criminals launched a series of intense struggle.

1 characters of the re-creation

One thousand Yedui Zi, the whole animation is the most important role. She also has another identity - Paprika, so in the character design, she designed the two images. Extreme cold and extreme lively, precisely because of this contradiction exists only look more attractive in this role.

Powder Chuanli U.S. this role, the director of the two roles into one novel. This blend together multiple characters, and ultimately a subversive deconstruction of the role of adaptation shown by the way is very common in the animated movie.

(2) scene re-creation

The story of the novel were the work of the Institute in their apartment, and the Radio Club Roppongi bar, but the story of most of the animation which was placed in the Institute and the Radio Club bar, so in the animated movie, this bar scene design and directing is done a lot. Share on free download

3. the story re-creation

Animated film to the novel's story cut a lot of choice, and then rearrange the novel nearly 20 million words, while the animated film is just 90 minutes, of which there are many circumstances require a second creative director, which necessarily requires the author in-depth analysis of the original, frame deconstruction of the story out of its realignment in the arrangement of the story, many details of the arrangements for the whole film considerably. director so completely subvert the story, while preserving its original theme, while make animated films with the most intuitive form presented to the audience, this is not easy.

4 ways to subvert the deconstruction model adapted the use of montage

Animated film, "Red Hot Chili Peppers>> the use of a large number of parallel montage approach the story is about the two leads, one is about the Institute in the crisis, the other one is thousands of Yedui Zi Chuan Li for the United States for the dream of pink detective treatment, but to a certain extent in the story when the two clues woven together. This is the use of alternating montage approach, which often affect the development of a clue other clue, the clue interdependent, and finally converge, but in the film montage director also used the reverse way, the story is this reversal of the opening montage way, first to show the story, event status, to the audience to buy the seeds of curiosity, and then reversed back to introduce the story the whole story.

Film between the shuttle and the real dream, the use of magic also has really handled in an atmosphere of respect, from time to time there are many scenes and dialogue unlikely to be surpassed, ease the tension part of the reasoning and the pursuit of the story contains the multiple dreams, and wonderful fusion of dream and reality, but through the imaginative transformation of this sensitivity, the original contents of the complex, tedious story clues, concentrated in the 90-minute long film, the audience, as demonstrated with this exquisite called Strangeness of the world, but without losing the atmosphere of mystery and depth of content. It is not an easy task.

<<Red Hot Chili Peppers "was able to so successful, not only broke the original director Kim Min is" can not be made into a movie of the novel "the rumors, even the original author of the theme of clever extracted. Not destroy the original theme, but the original with a strong visual effect and easy to understand manner presented to the audience.

3 Conclusion

Literary novel into animated films, suggests that it is to re-write of the original, but it is also the creator during the second on the basis of the original creation, innovation is the fundamental purpose of the original audio-visual and intuitive way to show to the audience because of adaptation before and after the presentation of the essential changes have taken place, so adaptation of the way, the way the creators have certain requirements.

Theme of the novel has all the text, and all ideas are needed in order to be expressed carrier, spread awareness, and promotion of human innovation. In terms of thinking is no fixed form, the text is the content of thinking, is thinking of film manifestations, and the animation of both. can literary fiction animated film adaptation of the success, not only animated show to the general audience, and many images can be enhanced when the progress of human thought. animated film to some extent is the more complete manifestation of the original author's ideas, feelings of its unique form of expression makes, not only film and television animation film industry this huge part of the chain, but also film and television in this area will continue to develop, progress, and beyond cornerstone.


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