On the TV: TV competition in the moderate forces

Terrestrial TV drama channels is a major media launch advertisers target, however, their competitiveness in the end do? If the ground news (Consolidation) channel is a "big body", the ground on television or movies and television channels in the group's position as if the Millennium " two dispensers. "allocation of resources within the repertoire and overall strength, film and television channels are not exclusive turtle head, but the secondary channels, movies and television channels belonging to the leader's role in the external competitiveness of movies and television channels are relatively moderate, only a few cities with eye-catching performance, while competition in the relative advantage plays in the middle position, the strength to be improved.

CSM Media Research ratings survey data show that the competitiveness of terrestrial television channels mixed, the overall weakness of competition in the first quarter of 2011, the night 18:00-24:00 hours, 60 movies and television channels, only 11 channels in the market local share of the top five finalists. nine channel market share rankings in the first 6-10 Other movies and television channels all wandering outside in 10.

From the perspective of competitiveness channel, highly competitive film and television channels, including the Sichuan Art Channel TV station, TV channel station in Chongqing, Chengdu and Chongqing in the share of each regional champion, Beijing TV station channels, Heilongjiang TV station channels, the local ranked runner-up, Shanghai, Taiwan ranked third in film and television channels in Shanghai. more competitive TV drama channels including local channels ranked 4-5. ranked among the first 6-10 in the third tier, 10 away can be regarded as the fourth tier, followed by decreasing competitiveness, further study ,18:00-24: 00 hours, take the first camp of movies and television broadcast TV channels are very high proportion, Sichuan television station TV Art Channel the proportion of broadcast up to 78.8%, Shanghai, Taiwan TV channel up 83.5%, the lowest in Chongqing, Taiwan TV channels also 62.9% a high proportion of broadcast ratings in exchange for a high proportion, but almost at the edge of the supply-demand balance.

Competitive advantage is reflected in the control of the repertoire. Drama movies and television channels not only to meet, but also take into account a sibling channel, therefore, plays in resource allocation will be biased. For more bias which depends primarily on television competitive strategy. most of the ground belongs to Deputy channel TV drama channel, drama in the selection of priority areas less than comprehensive news channel, which to some extent, affected the number of movies and television channel's competitiveness.

Data show that on the advantages of TV movies and television channels compete for the purpose of slightly weak, moderate levels of .2011 in the first quarter, evening 18:00-24:00 hours, 80 minutes into the city ratings of the top 20 plays a total of 339, 128 channels to participate, 22.7% of the channels are on the ground Comprehensive channels (most comprehensive news channel), the ground movies and television channels accounted for 17.2%, higher than the provincial TV channels (14.8%), ground-economic class channel ( 12.5%) and ground urban class channels (9.4%).

From the channel occupied by the number of how many high ratings repertoire of view, the ground is also a disadvantage movies and television channels, only 13% of the repertoire to be among the top 20 team, much lower than terrestrial channels Comprehensive Hunan TV station channel competition very strong, 20 half of all its drama broadcast on Beijing Television channels accounted for 6 units, Meizhou Art Channel TV sets accounted for 5 and many terrestrial channels accounted for only a TV drama. Links to free download http : / / eng.hi138.com

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