On network television and the relationship between traditional TV

With the rapid development of Internet, network magic charm of its people living in various angles to the broad extension of an integrated print media, Internet and TV media advantage to create a strong momentum spread of the fifth three-dimensional media - network television, came into being .

The so-called network television, is to provide users with broadband Internet, including digital television, including a variety of interactive digital media services for streaming media technology based on network television to the Internet completely changed the traditional text-oriented mode of transmission, from a simple For static text, picture communication. development of dynamic audio and video transmission. Meanwhile, as new media, network TV has to transmit television programs production and audience reception has revolutionized the way of network television is a visual interactive as the core, financial networking features and television features in one of the three-dimensional multi-terminal communications platform it will no longer be limited to the viewing end TVs, computers, mobile phones, IPTV, outdoor big screen, flat TVs, planes, trains and other transport The screen also will be covered by its object.

Network TV has the advantage of traditional media can not match, it has the following outstanding features: first, super interactive, personalized service is second; third is the rapid development of communication technologies; the fourth is the spread of Focus Features, The fifth is the inclusion of traditional media. So in the beginning of network television development. How to grasp the relationship between traditional television, the use of traditional television long, to avoid the traditional TV short, develop a broader development space?
Network TV is usually the basis for the content of traditional TV, so pay special attention to the content and mode of transmission to make the traditional TV, "as I used to," rather than "caught by it," neither the result of "a certain TV station website "can not make" a certain TV channels online ", not only to" TV out "more than TV, wide in television, first on TV.

1 higher than the TV. Is the angle of view than traditional TV. Because in reality TV, especially some local traditional television media in the operating range and areas subject to the limitations of the region is still relatively large, whether news or otherwise, perspective, thinking, standpoint, the operation means is not from national and even global point of view. According to statistics data, as of last year, the number of Internet users worldwide has exceeded 20 million Internet users in China reached 450 million, is expected to exceed 700 million this year, while the characteristics of the network requirements of network television must break through regional and the limitations of the field, standing in the global height, facing the audience all over the world, greatly enhance content development, technology planning, communication coverage, and actively create multi-lingual, multi-platform, multi-terminal of the integrated video portal, video resources to seize the high ground, to seize new media's high ground.

2 W on TV: Content covers more general than the TV, to explore the issue more relaxed than television, interact with users more closely than TV, and contact friends way more in-depth, diversity, and timely. To seize the network and Internet users features a unique design layout, columns, feature not only satisfy the audience "see" the needs of the audience but also to personalize the services of the traditional television to disseminate information is available to all users, is to meet the needs of most people to provide programs and network TV, according to the needs of each user to provide services, first to establish their own target audience groups, by age, region, income, occupation and other standards, to establish their own clients, and targeted content and services to choose the way to establish the the advantages of a particular market segment. a part of the audience to better meet the special needs of the ratings makes the users to accept the information they need, no longer accept unwanted information, the real users of different areas to meet the individual needs of a variety of .

3 before the TV. Network television to disseminate information fast, convenient access to information, although the traditional TV also has a rapid and timely information dissemination speed characteristics, but the spread relative to the speed of network television, the traditional TV transmission speed is slow. For ease of access to information, the traditional TV for Internet TV is also unmatched. there are so efficient channels of communication as a foundation, network television news or whether it is subject, should try to go on television before, not only for the first time get the message the first time to release news and more convenient to let the user find what they want, but also so that users can depend on their own time to watch. Links to free download http://www.hi138 . com

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