On the college music teachers deal with in the modern digital environment and enhance

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[Abstract] information network, multimedia technology environment university music education is a new topic of music education reforms in China in recent years, the teaching reform of the international modern music hotspots. Extensive and in-depth use of digital information technology in music education lies in changing teachers of music teaching ideas, teaching information literacy capabilities two aspects to the digital environment adapt.
Digital technology, information network technology is fast and comprehensive intervention on human social life has not only changed the entire social revolutionary subversion, but also on the form and process of human learning. University music teaching in the support and promotion of digital technology are dramatic reform, in this transformation process, the concept of teachers teaching updates, information literacy and information capabilities to carry out a comprehensive primary and a key part of digital technology on music teaching intervention.

A teaching concept change and update

Intervention of digital technology on the music so that the manifestations of music, experience the form of a very important change, the connotation and extension of the music has a change of overflight, which led directly to the original traditional music teaching ideas broken and new teaching concepts reconstruction, the significance of this information network technology and multimedia technology on music education intervention subversive revolution must truly know and understand the college music teacher's awareness and recognition, is the premise of the reform of music teaching in the digital environment .

(A form of musical expression intervene in the development of digital technology, dynamic visualization and music hearing music visual factors perfect combination of visual performance of the dynamic nature of the music has always come to the hearing as the main carrier music is not only able to listen to, but also be able to see for music learning, which undoubtedly adds a new channel and a new way of learning, but it will be "audiovisual" one of music as music teaching learning content, the form must be obtained in the concept recognition of teachers, teachers must first accept and visual music has become the new teaching concepts of modern music education learning content.

(The intervention of two digital music experience of the music was diversified morphology. Rapid conversion of the sound and visual images, hyperlinks, and the music flow process with images, sliced, to quantify the value stored in small portable and music performance form and experience in the form to add a new build elements the same time, digital technology, powerful processing and link characteristics can be used to listen to, playing, singing, reading-based forms of music learning very special conversions throughout, so that in four the flexible conversion by the formation of a new learning experience morphology.

(C digital technology to make music learning to combine with other disciplines, infiltration become the norm. Expansion of music education content in digital IT intervention and diverse music beyond the traditional subject areas of the formation of the the broader joint surface and cross different disciplines surface, and better access to cross and combination the Mutual Interpretation virtuous cycle of mutually beneficial development effects, the music learning both in teaching and learning can develop new space.

Second, information literacy training

The new era is an information age, as a new era of people must have the retrieval and use of the various sources of information to address the information needs and the ability to develop informed decisions, this includes information awareness, IT knowledge, IT capability is the future of the information society one of the basic capabilities essential life. college music teachers fully involved in the information technology in the digital music teaching environment, only have good information literacy and constantly improve the level of information capacity, new meanings and adapt in order to truly understand the digital music participate in the reform of music teaching in the digital environment.

(A) strengthen the sense of information. College music teacher only to enhance information awareness education, individual awareness of the information needs of potential transformation significantly in information needs, and can fully express, analysis, identification of the value of information and the rational use of the information, thus forming kind of information specific to the enduring attention, the establishment of good information, information the first information of hardship, information lifelong awareness initiative to music education and the characteristics of digital information technology combine to form a unique music features information and awareness among lay the foundation for comprehensive improve their information literacy and information skills.

1, to be sensitive digital information technology, new knowledge, observation, judgment and absorptive capacity, specific performance for intervention development trend of digital information technology in various fields, especially in the field of music intervention and the use to be actively attention gradually formed IT acceptance, understanding, utilization and development of the initiative thinking, to expand sexual reference and draw upon new forms of IT in various fields intervention as dynamic conversion of the audio-visual media field performance art Alto as a combination of new performances, illustrated in the various disciplines teaching courseware use
2, combined with the music teaching content, teaching style characteristics, digital music teaching IT intervention ladder objective, highly conscious and organized, planned, by virtue of the means of modern technology and equipment for music performances, music experience, music, teaching and research pursuit and capture digital information technology use of information, methods and positive information and methods in a timely manner will capture and pursue to do with the music education stage, the objective form of the full range of cf, find out the meeting point or learn from the place.

3, must be based on modern information technology and network technology widely used in the field of education has been the traditional educational theories and concepts, teaching strategies and models, teaching methods and means profound changes in this new premise, as soon as the teachers role to adapt to the changes brought about by modern information technology to teaching, changing from a simple "teach" the characteristics of multiple identities, "guidance", music skills and music knowledge transfer process and in the interpretation of the experience in the form of digital information technology intervention as the breakthrough point, the establishment of the college music teacher from digital IT environment "teach" students into a new music teaching guide students.

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(two information knowledge learning and mastering a certain amount of information and knowledge to the music education process in a more comprehensive use of the modern computer, multimedia and network communications based information technology, to promote the reform of the university music education, to improve the effectiveness of music teaching classroom, to acquire new knowledge, and the expansion of the new knowledge, update their knowledge and to adapt the requirements of of knowledge exponentially environment of contemporary music education.

1, to master the basic principles of Information Science and Technology, computer theory, network theory, the principle of multimedia technology, information transmission and reception and control theory to understand the information selection, collection, classification, use of the law, to master the basic statement of the IT sexual knowledge, familiar with IT related common terms and symbols, etc. In addition, the characteristics of digital information technology have a profound understanding of understanding, especially involved in the music, and a combination of music teaching new knowledge and characteristics, more information and knowledge of the music teacher learning focus
Familiar with the history of the development of information science and technology as well as basic knowledge across disciplines to understand, to understand the cultural background and information technology disciplines. Because information technology is the subject of a very wide coverage, multi-disciplines of music, subject knowledge get to know can not be ignored, especially information technology and literature, history, arts and humanities fit level as well as some of the natural sciences, engineering, science knowledge to understand, to closely follow the trend of the development of information technology, information technology development cf and forward-looking to learn to master the development of information technology in music education path based on new thinking way of thinking in the digital environment, and only with this new way of thinking about digital information technology on society, culture, education 's important to promote the basic mode of the significance and digital technology on music education intervention can truly
Learn IT knowledge.
(C skills to master basic operations of information equipment and application software - operating skills and able to grasp the information acquisition, analysis, processing, use, delivery, management and other basic skills - intellectual skills as a college music teacher information skills learning due to the special nature of their subject teaching, but also on the basis of these two aspects must have the ability to teaching thinking through the combination of information technology and music teaching network and computer equipment handed educated.

Operational skills learning the basic skills of classroom teaching equipment in the learning process, the first foundation, to participate in the Division hierarchical targeted relatively strong knowledge of digital information technology training as a universal basic first combination of natural sciences courses and information science knowledge to learn, to figure out the basic program of IT concepts and works with some of the most basic knowledge of the subject areas of mathematics, physics and other natural learning by applying skills to go step by step master of classroom IT multimedia equipment and software to operate the basic skills.

Strengthen the intellectual skills of learning. Intellectual skills by means of internal speech in mind the activities, the use of information sources to obtain information, information processing, and re-organization analysis, transmission, processing and application capabilities. College music teacher learn the most important IT operations technical content. In this study, in particular to strengthen the emerging concepts of education in the digital the IT intervention musical teaching process, teaching methods, teaching methods, teaching evaluation of how to combine traditional teaching new thinking.

Combined with classroom teaching basic skills based on the characteristics of the music teaching professional, integration and use of IT knowledge and operational skills such as music appreciation teaching audio and video clips, stitching, synthesis, musical knowledge of graphic conversion , links, text design, master the text, slide, three-dimensional animation production, the use of piano learning software, ear training software, teachers want the system to understand and learn Internet knowledge, familiar browser search method use simple courseware production technology, a large number of acquisition, analysis, in the process of selection, storage, transfer music information to improve the personal music information processing capabilities and information literacy, and to lay the foundation to carry out the teaching of music in digital information technology environment .

IT as a teaching and learning at all levels of the music teaching, the environment construction tools, media and methods into the needs of modern education, college music teacher urgently strengthened to improve information literacy, IT becomes the strongest music teaching the cognitive tools and gradually the information technology as an important element to build a new type of music teaching support and pilot music education reform, therefore, faster and more effective to strengthen college music teacher information literacy in order to adapt to the modern digital information society of the university music education requirements, college music teacher facing important task that requires the full attention and positive practice and exploration.

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