On the status quo of guzheng learning

[Abstract] art of this should be like a pyramid layers rise to the sound development presents a stage precipitation and accumulation if the violation of the law, there will be multiple faults, seriously affecting the heritage and development of traditional music, This phenomenon is not to be controlled, just like haste makes waste, haste makes waste national culture by generations, dozens of generations to continue to accumulate and settle down, not the practice to create money and rush out.

The zither learning even more so.

[Keywords] piano significance of a down quick success

Xi Zheng methods of the current social situation of reform and opening up 30 years, with the economic development, speed up material civilization, the mentality of people from xenophilia calm down, gradually returning to the national culture based on an guzheng learning craze The rapid increase of their number, so that the guzheng became the Select Object premier folk instruments to learn.

According to preliminary statistics, the number of the Pearl River Delta guzheng learners has reached as much as 100,000 but also a growing trend. In the many zither learners, young 50-year-old childlike child fairly elderly out the old white-haired former, or the steady stream of professional talent to become a major musical institutions, to achieve their target, or talented students of the arts, Grading, the winners of the competition: the latter is what they want, or to improve their musicianship, cultivate character, amused Hakuraku purposes, or completion of childhood failed to learn music dream ⋯ ⋯ guzheng learning, the mentality of the majority of learners are healthy, as good aesthetic education, the future does not necessarily become a professional guzheng player, but it can cultivate the elegant simplicity of the music sentiment, but also part of the zither learners lack a thorough understanding of the guzheng learning, holding utilitarian mentality and incorrect thinking to learn, paid learning time will be able to fame, only care about how much time will be able to learn how much the first song "learning to walk, learning to fly first" phenomenon is very common, and also take a lot of detours in the learning process. "the towering building from the ground", same zither learning, to lay a solid foundation, we must move step by step get down to go forward, a little sloppy. Confucius with Shih-hsiang piano's story tells us guzheng learning includes not only the bombs, including listening and understanding.

The guzheng learners, no more than two amateur and professional, the problems are not the same.


Amateur guzheng learners exist, bogged down in the quagmire of Grading.

Some parents in the first lesson when asked: "teacher my child to learn how long it will be able to Grading?", Seen the motives of the piano. Learning guzheng just to take a Grading Certificate, Grading and qualifications as 艺术特长生 the sole purpose of learning, how much influence the learning of normal mentality, ignore the proper purpose of learning music.

In today's highly commercialized society, teaching institutions and teachers in order to meet this utilitarian mentality, ignoring the guzheng learning the law, do not attach importance to the quality of art simply the pursuit of the difficult tracks, so that students in the short term Menglian twelve piece to deal with, individual Grading institutions only test a piece, not test Etudes, also Exemption subject to the common occurrences outs, you can easily obtain a certificate of competency, and the fact that these students did not reach the level of qualified, Grading guzheng learning summary of a period of learning, such an approach has undoubtedly lost its original meaning.

2, and deception.

Various competitions are a dime a dozen, various institutions have the name of a different banner, organizing a variety of different ages, race organizers to win the high registration fee for the purpose, as long as the pay, you can enter the semi-finals, finals and even winning the gold content of the art can be imagined, which has lost the contest for the athletes to display themselves, exercise yourself and confirms the level of significance.

Professional guzheng learners exist

University to expand enrollment of professional learning time is not enough, resulting in a shortage of teachers, a professional teacher with more than a dozen students (the zither learning should take the form of one-on-one lessons), originally two class periods per week of professional curriculum for a class electives to complete with only half a class. was not enough time for the students to learn better, is bound to be affected by the quality of learning, as the zither professional learning courses, this class arrangements are clearly not rational enough.

, Cultural studies, and professional level imbalance today some students in this situation: good professional level, low culture results. Better culture results, the low professional level, is more difficult to have the best of both worlds. played professional is emphasized boy power, there is a lot, even from the middle school affiliated school to begin to receive formal professional training, practicing several hours a day, how much will affect the learning of cultural studies, undergraduate entrance examination before again cultural lesson learning-based professional just Menglian one or two piece, so a lot of people muddle through their past track practice range is very narrow, and the lack of training of traditional repertoire and etudes results are often recruited into some cultural lessons compliance, but only squeaked professional students, so there will be imbalance in professional standards and culture results, greatly weakened the characteristics of the gold content of the art this phenomenon more in postgraduate examinations is obvious.

Unreasonable examination system

In a large number of candidates taking the case, in order to shorten the examination time, modern music, traditional song, Etude each one, plus a sight - reading this traditional test method can sometimes be canceled and replaced by five minutes per person, or a person the only Dan Yiqu the tricky practice. This also greatly to the growth of professional learners not just learning the ropes, play tracks only difficulty, not the depth of unhealthy practices.

Above is not a normal phenomenon derived from a quick buck, impatient, social commercialization and art misunderstanding on the interpretation of the art of self-cultivation level up to the economic game.

Art should have like a pyramid layers rise to the sound development presents a stage of the precipitation and accumulation. If the violation of the law, there will be multiple faults, seriously affect the inheritance and development of traditional music, this phenomenon is not controlled, like haste makes waste, haste makes waste. Ethnic culture by generations, a few ten generations continue to accumulate and settle down, not by the practice of money and rush to build out, is determined by a reasonable scientific concept of development, sustainable development is the fundamental way out.

Due to the the guzheng learners rapid growth, standing on the popularity of folk music education and cultivate the point of view of the top professional talent, which of course is a good thing, but the growth of the learners will inevitably bring about the rapid increase in teacher demand from cheating teachers, misuse people the children of the phenomenon is frequent. Feeling guzheng teaching phenomenon which varies greatly, some advice to the majority of the zither learners, some advice to children's learning zheng, guzheng learning to master the correct method, to develop good practice habits, proper exercises , in the way of learning guzheng detours.

Recommendations to the amateur zither learners

l, listen to Zheng music recording or watching videos now better learning conditions and the information is easy to find, more versions, select a larger space, as long as the heart can find the standard version of performers (CD, DVD and other multimedia data). The preconceived important through audio-visual first impression, and this impression is relatively accurate, to correct subsequent understanding of the music played an exemplary role.

2, see spectrum

Based on the right of the audio-visual demonstration, carefully read the sheet music, play the role of a deeper impression. Marked affection for the music score processing (strong f weak p, crescendo <diminuendo>) to be given special attention.

3, beating

Looked at the sheet music beat time, to deepen understanding of the rhythm and feeling of slowly accumulated the music sub-paragraph clauses.

4 read music

Looked at the sheet music beat time, the spectral sing out this process with emotion do like reading poetry articles above l, 2,3 points show must also pay attention to the characteristics and the left of the right-hand fingering skills requirements.

These four points is the a Solfeggio process, this process was averted we go more detours will directly affect the quality of the process as soon as possible to achieve the first effective practice. (The so-called effective practice, that is, at a slower speed, the right rhythm and intonation exercises) 5, slow practice a lot of people get the sheet music rush started practicing and I think that is a waste of time, it is wrong because you are not familiar with everything practice in the case, to find a way like a blind man, frustrated at every turn, with twice the power half but the above four first preparatory exercises, to obtain relatively accurate Solfeggio effect, it will be more effective. like construction of the building, a good foundation is an important guarantee of the quality of the building, good Solfeggio lay a solid foundation for our playing. exercises and then proceed to lay the foundation can be obtained in a very short time effective practice, this is the first layer of the building.

6 against the metronome practice

From slow to fast, followed by exercises first effective practice, the use of a metronome, which is like the construction of buildings, to cover up layer by layer in this process, to look at the drawings (ie the score) avoid construction errors. effective practice process, both skilled process, is the most difficult process, it is the most important process in this process, if the wrong tone, wrong paced, patiently metronome speed down, heavy head bomb again. passed, then the metronome speed up a little. Continuous error taken out separate exercises here will is difficult to dozens or even hundreds of exercises.

7, the songs deal with

After so many procedures above, we have buildings cover the top. Below to begin "decoration", can refer to our model performance to imitate, mimic it, whatever do how much to do, or style of music as well as performance under the guidance of a teacher's right to show it.

As amateur zither learners, daily best to ensure that more than one hour of practice, the holiday time to redouble strictly in accordance with the above requirements, do a good job every point, patience, practice and perseverance, I believe you will find in Guzheng the world to the fun of the piano.

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Fourth, to the recommendations of the professional guzheng learners

l, in the course of the Academy of Music, Solfeggio been as a major in the compulsory courses. certain, as the reading skills of students, so compared to amateur guzheng learners, few steps may waive the can directly into effective practice.

2, in practice, to think more about how to use a reasonable sequence, and more attention to the intonation of the left hand, which is to pave the way for future accurately grasp the style of music.

In music processing, the symbol of the spectrum of the surface as well as text properly manifested vividly reflects the emotional music, and strive to make efforts to achieve the target speed, emotional.

4 solo tracks handling somewhat arbitrary publicity is acceptable as ensemble or trio is not the case, convergence personality, clear own part location, and more to communicate with their peers, and work together to show the contents of the music. track recording, will have to take into account the position of the run the venue size size (wide, narrow, high, short, etc.), the reverberation time (indoor sound-absorbing the degree), and Note and recording equipment (microphone and piano and distance), good grasp of the intensity and emotional level requirements to be properly understood avoid noise (nails sound, breathing, etc.), but also consider the change of the pitch due to the impact of air conditioning on strings. usually The laws of expansion and contraction, the temperature continues to rise, the strings softened, the pitch is reduced, on the contrary, the string taut, pitch rise. recording, then, in while considering music audibility, must be noted the visibility, because of the music video is an audio-visual performance art both in posture, movement, facial expression, clothing, background, site layout, lighting and sound coordination requirements.

Professional guzheng learners, every day is best to maintain no less than three hours practicing, learning to cultural knowledge, improve their overall quality, in order to better understand the meaning of the song, for the better performance of the song and lay a solid cultural foundation.

By parents to children's learning zheng suggestions

l select appropriate materials for children. traditional, colorful modern Zheng music content and fingering, to master them, the children, it is not an easy task. zither children learn, should choose appropriate teaching materials for children age characteristics can start from the child's familiar nursery rhymes inspire children learn zheng interest, to prepare for further learning.

Reasonable practicing time. 2, the arrangements for the children especially for the young and restless children, can not be over barely beginner stage, serious, half an hour is enough With further study, practice slowly been added long. should pay attention to the whole practicing process should allow the child to maintain a good mental state.

3, appropriate guidance, supervision of children practicing. Due to age and other objective factors, the child's self-awareness, self-control, self-discipline and the ability poor child piano, parents need proper guidance, supervision, such supervision is never the same as the monitor. Firstly, the let the child keep a positive mental state, to allow our children to be happy in the process of practicing actively cultivate the interest and awareness of children piano. Secondly, pay attention to children playing comfort, correct posture. heads a small child, sitting rather high not low, naturally drooping shoulders, elbows nothing more than to write, to maintain a certain distance from the face, eyes and zither strings, according to the needs of the play, the body can move forward or backward short, natural, generous and comfortable.

4, to help children check progress, in order to better back to class. First, look at the children to practice correct posture. Secondly, to see whether the child fingering chord bit error again, look at the quality of the child's music played, attention to issues such as rhythm, dynamics grasp. Finally, we should pay attention to the problems and questions about the child in the exercise, and timely feedback to the teacher to communicate.

5, to take seriously the the children learn zheng process bottleneck. Guzheng learning after a period of time to ask, a lot of children there will be a short stagnation phenomenon, a phenomenon we call a bottleneck in long zither learning, bottleneck problem more than once, this time, as a parent, the most important thing is there should be peace of mind, help children to analyze the reasons for child solid that is done the basics, practice whether the process blindly seeking quick to ask difficult if necessary, should let the children aside a new job, go back to do more basic exercises the right to face bottlenecks, and take active steps to overcome, you will be delighted to discover that every time to overcome a qualitative leap, will before a major step forward.

Conscientiously properly treat Grading After a period of learning, so that the child is necessary and required to participate Grading Grading Test results for school zheng inspection Grading interest and motivation can inspire children learn zheng, but expectations for children Mo is too high, do not give children too much pressure that practice should be gradual. sit level should be the right choice, "ambitious" nature is not desirable, but the "negative cringe as undesirable. should be based on usual practice slightly increase a little difficulty, a bold attempt to proactive.

7, there must be a sense of normalcy. Everything effort, learn Zheng, even more so, although efforts may not be able to make achievements, parents pay a lot of manpower, material resources, must be taken calmly, learn zheng To personal talent conditions, the overall quality of the achievements, but also about the efforts to learn zheng not necessarily the results, but this learning is not wasted effort, and the improvement of the overall quality of the individual is of great benefit.

Development of human society has to have a state-of-the-art science and technology, human civilization already have satellite spaceship to heaven with extraterrestrial exploration dialogue, but things change and development is to follow the laws of nature. Learning of music, too, must be walked down step by step, from easy to difficult, from simple to complex, the theory and practice of combining the courage to explore innovative Qinnengbuzhuo slowly settling, gain experience, this is the only way to Zheng of the Chinese nation's interpretation of ancient musical instruments more as well, to better reflect the essence of the zither, better heritage and development of the Chinese nation culture.

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