Probe into primary school music situational teaching

Thesis network: Einstein said: "interested in learning the most positive and the most important factor." Indeed, the interest is "the best teachers, teaching stimulated interest policy is a key to the creation of the teaching situation in music teaching teachers how to maximize stimulate student interest and emotion the music practice activities enable students to actively participate in the development of the creative potential of the students, this is crucial. As flowers open need warm sunshine, student imagination set of interesting scenarios and creative form of activity and creativity of the development needs of teachers.

So-called "situational" Destination introduction or creation of the main image has a certain emotional colors vivid and specific scenes to arouse students' attitude experience for teachers in the teaching process, to help students understand the textbook, and students develop psychological function. "situational teaching you how to improve it?

First, the use of multimedia to show situations

Lively and good students moving receptive to novelty and interesting things. Psychological research shows that: the dynamic things than static things that arouse students' attention. Multimedia design lively, innovative animation teaching situation, of silent sound of static to dynamic, can arouse students' interest, to attract students' attention, improve students' learning enthusiasm and initiative in the music teaching process teaching content characteristics and psychological characteristics of students, teachers, and follow the principle of the interesting and targeted, according to a new lesson content and student learning practical, clever use of multimedia creation of context, prompting students to produce a strong thirst for knowledge, to enter the best learning state.

If Little Crow in third grade songs << >> this lesson love my mother, I have set up this scenario: students, this lesson, we came to where? Courseware to produce pictures of the great forest, there are birds twittering the cry, Who is calling? you can use actions to imitate it? students imitate the bird fly scene feel like being in a beautiful forest.

Another example is in the first grade songs << baby asleep the >> this lesson, in order to enable students to appreciate the the night peaceful atmosphere, the import of the new class, and I have been made this scenario: class, I walked to the podium. before, stand with his right index finger on the lips for "Hush" shaped, then one way or another classroom curtains, the students do not know what medicine teacher gourd selling dozens of pairs of eyes staring at the teacher. moment, open multimedia courseware has monthly children's eyes are closed, the next few little star in when time is now hidden blinked, then appear on the screen a tree, the breeze blowing through the leaves, few dozing on the trunk two birds to rest, lying small insects, tree nest tree hut lit a lamp, a cute little baby was lying on the desktop, counting through the windows of a few stars, then fell asleep. accompanied by lyrical music, the eyes of the students stopped At this time, I whispered to the children, said: "Late at night, the moon, stars and closed his eyes, and the birds rest, insects The children also stopped singing, even the baby fell asleep. "the children and caring tone, said:" The kids, let us also closed his own eyes, riding on the the singing wings, went into sweet dreamland right! "children looked lifelike pictures, listening to the teacher for the kind words, they are completely immersed in the sweet mood.

Into new courses through the creation of situations, not only stimulate students' interest in learning, enhance student learning curiosity, has laid a good foundation for the successful completion of the teaching objectives, achieve a good "at the beginning of the lesson, the interest that students" teaching effectiveness.

Second, set build problem situations

Learn from Si, Siyuan in doubt. "The problem is the starting point of thinking, the power of thinking. Enable students to take the initiative to think about to get the solution of the problem by creating a problem situation. Teaching Practice has proved that located the suspect is in the modern goal of teaching a practical approach, it has played a role as the main student can develop students' thinking, exploration and problem-solving abilities. Links to free papers Download Center
can be seen, in the classroom teaching, the creation of a good problem situations effectively stimulate and maintain students' interest in learning, creating a tense classroom teaching, vibrant, harmonious, vivid, relaxation ideal atmosphere.

Love mom >> << Little Crow lesson, the teacher tells: three birds flew out from forest, they are the sparrow, pigeons and crows, you will imitate their sounds? Small Sparrow: twitter, little pigeons: Cuckoo, Little Crow: wow ...... students unknowingly mastered the rhythm of the song Another example in the treatment of the song: "Little Crow hurriedly mother catching insects, the mood What? old raven mothers, flying fixed, the mood is what? how to sing in order to reflect this mood? "teachers based on songs the successful creation of the above problem situation, guided questioning students suddenly realized experience can use the speed of change, emotional performance of the song.

Third, the role conversion into situations

Traditional teaching, the role of the students and the book was often antagonistic state. Textbook figures emotion, speech, behavior, etc. seem to have insurmountable gap with the reality of learners to focus on the role of conversion in the situational teaching, "active role" by the habit of waiting for students to accept a passive role into the constant pursuit of aggressive children becomes active role in learning, interest in learning will be fully mobilized students experience performances access to knowledge and a deep understanding of teaching content, impressed, active classroom atmosphere to form teaching climax.

The love mother >> link to say hello to the bird, part of the students act as a variety of birds, another part of the students to act as the children say hello dialogue Student 1: "little sparrow << Little Crow." Student 2: "twitter, twitter." student immersive feel the joy of game and birds.

Improvisation, experience situations

In the creation of "situational teaching, should fully take into account the students' innovative thinking can not remain in the memory of knowledge and skills to imitate, learn to sing song in each specific learning contexts, students several shape compose new situations, experience new feelings, can not only improve the students' interest in learning, active classroom atmosphere, but also improve their aesthetic abilities and performance of the United States, to create beauty, and the ability to experience the beauty.

In the << the rain rustling >>'s songs deal with teaching, let the students according to their own understanding of music concerts, and then guide them to discuss: "the sound of the rain?" The seed rain watered mood after what? how we should express the mood of the seed? "how to sing better listen to?" they open their imagination wings freedom to explore, discuss and then allow them to sing the song based on the outcome of the discussion also allows students to choose different performances way to show, guide and encourage students to dare to explore, dare to create a bold performance with percussion accompaniment for the songs, Role concert self action table singing through free performances, the student is placed in the context of musical beauty , so that they learn - practice - create - practice - a re-creation process to better understand the experience of music expression, imagination and creativity of music got faster development.

Shows, situational plays a very important role in teaching and teaching activities of dull magic catalyst. Creation of situations, not only can arouse students' interest, but also to attract students' attention, stimulate students' imagination improve students' enthusiasm and initiative, freeing students from the textbooks, change "I learned to be" for "I want to learn to feel the genuineness of the fun of learning in the learning process, the teaching activities play a multiplier the role, to achieve the best teaching results. "wind sneaked into the night, moisten things silently." teachers only creating the appropriate situations to stimulate and cultivate students' interest in learning, to enable students to integrate into the happy classroom, in order to improve classroom the quality of teaching. posted in the free papers Download Center

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