How to improve the teaching quality music lessons

Abstract: Music is the need for quality education, it is necessary to build capacity. Classroom structure we found to shorten the distance of the knowledge and capabilities, we must strive to seek knowledge and capabilities intermediary, music lessons not only teach students to sing, there the ability to listen, aesthetic ability and aesthetic point of view, singing skills, playing skills to go to training. need to study the structure of the teaching content, the structure of the teaching methods and the use of knowledge carriers, the composition of the class structure is multi-dimensional analysis they relationship between sort hierarchy, to accurately identify the intermediary of knowledge, ability, and the ability to train students to improve the quality of their music becomes possible.

Keywords: improve the quality of music teaching structural relationship

Classroom teaching is the art, can be crafted, classroom teaching science, there should be a strict structure, to follow the law. How to carve, how to understand its internal law, to make rational and generality, and thus more general guidance significance of this?
Improve classroom effectiveness is the hope of every teacher. Serious thought before class lesson which structure is cross-cutting, which structure is subordinate, the structure of how long it takes appropriate, thorough, all thinking, will it be possible to make a lesson focused both scientific, systematic and consistent with children's psychological characteristics, so that the students never to be more poorly understood well aware music lessons five structures need to be studied, and is now described in:

First, the aesthetic structure

Music teaching goal is to cultivate and improve students' aesthetic awareness and aesthetic structure will become the important structure of the cross-cutting music lessons for students health, aesthetic taste and aesthetic ability has a special and irreplaceable role. Aesthetic process necessary to implement the music lessons always emotional factors are the salient features of the aesthetic process music class, as time goes on, the teachers should use a variety of carriers to introduce works, so that students feel the beauty of works of music, and then through the aspects of music, literature analysis to enable students to understand the United States, with a change in the intensity and pace of change means to the performance of the United States, constitute an important aesthetic structure. aesthetic structure does not have music class just knowledge classes instead of art classes.

Second, the structure of knowledge

Knowledge and understanding of the structure based on the knowledge structure and student understanding of the law is the study of knowledge of teaching process in line with the understanding of the law students master on smoothly, otherwise it will form a new difficulty. Scientific knowledge has its own system, and also has its own trajectory in the student's understanding of the law and psychological characteristics, the two sometimes overlap, and sometimes do not coincide.

Third, the teachings structure

Classroom teaching is the bilateral activities of teachers and students, therefore, teachings, practice structure has become a common concern of teachers and students. Teachings structure directly affect the practice structure, practice structure directly affects the mastery of knowledge fastness Method two categories: traditional religion and modern teaching methods. proportion of all kinds of teaching methods in the classroom, the time required for, according to the teaching content for well-designed in a lot of way to the creation of the teaching methods in order to improve classroom effectiveness mood, alternately mobilize students voluntary attention and involuntary attention, improve learning efficiency. carefully selected media to transmit information, carefully arranged the carrier structure, timely use of the language of art, teaching aids, learning tools, audio, video, writing on the blackboard, wall charts, and so on, through The image of the teaching means to achieve the purpose of improving teaching effectiveness. posted in the free papers Download Center
practice the knowledge and skills of intermediaries, only through practice knowledge in order to consolidate, formed only through the practice of knowledge to skills. music class, the students have a lot of participation in activities, such as the rhythm of the feelings of the hit, pitch, rhythm and performing with the song, enjoy the activities in the discussions, and instrumental playing. by these artistic practice, the knowledge students will change into ability.

Fourth, the ability to structure

Music lessons on the ability to structure broadly divided into three levels:

Must have basic skills music lessons most basic ability is the ability to listen, including the length of the pitch, sound, audio tone in listening ability.

2, should have the basic skills (including music perception ability. Swap-perception of tonality, rhythm, rhythm, dynamics, speed, etc., as well as music attention, music memory, music Lenovo ability and musical imagination.

, Eager to musical ability, is what we usually say the training objectives. This is the student's ability to feel the music, the ability to understand the performance capabilities, the ability to appreciate and students to use the master of musical knowledge, musical skills show some emotions creative ability.

Time structure

The use of several structures above, are in flow time, therefore, the time is essential for all structural important factor. Efficient use of time, teaching the key to the success of a lesson time is limited, and the best time, but ten minutes, according to the physiological and psychological characteristics of students, carefully arranged Overcoming Difficulties. granted a new lesson time should not be less than 50% of a lesson, the best in the the students the advantages excited Center formed. To prevent fatigue, with no intention to pay attention to the characteristics mobilize students' sense of participation. Classroom exercises, the best comprehensive utilization of time, a student writing on the blackboard question and answer, the whole class can fight spectrum, momentum, interval exercises to improve the time utilization.

, Music lessons, several structural relationship

Music disciplines is the the aesthetic education irreplaceable disciplines. Cultivate aesthetic taste, aesthetic consciousness is always our target, aesthetic activities throughout the teaching, the aesthetic structure we study the important structure. Different aesthetics can decide to use different teaching The method and composition of different exercises structure, different aesthetic composition of the different structure of the knowledge and the ability to structure for students.

Classroom teaching, from the feelings of the United States began. Us in enlightening students feel the works of the United States of training students to experience the United States the ability to guide the students to understand the works of the United States the same time, can train students to understand the beauty of capacity. Similarly, in the requirements of students in a certain mood to use skills to show works of beauty and culture of student performance.

In short, with everyone on the improvement of the understanding of the quality of education, the connotation of the teaching structure will continue to enrich. To take the initiative to use and control the teaching structure is not easy, the music teacher to continuously enrich the professional knowledge, master of education reform information, and improve their own quality. Posted in the free papers Download Center


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