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Music to write papers network: Based on my years of observation, I found that a lot of students like music, but do not like music lessons, This leads to a lot of students do not care for music lessons, and the attitude of holding the play, were supposed to be colorful classroom where? perhaps really urgent need music have been wonderful, happy, harmonious mood to the students, so that music lessons vibrant, encourages students to actively happy to learn, be willing to listen, willing to sing willing thinking, the courage to ask questions, to create a harmonious atmosphere for learning.

In the classroom teaching, focusing on the vivid language of music, fun image, make classroom content vibrant, colorful

Music teaching, in particular, appreciate the teaching for the song, students can imagine the music scene depicted and content through the understanding of the lyrics and music students is not easy to imagine music expression and emotional understanding of the music. there is a certain degree of difficulty which requires teachers to use popular, vivid language to guide him, to open their hearts, and to enlighten their wisdom, to imagine the mood or screen music performance in mind, and gradually develop their imagination.

Let students appreciate << Reflection of the Moon >> without any prompting did not determine the subject first appreciate again, and then let students speak their minds, to talk about their feelings. Cropped up so many fresh thoughts and feelings, allows students to sentiment, then the teacher asked the students to the background of the work and the composer of the situation and life experience compiled into a short story, and works to deepen students' understanding of the work, which is more and better able to truly experience the meaning of music.

Second, teachers and students to form a learning community

We want to break the traditional teaching of the teachers for the authority of the drawbacks is the authority of the teacher in the classroom, the new curriculum standards called for the establishment of a new type of relationship between teachers and students, equality, democracy, interactive classroom, create a harmonious and pleasant frank atmosphere, with students, encouraged, and appreciated the attitude to be tolerant, rational treatment of the students in the "deviant" behavior, because, often naughty, naughty, disruptive behavior breeds creative thinking. Teachers should seize this fleeting novelty, to encourage and guide such students will gain self-esteem, self-confidence psychologically teacher encouraged the entire classroom atmosphere harmonious.

: I teach singing << What the water hit somersault >>, a lot of students in the case of discharge recording automatically follow the recording singing, I selected several of the lectures particularly naughty student, and I duet they are really very hard, very hard, sing very well, and I worked very pleasant and harmonious. entire classroom was infected by this atmosphere, to shorten the distance between teachers and students, but also to provide students with reflection, discussion and cooperation opportunities, which generate more moments in the music classroom.

Third, the design and development of a flexible teaching situation, to provide students with the thinking potential opportunities for self-expression.

New curriculum to promote the development of the student's personality, advocated the independent study, give full play to the initiative of the students, which requires our classroom is an open classroom the Situation .. to have a relative openness and flexibility to provide students individuation platform in teaching, I was very humorous attention to the language of instruction, pay attention to the import and design scenarios, trying to create a relaxed and not laissez-faire atmosphere for teaching and shorten the distance between students. posted in the free papers Download Center http: / / eng.hi138.com such my teaching singing the Xinjiang folk << Roncalli >>, first, not directly into the theme to teach singing, but the from Xinjiang's apparel, specialty, customs, musical instruments, dance, story, etc., students into the life, emotion, and arouse their curiosity, and a strong interest in, rushed to express their views, and thus linked to a series of Xinjiang songs, costumes, and culture. Some students also can not help but follow the music improvisation compose cheerful Xinjiang dance, although the jump is not too standard, but they put the truth performance, really rich classroom content. >> << Roncalli then taught to sing, this section the climax of the lesson, the whole class, students in an open and flexible problem situations, and have truly become masters of learning for each student the opportunity for self-expression, and understanding of the region's ethnic characteristics, ethnic style and local color. understanding of the motherland colorful folk customs and regional culture, but also enhance the humanities, the aesthetic capacity has been greatly improved to meet their own activities, spontaneous learning needs.

Let the music lesson "music" together to create a pleasant atmosphere of the evaluation

Educator Spencer: "Education should make people happy, to enable students in the mastery of knowledge among the happy." Students of music class full of interests and hobbies, and to further taste in music learning happy will get strong motivation for learning.

Teaching evaluation is an essential link in the process of music teaching. Traditional way of evaluation is to allow students the Society of songs and musical knowledge feedback: modern teaching evaluation of the teaching process, hobbies, emotional response, AC cooperation, knowledge and skills to grasp the situation. significantly due to individual differences of students, student evaluation focus should be placed on the comparison of self-development, to be fair, objective, enhance students' self-confidence and entrepreneurial spirit, on the contrary, it will bruise their self-confidence, easy teacher antagonism. Should also allow students to learn to self-evaluation, self-evaluation, to develop good quality of thinking, the formation of healthy psychological qualities. Normally, I pay attention to the evaluation tools, diversity and flexibility of the method, so that the students can show bright music classroom teaching will be even more vitality. Such as "Class Concert", which is one of my favorite evaluation methods class concert showcase their music expertise, musical works, talent show, fully embodies the democratic nature of the evaluation, to create the atmosphere of harmony, unity and evaluation to achieve mutual exchanges and motivate the purpose of evaluation, is a lively way.

Happy, harmonious music teaching knowledge, life, emotional blend of harmonious music classroom, teachers are led by the student body of harmonious music classes, and only in a happy, harmonious classroom, students can more easily learn more knowledge. Pestalozzi: "a good education require the mother's eyes always, to know each of his inner emotions accurately from the child's eyes, the mouth, the amount of action kinds of changes. "We try to give them a smile, a look, a thoughtful discourse, so that students feel a reminder, a tolerance, a trust, the music classroom will naturally become the spiritual home of the student, the music will long remain in the student's mind, and mind the good things in Links to free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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