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According to the people today Lu Qin Li compiled << Northern and Southern Poetry full pre-Qin Chen Shih >> existing Jiang poetry 103. Palace poems in his poetry, about 30 the Mr. Shen Yucheng once << palace poems New Poems >> book talks about the content contained on the palace poems, that "(palace poems narrower) than Yongming period erotic for are Yongwu and Yin brothels, sex pool Court works. << Sui Shu >> official poetry is "clear resigned clever system, ended almost ren between the seats, carved vine algae, thinking extremely boudoir Quarters of palace poems from an objective point of view, this is an inevitable requirement of the times. Palace the poem, involving many diverse image of women. beam vintage, Jiang Zongsheng live in their poetry inevitably marked imprint of the times, but in many poetry and its unique.

One of the women in the myths and legends portray

The Qiliang people, in Jiang's poetry, the Wushan the Goddess, Luopu Mi Fei, Tianhe Weaver fairy woman frequently appear in Jiang's pen, giving a different mental outlook. Wushan Goddess From Song Yu << Gao Tang Fu >>, grandson of the fugue Wushan, sleep during the day and dreamed of a beautiful woman, the woman said, "'female concubine Wushan, for Gaotang is objective, the Wenjun tour Gaotang, would like to recommend pillow mat.' Fortunately, the king to resign, saying: 'concubine in Wushan yang, Takaoka of resistance, once for asakumo, twilight line rain, day and night, beneath the balcony.,' "Luopu Mi Fei refers Luoshui goddess. Han Dynasty, Zhang Heng < <Si Xuan Fu >> goes: "the teen idol Come contained Taihua of Mi Fei, Zhao Luopu." Jian'an Cao Zhi << Lo River which takes Mi Princess portrayed as the national colors talent, lone beauty and talent in one peerless beauty, become Liangchen Wen race tracing object. the Tianhe Weaver myths << the Nineteen Old · span of Altair, has also become a symbol of love, become the object of people chant .

Jiang poetry, chant three immortal woman is not just about appearance stature praise and praise, is back to reality by contrasting the behavior of these people psychological and fate of the modern woman.

Luopu stream wind Waterfront Qishui Qinlou early January February March April May June July August September October November December balcony "," given words Goddess river "(the << new the Kyi people should make >>), Jiang wrote to the new palace, graceful charm, such as Mi Fei goddess, Ewha rain Yumian, ignominy, however, the balcony through dream too true, the complex is not new Luopu Limbo "the (<< miscellaneous song - second >>)" non Goddess period milky, not a fairy Kyi into the blowing station the (<< miscellaneous song · >>), two poems by Goddess Mi Fei, Weaver behavior Narrations changes in the woman's graces, the rivalry with the fall from grace of the palace as the palace of a woman, the balcony dream or Luopu Princess, which has been illusory or often talked about, they do not ask for much, just hope jun Italian is not cold, and the king sleeps. Even heavenly goddess, Qiu Water the Silver Arrows Mo phase reminders ", however Spring Night is too short, it is difficult to get rid of this abandoned fate," Do not Xianji "Emperor pet first when Yu accounts hanging tassels" this is "net household weaving spider, the new becomes the old man, the tragedy of this is the maids of honor.

Jiang in the tracing of these three women, their appearance did not give too much ink, but through their deeds or refute their ideas and with a reflection of the society that a woman betrayed fate, even if you are the goddess of love , Mi Fei Maung, Weaver heart, such a cross-flow of social indulgence, however, women's single-mindedness seem how sad reminder and sad.

Second, the chant of former women

Official body of the poem, there are those special legendary woman in the history of many of the poems of description, they or strong and unyielding, undaunted by power or loyalty to one, single-mindedness; once betrayed for life miserable Jiang total poetry is also true.

"Lvzhu tearful dance, Sun Xiujiang the nearby (<< Luoyang Road · One >>), the description is the the West Jin Shichong concubine Lvzhu by Sun Xiu fancy, green beads vow to resist the issue. Lvzhu can song good dance, as the world envy. then go along with Sima's SUN Xiu was not born to hate, hate in Shichong, the green bead affected, falls dead. "shame for Qiu Hu women, independent mining city of the South" (<< plum off First >>) with a "Qiu Hu opera Wife allusions. Han Dynasty Liu Xiang Biography of Women >> << Qiu Hu marriage on the 5th to Chen to seek official records, after five years return to old haunt. roadside met beautiful Mulberry, take liberties with money, women are not accepted. returned home, the women found subjected to a large amount of money the man turned out to be dreaming of husband jumped into the river and died, unable to accept this fact. Lvzhu the autumn HU women swallowed their anger died are devoted incarnation, Jiang poetry, performance of sympathy and lament their fate of history has become a thing of the past, but there are always so many epic stories long history.

"String heart Yan Zhuo female" (the << and Hengyang downstairs tall buildings to see prostitutes >>), a string heart for the "Zhuo women get (<< Fu Yong Qin >>), Zhuo female refers Wenjun. Side two poems express a Geisha climax playing piano. "The weaving elements that complex solutions piano Heart (<< Miscellaneous the song · First >>)," Qin heart "from the" Historical Records Simaxiangru Biographies> >: "Zhuowang Sun recently widowed woman Wenjun, good sound, it is relative, such as Bartholomew and make heavy piano heart pick of anti-intended use of this poem used performance Deserted Wife's Resentment psychological they only know how to weaving, to enjoy the wonderful intention not elegant Pieces coming However, the husband has abandoned me regardless of it just because I do not know the piano?
"Words, regardless of the round fan trunk (<< Resentful Poems · Second >>), had done" Han Dynasty Ban Jie good round fan song >>, aka << complain Chanting >>: "new crack Qi Wan Su, bringing such as frost. President acacia fan, round and round, such as the moon. access jun pregnant sleeves, hair shaken breeze. often fear Autumn Festival to cool soared wins hot. abandoned trunk hamper, kindness Nakamichi never write a born unlucky woman of grievances. Ban Jie Yu, beauty and talent both popular Chengdi appreciated, and subsequently the mermaid sisters the palace Ban Kyi out of favor, and retreated to the Queen Mother, Unlucky, miserable life.

Have eternal vitality of the tragedy, the perfect ending arouse people's sympathy. Liang Chenwen people a little bit different, Jiang poetry history women have a tragic fate, are "for the situation to death.

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three, secular woman Misfortune the Narrations

Secular woman, more than ordinary nameless women, they have flowing emotions, Pentium blood has that happened as Wenjun, Ban Ji, therefore, in many poems, they left footprints in poetry enough to move every people, although they are mortal beings a, who give us endless imagination and nostalgia.

Deserted Wife of of millet Wuhu sad ". Jiang poetry the words of the," weaving prime "higher frequency Hart Poetry << mountain mining millet Wuhu >> about an abandoned wives meet up with their ex-husband in the mountains and tried to Ask new husband married wife, came to the conclusion "fine silk to match prime, and therefore new is better." Since then, the "weaving prime" become a synonym of abandoned wives. "deep sorrow in fine silk cord (<< gynecology disease line >>) , "but since the new fine silk injury concubine Italian the (<< complain Poetry First"), trekking spring runoff millet Wuhu Green (<< Miscellaneous the song · First >>), machine woven prime remaining "(< <Fu was empty Boudoir >>) wrote these poems, the misery of these civilian woman, an empty front of the loom, looking at the extravagant Wuhu green inner emotions, how can people calm?
The intrinsic people think of women affected by YUEFU many poetry is written in accordance with the Yuefu old question, which many of the levy of people thinking women for Jiang poetry, there is no lack of such. Representative of the most << Boudoir papers. "This is the the resentment Sijun in the boudoir of a young woman missing expedition husband's poetry, the performance of a parting worry. Qing Dynasty Shen Deqian has commented:" Jingsi Tang law. "the author does not directly say the young woman alone keep the addition lonely boudoir, starting from the side of the scene, nobody the Brothel, have since snow Su and empty course, sleepless lights, only a handful of the landscape sketched a Konggui Figure. young woman felt the roots of the old, and only empty melancholy.

Swing the child of the woman. Wanderer "dang child" with this meaning, more in the Wei and Jin refers to waft outside, or to seek the office, or seeking money, long-term displaced outside. << The Purple Monkey horses >> Dynasty Poem Jiang still inscribed poetry, write a husband away from the woman jealously guarding its availability, makeup tears cry of desolate misery scene the late Eastern Han Wei, Jin, the war is continuous, the people living in poverty and had to heading out to make a living, caused by this tragedy.

These ordinary woman, suffering from the pain with her husband, 有苦说不出 endured's the parked wife remarried husband the of them miserable fate, goes to show that they are alive, experiencing the joys and sorrows of this world. Jiang wrote these poetry, may be joined in the chorus of, but with the elimination of the time, these poems are still in the class book, the total concentrate preserved, this also shows that the influence of Jiang's poetry.

In three of the female image, the most charismatic is the last class. Tracing and the men and women to focus on appearance with the previous generation, Jiang Palace poem, the woman depicted mostly ill-fated, or, or abandoned or dead, they also have a dark heart Xu, Spring Night moment, however Cheng'en not all that long ago, the new becomes old, not escape this fate, most compassion for the Palace Poems. Jiang, regardless fairy woman or the description of the woman in the history and use of allusions in order to set off the modern woman's fate, as Mr. Hu Dalei Poems >> << Palace said: "The poet would sometimes put the previous generation of female image as a literary tools, or in order to express the reality of emotions, or as plot elements, so that the previous generation female characters appear in the poems become inevitable. "Jiang poetry which is a unique place. posted on Free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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