Yu Hua's novel about a pioneer in narrative and its transformation

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Abstract: As the first strains fiction writer Yu Hua representative of his novels in the period before and after the change of narrative embodies and represents the pioneer novel trends, direction and bound his novel in narrative time, narrative objects, narrative attitude were experiencing Xu steering by fractional mode specific, by the character's desire to shift the character's personality, from cold mild Shu Qi tension level steering successful transformation.

Correlations words: Yu Hua, Pioneer fiction, narrative, transformation

Yu Hua's novel creation from January 1987 in literature >> << Beijing's famous for short stories published in "Eighteen-year-old on a long journey to the 1996 novel >> << >> guan can be divided for the two periods, pre-main 8o's creative vanguard fiction short stories ie, post is 9o's creation three novels << >> shouting in the rain, "alive >>, << Risking a Blood >>.

Novel in Drizzle << >> (originally published in 1991 6 >> << harvest when the rain and shouting named << >>) "between the world upon this work, people will immediately sensitively aware that this is Yu Hua to his previous works of a summary, but also changed his creation began.,, [lj (P341, << alive >> Post marks the successful transformation of Pioneer narrative. "Yu Hua has is seen as 'revolutionary vanguard novels expand' representatives ", [l1 Emily 36) before and after the period of his novel, and the change is reflected in the novel represent the vanguard trends, direction and inevitable.

Blurred by the fragmented narrative time shift early pioneer Yu Hua specific and clear in the narrative fiction is an important feature is the complete time shattered traditional linear chain, deliberately played down the digestion of the plot and story, the whole narrative structure is on the trail at any time , fragmentary and scattered, figures and symbols of the free, time, structure, character is jumping and disorders, narrative perspective constantly wavering and conversion, there is no clear narrative time, place, and historical background. Yu Hua's novel Narrative new novel by French writer Rob a core faction postmodernist writer Grillet and other effects. "postmodern emphasis is a radical pluralism, fragmented view of the world, who believe that the world is not a unified whole , but a variety of mosaic fragments, so we can not give a unified understanding of the world, it is impossible to believe that the so-called eternal truths, but only agree with this fragmented state of existence. ~ unity of the world itself does not exist , so the center is completely meaningless pursuit is futile and worthless. Similarly to the narrative, the text can not exist within the meaning of any center, everything is only superficial, flattened and instability, this confusion and uncertain process is the text of all. "Yu Hua Chuan pioneer in the novel, the narrative of all time is no longer an objective sense, realistic sense of physical time, but the author is free disposal, arrangement, and intends to manufacture A misplaced mental time, showing a fragment state, so trying to enter the text and history of the bi-directional clues to blur the reality and fantasy are intertwined. ">> things like smoke in the beginning of the story is in the" on the shore of a peach trees in bloom bright pink "in early spring, at the end of a blind man's corpse a4 both emerged river, then the shore of a peach tree in bloom bright pink." time here, Like enveloped in the wet river crossing town played over the breath of death, as was destined to be stationary, objective time has no meaning, narrative flow only in psychological time, presenting in front of people is a total time , flattening of the screen, the fate of all the characters have been shrouded in mystery death breath, the world was filled with dismal terror, everything is doomed fate is elusive, like the debris left to the mercy of the same. << past and Punishment >> story time from 1990 a summer night and move towards two time direction: backwards is "a few days later," is a forward "towards March 5, 1965 walked" in the middle appeared four events Time: January 9, 1958, December 1, 1967, August 7, 1960 and September 20, 1971. realistic time after being demolished during splicing and assembly, and then repeated in the imagination, repeating the imagination, the formation of the past, present and memories of the time are intertwined, the history extrusion and abstraction, every time there is the possibility of another time metaphor, every time is digestion or confusion the existence of another time, revealing the history and reality of conflicting and mutually intercourse, history and reality illusory shadow each other regardless of history or reality townships are closed permanently inaccessible.

Yu Hua's novel fuzzy pioneer narrative fragmentation is also reflected in the emphasis on contingency narrative, he believes that "must be part of that kind of boring things, certainly will not change their stuff, it just silly to go straight ahead, while the occasional The food is great, casually threw it toward where to go, that place there will be a new history. "[aj Yu Hua's novel is a narrative history of pioneer existence and authenticity of suspected false narrative mode of departure from the traditional because the historical inevitability among doomed to lose people's self and consciousness, and these only in the contingencies before they can be fully demonstrated, the human desire to be fully exposed, so as to achieve true inner person. << north wind whistling noon >> in the "I" somehow did not know and had to accept a dead friend and his mother, not only to accept but also must try to do better, to show the absurdity of the real world and people have to admit, accept these absurd, showing individual life uncertainties.

In contingency narrative, Yu Hua will all have to be dismantled logical causality. Error >> << river, the madman random killings and Margery hastily shot and killed a madman, not necessarily between the logic of causality, actual events are unable to explain many times. << Kind of Reality >> a series of violent deaths are inadvertently killed a cousin by the Phi accident triggered this, evil will not stop, all ethics, morality, civilization has been completely destroyed. << things in smoke> > in the fate of all the prophecies attributed to being in the blind fortune-telling. << >> Dedicated the willow in time everything comes down to 8 May 1988 events so that some events had even orthodox motives attributed to the historical development of certain factors on the absurd ridiculous and dyed to be unrestrained friendship of these factors, people do not believe goes by the suspicion, which eventually caught them. chance to make people realize the absurdity of the real world resistance, confusion, human destiny is that they can not grasp.

From << >> start shouting in the rain, the narrative has a specific historical context and a clear time line, and this time with the historical development began to show consistency. Sunguang Lin's growth process and the narrator to his vision to look at the history of coincidence, is interacting with each other and extended. << alive >>, << >> guan in Fukki, Risking life experiences and the depth of history is clear, Yu Hua also shows a new narrative exploring, trying to establish a more appropriate reflection of real life and the survival time of more effective connection between desire and text order, and this connection and order to be rooted in real life, can not be their daily life experiences of false hoard trapped, but also in real life and extends beyond, and strive to individual life and existence in the real history of real desire to find a deeper context, mutual fit, through the chain of narrative time to works to strengthen the symbolism and function.

9o in Yu Hua's works, the narrative time line, structure and background clear and obvious, not only to assume the task of storytelling, but also symbolic and allegorical works constitute an important factor. << >> Alive to Fukki bear endless suffering and death of their loved ones again and again against the plot structure >> << guan Risking his life with the experience of selling blood repeated nine times and continuity, all the works in the depth direction of the space-time stretching, to obtain a more deeper spiritual history of space exploration, human "alive" and growth is to continue to suffer in the process of history, but also the complete process of continuous self-life, repeating a similar course , in the ordinary repetition, but the repetition of transcendence and sublimation, the completion of an overall narrative diffraction.

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narrative object consists of the characters I want to cover in steering the character in character when it comes to work, Yu Hua in the works >> << hypocrisy, said: "The fact I am not only a lack of professional interest is trying to shape the character of that kind of approach also feel incredible and can not understand, I really do not see those so-called colorful characters who have much artistic value. those with so-called character figures can almost use some common words to summarize the abstract, that is cheerful, cunning, kind, melancholy, etc. Obviously, the character concerned person's appearance rather than the heart, and often gross interference writer who tried to further the efforts of layers of complexity and therefore I am more concerned about is the character of desire, the desire of a person's character is more representative of the existence value "," I think the characters and rivers, such as the sun, in the works are just props it ", these" unitized in the works and interaction, thus showing a complete desire. symbol of this desire is there. "[a] (." In the early works of Yu Hua character is vague, lacking desire is symbolized as a symbol of his Discard the character's personality is to go directly to the human heart and desire true nature of the works is to give exit character of human desire, the character has become the symbol of desire. this desire as a dominant presence, Yu Hua has been From the character's personality separated, resulting in a narrative work a unique atmosphere of indifference, the dominant presence of irrational desires and accidental, with the person of environmental, social and human realities immediate strong opposition conflict exists, this characters as symbols of desire to make the narrative is always in a state of tension, desire rendered as violence, and violence is full of horror and death inevitable outcome, so we can understand Yu Hua's works are filled with violence and death.

<< >> Eighteen long journey in the "I", "cheerfully out of the house," and give the world what happened to him but it is robbery and violent assault, was beaten black and blue. A boy full of joy to the world and to fight mercilessly crushed. << Northwest wind whistling noon "show the absurdity of reality and individual survival helpless." >> Death narrative of "I" can only be cruel to survive When the "I" in good heart to treat this world more violent when he was killed. << >> things like smoke in occupational titles (drivers, fortune teller), and material allegation (Huiyi woman) and a countless number possible symbols for the person, "without a name while another man and girl names numerous possible." [4] "wrote << >> and << alive guan >> process The fact is that people continue to understand the process ". [4j Yu Hua in Ye Liwen's interview, said: '/ and 1910s, I was writing those' avant-garde 'work when I was a tyrant like the narrator, that When I consider the novel the characters should not have their own voice, they are symbolic narrative, are my slaves, their fate is in my hands, so when the works are no specific narrative time and space because these characters no specific living environment, but to the 9o, I was in writing his first novel << in Drizzle ", I found his characters rebel against oppression of my narrative, and they strongly to ask their own voice, I caved in, and then it appeared my literary world changes, I became a democracy or a narrator. "closed the emergence of their own voice characters, logos riveting executive who live leisurely start to form, then People no longer a symbol, but showing two distinct characteristics, has his own life, and we can see their own unique character, not of subjective additional things, and promote the formation of character, change, development factors concrete and objective environment is also clear up.

Australia tense narrative attitude shift from cold gentle soothing Yu Hua early pioneer novels with almost inhuman indifference, showing enthusiasm for violence and death, evil, ugly fake exhibition on the subject lacks critical stance. Surface in an attitude of indifference right, to demonstrate real-world cruel and merciless; human deceptive; humanity cynical, indifferent, turpitude; ideal spirit and value of individual life nothingness. Yuhua looking for is not my narrative way, which is a kind of outsider cool, distant narrative attitude shows through daily experience of life, to show the true spirit of the world, the essence of the spirit world and the real world real enough deviates from, irrational lust to exist in reality world, only with an absent body, calm, distance to the trial, in order to separate these two world, let us look at ((death narrative >> end: "But when I had a body ready to go, a person toward my face hit one, Zhe Yiquan makes me feel like playing in a sandbag, sounds very boring, so I turned back again to re-look at that big house. Which teenage boy jump from the inside out, hands held up a shiny scythe, he threw himself down when play sickle, scythe cut into my abdomen, and that the process is very simple, like a scythe to wear a paper-cut chop wear my skin, and then cut off my appendix. then pull out the sickle, scythe to go out and not only draw off my rectum, but still in my belly scratched a long hole, so the inside of the intestines a Bay out when I had a chance to go over his intestines hand when the woman waving a hoe head towards me chop down, I quickly look crooked head, hoe split in the shoulder on the spleen, such as firewood the same way bet my shoulder bone cut into two halves and I heard the shoulder bone fracture spleen issued 'squeak uh' sound, like the sound of a door opening.

Han is the third jump over, waving his hand is an iron-chromium. The woman pulled out hoe yet, the iron chromium four stab has cut into my chest. In the middle of two iron thorns were cut off, and pulmonary artery and aorta, arteries in the 'Wow' in a flooded out like a pot feet of water poured out like, and both sides of the iron-chromium piercing both lobes lungs. pierce through the left side of the iron lung and then beat into the heart, and then use that Han a hand strength, Fe-Cr was pulled out, pulled out to go after my iron-chromium two lungs also will swing to the chest outside. then I fell to the ground. I turn his face lying there, my blood crawled toward four weeks and my blood like a grand old trees out of the ground roots and I was dead. "This text in the bloody, violent, cruel, cold, Relentless is a cold attitude extremely careful and meticulous narrative portrayed, people shudder.

As well as the classical love like << >> to "human food market" description, << 1986 >> in the description of a madman leisurely leisurely self-mutilations, << >> in the mountains a reality one kind to each other in cold environment of hatred and killing each other to be the last hill autopsy lens. Yuhua discard all the warmth, the one after the bloody and death scenes, but impregnated with an icy calm tone, carefully portrayed directly connected to his has never been reluctant to bring the works of the spirit of joy, completely remove the existential existence of happiness and joy in his world, people are so out of tune with reality, as his early works << eighteen long journey >> in the "I" desire need to face the real world, like the real world is filled with violence, gore, terror and the smell of death.

Person's physical existence becomes nothingness while they are fitted with superior mental depression, grief, depressed, depression, fear, doubt, confusion, hatred yoke.

As previously mentioned, Yu Hua wrote << in Drizzle "by the" tyrant-like narrator "into a" democratic narrator. "To write >> << alive, he said:" In the beginning I still used in the past narrative, the kind of keep a distance from the indifference of the narrative, the results are not comfortable with me how to write, how to write all feel a barrier. Later, I switched to the first person to get people to speak out on his own, so I suddenly found his narrative is filled with warm feeling. "alive >> << foreword in Yu Hua said:" For a long time, are the source for my work and the reality that a layer of strained relations, "" said the more serious, I have been on a hostile attitude towards reality as time goes on, my inner anger died down, I began to realize a real writer looking for is the truth, is a rejection of the truth of moral judgments. writer's mission not vent, not a complaint or disclosure, he should show people noble, noble mentioned here simply is not the kind of beauty, but to all things after the transcendent understanding of good and evil alike, look at the world with the eyes of compassion. ,, [,) (P Li a '46, the authors look at the reality of changing attitudes determine his narrative change in attitude, crying in the rain in the << >> We Sunzheng Lin in the eyes of the child has been felt that kind of cold Ki and desperate world night cover human affection, friendship, love, call A heart of compassion welled up in the << >> and << alive guan >> in real life "everyday experience "and" real experience "is no longer with his pursuit of the" true nature "to confront and he began to close to close to real life and character narrative, so far, he has completed the original pioneer narrative fundamental transformation, when he The narrative is a gentle, calm, simple manner, while highly control, including but not exposed and added humor and warmth, started by the reality of chaos, evil, ugly, from the experience of ordinary people had to dig deep inside of suffering in life is simple and original metaphysical truth alive in the << >>, << >> guan's simplicity and narrative, we find an intrinsic Contains spirituality, gentle and Yun Ji continuity and mobility. fate of the hero and the author implied therein humane care and thought, deepened works lucrative implication. narrative no longer is so tense, it is irritability, nervousness, moments implied crisis, people's fate and survival deep desire to be hidden in the bottom of the narrative, is no longer a dominant, restless presence is soothing, easily penetrating tight, unwittingly lead the reader into thinking scheduled space, this desire is no longer an irrational, temporary impulse, but constantly subjected to repression, decomposition and constantly condensation, sublimation process.

Conclusion Pioneer narrative 9o's major economic, cultural backgrounds and environments transformation is inevitable, Yu Hua is smart and witty, he was the first to complete this transition, and get a great impact and success of .21 century China political, economic and cultural development is still in an accelerated phase, so this transition, either for or for the entire Pioneer Yu Hua is a kind of literature is "now", which is also because any kind of literature is that it the times and society literature.

Yu Hua pioneer in the form of support to rely on to complete his spiritual home search process, and ultimately puts "self" lost in the nothingness of his life experience, humanities and ultimate concern, the nation, history, human, individual life existence of questioning and thinking, ultimately failing to carry heavy and solid floating.

Despite the death, absurd, violence is inevitable, but we are more in the real world to face everyday life, try to find a beautiful and warmth, a spiritual, cultural and ideal support. Pair absurd, violence and death will only continue to increase enthusiasm and exhibitions greater anxiety and despair, emptiness and confusion, apathy and sadness, and ultimately lead to spiritual decay.

Pioneer narrative transformation can be said that the results of Pioneer crisis, this spiritual crisis, is an unrealistic cultural crisis will only end in nothingness loss of self, embodied in the text is full of doubt, irritability, anxiety and consciousness The lack of the same time, the traditional narrative fiction pioneer mode and mainstream culture shock and intense ideological subversion This excessive blindly in the form of exploration and renovation tricks, eventually leading to the presence of the form and content of violent conflict, when one kind of content form and are keen not to be a favorite after its content and spirit of the body will gradually Digestion In this form, so they are bound to rebel against the self.


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