On Lu Xun's novels about Onlookers psychology critique

Abstract: Lu Xun devoted his life to the national character of the critique work, spectators and critical phenomena reveals is his criticism of a national main content. It all stems from his mission as a literary enlightenment as well as the history of Chinese society profound understanding stems from his deep sorrow for our nation and a great love.

Keywords: Lu Xun, spectators psychological critique.
Lu Xun devoted his life to critique the work of national character, we read Lu Xun's novels will find that his novels always forget to expose and criticize our Chinese people's worst instincts. Chinese people's servility, conservative, ignorant, numbness, cowardly, spiritual victory, spectators mentality, selfish, narrow-minded, etc., in his pen exposed, Lu Xun has thus been criticized people say, Lu Xun was reactionary, he demonize the Chinese people, in the personality of the nation's self-esteem and loss of self-confidence as a profound The sober writer, Lu Xun deeply understand the "not wash your dirty linen in public," the old saying, but as a struggle to find a way out of Chinese intellectuals, he saw all the evil Chinese people who, he believed that only evoke big as a national basis Most - the awakening of ordinary people in China have a way out, to get out of trouble, in order to move forward in the transformation.

Lu Xun was a good deep thinking patriotic intellectuals, back in Japan to study abroad, he began on the national character of the inquiry and criticism.

In 1902, for the country's prosperity, Lu Xun came to study in Japan, chose medicine as a way of salvaging the country and he wants your studies, the usual medical treatment for the people, when doing Military War, but a chance. " Slide incident "broke his lofty ideals in the classroom, the teacher put current events in Japan slides, the content is taking place on Chinese soil Russo-Japanese War. two imperialist countries fought in the land of China, the Japanese caught a Russians do things for the Chinese people, tied up to show the public beheading, onlookers are Chinese. they see their countrymen in their own land by foreigners beheaded, expressions are apathetic, which makes deep Lu Xun felt the sorrow of our nation, and the presence of the Japanese students were cheering, which in turn greatly hurt his national pride. slide event that Lu Xun aware ": Medicine is not an urgent matter, any stupid weak nationals Even physically how perfect, how to thrive, they were only meaningless public display materials and spectators, how many are dead do not think that unfortunately, so I want to the first, is to change their mentality ...... "( Scream << >> preface his view changed national spirit is the most effective means of "literature", so resolutely from medicine, literature salvation began working on the road.

"Slide incident" to make people numb Lu Xun saw the soul of ignorance, they recognized the importance of the transformation, so he put on the national psychology reveal that spectators and criticism, as the beginning of national elementary education, and put it As a critique of a national character the most important content, throughout his life in the literary revolution.

Lu Xun's novel set in Scream << >> and << >> hesitation in shaping the kinds of spectators portrait series, covering the bottom of society all kinds of people, this group portrait share common characteristics: ignorant, narrow-minded selfishness, bored, numb indifference. they both young and old, have no name, no specific appearance, only one action --- "look." in this "look" in common, the Lu Xun mainly portrayed the image of the two spectators.

A, numbness of the public, theater spectators keen to see Lu Xun public display for the people, has always hated.
Slide event is Lu Xun lifetime trauma, this trauma has been aching hearts of Lu Xun, always lingering, he put himself in this real life experience, as an entry point for national criticism, write many of his works to the novel << >> public display slides can be said that the literary version of the event, write a policeman killed prisoners marched a forthcoming public display in the street, the crowd swarming crowd to watch the grand scene. With an unparalleled feeling of anxiety and filled with resentment, trying to describe those spectators who twisted psychological and psychiatric morbidity, portrayed their ignorance, apathy numb ugly image, revealing the Chinese people like the biggest lies as Inferiority theater spectators, exposed and criticized the numbing sentiments and Shanghai Museum, proposed a change in the importance of the spirit of the people.

Lu Xun's novel also appeared in many public display scenes. << Novel drugs, "wrote revolutionaries Xia Yu to Chinese revolution, veering to the country and people would rather expense of their lives when he was arrested morally towards the execution site , the people of his sacrifice, no sadness, no anger, and even the least sympathy are not, sadly, they beheaded as a show, as the play mercilessly spectators of poor people from Hua Laoshuan saw and heard and psychological feelings perspective, describing numbness surrounded by people in the pre-dawn scenes look Xia Yu was killed: "footsteps sound, blink of an eye, has owned over a large cluster of people ...... Laoshuan also unto them look, but I saw a bunch of people on the back and quiet for a while, it seems a little voice, in turn shaken up, bang, all to the back, has been scattered to Laoshuan standing places, almost squeezed him down, "this description, write the scene as many spectators as well as the spectators who want to see the result of anxious curiosity mystery of situation. Lu Xun vivid metaphor, penetrating portrait ugly when they watch" neck are very long stretch, like many ducks, being invisible hand pinch and lift up those. "This is ironic description, draw the spectators who live boring, numbness and apathy. novel of Ah Q, Story >> also from one side depicts the kind of numb spectators. Ah Q is a living force, never Zhuang came to town, he thinks to town to see the most exciting, best-looking, most exciting thing is to decapitate. Thus, in the village did not return, he put revolutionaries killed relish tell the story of people who are not village ": Have you ever seen decapitate you?" "Well, good-looking, killing Revolutionary Party. Alas, Attractive Attractive, ......" and everyone craned hear trance, his talk straight so that "listen to people who are both erect and pleased." the authors describe the pride tells Ah Q form, in particular, highlighted the spectators not Zhuang Wang Hu and other people curious eyes and numbness look In these two novels, Xia Yu Lu Xun wrote not only revolutionaries killed surfaces such tragedy, but also reveals the spectators who watch the revolutionaries were killed in cold blood deeper tragedy. This tragedy Lu Xun had indignation: "The masses, especially in China, --- is always drama spectators" (how >> << Nora left.

In this tragedy, Lu Xun profound understanding, the reason why people would appreciate the attitude of a spectator to watch the revolutionaries were killed, because "Revolution" seriously out of people, resulting in between the people and the revolutionaries diaphragm, which made the success of the revolutionary people of the need to mobilize all of the major theoretical, issued a strong appeal to the community: save the people.

The True Story of Ah Q << >> In the end, Lu Xun opposite direction pens, Ah Q from spectators who becomes a public display. Ah Q stood van, watching the street cheering people on both sides of a sudden, he ideas like going back four years ago: at the foot of scared, he met a hungry wolf, never followed him nearly far, eat his flesh, and he will always remember that the wolf's eyes, but also fierce and cowardly, sparkling like two wildfire, it seems far to penetrate his flesh and this time he saw the wolf's eyes, and even saw the wolf's eyes even more than the terrible eyes, and this eye Not only has chewed his flesh, and his soul has a bite of Ah Q made by spectators at the psychological and comfortable public display when he was watching his fear of the crowd made a strong contrast, is seen from a person perspective, wrote the eyes of spectators ruthless and bloody cannibal. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

Second, ruthless people, ruthless connoisseur Lu Xun in his works, in addition to writing plays spectators numb indifference, but also to shape a group of specialized image spectators enjoying the suffering of others.

As the novel << >> blessings, author grief and dignified words, describing the tragic fate Xianglinsao reveals the tragic fate caused Xianglinsao not just feudal ethics, as well as with him at the town of Lu a class of ordinary people when Xianglinsao with widowed once again came to the unfortunate loss of the child when the town of Lu, Lu town's people with a curiosity, constantly lure Xianglinsao tell their misfortune, her tears into their lives and tasteless sauce when Xianglinsao "story" is no longer fresh, they are the scars on her head and took pleasure in Xianglinsao despair of life have a great time, they in front of her proposed "Hell said," and finally made her mind completely collapse. they are so constantly, relentlessly, brutally Xianglinsao enjoying the pain so much so that she was completely toward the road of death. By Xianglinsao tragic fate depictions can be seen, Lu Xun "For the national character of this lack of respect for life, less sympathetic, more hated diaphragm is how, in his view, numbness of people standing on the sidelines, appreciate others Suffering is like the theater, while only a show of national theater is sad "(<< Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature Research >> Page 10 in The True Story of Ah Q >> << There are also revealing such feelings When Ah Q is "false foreign devil" hit, he immediately went to bully weaker than his little nun, touch her scalp and cheeks, making the little nun caught in a very awkward point for the show of Ah Q , has been an eager audience that roadside hotel where people, when they see the weak wronged, no compassion, no aid, but loudly booing, cheering, cheer Ah Q To meet this gang of connoisseurs, "and then the force of a twist, just let go". "'Ha ha ha!', A very proud smile. 'Ha ha ha'! Hotels nine people who smirk." Here, Lu Xun wrote not only for the weak sympathy and anger on the spectators, but also wrote this silly laughter despicable implied by our nation's sorrow.

Kung >> << Lu Xun think they are the most satisfactory written novels, he calmly and objectively style, wrote a traditional intellectual eaten tragedy Kung is a good-hearted hero, but he was in the feudal poisoned by the imperial examination system, in addition to the call were also mouthful, but one no effort to destitute, but pretentious, it has become a joke. forced to live, and he occasionally do something petty theft, was eventually broken his leg, died quietly in life. The authors expose the feudal imperial system cannibalism, it is also revealed in the spirit of being eaten Kung. Works from a unique perspective, through the hotel in a small boy's eye view of the crowd made fun of Kung embarrassing and painful , wrote the interpersonal indifference and heartless. ji every "unfortunate" experience have become the hotel crowd teasing material they appreciate Kung humiliation scars, making the "Kung would flush , forehead veins roads ek. "They ridiculed him even half scholar did not groan of sorrow, so that the" Kung immediately show deserting uneasy look on his face cage on a layer of gray, "they laughed at him leg interrupted the pain, so that was extremely embarrassing Kung, exposing begging glances, "much like the pleading treasurer, do not mention" in the eyes of the crowd appreciation, "he drank wine, right again at other people's jokes sound, walked slowly sat up with this hand. "spectators every taste will" attracted people all laughter together, inside and outside the shop is full of happy atmosphere. "In this laughter, we see a low boredom and despicable shameless, also saw the suffering and misery of life. There is no compassion side boring fun, the other side is under severe physical and psychological destruction of humiliation and pain. Ji is such fun of everyone living in humiliation and pain, and gradually by this humiliation and pain swallowed. the author did not write directly Kung's sad, but sad to write music, but people feel more sad for this lack of sincerity and love to point out the weaknesses of national character, in << >> tomorrow also been very prominent in widows single four sister-in-law with a young son Boa living situation very wretched, but nobody helped her sincerely. Boa dying, from what sprites to quack Pierces five rogue blue, red nose to malicious old arch, as well as to the entire village of people want to take advantage of fishing one from her, looked at her stand are about to lose and the loss of his son after his son's pain. novels << >> the title tomorrow, not only wrote a single four sister-in-law of these poor people hope for the future, but also wrote the Lu Xun China tomorrow's hope: "To remove at life is meaningless suffering. manufactured and admiration of others to remove the pain of coma and rape. should vow: To humans are subject to legitimate happiness "(<< I >> concept of chastity, which clearly shows that Lu Xun wrote such The main purpose of the spectators.

By studying the phenomenon of Lu Xun's novel reveals for the spectators, we'll profound understanding of Lu Xun's good intentions: he wants to expose and criticize us through the Chinese people's worst instincts to find the root cause of the decline of our nation, is looking for a new period of reform of China way, so we can not put Lu Xun's expose and criticize as to demonize the Chinese people, the loss of the nation's self-esteem and self-confidence, but should go back to re-examine the history of Lu Xun, Lu Xun to make an objective and fair assessment can be said that for the spectators and critical attitude reveals, Lu Xun's critique of traditional culture is also an important element of his significant contribution to modern Chinese literature.


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