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Papers: Abstract China humanism people-oriented, in the treatment of the relationship between man and nature exhibit "Heaven ANDed" concept, helps to maintain the harmony between man and nature, in the treatment of the relationship between people performance out of order and human relations "An old love child" concept helps to keep human beings, and social relationships and harmony, in the treatment of the relationship between people and themselves exhibit introspection, value conscious and self-cultivation, to avoid the the human body and soul, emotional and rational division. proclaimed "Chinese-style humanitarians," the qi accept the traditional Confucian doctrine of benevolence, the financial injection in the works of the Chinese humanistic spirit, ordinary little people are very concerned about the fate and soul, the beauty and value of human wealth of meaning and the harmonious development between man and nature, which is the value of his work.

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Qi in << >> Zibaojiamen said: "Some critics have said that my work is influenced by more than two thousand years ago, the impact of Taoism, there may be, I taught high school in Kunming is often put a desk Annals >> << Zhuangzi book is, but I feel great interest on Zhuangzi, mainly their articles, for his thoughts, I still do not quite understand.

I myself think about it, I deeply affected, or Confucian Confucianism is love ...... I think, therefore I am self-proclaimed 'Chinese-style humanitarians'. "Humanism is humanism. Humanism as Humannism The translation of the word is widely used, it is in the early stages of China's new literature following translation: the School of Adherence to try in 1922 set a comment << >> is translated as "humanism," Zhou Zuoren in the early 1919's << >> in human literature translated as "humanitarian" Liang modern literary theory in the << >> in then it is translated as "humanism." In fact, just three translations of Western humanism three important stage: humanism - humanism - humanism. However, the "humanitarian" was originally human spirit under certain historical conditions, the emergence of new content, is an important manifestation of humanism stage is that of the European Renaissance new humanism during development, but it is now independent existence in China seems to have meaning, can be seen as synonymous with humanism.

Humanism refers to the care of the human spirit, the core should be the person, it is a human concern, there is for the average person, civilians, little destiny and spiritual concerns, but also on human development and improvement of human beauty and rich, the meaning and value of human concerns.

China since ancient times, the Chinese humanistic spirit is formed by various cultures basic cultural spirit and character, and its psychological impact on the Chinese culture, behavior and values ​​and ideals, is the traditional Chinese culture in the spirit of the dominant culture. China People-oriented humanistic spirit, in the treatment of the relationship between man and nature exhibit "Heaven ANDed" concept, helps to maintain the harmony between man and nature, in the treatment of the relationship between people demonstrated on the order of human relations and "An old love child" concept helps to keep human beings, and social relationships and harmony, in the treatment of the relationship between people and themselves exhibit introspection, value conscious and self-cultivation, to avoid the human body and soul , emotional and rational division. childhood influenced by traditional Chinese culture in the creation of qi is natural human spirit manifested that China, which is he himself as a "Chinese-style humanitarian" reasons.

Although qi in just stepped into the literary world is Western-trained modernist impact, but after entering literary maturity he decided to return to the literary tradition of realism. Throughout its creative picture, his novel background is mainly in his hometown in Jiangsu Gaoyou, Kunming, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhangjiakou, because he spent time in several places.

"My background in these different places of the novel, most affected by the impact of some of these places, customs, languages ​​- including narrative language, a little bit of the characteristics of these places." His protagonists are almost always suffering little lower, the monk nun, primary and secondary schoolteachers, selling lo, pharmacies dude, porters, tinsmith ...... qi with beautiful brushstrokes give them the traditional Chinese virtues, is entrusted with the lives of the poor praise the author, whom the Chinese humanistic spirit.

Qi is emotionally rather than rationally agree on Confucian "benevolence" Thought of Confucius "benevolence" is the love of parents for the emotional foundations of psychological anthropology, on this basis, they proposed a "love", "universal love public "," An old man's friends believe it, little by Yasuyuki "and Benevolence ideals. Such stresses human feelings, simple humanitarian spirit, is the main emotional narrative fiction by force. This "love" emotional tendencies in novel creation, the composition of their works secular culture, character behavior and the spiritual core characters in << >> Da Nao, we see them in ten tinsmith a child encounters an illegal water security team beaten, rise up, automatically organize themselves took to the streets, in the secular sentiments of Health issued a noble original justice, but this original justice and their daily behavior are closely related, they usually never undercut each other, if the cooperation thoroughgoing, wages also points very fair, which link them to the "benevolence" understanding, in their view, should be equal coexistence between people, should be caring heart to treat yourself, treat others, and respect for themselves and respect others. derived from the Confucian "benevolence" concept, not only praised the ordinary wangzengqi Shigeyoshi, Emotion, lover of good feelings, but also for their pure natural human form given passionate affirmation of humanity while those unreasonable expressed deep sympathy and sorrow. << poultry masters "in the kang room master I was hatched chicks Five experts, hatching chicks, for him, and not just a skill, but a higher production of the spirit over the creation, hatching chicks in those days, he was "very noble, but also very cautious, but also very tender ...... him attentively, In one whole body steeped ministries, an excitatory, an extremely sensitive, use all his senses judgment, kang room secretly, warm, moist moisten moisten, and shrouded in an ambiguous lingering Huaichun like a strange feeling. "I Five who also has a kind of motherhood, he experiences a process of completing a life.

In qi pen, spiritual world of ordinary people in the labor solemn splendor flashed out, people beyond the level of labor itself, but as a man with the meaning and value of Five and I are different, though also has superhuman Lu Zhanggeng skill, duck brought him great reputation, he is a wise man, the dude is not the same country could stumped him, but his bad luck, doing no more than Five as lucky, life is getting poorer, Anfen in had some servile, laze in with deep despair. Although the author in this character who also has praise for its labor skills, but more sympathy ignited life of that era critique of Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com
in the Confucian benevolence doctrine, the qi has been the pursuit of harmony in the works, "no right to construct a dip and peaceful country, a near-sediment where simplicity and harmony and warmth," plain narrative prose fiction to create a poetic atmosphere, in which poetic atmosphere filled with human nature, health and beauty. Chinese-style "humanitarian" is bound to feudal ethics and social system marked the stigma, the "social" are more or less essential attribute constrains human behavior, including creative writers, and in the works of qi "man way of life in accord with all human nature, freedom, free from the shackles of any taboos, "also" no sense of observation by political groups, the performance of life, but love and destiny personal experience, personal character, conduct even personal privacy. "
First, qi work embodies the harmony of humanity through his works show the yearning to live in freedom. << >> In the congregation ordained monks are not bound by the rules and prohibitions, Saran in water chestnuts Anli never wear robes, Ren Hai's wife every year to Anli summertime, Jen crossing is not only a good friend, um killing monks also drink plus gambling, and the brightest businessmen will be here as entertainment, even the county's most famous abbot has a good cause nineteen year-old mistress, because of that, "the monk is a man who's life is a life, where as human emotions, they lack neither, but the performance in different ways." Although love is an important part of human life, But many times wangzengqi artwork background secrecy for love, but he was persistent in pursuit of a better love, even though it is not as romantic love. << >> Da Nao is water in the clouds, Cheung Lau RUC occupation However, the child does not hold anything against her eleven broken body, sincere love that two people risked their lives together, surrounded by friends who also gave them a lot of help when the child was beaten after eleven, clouds brave enough to pick from the burden of family life and take care of eleven children. << >> in the Ariake Sea, although ordained monk, but he and a small Eiko Liangxiaowucai, they grow naturally along the humanity of Health issued the hazy feelings, so Xiaoying child naturally say , "I give you as my wife, do you want?" Such words, Ariake happily accepted.

Secondly, qi work embodies the harmony of human relations. Past the home life must have unreasonable and unequal things even ugly human existence, but after hours of filtration, the rest is just OK, coupled Author adhere to the "fiction is to remember" creative claims, it would make his work to compose a song and a song of harmony between people in his novels, the characters of thought, speech, behavior is free, all to the Humanity as a precondition, and the interdependence of people without a little utilitarian. "connoisseur >> Fourier three-quarter Amoy China is clearly not a level two, the former is an ordinary citizen, the latter is well-known local painter, Season Amoy China can draw their own unpaid for a friend, even if the family leaves three difficulties and also refused to sell the painting and asked his son in his paintings and his death will be buried with their harmonious relationship on the basis of mutual respect , mutual understanding.

Again, qi work embodies the harmony between man and nature. Frenchman Annie? Curien Ms Blan works once asked why there is always water, even if the water is not written, but also the feeling of water. Indeed, qi is the home of Gaoyou a fishing village, he grew up in the water, saw nothing but water all day, so "not only in the water unconsciously become some of my novels in the background, and also affected my novel style." In other words, He offered a combination of human and natural environment to write. << >> Da Nao Nao beginning the first of the origins of its large natural landscape, then east to west write steamship company and its two very different people clump rural wind, and then re- tin head tinsmith who dude, guy, their loyalty, leads eleven children this important figure, write Tung Tau porters' lives, Chinese Lunar New Year pixels, Nanhunnvjia situation leads to clouds in such a natural and social environment, eleven children, and clouds of love produced reasonable, natural and inevitable, though often difficult to influence the survival of characters in the novel, but a beautiful soul always overcome poverty and ugly.

To sum up, China is full of works of qi humanistic spirit, embodied humanity itself, and people, the harmony between man and nature, deeply moved by the reader, with indelible value.


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