For the evaluation of the Phenomenon of Literary neurotic

Net write papers: Abstract Phenomenon was influential Chinese literary phenomena, its evaluation favorable and unfavorable to derogatory majority. This paper argues for the evaluation of the Phenomenon seemed a "literary neurotic" performance, response to its re-evaluation, the establishment of an open, liberal literary philosophy.

Keywords Literary Phenomenon neuroticism open literature in social transformation

Young writer Wang Shuo became popular in the mid-1980s to the stewardess >> << a hit; 1988 launched surfaced << >> other four masterpiece, and has been onto the screen; Later still, I'm yours << Dad >> other three novels and << >> Falls died and dozens have been published novella for Wang Shuo was Rounds, causing the concern of many people, especially Wang Shuo later involved show business , it is known from the "Wang Shuo hot" temperature, that later formed a bustling "Phenomenon."
An evaluation of the work for Wang Shuo its favorable and unfavorable, different opinions. But a closer look for the "Phenomenon" note also find a variety of problems, some excesses, especially those holding negative views are sometimes really incomprehensible.

Wang Shuo I not only be regarded as "riffraff", "hooligan", some commentators actually said ": Wang Shuo's popular in modern society is a bad omen, Wang Shuo in the spiritual wasteland planted patches of poppies ...... that he is the end of the century pranksters, a colorful poisonous spider that did not disgrace him. "① Wang Shuo especially from academic scholars like Professor, many people seem to put on a rescue humanism national flag, issued a call for help": Our multi- Wang Shuo Chinese have become more a misfortune. "②" Chinese popular culture sorrow Wang Shuo is also China Chinese culture reactionary. Shuo works appeared and popular is the editor of sorrow, the sorrow of readers, political sorrow, the sorrow of national self-confidence . "③ The high voice, like a little Wang Shuo's arrival, so that China can stop the same culture. Shuo kicked out not to have a literary figure does not give up. Now Wang Shuo is somewhat sad, as if from the outset has been to assume the appearance of these accusations, what misconduct, all immodest affinity with him, about the downfall of the mission or literary humanism discuss the crisis can always pull the Wang Shuo out as an example, so puzzling fact whether it is receiving from the ordinary in terms of appreciation or criticism from speaking, always hold the same attitude who has more or less had a kind of "literary neurotic" ④ performance.

"Literary neurotic" middle finger in literary activities creators, recipients, and some critics, such as for literature, literary works and literary activities of non-normal understanding.

In literary activities, world, text, authors and readers of these four factors interact. Any kind of single angle, dull, static analysis and evaluation of reading literary activity practice, we can say is a kind of non-normal performance, sometimes even goes up to the "Literary neurotic" the.

Specific to the Phenomenon up, people's appraisal of him why that sort of "neurotic" performance, Wang Shuo is a problem? Wang Shuo's works have a problem? Or readers, commentators have questions? Similarly, we can not make unilateral reply.

In the social and historical development, literary responsibilities can not always in the "May Fourth" root context, the writer can not always bear the mission of national salvation, the reader is not always necessary an attitude of those who are taught looking forward to the birth of what is sacred and these factors should be in the transformation and development. Mr. Wang Guowei had talked about ": Generation Has literature." We should not put "Literature is what" and "what literature should be" confused Some old literary concept should be changed, that should be in the form of a museum collection, we advocate the establishment should be an open literary philosophy.

Wang Shuo giving a kind of attitude do? Wang Meng in his lofty >> << escape in this evaluation Wang Shuo ": his language fresh catchy, absolutely vernacular, absolutely no foreign stereotypes stereotyped Party and bookish, he thoughts and feelings quite civilians, neither Zirong nor Zuoshan Diao, he and his readers completely leveled, he not only is not in front of the reader sublimation, rather, he saw readers consciously or squat knees bent, one with \ "lower \" people have to stick very close look. reading his works you feel relaxed as if sucked a cigarette or playing mahjong circle, ...... "Wang Shuo break the traditional concept of intrinsic literary modes and characterization, even just be incompatible with some practice, so there is always someone made negative criticism, put an unacceptable attitude. But Wang Shuo's popularity has become a fait accompli, then there must be a reason for his existence and development, we should open the literary concept starting with a speculative vision to re-examine Wang Shuo.

Two previously mentioned literature and literary people always think, like literary works without big names, no big background is not literature, does not seem sublime literature does not elegant, a little time and space do not play perversion, stream of consciousness is not literature. Shuo The works were not grand narrative background, no distinctive character of the great figures of the times, there is no arty beautiful language, as if to make a "ruffian people", "ruffian ruffian word phrase." So just from the surface is concerned, it is easy to send cross-examination : Wang Shuo in the end you want to convey to people what? Wang Shuo in the end brought us what? Wang Shuo with his unique understanding of the value and critical force, to question, satire, insight into everything, seemingly ridicule tedious nonsense from ridicule read deep, soulful experience from laughter from the little people who look valuable social significance Links to free download
First, Wang Shuo's biggest feature is the good use of ridicule, which is both language features, but more important is the performance of his writing style and attitude to life. ridicule can use irony, you can ridicule can be questioned, attack, but also can do nothing from him what is involved in terms of literary, political, intellectuals, professors, parent-child relationships, education, etc., for a number of serious and noble things past is the past, people did not dare to break many of the old traditions of his liberal use of ridicule in this way to serious digestion and lofty, and enabled us to understand the deep significance. example >> << I am your father in Malin Sheng there is such a saying to his son: "You silly silly in this article do not understand the basic principles of life: When the authority is still authority, whether he how conclusive error, you can do abdominal slander, but must not must not face said. authoritative mistakes like heavy watched him train derailment in addition to plunge off a cliff, there is no way to restore, all efforts will be bore arms when the car, the result can only be self-defeating. "of the" authoritative error, "McCain became the" train derailment ", it's a metaphor image should not be overstated, this is the method of Wang Shuo's McCain. seemingly in teaching his son, But reality can give readers a link to profound revelation and reflection.

His work was indeed no lack of these meaningful and valuable thinking, really put people back to reality.
Whether it is "three T's" (restricted to problem-solving, to help people relieve boredom, or trained to help people, "Miyoshi association" does not really make people grief, trouble eventually released, but the manifestation of this absurd laughter behind it is the people of inability to shake the existing state of struggle to survive.

Secondly, the removal of such "group ruffian image" after Wang Shuo works in ordinary life, household chores, husband and wife, father and son relationship, also the performance of real and vividly.

Bring people back to the original ecological reality, thought-provoking. << Falls in Death "is a description of a pair of young family life between husband and wife, between husband and wife that love and be loved due to mental or physical and mental pleasure depression, or by a number of little things happen "war", which makes it possible to take care of their own lives of the original ecosystem. Shuo wrote embarrassment modern love, love to write for the general experience and insight into the subtle and we can not help but admire the life and performance of Wang Shuo observation delicate and compel him to life can be this is love, is life.

Three specific historical era literature is given society reflected in the minds of the writers, so it is not impossible and social impacts of the times for the 20th century, the late 80s early 90s for Chinese society is in transition, the commodity economy consciousness penetrated into people's daily lives and people's spiritual areas of life. literature experienced a fracture after the Cultural Revolution, the "scars" "Reflection" and "Roots" as the representative of the group of writers, during the idealistic dreams of After review and repair, followed by a new generation of writers (including Wang Shuo) for social and a new understanding of life, do not go looking for the aura of idealism, and more devoid of idealism after the performance of the helpless. writer Wang Shuo is a generation growing up during the Cultural Revolution, for the previously received education, accepting the idea of ​​collapse during the Cultural Revolution after deformation, mentally with a sense of loss, diverse ideologies and commercial impact of the tide makes them easy to take on society attitude is sarcasm, revolt and ridicule, these are reflected Wang Shuo's works.

Literature as a spiritual being consumer awareness of the impact of commodity The new aesthetic value and aesthetic psychology in people's heart with new construction, past elegant, stately, vigorous cultural atmosphere is entertainment, fun, leisure and cultural atmosphere of the flooded .

Therefore, regardless of the kind of blindly age and cultural background deliberately work towards so-called "noble pile" lira commentators believe that the "Contemporary Literature, no Shuo" ⑤ really made us feel like a kind of "nervousness" on the performance. Wang Shuo should belong to this era, he was born in this reality not only society, but also born in this literary and cultural background, although it can be said that he was the era of the literary mainstream, but he really should be typical of an era of literature.

Either way, Wang Shuo's popularity is not accidental, for his evaluation should stand in the perspective of respect and open literature under the guidance of the concept continues. Sieve let society, people's scales, on the history, left unchecked , Let it! Notes: ① ⑤ Jiang Guangping this a beautiful poppy flower. ruffian hero Wang Shuo again criticized Liu Zhifeng ed. Chinese Business Association Press, 2000 edition. No. 113,114 pages.

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