How to write History of Chinese Literature and some advice

Summary: Writing <<History of Chinese Literature>> love to use today's literary theory to evaluate the ancient writers and their works, which of course is necessary, because the academic somehow the times, but read the comments of ancient work, must know these people, and know people, but also must address the world and we are certain times whether there is proper understanding of time alone in general terms the so-called background is not enough, so by Song records and talk to feel that the era of social practice and understand the ideas of the time and vision, so that we can gradually close to that time, a more correct understanding of these writers and works, as well as the time the events occurred in this paper an attempt by Song three large notes and discussion related to records, talk about the issue of the Northern Song writing literary history.

Keywords:: works fine with the Song through the time tunnel to deepen the understanding of the Northern Song era literary and

How to Write <<History of Chinese Literature ", which is a major issue. I do not mean more involvement, just want to make a suggestion, how to strengthen the" Understand on the world "work, closer to that particular era, from "There is a reasonable" point of view, interpretation of the origin of writers and their works have, from "there must be reasonable" (Hegel's words are the height of a particular period of time to examine the history of literature, to make precise and appropriate comments. to Wang Guowei said The "enter into the inside, contrary to its external 'realm.

Fifty years ago in college learned <<History of Chinese Literature, "is travel the country think, Mr. Editor, that is the left-era historical product, this little yesterday of yellow, of course, already withered. Instead, there Fudan Zhang Pei-heng, prepared by Mr. <<History of Chinese Literature>> and the editor of the Peking University Mr. Yuan Xingpei <<History of Chinese Literature>> It should be said that the two new version of literary history, has made considerable progress, the results are the main, but in its entry, the close to that particular era are still not doing enough to observe with a telescope like all writers, all comments, thus forming a membrane sense of water seen in months, the smoke and mirrors, the lack of realism.

Song saw three notes and discussion related records, the feeling is not the case, which has two reasons: First, they are witnesses of that particular era, see the commentators, some of my own eyes, though not pro-Wen But after all, very close to that particular era, with more in common in terms of communication and understanding, very little sense of the diaphragm, and secondly, the three notes of the author of the Song Dynasty are prominent, learned of the well-known scholar. Shen Kuo Sung-known scientists and Kanemichi literature and history. Mai was still alive, poetry and literature on the ritual known as the great master Wang Ying-lin was <<Si Ku Quan Shu "catalogers called" Bo contact Tamon, rarely their unparalleled. " Song exquisite masterpiece because they are recorded and talk wisdom, to reflect the era of extraordinary, with varying degrees of inspiration, to deepen the understanding of that particular era and deepen the work of writers understanding.

Test examples are as follows:

First, the record of Yan Shu.

Yan Yuan Ye offer the quality of public

Yan Yuan offer the public for the boy, the Zhang section recommended the in the court. Summoned to the palace, the fitness value of Imperial Examination Scholars, will enable the public to try. The public saw the questions, said: "I ten days has made this endowed, have endowed the grass is still , begging other propositions. "is not hidden on the very love it. and for the museum staff, the world is nothing, Xu Sheng Yan Chen Liu choose to drink. Museum attendants scholar at the text, all set to swallow, as well as municipal floor wine shop, often account for the travel information for all the land. When the public is very poor, but not out, home alone, and Kundi workshops. Day, the election official Orient House, suddenly from the batch except Yan Shu, Mo decree by the ruling because the next day into the cover, Edict, saying: "Museum of Cabinet Ministers have recently learned that Liu, Yan frolic all tours, Mi day following the evening. CD special Truman, with his brother to study, so like thick, is for the Orient House official. "recognized both ordered, get right, granted in addition to the meaning of the above decree, the public language of quality wild, Zeyue:" Yan Yu Chen who is not happy non-straight to the poor, with whom no. If the minister for money, must go, but money is not out of the ear. "on the real benefits Jiaqi Cheng, Shijun body of knowledge, dependents deep past. Renzong North Korea, Tai soldier with [1 ] 

By: Yan Shu, a famous early Northern Song Dynasty poet, Ren time, the official prime minister, but this does not involve his literary talent and political skills, mainly to highlight the quality of his people straight in good faith. First of China since ancient times emphasized that they are honest, the so-called cultural knowledge and then the first device, so Shen Kuo selected foothold relatively high, people feel relatively good social atmosphere of the Northern Song Dynasty. the truth straight, said one-way street is not a good atmosphere, it is down with, monarch of the same effect can play . "Its not hidden on the very love," "the real benefit Jiaqi Cheng, ... dependents past the deep," we can see a realistic Shinshu is king and this is reflected in the Northern Song Dynasty recorded a good social atmosphere, which is a positive social, Song of economic prosperity, there are the origin of literary prosperity. also came to realize that people, to promote honest, ancient, not new.
Second, the Wang and Su's two records.

Zhu Shouchang Bloodletting in Search of Mother

Zhushou Chang, Board of Punishments Zhushi Lang Xun's son, his mother slightly. Shouchang living poor home side was owned by more than ten years old, then loss of the mother lies, envy Shouchang grief. And long, is Jieguan visit the mother of four times to go, prepare Calendar difficult, see who everyone's pity. Wen Buddhist repent of water, their parents said that Yu Jian, recitations when was wished. Shouchang night Song Chi is still thorn in blood repent, printed copy board impose on others , I only hope see the mother, many years. Suddenly on the 1st, to the river in the House, then was his mother, grief must rally, moved Hanglue, are welcome to return, something the mother Shiko. back from the official, now as Secretary for Agriculture Shaoqing .

Scholars whom pass by several people, the prime minister Wang Anshi down, there are "Zhu Xiaozi poems>> hundreds. [2] 

Liu Yan-type but not abandon blind wife

Towards persons Liu Yan-style, the Honda family. Weng very poor neighborhood, with a daughter, about the extension type of marriage. Wide for several years after the deed, the extension of school later in life style, return to visit Lu village adjacent to Dion, and Dion is dead, double-blind female illness, difficulties at home very hungry. Delay before the application makes a good style, while the woman's home speech to illness, figurines are still farming, not marriage literati. extension type is not strong, "with Dion about, how could the child Weng died of illness while back?" Death and marriage, apartment gate Yong Mu, Xiang Xie and then his wife can do it, where students the number of sub.

Take a small contingent deferred-style taste, want to monitor by the Secretary, he has a U.S. Ka line, therefore abandoned the width slightly thereafter, the extension pipe dry Jiangzhou Peace Palace and the wife died, crying to the extreme grief.

Su Zizhan love its meaning for the text to beauty. [3] 

Note: These two stories illustrate promote the moral model, the Northern Song Dynasty also attached considerable importance to the community, not from the beginning today, from a historical point of view, these two are very touching story here is focused on the prime minister and writer recorded in the Wang and Minister Su literary leaders and key performance, is to promote and lead a good social morality. <<Zhuxiao Zi poems>> hundreds of articles, government and vibration can be seen, the effect of publicity was very popular, but no mention of today's literary history of the Northern Song Dynasty . "Su Zizhan Jiaqi Yi, as the text to beauty." Today's Song of literary history is silent, thank Shen Kuo records, to make us a lesson. It is also worth noting that, because the phase of the board when Wang is also the date of the new law, when the old partisan politics is very intense, Shen Kuo is an active promoter of the new law, but he was able to rise above partisan , in line with the spirit of seeking truth from facts scientists, for the same against the new law to be highly Su. Similarly, the new law hated Mai, on Wang's poetry skills, can still be high praise, including the Su four degree into account. Song of political, academic and literary points very clearly, which is a prominent advantage Duirenduishi Song.
Third, the Northern Song Dynasty re only to love a good fashion.

Mai <<tolerance fasting essays>> of <<Luancheng and Chang An Road Poetry>> article says:

Zhang set the public in Sichuan, the public saw the Soviet Union and his son, who is promised to the country. Xining, the Shou Chen Southern states, the provision of the child by the shogunate. Genpo early, Su Qi An Exile, banished by the monitoring sub-Jun liquor tax, and sheets do not, Zhang sad not happy, Zhuojiu Xiangming, handwritten poem reads: "Poor Ping stems drift off, old and sick of feeling gourd melon body. dust hanging from an empty couch fast, I do not know who to be re-sweep?" after seven years , called also by the child, still seen in the South are complex. and the end of Yuan Fu, from Xuchang Longchuan also because the party out of Uncle nephew slope Manuscripts, read the Zengshi Zhang, whose demise has been ten years, Qi Xia could not have been, is the chase and called "The boy will know Chengdu Yin, the screen is still under the age of guests. until I Ruzi Xu, Jiangxi, and his friends have died before." two poems are sad and not complain, now realizing the gentle people. present thin the subject of different ex husband, an instant if met, condition in life, death, Sincere so, honest matter is useless to end worship also.

By: Su's son, a three heroes, since ancient times for the elephants, Tang and Song, Song six, Su's son, which represents half of the country, and Su is more a case of literary genius millennium. Wizards of the growing generation of literature, there must be a suitable growth environment, it is important only to love our community. Chengdu Yinzhang An appreciation of the Soviet Union Road is the first person's son. "countries who promised to" This is what the eye, which is recorded, mainly Su described by a deep friendship with Chang An Road, but there is always the shadow of Dongpo, "Su Qi An Exile" and the child's being demoted from the same place, the child by the result of "Dongpo Manuscripts" and read the Zengshi Zhang that Chang An Avenue and the weight just love it, feel the warmth of not only the child by the addition, which is recorded, focusing on the presentation by the Su gratitude, grace by different people, life did not forget. Su can be described by the German Double Xin Yi.

Wang Ying-lin <<Ji Wen learning difficulties, "says:

Links to free download http://eng.
summer are the parent poem: "Music City to the sensual, but cheered the old slope. Alas two Famennian, Late Antiquity peerless peers. Music taste concept for the City <<Ouyang public monument >> says: "the public's in the text, grace the pitch, not sensual and teachings from the victory." Music City Review article to a good product who goes alone "without the sensual", the house was built in the public also. Ouyang public <<and Mei Sheng Yu book>> says: "What a joy joy! Naturally, I am way, let him out of a land. "Su Man text, but cheered on those who are fond of it, may also, if the public also. [5] 

<<Ji Wen learning difficulties, "Yun:

Dongpo and Ouyang unlucky husband poem three. Unlucky husband, were the provision, Guizhou people. Mei Sheng Yu has sent the poem goes: "My family is no parasol, Phoenix stay for long encore?" Dongpo south to Hepu, dark stone when her husband health order, out of dozens of pieces of their poems, do see the <<Gui Lin>>.

[Yuan Qi case] Zeng Min OK <<Du Xing magazine>>: Mei Sheng Yu Ouyang provision unlucky husband sent a poem, saying: "My family is no parasol, long encore Xifeng. Phoenix nest in Guilin, the birds were not feeding." Unlucky husband, Guilin, try learning from the San Yu, and go south, so Yishi gift of poetry. Suming Yun early in the capital, the east slope of the child by the years with very few people who know little, of St. Yudu Qi, so the gifts that allow poem goes: "I do not know the old days, families with young Phoenix. JI birds wings, the article was not." Exile after the Su Hainan, Hepu case before knowledge unlucky husband, talking about Leiri. unlucky husband for the St. Yu gift line of the poem, Su read complete, the Executive unlucky husband hand laughed and said: "Monarch was 66, although less than one, and hair dark green color, roughly similar to the trapped phase is far less poor also, the so-called San Yu Phoenix, for example, this. the world of poetry Jie Yan Sheng Yu poor, my two and poor in San Yu's poetry, almost from time to laugh? "[6] 

<<Trapped learn Ji Wen>> Yun:

The mountain <<A Li Duanshu book>> says: "Soviet public four-door when guests: Lu Chih Huang, Qinshao, Chao Without Harm, the length of a customer company, Zhang Qian, the less the public of a customer," Lu Chih <<to State of the green tea group inkstone gifts Harm Tao Wen Qian>> poem: "Chao Zizhi capsule can include the whole world, Cheung Wan cattle can return to his writings." hidden text <<gifts Reid set>> poem: "Long waves of ten thousand ares public Pei, less public show Chihiro foot cliff. Kusakabe rustling yellow crane Lang, Chen Zi Qiao Qiao cream bamboo. Qinwen Qian Li Shu Tao Li, Chao on the towering gems go. "Sheng can see the moment of the literature. [7] 
Note: due to re-Su's brother was to love the atmosphere, they inherit promote the good atmosphere, to develop a pool of talent, the so-called Su four degree, Su Liujunzi they are training these people, also focus on both ability and integrity, which is recorded to reflect the talent of the Su Sheng, the grand harmony. One of Huang, poetry and calligraphy are par with Su, and Song go their own way to make an important contribution. Qinshao also create a style of poetry, world-renowned literary circles.

Note: The second record is mainly writing brother of Su Shi Xiu impact of the deep. Ouyang Xiu was the literary leader, respected his father and son are very appreciated by the Soviet Union, while the east slope is particularly high regard. "Naturally, I to give way and let him out of a land. "is on the east slope of terms. Without this highly praised Ouyang Xiu, Su is not so early reputation in the world pass. Su's fame, but also thanks to Mei Sheng Yu, Mei responsibility was the reputation of the poet, Su's father arrived in the capital, "Su was with child by the very few people who know little, of St. Yudu Qi." to the east slope of the Phoenix, identify what can be described as excellence. so East slope to the fore, an important reason, it should be attributed to the Northern Song Dynasty re-good atmosphere to love. not a group of wise men, celebrity culture discouraged, Su Dongpo's talent to be delayed many hours. Su is an honest person, he ancestors of the high regard of grace, is a witty, humorous mode of expression, when he was 65, and also can be described by different people forget the grace life.
Fourth, Wang's Panorama.

<<Meng Xi Bi Tan>> says:

Essay two anecdotes

Essay disease, asthma, medicinal purple mountain ginseng group, not available, when the self-Dong Xue division also, there is the fitness, the number two public gifts, free. People have to persuade the public, saying: "the public of the disease, non-drug non-governance, disease bad news, lack of drug speech. "Male said:" No Purple delegation to participate in his life also live up to today. "actually is not.

Public face swarthy, people worry about the door to ask doctors, doctors said: "This Gouwu, non-disease also." Beans make 頮 surface into the bath, the public, saying: "born to black in, bath beans its like to be?"

- <<Meng Xi Bi Tan, "337

<<Yung Chai Essay>> brother right from wrong>> article says:

Wang cited "villain" artificial new law, and brother of non-national security. ... ... Had laid as per operator, the Yasukuni Shrine on the occasion, like yin evil good, and urged the younger brother Chao moved the book. Brother, so the different right from wrong. (309 page

<<Ji Wen learning difficulties>> goes:

"King Kong Holy Father," also from that saint. "Said to be a saint," both from that saint also monarch since the Holy death of the original chaos. Guangwu Chao letter were not made "holy", looms made peace!
[Yuan Qi case] Qian Daxin <<to support the new record>> saying: Wang and sub-heavy fall of rain, mainly made by the patients into when the United States are from Chung holes that week, or saying of Confucius and Mencius. Fan is boring for the Imperial College, offering a poem: "article two-Confucius, surgery industry two weeks the public." An Shida Xi said: "I know this man and his son." Heavy fall of rain death, Ashmore question the shrine says: "Sven is indeed sent, How can students even days before. phoenix to day, Chiaki wooden beams reminder. "is true to the hole than his son carry on St. Ashmore in phase, line the new law, move towards the pay dispute. Ashmore poem:" What people have enough to actually, like Fei-wu Fei-wu is sick. to pay for Mang Song Sheng Qi Yin, the four countries, but rumors still holy. "Yi Yi San is also vows <<Xiaoya>> The poem reads," King Kong holy father, "Yue "said to be a saint," the ancient state monopoly of wisdom on the Hill fans, has a Noir and so on. Wong this section, or things are realizing Ashmore tonight? [8] 
Note: the <<Meng Xi Bi Tan>> contained, Wang is an honest official, abstinence gentleman. To <<allow fast essays>> contained, Wang is the reuse of the villain's evil Ning Chen. To Qian Xin Wang Ying-lin guess the intention is itself accused Wang of the monarch and the arrogance of the believers. In fact, Wang is a multi-faceted person, on the one hand he was writing poetry for Zhu Xiaozai, leading morality, he also has his nose clean honest style. But he nice flattery, excessive self-confidence, indeed the monarch itself, but regardless of the merits of different views, covers the "hide less-shirt" is over. As the old saying goes: full stroke loss, to benefit him, he once dragon In the day, very prominent, and finally come to the end Kanglongyouhui Wang Ying-lin said: "Since the Holy death of the original chaos." can be described in the phrase. Wang's failure with a lot of personality factors.

Fifth, since the number of Su Dongpo of the origin.

Su Mu Lotte

Soviet public responsibility Huangzhou home, so claiming Dongpo. Detailed examination of its meaning, and then cover designed Mubai Lotte. White public <<Su flowers>> two poem: "who buy trees and flowers, the east slope planted. "Yun:" Dongpo spring to twilight, the trees this how? "another" step Dongpo>> poem: "Step up the east slope, on the east slope of step evening. Dongpo any love? love this New to the tree. "there are <<not Dongpo blooms>> poem:" Where hospitality re back? Su Tao Li species new to. "loyalty are all provincial governor also made Su public in yellow, and white is public Chungju similar to the Soviet Union due to memory poems, such as <<gifts Photo Li Daoshi>> says: "He refers to Mandarin when people know the Xiangshan old lay." <<gift good with Cheng Jie>> says: "I like Lotte Jun remember, China, Britain tours all over the Luoyang spring. "<<send process Yi Shu>> says:" I do not even like Lotte, but no prime and pretty. "<<Rushi near the British>> says:" be like Xiangshan old lay, shallow edge of the end of World Road deep-rooted. "and Ba said:" In addition to Lotte from Jiangzhou Sima Zhong provincial governor, spin doctor Zhizhi Gao to subject-object, then thanks to the book Scheeren. Although not a self-ratio, then Exile Huangzhou, from know Wendeng, called for the instrument Cao, then honor attendants. Source young and old, roughly similar to the end for re-enjoy the later years of leisure is fun. "<<go to Hangzhou>> says:" Source vaguely like Lotte, dare to decay than the worthies. "Sequence said: "source of his life consciously crude like Lotte young and old." The reason is admired by the public, not just repeated words, the name of non-Su also occasionally coincide.

- <<Yung Chai Essay>>

323 By: Mai informative research article. In the Tang Dynasty poet Su Dongpo, the most cited as a friend Lotte is white, because there are common experiences suffered relegation, have contented Lotte's character, and poetry have in common. Therefore, since the number of Su Su Shi is the origin. but this is all the more not mentioned in literary history, is indeed a pity.

Sixth, Dongpo genius, a word stunning.

Dragon Posts term

May 5 at the World Tang Yangzhou mirror to cast into the middle of the river, my country toward John Dragon Boat Festival Court posts word essays, and more with the event, then words and life meaning, humble work different. Wang Yuyu Yun: "Purple House pupil Long hidden Xiaoxia, Yao Chi Hua-chang recommended nine Imperial. When they enter middle of the river Kam, public trial and the king is evil." Libang Direct says: "leaves adult, Liuhua knot early. Middle of the river was a new Mirror, Rui care Xianju. "Zhao Yan Ruo Yun:" China Yangtze cast mirror, Weiyang in more flying character. Linghua For combined total of Zhu Ling, driven to do evil and have no God? "and" Yangtze River in a hundred alchemical, Po Lian Shen suspected Yuet Wah. After the war, such as St. selfless Kam Ming Wan according to human kindness. "and" middle of the river Bailian bronze mirror, dual sewing Cuilv clothes rack. "Li Mei says:" Why Bai-Lian Jian, since winning five easily intimidated. "Fu Mo Ching says:" Bai-Lian Kam from the River on the cast, five flowers to the account before the facilities. "Xu Chong Yuan says:" the river today Jackie Chan Kam, Court outside the years of waste Lu Pei. pictured heaven and earth for a total of mirror, release Hohai to make the best pool. "Su from the cloud:" Yangtze River in mirror writing dragon, wave, such as small wind wheel does not shake. palace scared holding the fall months, long term care to help Catholic world. "about the case. CD Dongpo otherwise, saying: "I pay about Zhai turn corridors, Shijue palace summer long. Yangtze heart empty Bailian, only <<No Yat>> monitoring the rise and fall." arrogance of its glow, while Yang is also awesome. [9] Share the free Paper Download Center

- <<Yung Chai Essay>>

Press: "Dongpo genius, the words stunning." Mai for the <<tolerance fasting essays>> of "Masterpiece is not and>> a text [10] . This is a contemporary of Su Shi's highest rating. < <Dragon Posts term>> a text, the poem by contemporary comparison, most of them are flattering for many of the make, nothing new. CD Dongpo aspirational, first to "empty heart Bailian Yangtze River," a poem slid all and then "only <<No Yat>> monitoring the rise and fall." conclude, indeed, "a word stunning." <<tolerance fasting essays>> also quoted in other words the stunning east slope of the famous, such as "outer black wind up the sea, across the river to the eastern Zhejiang showers." and indicate "up" is the origin of Du Fu's "drooping cloud nine days, the four seas all the water up." "accommodate vegetarian essays>> in yet a <<>>,<< Su Dongpo of Zhuangzi and Tao>>, "Su Mu Lotte>> other text, in-depth study of the east slope and Chuang-tzu, Tao, Bai and the close relationships, than today's more systematic literary history, deeper and more specific. similar to the <<Post Dragon word>> this information, which reflects the Song of the society, but also best describes the unique Su valuable information, and why in today's literary history disappeared? This is should not have ignored.

Seven, Su Shi's character and consequences of the new law and its irony.

Mai has two records, an eye-opener:

East slope of the article can not learn

Dongpo for <<cover courtroom in mind>> says: "I started home town, sick Haner cough, and asked various physicians, doctors thought that poison, dead and murder. Whichever one hundred gold and rule, drink to poison drugs, attack cutting the kidney intestine, burning their body skin, cut the United States who cut their diet. period for the month and 100 disease, aversion to cold and cough endless heat, then true insanity were also tired. and to ask for medicine, doctors thought that hot, to teach him to cold medicine, once towards the spit, MO under the night, so before can not eat. Juer contrary, limestone, black beak, however complex and thus, the drift gangrene, carbuncle, scabies, dizzy dim the strong, nothing is to. Sany Hospital and recovered very. where his father taught, saying: 'is the sin of doctors, medicine's over also. what illness of a child? people's health but also to gas-based, food supplement. this drug does not address the child all day long mouth, foul taste of chaos on the outside, while the war in Baidu, the labor of their owners, separated the auxiliary, is a disease also. son off the retreat, but thank the doctors medicine, and into the addicted, gas and water all the U.S. men. Tsuneo drugs of good person, a drink can be effective. 'from the, period of months while the disease has been good. Xi of the country are no different. my husband Qinzi Xiao public view since, as the First Emperor, the legislature shifts to engrave mill exercise The people, indeed most men. Xiao, Cao witness to the chop funeral of the disaster, while the income of its citizens while in battle, know tired bitter, haggard, boring, and not with promising also, with all the rest is , and the world peace. "Yes, Xining, the public in Missouri, for the speaker to ridicule Wang law also its easy to talk of the three diseases, and Qin, Han reason for rise and fall of chaos, but three hundred words And to do it.

- <<Yung Chai Essay>>

574-575 pages
First, the public in Guange Dongpo, rather because of language articles, regulations cut current affairs, worry about their travel and disaster Chung, Yi Shu ring, saying: "Meng Ke then forced to argue that Confucius want speechless. To seek the enemy so very fine consideration, solid meritorious and those who support life, something that is not contrary to this. Jun towards self-reliance since the Department of fortune powerful body who made a bad idea, but unfortunately his words straight Gu Seoul. husband words of the tired, irrelevant to exporters for the words, its shape in poetry, praise for Fu Chung, care in the inscriptions, a reporter in the sequence is also expressed. now know that fear is not fear in the mouth and in the text, is what it is, you see a person happy, not its not, then Mongolia and Africa who complain. hi who failed to seek the king of the economy, and complain or have lost the king of the thing now! the king of the world on the text, such as Sun Bin's military forces, Bian Que's disease with health, solid person named in men, although no non-words, Utah right and wrong of the doubt. and state that they have not? official non-Jian Chen, the staff non-censor rather than people is not wrong, the people are not that dangerous taboo to touch the body during the tour, which is useless to save drowning by the bouldering also. "Second was the book Songran public, Jingru its consideration. I are of historical, because obtaining the set, read two books whom Siyu see table, it is official, though not significantly, is also a biography of the cloud.

- <<Yung Chai Essay>>

By: Su <<cover courtroom record>> to the skin in the fall of the way irony Wang Yang's new law, all laughing satire into articles, can be described as penetrating, but the crucial point of the article is also vulnerable because of their sting provoke harm. To Dongpo alertness sensitive, savvy and knowledgeable high, he does not know self-preservation, loose lips of truth, but the Song Dynasty literati good arguments, good arguments rife, and even respected Fanwenzhenggong still says: " rather fight to death, not born silent. "Moreover," a stomach out of date ", outspoken, written export Su, Yu Zhong real advice so although shown to severe, but deep grudges, Chung Yu in terms of words, unfortunately. to Wang does not hide shirt personality, his brother tried to persuade not come back, let alone struggled Dongpo. Su on the manifesto, satire writing has always been confrontational, but when Sima Guang our efforts after the new law, but the east slope said the new law, not to make waste from the perspective of political struggle, Su is indeed innocent lovely.

Song on a genuine political fierce knife fight really because of the new law people in the wrong end, anxious to end in failure. Outcome of this struggle, the economy has not been the revitalization of the Northern Song Dynasty, the people suffering. Large internal court amicable, but this struggle, but a lucky hit, but it also gave birth to good results. Wang became a prominent reformer, was Lenin called "the eleventh century Chinese reformers" who is famous Northern Song Dynasty writer. Su was banished due to tired, combat, hardship and unbearable, so-called era of misfortune and fortunate poet, became a generation's most famous song writer, and its high achievements in the history of Chinese literature, the status of a handful, while the old Party leader Sima Guang, due to political or not, leave the court and became local officials, is relegated to Luoyang, the following year, to fifteen years to write <<Mirror>>, and finally become Sima Qian and Ban Gu, after the most famous historians and subsequently make a comeback, return to Kyoto, the new law to make waste. is an experienced sound politician.

Time consuming in failure of the Reform movement, but three stunning jade has become an outstanding figure, turns out to be good and bad fortune Xiang Yi, things are unpredictable. Since the history of literature, cultural history did not make a profound analysis of this phenomenon. Of the Northern Song Dynasty This well-known political struggle, but also made a nothing of the evaluation. Mai in <<allow fast essays>> when there was such a record, that the old struggle of the main characters are "world wise men." Wang Ying-lin's "difficulties learning Ji Wen>> inherited this view, said:" Yuanyou wise men do not and. "Nearly thousand years later, Zhang Pei-Huan editor of the <<History of Chinese Literature>> also said:" Wang, even including Su Shi, Sima Guang included, are actually trying to revive fortunes. "It seems that modern people just use the old, did not show a higher wisdom. Thus, today's new version of the <<History of Chinese Literature>> than the previous version, although a significant improvement and enhancement, but in the "enter into the inside" has more of less, that "contrary to its external" side, there are a number of gaps.

Eight, Huang origin of the characteristics of poetry.

Shen Kuo set:

Good set of sentences Wang

Ancient poetry "still took the wind set down" of the sentence, that no one can be right. Essay to the "Tonamiyama more secluded." Membership of the Sung poetry. Element of the "Chanzao forest more than quiet, more secluded mountain birds "supposing of a meaning." fall wind still scheduled to spend, more secluded mountain birds ", the last sentence is static in action, the next sentence, moving in a static. Jing Gong began as a set of words poetry, and more are to one hundred Yun, a collection of all predecessors of the sentence, semantic duality, this poem is often too friendly. little effective for the descendants of those.

- <<Meng Xi Bi Tan>> 492

Han Yu Shi Wang show changes

Korea back of the poem has "ruined his life only wine", again, he said: "get rid of everything without the wine." Essay for the game to change the two "word problems" four said: "Wine, wine, get rid of everything not too, ruined his life only." Without prejudice to the word, and as from that of Prose.

- "Meng Xi Bi Tan>> 1080

Mai Kee Wang, Su Shi, Huang total of four:

Peach be loved

Essay collection of ancient "Hu Jia word>> chapter says:" To ask safe to come, Love and be loved. "After the chapter says:" spring like the old flowers are still laughter, life long Qide young? "Both fit, such as out of hand, every sigh the Seiko its sentence on the cover with the poem coming back after a long time not seen it out. I recently read Fanwenzhenggong <<lingyansi>> one says: "spring like old flowers still know." to "still" is "still", is this also.

- <<Yung Chai Essay>>


Su does not fall behind

Lotte says: "drunk appearance, such as Leaves, although red is not a spring." Dongpo Zeyue: "hi force is in the wrong child, smile that I knew it was burgundy." Du old says: "You will blow a short reimbursement cap, smile please others as is the highest. "slope Zeyue:" Jiu fading wind soft, whiz, but passionate love breaking cap head. "Zheng Gu <<10 daisy>> says:" Today, people from the edge of the other, not necessarily Akika bad night. "slope Zeyue: "Encounter not busy go back, something of the past also worry butterfly." Again, he said: "Everything is a dream coming to an end, Hugh Hugh, obsolete butterfly is also unhappy." is to adopt the old koan, but a new loom, unprecedented, so as to. Links to free download

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<<A U.S. court poetry>>
Dongpo in Hangzhou for <<with the U.S. church parlor poetry>>, jaw joint goes: "outer black sea wind up, the river to the eastern Zhejiang showers." Readers suspect can not stand the sea, Lu Chih Huang said: "cover for Lao Du by mistake, due to give <<three endowed gift toward the offer Taiqing>> says: "drooping cloud nine days, the four seas are up water." to announce. Both of these two words Xiong Jun, unprecedented. slope and pottery <<stop cloud>> poetry, "Cloud nine Tuen River, Snow Li River" of the sentence, also use this also.

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Lu Chih Huang Shi

Xu Ling <<duck Fu ":" Ying water that Xiangde pheasant, not solitary phoenix mirror pairs. Grow up to join the world really, no wins and two ducks fly wing to wing. 'Huang Lu Chih <<Painting sleeping duck>> saying:' pheasant According to film empty self-love, no solitary phoenix dance mirror double. the world to join real growth, two mallard Akie Xiangyi sleep. 'enchant the whole language with Xu Ling, the last sentence still Seiko. has "Qiannan ten must>> do Take white Lotte language, its use of all seven of its three quite Gaiyi place. Lotte <<send Xingjian>> Any eight poems rhyme, after four rhyme goes: 'quite different six thousand miles, to must-day Miaoran. X. book nine is not up to, why worry about open Yan thirsty people to drink more than a dream, a dream many people hungry meal. spring dream where sleep a wink to the Dongchuan. 'Lu Jian of two straight, one says:' the sea six miles, heaven and earth across the country. Ten Books nine less than what the joy of using an 'the other says:' patients in a dream medicine, Qiuren dreams forgiveness How to spring dream, slept in the village community. 'Lotte <<Year-end>> rhyme poem seven The first four goes: 'frost gully water back to the wind Fall on return to the mountain. slowly age to Yan, copy all the source material.' Lu Chih change after two difficult to trace, for the 'slowly-year-old Chinese night, insects are retreat. "[11 ] Press: "Song of the representatives of Huang Ting is one of the characteristics of their poetry, pay attention to is" no word without history ", the works required in the previous drawing nourishment, to refine the transformation, so that the" reborn, point Tie-Cheng Jin. "This is a Song for an effort to improve their language skills. This trend began in the Tang Dynasty of Du Fu and Han Yu. Du Fu once said:" reading break rolls, getting a God. "said: "language does not startle." to the Song Dynasty, Wang Anshi and Su inherited and developed such an atmosphere, from <<Meng Xi Bi Tan>> and <<allow fast essays>> records, you can see, their king, This pursuit of the Soviet Union are holding appreciated attitude. Thus, Huang's this idea, but the times and continues to drive the trend gradually formed. Tingjian nothing but go even further.

Huang Ting's poetry, on the whole to reflect his own theories, such as <<send a few yellow complex>> poem of the two: "a glass of wine spring peach, light years arena night rain." "Spring peaches and plums," the Tang Dynasty coming back to "Love and Spring," the poem with the Frontier, "suddenly, such as spring night, the Trees of pear blossoms," the poetry together. "a glass of wine", the poem from the Tao Su and the "casual cup shock wine ", to be re-combination, to write a beautiful spring scenery Yoshitomo together in joy." arena night rain "of Tang Li Shang-yin with" Evening Rain "the mood, adding own" decade light, "wrote the friend after an absence of ten years after the autumn lamp fondly. two terms in all, the poet's clever way to overlay images to suggest a way to pass the meet, compared to other emotional, and impressionist poet technique of expression with the same purpose. This poem, it only draw potential refinements of thought and not the creation of factors? Huang Ting-jian School of Jiangxi has been able to very popular, there is the rationality of its existence, at least it should be recognized enrich and deepen the Song of performance practices.

Results Introduction: In general, in order to write the history of literature in terms of the Northern Song Dynasty, the first collection of Song, Song of the various aspects of evaluation, specifically showing the eyes of the Northern Song Dynasty, Song writers, works, and a number of major events on the Northern Song Dynasty, Song writer, impact. This part of the work, to be called into the inside, this is one. Secondly, the relaxation step, featuring the Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern information and see how the evaluation of the Northern Song Dynasty descendants of literary history. Third, the modern and contemporary literary theory, looks far, the general history of literature on the development of the Northern Song Dynasty and the specific works of a writer's comments, there are some pertinent and precise comments so the reader to read the literary history of the Northern Song Dynasty, there will be three a level of understanding.

Such as the two new version of the <<History of Chinese Literature>> have cited <<Mast flood>> water potential in the very writing of the famous rapid, but <<allow fast essays>> in the long <<Hansu Wen Zhang analogy>> not only refer to the <<Mast Hung>> the whole poem, and that Han Yu "with the metaphor at the" have "repeat coherent, to turn those seven or eight." This argument has enough trouble Song text, so that readers know kinds of stellar. Song has already indicated, non-new. Another example of a fierce debate between the two parties of old and new Song, Wang Ying-lin pointed out, is "wise men do not and" said "even the Su Wang, Sima Guang, including the actual are is trying to revive fortunes. "would be superfluous if, while a higher out of the discussion. imagine if such a <<History of Chinese Literature>>, the reader can gradually get out of the tunnel of time, by the enter into the inside, feel there is reasonable, then gradually away from that particular era, see Song after until modern times is how to treat people in this evaluation of literary history, from the last thousand years later, back to look to the period of literary history, they there will be newer and higher understanding.

Imagine a lot of things are not so simple, such as evaluation of the Tao, Lu Xun emphasize not only see the "leisurely see the mountain, but also to see the fierce Zhi Gu Chang in" side. In fact, the Song to the Yuan Dynasty, Wang Ying-lin has already warned this point and such as the hermit poet Lin Bu, people are always more to see him, "Mei wife Tsuruko," not other-worldly air side, but reading <<Meng Xi Bi Tan>> in <<Lin Bu regret, "a text, we know Lin Bu, "that people often say: 'Bu worldly things have encountered, the only manure and chess can not bear.'" poetry and painting, this is a refined scholar, to chess as a regrettable but not something makes sense, while the forest Bu but the "can not bear feces" at the chess before, that he did not forget the Duke <<No Yat>>'s teachings, "know the difficulty with farming" is the first element of the world, he has not forgotten <<Book of Songs • cutting Tan>>'s teaching: "He is a gentleman Xi, Xi is not vegetarian meals." Bu strange in the forest "can not bear dung" regret, we also see the other side of Lin Bu.

Sensible reading of this is to read the Song felt three notes, but realizing the current version <<History of Chinese Literature>> inadequate. The difficulty is not known, but also the difficulty of the line but the line of the difficult, often because of the difficulty of understanding the lack of knowledge. It was like Yikongzhijian, please correct me.
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