Discriminating manuscript drafting groups easily confused words

Drafting presentation is an important duty of the secretarial staff, especially the secretary of the party and government organs, manuscript drafting tasks, time is tight, demanding, both ideographic accurately in place, but also in line with the leadership of taste, but also innovative features, of course, The most important thing is to not typos if there is a leadership speech issued a typo, small speaking to the leadership loses face, big stresses affect the credibility of the party committee and government, on the written presentation of Secretary of the terms is a no small responsibility for the accident. View from office work practice typos is not strong sense of responsibility both secretarial staff, sloppy work, and there are reasons for the lack of self-accumulation.

Secretarial staff must therefore attach great importance to enhance learning, raising standards. Now combined with my years of office work practice, difficult to distinguish in the drafting of the manuscript, make a simple Discrimination often misused words.

, Riding a crane West to "riding a crane passing" the death of an important work outside the county leadership, the county office responsible for drafting a message of condolence, initially used the word "riding a crane passing single literally look like vetting to discover and changed to "riding a crane to the West to" riding a crane to the West to "shy about saying a death in the traditional Chinese culture, the crane is auspicious birds go West, referring to into heaven, riding a crane to the West to mean riding a crane fly to heaven, containing respect for the deceased, the blessing intended. similar argument there riding a crane Journey, riding a crane Xianyou riding a crane Seogwi, such as riding a crane to become immortal Tang Dynasty poet famous contemporary writer Deng 'said: "old lady credible, and after finishing this thing soon riding a crane Journey the Ziyun officially around the house tube up." five "in the novella << Cui Hao wrote: << Yellow Crane Tower >> poem "Xiren by Huang, to spare here Yellow Crane Tower. Huang gone, clouds golden empty leisurely." expression is a former gone, empty, people have changed from the past.

"Yinianzhiji Spring" or "a season of the year in spring in drafting the county committee, the county government in early work will start speech often quoted this sentence, but has often been misused should be Yinianzhiji Spring "," meter "the plan intends mean year plan in the spring to consider arrangements to lay a solid foundation for the whole year of work, metaphor everything early plans, we must pay close attention to the beginning of. This phrase comes from the Southern Liang Xiao Tong << compile to >>: Yinianzhiji spring and your day in the morning. "the ancient China Children Enlightenment the bibliographic << Zengguangxianwen >>" a The years of the plan is that spring day in the morning, a measure is the plan of life is to ground "sentences.

, Be able to endure or withstand. "In drafting the report on his work or honesty report, there is often a" loneliness ban (as amended) maintained the temptation to say, some people think that the word is not common In fact, the meaning of "be able to endure and withstand withstand.

, "Fate" or "fate" of the word in the drafting of the welcome reception, the signing ceremony speech or published outgoing reflections high frequency error, such as "I'm from a certain date work to a certain place, and worked for many years, in daily life, through thick and thin, which is both organizational arrangements confidence in me and with a rare fate "," fate "is the" fate "false writing, similar also "water" mistakenly written as "water", "generational" mistakenly written as "seniority", "duty" mistakenly written 28SECRETARY'S COMPANION learning and accomplishment in 2011 10 "part" of the long time convention, plot non, many no longer get to the bottom of the secretarial staff to write speeches for the leadership must be treated seriously and ensure that the words used are accurate.

Five, "sits" or "Zuozhen. Emphasis on organization and leadership in drafting the manuscript, to implement the responsibility part, often write this sentence:" The principal leaders must sits line, top command, "town" guarding meaning, refers to the (rulers personally somewhere guard can not be written as "Zuozhen.

VI "poaching" or "persists in the form" a secretary wrote: At the time of writing the speech of the leader when the county party committee the system office work meeting, "We have to pull together to help each other, and common progress, can not be writers who interaction persists in the form defeating each other. "angle" should be a "foot" is the foundation, the foundation of the meaning of.

"Poaching" metaphor defeating fundamentally harm others, now more than serve their interests, secretly unscrupulous personnel, technology from each other dig.

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Seven, "taste" or "taste." "To improve the living environment, improve urban quality" in the writing of urban construction and other aspects of the presentation, often expressed, some people will be written as "urban taste, this is not correct." Taste "is a noun, refers to quality level and the level of people and things, such as the works of art of the high-grade, "his conversation tasteful" and "taste" is a verb, refers to carefully taste, experience, pondering, as he passed to savor , only understand Wangke the meaning of the phrase ".
Eight, "exposure" or "exposure". Many secretary in a written presentation emphasized supervision restructure some often write "dilatory Chinakayao, and other undesirable phenomena and behaviors must be resolutely exposure (exposure have "exposure" Yes, some people believe that the "exposure", more people feel the divergent and disoriented. fact, "exposure" and "exposure" have disclosed disgraceful to let everyone know the meaning are correct.

Nine, "Up" or "closing." In the formulation stage results, often used word "ended (ended", but many people do not distinguish the indiscriminate use. "Up" means until sometime back also continue, such as "As of August 8, the County Social Council has been helping the county enterprise recruitment 2200 people" after the action of the council to help enterprises recruitment will not stop. "cut-off" refers to a certain period of time to stop, such as the The province 2011 civil service exam registration was yesterday deadline.

10, "wrap up" or "closing Palace. Correct wording should be" ending. "Wrap up" Go terminology, refers to the the disk overall situation has been basically robbed given, but the outcome is still uncertain when the local competition, After the idea was to emphasize a foregone conclusion. "Eleventh Five-perfect ending, second five fully open".

11, "legalistic" or "silently observe conventions." Depth emancipate the mind, innovation and excellence, not legalistic beaten track "," ink "is the correct wording." Legalistic "refers to the Warring States Mocius adept defenders "conventions" refers to the off-the-shelf or long-prevailing rules, methods. "legalistic" means the conservative ideology, guarding the old rules refused to change the easy wrong idiom similar to "redouble their efforts", "Li" grind through false word, tempered mean refers to cock abounds, first grinding each clash ago lips, metaphor continues efforts, coupled with a fresh, not written "do better".

12, "to point out errors or skewer." Acupuncture "and" derogatory "glyph similar and easy to confuse." Acupuncture "is the ancient stone needle used to treat," and commented on "metaphor discovered or pointed out errors, in order to correct skewer saying.

XIII "radiation" or "radiation". << Text >> speak: "spokes, wheel Lao also." Original meaning refers to the spokes of the wheel, that is inserted into the hub to support rim thin strips, features from the center to the in each direction along a straight line extending out after the heat, light, radio waves from a central transmission is also called a straight line to the surrounding radiation.

XIV "deployment" or "deployment" Commercial Press, 2005 5th edition arrangements, layout (human tasks. << >> << Modern Chinese Dictionary interpretation of the "deployment" Modern Chinese Dictionary >> included "deployment." deployed "in some ancient texts applying, but is now a unified specification for" deployment "similar" photographic "now has specifications for" photographic secretarial staff in the presentation drafting must use it properly.

Fifteen, "communication" or "communication." Communication "refers to the use of letters, radio, broadcasting to establish contact, exchange of information, exchange of information." Conference during, the participants all Close communication tool "and" communication " is informative and vividly reported objective things or the typical character of a style. both can be common in some cases in the past, has now made a strict distinction between.

16, "decoration" or "decoration" a secretary in the progress of a project, said the plant, office building main project has ended, about to enter the stage of indoor and outdoor decoration. "Decoration" should be written "decorate." pond "means of 29SECRETARY'S COMPANION learning and accomplishment years 10 stained paper first yellow tiller juice for language learning, then this paper materials framed calligraphy and painting." decor "is the title of the ancient framed feat, after the idea was utensils, houses decorated so beautiful. "Juan" half the Pik-shaped jade, "decoration".

XVII "must" or "essential." This is two different words mean, depending on the specific use of the context may be. "Must" is necessary, we must mean, for emphasis, such as "over the various departments and units must control documents, the Division its functions, coordinated action, the letter to complete the tasks assigned by county government, and "necessary" must have essential meaning, such as prices, industry and commerce departments should strengthen rice, pork, vegetables monitoring and management of market and other necessities of life of the masses, and efforts to protect the basic living of low-income groups.

Eighteen, "must not" or "absolutely not." High frequency of these two words appear in the presentation, "never" and "never" are homonyms and similar meaning, it is difficult to distinguish, in fact, is to emphasize the difference between the two different emphasis. "must not" the "decision" is an adverb mean, in front of the negative word, "must not" is resolutely not, must not, more emphasis on the subjective will of the people.

"Must not" absolutely "is an adverb absolute meaning, with the in adverbs front," must not "is definitely not more emphasis on the absolute nature of things.

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