Analysis of the Functions the Han note exegesis terms a also a word inquiry

Abstract: Analysis of the Functions >> << Han Note investigated and found that the situation is more complicated exegesis terms "a, also a word" after careful study, that the term certain, also a word " variants, under the guise of the word, ancient and modern word used to describe, sometimes Table phonetic description cognates.

Keywords: Analysis of the Functions, "Han Note >> exegesis terms of a also a word

The << the Han NOTE >> Analysis of the Functions of academic masterpiece, called Notes << Hanshu the >> epoch, a master of a model for reading "Han >> has removed all obstacles for future generations. < <Note >> Han exegetical, collation and research made greater achievements, Analysis of the Functions broad absorption previous results, choice press off of under own pleasure, and can not be identified under conclusion, we save more different to say, whom to co-exist. exegetical aspects, the Analysis of the Functions attaches great importance to the phonetic norms, stress Yazheng, seeking justice to the sound, to solve a difficult word phonetic reading and Yixun.

Terminology is an important part of the construction of scientific theories, a term determined by the connotation and denotation, the scientific abstract thinking it would be difficult to carry out. Term marks some kind of phenomenon has been summarized essentially reflected also marks the many whom similar phenomenon has distinguish each other to promote the establishment of scientific terms and a summary of the scientific principles and promote each other. Comprehensive study << Han >> Analysis of the Functions the ANNOTATION terminology helps us understand the the Tang Dynasty exegesis terms of use, we further study the face of the Tang Dynasty language help, academic language and science for further study of the Chinese language and text Chinese history, the exegesis history of demonstrated terminology, corpus.

This article analyzes the term "certain, also a word" use. "Certain, also a word" the term used to describe the variants, under the guise of the word, ancient and modern word, sometimes table phonetic description of cognate words. "Certain, also, in a word, the term is also used to form a common word certain, in a word," the term using a total of 32 times (excluding repeat.

A certain, also a word "table allogeneic word

Variants, also known as another body or body Shuo Wen Jie Zi re-called in the text, is the pronunciation, the meaning is the same, but a different way of writing Chinese characters. Variant can be divided into "full variant pronunciation and meaning (in any case as "variant" (only in some cases the same. << Han Note, also a word "Table the character variants a total of 12 times. accounting for 37.5% of the total use. example:

(1) << Han Five Elements Chi seventh under top >>: "warm, but the wind borer Maid Accompanying bare insect sin." Analysis of the Functions NOTE: "bare win word from the clothing if sound. "said Gavin clothing section << >>:" Win, bare, naked, from clothing, to win sound or from the fruit. "Duan Note: vulgar for the win." << the Guangyun · fruit rhyme ": "bare, red body. << the Guangyun · If rhyme >>:" to win the same bare. "<< Lu the Spring concept of table >>:" great men, and the springs of water vegetation the hairiness bare scales a bad idea-bearing . "<< Tai Xuan Xuan >>:" class to its bare. "Fan Wang NOTE: bare, no scales the hairiness, artificially long also." >> << Chu Jiuzhang River of: "then public opinion Kum First Come, line Sang retinue win. loyalty do not have to use Xi Yin do not have to." Wang Yi Note: "Win one for the bare Hong Xingzu meeting note:" Win, red body. "bare" and " win "for the variant, meaning" red body.

(2) << Han Han Pengying Lo Wu Chuan >>: "So the letter what depending exhort a cross." Analysis of the Functions Note: "lucky break overlooking the word." << Said Gavin page section >>: stoop, bow also from the page, to escape Province the Tai Shi Bu the book pitching word so. Yang Xiong said: 'overlooking the faces of the people.' exhort, stoop or from the people free. "Duan Note: the" << Marina absurd is vulgar> > Modern Words cited Zhang Yi << Gu >> goes: 'overlooking of Ni overlooking also.' cover exhort word of this from the Free. stoop by the sound false system. "<< the Guangyun · Yu Yun >>: overlooking, << Hanshu >> for another lucky break. "<< the Zhou Kaogongji · vector >>:" before weak Ni, after weak then Xiang. "Zheng Xuan's Note:" Ni, low also. "< <>> Zuo Cheng Kung years: "Han Jue Ni, given its right." DuYu Note: "Ni, overlooking also." << jade articles · person Ministry >>: "overlooking that it ends up also." vocabulary · Ministry >>: "stoop Ni, another song also." "Ni" and "look down" for the variant, defined as "leaning over, bow.

(3) Han Wang Gong Gong Bao Chuan >>: the "club big jujube vertical Ji-ting, Kyrgyz women take dates to taste Kyrgyzstan." Analysis of the Functions Note: taste that make food, audio and Acts abuse of anti-taste of the taste of the word ear this meaning with high discipline >> 'taste to facilitate' the same. "<< >> said Gavin mouth:" taste, Jiao taste also, one said bird's-eye view. "" wide Ya Gu release two >>: taste, food also. << >> said Gavin mouth: "taste, food from the mouth, since the sound. reading and containing the same." << Guangyun dare rhyme >: "bird's-eye view, bird's-eye view food or taste." << Guangyun dare rhyme >>: "The taste on the same." << the Guangyun · dared rhyme >>: "taste, likewise." << · brachial Yun Ji Yun >>: << "taste, or taste." Mandarin Jin >>: "main Meng taste I teach IS HEREBY leisure Henan Shijun." Wei Zhao Note: taste, taste "by" eating "meaning the idea was" inducements "taste" and "taste" for the variant, meaning "eat".

Second, with a, also a word "table under the guise of the relationship

Chinese characters developed by pictograms, as a text and some foreign objects can portray the image of some can mean the use of images and strokes to performance, but the concept can not represent certain things, like the Italian way with pictograms create text at any time performance, and so on under the guise of the existing sound the same, or nearly sound represented by the word, this is completely incompatible with the shape and meaning of the word borrowed word called under the guise of the word under the guise of word categories. classes is this under the guise of its word, it is mentioned above, under the guise of the word under the guise of the word of another kind is this the guise of its word the meaning of the word is in the day-to-day use of the text which had said a word meaning the written form, but which do not use originally conventional glyphs written for another sense not phase involving the same tone or sound nearly word. >> << Han Note, certain, also a word "table words under the guise of the relationship, such a total of seven times, accounting for 21.87 percent of the total use of, for example:

(1) << commemorate Han Gotti,>: fill the country, ask the people to the rates puppet, not absolute grain Road, I as Xiao. "Analysis of the Functions Note:" Ghost also fed the word. "<< Wen said · the potable Ministry >>: "puppet, Wu called Ji said puppet." Duan Note: "read and feed the same sacrifice to devils, the original meaning of the fed different feed also feed is fed by the classical guise . "said Qing Zhu Jun acoustic << Wentong to training given acoustic · shoe Ministry >>:" puppet, the guise of the feed. << tubes · disciple rank ": each withdraw its puppet, as guests." bell Canton Annotations: "puppet, and fed the same." << Man Food Ministry >>: "feed, the rates also. >>: << Zi is on" Man and fed. "Young scared Note:" feed, eating. "puppet" under the guise of "feed", defined as "giving people food".

(2) << Han Yang Xiong Chuan >>: Ficus Xia three Wang Tuo Qiao hold high Daxing. "Analysis of the Functions Note:" Ficus also secluded word to also. Qiao, proudly Maung, audio and go Zhao trans. "<< the text · 艹 Ministry >>:" Ficus, Vitex praise also. << Mailyard grass ":" Ficus, Shan Qi. "GuoPu Note:" << Guang Ya >> said: the 'Mountain Qi, Angelica.' Angelica, this seems Qi Pao large. "Jun Zhu said sound << the training given sound wentong solution Ministry >>:" Ficus, paragraph by secluded. "<< said Gavin person unit : "secluded, avoid." >> << Lu Cautious: Jin dominated near Zhu Xia Jing secluded also, and therefore can not compete. "Gao You:" secluded, far also. "Ficus" under the guise of "secluded", defined as "remote".

(3) in the top of the seventh << Han Five Elements Chi >>: "into the earth is pregnant Yuk root nuclear preserved Zhechong." Analysis of the Functions Note: Nuclear roots of plant word also. Grassroots Day roots of plant, the tone of the "said Gavin Kibe >>:" nuclear, barbarians veneer trunk, statue shaped like a sieve. "Duan Note: The fruits of this word nuclear waste, the original meaning of men." Jun Zhu said sound << Wentong training given sound · Rhythm Ministry >>: Nuclear Xia borrowed for the roots of plant. << Wen Cottage Ministry >>: "The roots of plant, Cottage root also" << Mailyard grass >>: "Ling root Guo Pu Note: the vulgar call leek roots of roots of plant << the dialect of >> Makizo: "roots of plant, staves root as well." << Han the Lile Chi >>: "Qingming switched root roots of plant Sui Yan Shigu Note: "grassroots said roots of plant." nuclear "under the guise of" roots of plant ", defined as" grassroots ".

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Certain, also a word "description Gujinzi

So-called ancient word, the word refers to the ancient and modern differentiation, differentiation before the word is called the word "historic" differentiation Postscript word called "this word for word each dedicated to Note >> << Han , also a word "illustrate the text between the Han. kind of a total of six times, accounting for 18.75% of the total use. example:

(1) The the << the Han prince Hou table on ":" As for Takatake, Princes Jiang soil system or loss for the difference between rail, while the children of every man. "Analysis of the Functions Note:" Jiang Jiang word. " << said Wen Jiang Ministry >>: "home sector is also from the crystal, three, its referral painting also. Xinjiang, Jiang or from work, strong voice." Duan Note: this Xinjiang line Jiang waste carry on. "Xu Hao Notes, memo:" set, Xinjiang Modern Words. "<< jade articles · soil Ministry >>:" Jiang, with Xinjiang. >> << Zhou Chun official wantonly division: "I wish Hou limitless in Jiang and rural. "<< Tongxun >>:" Xinjiang, vertical also. ">> << Book Taishi:" Today I shall go into my weapons but Yang invasion in the Xinjiang. " hole Biography: "Words I cite Wu things to invade the Zhou rural Xinjiang cutting of." "Jiang" and "Xinjiang" word for a pair of ancient and modern, is defined as "borders and boundaries".

(2) << Han Gu Yong Du Ye Chuan >>: "the Xiba Kitamiya private slaves traveling Jing out with." Analysis of the Functions Note: "Jing idler word ear. Idler out, idler tour also. "said Wen Heart Ministry >> <<:" careless, disrespectful, also from the heart, Po Province << >> Day Spring and Autumn Annals: 'Zhiyu Duo.' lazy, Duo or Province since. Jing, classical. "< <>>: jade articles · Heart Ministry "Duo, sympathy." << Ji Yun · In case rhyme >> also as Jing: "idler, to unremitting also." << the Zuo Xianggong thirty year >>: Teng Chenggong to be buried, idler and more tears. "DuYu Note: idler, disrespectful." Jing "and" lazy "for one pair of ancient and modern word, meaning" disrespect slack. "

(3) History Geography on << >>: Linyi, boiling the temple. "Analysis of the Functions Note:" Boiling water also economic word. Subsequently the same. "<< Said Gavin Mizube> >: boiling, Wei also East into the sea. "the Duan Note:" the Sidu the Boiling word so for. << chancery >> << Zhouli> << Spring and Autumn >> pass << ELEGANCE >>, << Historical Records >> << customs through >> << release name >> are for the 'economy' ... you know that the Han Chinese are using the 'economy' class blog, the only remaining ancient word ear History Geography >>: boiling, River but Yanzhou ... floating on boiling, Luo, pass in the river. "Analysis of the Functions Note:" Boiling water of the word of the economy. "boiling" and "economic "is the ancient word meaning" water ".

Fourth, a, also a word "table phonetic

Type of a total of three times, accounting for 9.37% of the total use. Example:

(1) << Han Sheng Xiang Ji Chuan >>: "Habitat Chao people Fan Zeng, seventy, plain curious meter." Analysis of the Functions Note: Habitat Chao, county name, << Geography >> case Lujiang County. Chao tone nests, the word also make nests. country nest in the Spring and Autumn Period. "the Juchao County: Qin, also 名居 the Chao. Later Han Yongping in Xifeng Liu-like the Juchao Hou country after the Eastern Jin Dynasty waste. "Chao" and "nest" in the northeast of this nest County, Anhui Province. Archaic with for the Chongmu Xiao word, the same as the ancient tones, Table zhuyin.

(2) << Han Yang Xiong pass down >>: the Toyoko find Xin submenu complex offering of. "Analysis of the Functions Note:" Fen Fen word. Tone Rotary cloud anti. "<< Say text the Kibe >>: "Fen, fragrant wood." Duan Note: "this pictophonetic package knowing also ...... Fen Kusaka, Fen for sandalwood with" fen "and" Bin "Archaic and mother's Ministry word, ancient sound the same. Table zhuyin.

(3) History Geography on << >>: "wrapped in Germany." Analysis of the Functions Note: "word wrap also pregnant." Wrapped "and" pregnant "Archaic with the cartridges mother micro word ancient tones Table zhuyin.

Certain, also a word "description cognate words

Cognates refers to the sound and meaning associated by the same etymology breeding word or morpheme. These 2 times, accounting for 6.25% of the total use of, for example:

(1) << History Geography >>: "Grant by Ji, Feng land as a vassal." Analysis of the Functions Note: "Ji Qi word." Gavin Hill Ministry >> << said: "Ji Wen of Zhou letters, right Fufeng Meiyang water County eup, support sound Qi, Ji, or from the mountains, support sound. Qishan name of also." << chancery Yugong >>: guide Qian Mountain and Qi, as Jingshan Kong Anguo Biography: "Three Mountains are in Yongzhou." << poetry the Taiga cotton >>: "rate West Water Margin As for Qi. << Selected Works the · Zhangheng (Xijing fu Li Shan) >>: "Qi Liang reached the confluence of Qian Yong.": "Xue comprehensive primer << said text >> said: 'Qishan in Anxi United States, long the County boundary, mountain two Qi Yan due to name." "Ji "and" Qi "times pronunciation is the same as the group parent branch, the same ancient sound and Liu Junjie << the homologous dictionary complement >>: Qishan mountains branching named after Ji-eup Qishan got its name because of the territory." both for the a group homology word.

(2) >> << Han Chong Zhao Guoxin Qingji Biography: "Xun the Hehuang Cao Yi-Pro Qiang to show the Qiang prisoner." Analysis of the Functions Note: ", as also shown in the word." << Guangyun · to rhyme " : "Depending on, watching as the. television, classical." "Ji Yun, to rhyme >>:" as ancient as depending. "said Gavin display section >>:" as the sighted also. "<< book · Thailand the oath >>: days depending FTV days listening to self-Man listen. "<< the Mozi resigned over >>:" mesh not all over, as the hand operation can not be all over. "<< jade articles, mesh Ministry >> : "as also for shows." << jade articles and display section >>: "shows, the language is also to report man-days shows of industry." >> << Poetry Xiaoya Luming: "as the people do not light-headed. "Don Kong Yingda sparse:" The ancient word, visual material, material show people the same make as the word future generations and for the word different visual objects as shown Pong see, shown in the figure for single shows word from a pass being, as the multi clutter also shows word. "said Jun Zhu sound << >> the given acoustic · shoe Ministry Wentong training: ', as the segment by as shown ... << Hanshu >> multi regarded as showing the ancient universal times pronunciation of the word. '"as" for the Zen mother lipid word, "showing" Classical phonology the Shenmu fat Ministry word, the Zen God beside New York, fat stack of rhyme, the ancient sound similar. has a "look" justice, both for the a group homology word.

<< The Han NOTE >> is a book with the text of the Interpretation properties Analysis of the Functions for injection purposes not specifically designed to explore the etymology, looking for the word coinage rationale, but to clear the context to explain the word the actual use of the literature justice, looks obscure at the time the << Hanshu >> able to have a better translation version.

Note, a word meaning Exegetical Analysis of the Functions of the Department of cognate words associated are pairwise relative, he only still in the stage of the local Department source, but our comprehensive system source, push the source and summarize the word family, finishing the development context of the meaning of a word, but it has an indispensable role.

Six, with "a also a word" Description stretching the word

Type of a total of 1, accounting for 3.12% of the total use.

<< Han Yan Zhu I mound the main parent Xu Yan Zhong Wang Jia Chuan >>: "cricket as soon as autumn Jin, wasp larva to shade." Analysis of the Functions Note: "wasp larva, beetles also good clustering and Health toward students, the eve of death. the larva, sound by the word also for Ephemera strigata, sound the same also. << Ya release worms ":" Ephemera, Drainage slightly "GuoPu Note:" mantis like dung-beetle, body narrow long, angular, yellow and black. profusion dung, ephemeral, pigs entice. >> << Poetry Cao Feng Ephemera: ephemera of feathers, spotlessly clean clothes. "Mao Biography: ephemera, Drainage slightly . toward the students the eve of death. "Kong Yingda sparse:" Scheeren Day: 'Nanyang east said, ephemera, Liang, Song between Japan and the drainage slightly. "" the wasp larva "is stretching the word can also be written as" ephemera &

Seven, "a also a word" Table Interpretation

Type of a total of 1, accounting for 3.12% of the total use.

<< Han Wang Mang pass, >>: "Central JI ten County." Analysis of the Functions Note: "JI also springs word. Springs, and also team sound then this next and with." << Ji Yun · >> to rhyme: "JI, and also." << Zhuangzi fable >>: "after Shi, 3000 bell without IMC, My heart is sad." Guo Xiang Note: JI, and also. "<< said the mouth >> Gavin: "Stephen, all the words with also. << Historical Records Xia Ji >>:" Huaiyi 珠泉 fish. "Sima Zhen Suoyin:" Stephen, ancient-cum-word. springs, and also . "have" to justice.

From the above analysis we can see that, Analysis of the Functions << Han Note >> ", also a word" the term used to describe the character variants (accounting for 37.5% of total use, indicating that under the guise of the word (share of the total use of 21.87%), indicating that the ancient word (accounting for 18.75% of the total use of the Second Table phonetic and description of cognate words (accounting for 9.37% of the total use, 6.25%), and occasionally used to illustrate the rolling word Table Interpretation (each using the total number of 3.12%.

In summary, the Analysis of the Functions Note in "certain, also a word" the term used to describe the variants, ancient and modern words, under the guise of the word, and Huang Jianzhong said "a also a word, the term is also used to form a common word "and can not really generalize usage of the term and like some secondary usage such as table phonetic and description of homologous relationship is that we can not be ignored.

Traditional exegesis and did not form a unified and standardized terminology, different the exegesis home use the same term is often referred to different mistakes cause future generations to understand, and thus the Mr. He Jiuying pointed out in the ancient history of linguistics >> << China " to conduct a thorough study of some common terminology in the writings of the ancient linguistics, basic terminology confuse would be difficult to make an accurate evaluation of the academic achievements of the ancients. "We deeply.


Huang Jianzhong. Exegesis tutorial [M]. Wuhan: Jingchu Press, 1988.

The He Jiuying history of ancient Chinese Linguistics [M]. Beijing: Peking University Press, 2006.

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