Teaching methods to explore art and design professional unarmed expression

Abstract: Northeast Petroleum University Art College of Art and Design professional development, a review of the basic course of the first year, found some problems the past few years students biogenic qualities of a research-based, suitable with the students explore the past few years advancement of foundation literacy teaching approach, teaching methods mainly for design course in the free-hand expression of research a more rational and efficient the learning method, starting from the training theme and hours of arrangements two aspects, so that no highly learned professional qualities training students to improve in the short term to a certain level, so as to establish confidence in learning.

Keywords: step-by-step, freehand expression, art design professional papers download my school is still in its infancy, art and design profession is still relatively young, for the community in this period also trained a batch of outstanding design talent, teaching system. complete these achievements thanks to all teachers in the teaching not vent their efforts, as well as the contribution made by the teaching system reform and teaching methods from the school environment is concerned, we do not have any advantage, the traffic is not convenient, Energy Cities, Art and Design for the schools is a new professional urban economic type belongs. these reasons resulting in the quality of our students is a veteran of the students of art and design institutions, especially compared with other brothers institutions compared, a far cry from the quality of order to address these deficiencies, based on existing hardware and software, to study hard, trying to reform teaching methods, individualized, targeted exploratory curriculum reform, and strive to get out one with its own characteristics, teaching new road.

, Unarmed express design lesson, unarmed expression occupies a very important position in the entire design course which, in particular, is a program of the early stages, with sketches sketches to help students to think, the idea of ​​the mind thinking fragment capture accurate formation down image graphics and symbols of some outstanding works of art and design, and even from the designer of the initial manuscript. Diagrams and thinking is one of the basic literacy in the designer, the two are closely linked inseparable is also the designer of communication between bridge, unarmed expression from different angles, the space plane, elevation, section, perspective, demonstrate the design intent with the idea. many designers are excellent painter, and many artists have participated in the architectural design, environmental art designs. Wyle (Charles de Wailly ,1730-1798 was the best architectural painter, he and Pryor (Joseph Peyre ,1730-1785 with the design of the Paris Opera House. solemn appearance of the building, they design a brilliant, brilliant indoor space, this space is vividly reflected in the cross-sectional view of Wyle painting, it is not only the performance of the building structure and interior decoration, but also drew in the audience hall, the stage and on the streets of the characters. piece of painting is a breakthrough, building painting can be expressed in a sequence space from outside to inside. posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com
2, teaching methods and effect: Unarmed expressed or called the the design sketches course understand design foundation courses in most institutions, only a few hours, which is a common problem we have to face due to the limited hours of class impossible unarmed express knowledge every one of them to explain. basically finished theoretical stage of newly enrolled in the first year of the freshman, then most of the time is left to the student affairs office to learn weekly pay two A4 format sketches job so down there will be some problems, First Pro mode, select students a variety of subject matter, and difficulty ranging from some copy too simple, but some are too complex; copying the workload of some students is not enough, a piece of paper just a few pen several morphological some homework before rushing, the effect can be imagined also tried some new teaching methods in order to solve the above problems, as excellent copy sketches textbook, there are now some schools are still or wrong with the application of this method, but using this method in the first grade, the first copy of each of the sections in Fig amount or range of difficulty in the theoretical aspects of students do not understand.

, Step-by-step teaching method, after some summary, or think should tackle the problem from the aspect of the job, and ultimately the formation of the following teaching methods, the first copy of the theme collected classified, comes mainly from a few good reference books such as < <architectural environment with King performance techniques >> copying the material in accordance with the simple to the complex plane to the facade and then three-dimensional order classified, classified, screened, commonly easy to grasp with King. complex difficult to grasp the legend is not suitable for the beginner, if not requirements, schedule jobs, copying the content is too diverse, unified workload and rated difficult. Secondly, in copying the various types of reference books number, in accordance with a given number of copying artwork done This will ensure that the workload per person per week to complete.

4 the targeted training points above looks though simple our lesson, but need to do some more work, such as copying themes collected classified, made the copy is issued. Draw up a detailed training plan, (1 freehand lines of the various forms of practice (two weeks, (2 trees, plants plane expression method (two weeks (the expression of various facades trees (4 characters, vehicles painting (two weeks (5 various materials painting (two weeks (6 indoor isometric drawings, perspective view of a bird's eye view of the expression (two weeks (7 integrated environmental performance and program the sketch exercises (six weeks week 4 A4 format prescribed content sketch practice assignment, only achieve a qualitative leap in the amount of accumulation to fight in the first grade so that students fully grasp the types of unarmed performance graph expression, and lay a solid foundation for the design course, which also can be called a professional training for arts design professional, rather than a general sketch of Fine Arts practice is a shortcut to master the language ability.

5 Conclusion expression of this aspect of teaching freehand, theoretical guidance on the one hand, the more important it is to implement each exercise supervision and guidance on the content and lesson found the problem in the job evaluation process, timely adjustment of content, focusing on counseling qualification poor students to cultivate an interest is the key. through sketches exercises, allowing students to establish learning art and design professional confidence.

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