Aesthetic Thought in the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe

Summary: You can say, the Allen? Slope in the history of world literature is an out-and-out "geeks, devil's, both in fiction circles, literary critics, or the poetry world, he is well-deserved" genius " He even created a precedent for the detective novels. carefully read Allen? Poe's poetry mood convey the imagination of their poetry, emotion, music and aesthetic are unique, you will find this paper will analyze its poetry expression of aesthetic ideas, drawing on the slope as a poet concern and attention.

Keywords: Allen Poe poetry aesthetic ideology thesis download, Edgar Allen? Slope of its Allen Poe was born in the family of an actor in the United States, childhood lost both parents, and then adopted by a local businessman, the slope of childhood and youth large spend some time in the adoptive parents Allen's family, the lack of parental love, adoptive father rarely ask the slope and to the slope of a teenager, his adoptive father feelings break, and lived a life of deprivation, resulting in its distinctive character and thinking consciousness, the cause of his alcoholism, such as life, he had a rough life, displaced in the 45 years of his career, but his pen never reveal the hardships and humiliation, opposite his optimism and good strong character full of his works can say that he is a gentleman, a lonely genius, in his short life, only more ephemeral than a decade, the good times, and the rest are some behind the name. slope is a novelist, literary critic, poet, think an expert in aesthetic issues, his poetry unique aesthetic seemed at the time, has a unique perspective on literary criticism, Lowell biography praised Singapore is America's most knowledgeable, the most philosophical fearless critic.

, Alan? Slope aesthetic ideology

The integrity of the "United States". >> << Art of Poetry, the Roman poet Horace: "say brief, ...... a person's heart can not remember too many things, the extra things must overflow , Poe also believes that poetry is the most beautiful art and literature, short length should allow readers reading time to get a full impression. poems to include irritation, stimulate the process is not any lengthy poem with maintaining long-term, once the stimulus Decline in effect, not poetry. He stressed that poetry is the sublimation of the soul, only devoured poetry will maintain the integrity of the United States of Poetry, the full beauty can be left in the viewer's minds. < The Poetics ">> Chapter VII wrote: beauty lies in the size and order, he advocated the poem to be short and pithy, the length of the problem of the poetry reflects the aesthetic integrity of his poetic theory thinking.

2 "beauty" emotional poetry and prose, and other stylistic poetry can not tolerate lengthy narrative to let enjoying the feel the feelings and emotions of the poem appreciate poetry, feel the sublimation of the soul. Poe poems stressed imagine stressed soul, emphasis on subjective emotions, poetry needs to show the unique beauty of form, to be distributed the ideology light flashing. Emotional Beauty insights from his the << creation philosophy >> be fully reflected, he considered the most The presence of the beautiful, the most pure fun in the good things of the meditation process. Poe poems emotional poetry, he has the wings of freedom, happiness fly, forget about life and death. Valery, the slope of the creation of the world God, indeed, Poe created the soul of the exciting world of poetry.

"United States" rational. Shelley poetry from "Eternal transmitted light and fire to the earth, the poet is to erase the angel of the dust on the apex of the people. The slope always believed that the creation of poetry requires rationality, and dare to challenge wisdom of his poems never a shortage of wisdom and reason, his masterpiece << crow >> lasted four creative, thoughtful whole creative works carefully, he said: "The creation of poetry stems from intuition" poetry writing has always been to maintain the purpose, always take into account the effect of the poem. Poe's poetry is not the main left death, but in this melancholy sadness behind the keynote is the slope of the constant pursuit of the the rational goal - aesthetic thinking.

4 "beauty" musical poetry is mankind's earliest literary style, it is to show the beauty of the poetry musical sense of rhythm and fluidity, the music of poetry to mobilize people's emotions, it is in music, poetry feelings was only excited. temperament is most able to mobilize people's feelings, Poe said: "Poetry is the rhythmic creation of beauty" start from the earliest human form of a song to express the idea of ​​poetry, music and poetry into being become a major opportunity for the poem, in the creation of the poem is unwise to give up music. Poe's poems are mostly rich in melody, a rhyme in the end, people appreciate it intended not yet been finalized sleep Links to free papers Download Center http :/ / III, Alan? Poe aesthetics on literary creation
. Guidelines of their own poetry. Fact, the slope throughout regarded themselves as a poet, he has said, his novels and on the other is only a means to make a living, the poem is not defile the holy things, For him, poetry is a passion. the Allen? slope aesthetics thinking guiding his poetry throughout his creative life being not much poetry, never missing his perception of beauty and aestheticism pursuit, every poem he flashed the beauty of light, it was his desire for "love" and "beauty" For example, in his representative poems << Tamerlane and other poems >> << poetry >> << crows and other poems >>, we can see that the slope of aesthetics thinking their poetry writing guidelines.

2. The own other genres creation guidelines. Fact, in Poe's life, the creation of up to is not poetry, but fiction, including two novels and seven dozen short story of its creation and the vast majority of literature He devoted the length of the standard works in line with the length of any literary work has clearly limited, it is devoured. well-known slope life created many detective novels and science fiction, both in kind Stylistic no shortage of his unique aesthetic concepts, reason, emotion, integrity and musicality. rely on rigorous mathematical talent and a wealth of knowledge of astronomy, geography, he is always able to reach the true detail and emotion.

Allen? Slope literary aesthetics on world literature. Countries literature is independent and interdependent and invasion, Poe aesthetic ideology of national literature is universal and extensive. Symbolism, aestheticism romanticism and so more or less received Poe, especially in detective fiction and science fiction, the slope can be said to be a pioneer of detective fiction, science fiction originator Ellen? slope had a profound impact on the world literati, Baudelaire said, on behalf of the symbolism, the slope is "a close friend of his closest friends, a search for long-brother." Poe's "Poetics" and aesthetic pursuit affect the poets, writers and artists from around the world, to the world literature with to the far-reaching impact.


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