File significance interpretation Nanyang Han stone

Summary: Han stone is the precious heritage of the Chinese national artistic treasures. Covers the Han Dynasty politics, economy, folklore, social production, ideology, culture and the arts, and many other the Han stone as a unique file carrier, both valuable historical relics, precious archival material, has a higher File significance.

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Han stone rose in the middle Western, prevailed in the mid-term of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the end of the Eastern Han fading With the demise of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty Stone carving manufacturing gradually exit the stage of history but as historical records Han stone with a unique technique of expression and special art form, reflect the customs of the Han Dynasty funerary ritual, and reproduction of the content of the Han Dynasty political, economic, ideological, artistic, is part of the ancient civilization, has become a precious heritage of the Chinese national artistic treasures, with a high Historical Value and archival value.

A point of view from the carrier, Nanyang Han stone is a unique file carrier

Five thousand years of Chinese civilization, the file carrier forms With the continuous progress of human civilization and evolution. Tortoise shells, animal bones, the bronze stone tools, bamboo booklet, cotton silk paper and are within a certain historical period as the main file carrier full advantage of of which the rock carvings file widespread, retained since the Ming and Qing ancient Chinese historical archives, the rock carvings files occupy a certain proportion of the content related to various aspects of social life. mainly stone monument in the ancient rock carvings files epitaphs, Cliff, religious statues, inscriptions, stone by other types of stone relief stone carvings file artisans to stone base, is doing it with a knife, using a variety of sculptures carved out of the work of art, mainly used for gravestones underground tomb, cemetery ancestral halls, doors Que, Temple Que Building and Decoration Materials portrait stone as a stone - archives, mainly pictorial form (partial text engraved in stone carrier, it vividly preserved social activities Information.

The Han Dynasty files writing material inherited the pre-Qin bamboo and bamboo slips, but termites burnt and difficult to preserve. Nanyang is located in the Central Plains, << Hanshu • Geography >> records Nanyang west Wuguan East by JAC its east, west, north and is surrounded by mountains on three sides basin structure for the Han Dynasty carved natural materials, and stone materials durable corrosion-resistant, not easily damaged and migration. Hegel << aesthetics> > about to be carved in stone, wood, bronze, gold and other materials, particularly suitable

The material is suitable to be carved stones. Objectivity itself strong durable stone. [1] and the large size of the Han Dynasty Nanyang smelting iron, the level of technology is very advanced, high quality iron tools, the Han Dynasty stone carving possible. [2] during the Qin Dynasty, the development of the art of painting, sculpture in the round and inscriptions, and the Han Dynasty murals, painting on silk, lacquer painting, pottery, paintings and portraits brick popular and create artistic sources, but also for the generation of the Han Dynasty stone. Immortal Thoughts flood vulgar by science, alchemy, witchcraft popular the original Taoism gradually rise, gave birth to a of Nanyang Han stone funeral customs prevalent. combined Nanyang fertile land, irrigation development, bountiful After successive rulers with the people rest, to resume production, according << Later Han LIU Long Chuan >> said Nanyang suppliers all over the world, "the rich crown at home", "the Henan empire more than the Elegance, Nanyang Recounting close relatives." (<< >> Nanyang Han • Liu Long to become the largest distribution center for North-South trade and economic and Luoyang, Handan, Linzi, Chengdu, adding that "five" in the country, in the political, economic, and cultural prominence, the birth of the Han Dynasty stone laid a good foundation for society.

Second, from a value point of view, Nanyang Han stone has a higher archival value

Nanyang Han stone and more from more than 50 tombs, tombs inside the building components. Nanyang Han numerous stone theme, save more complete contents cover Han Dynasty's political, economic, cultural, artistic, religious beliefs, these precious historical materials has always been for archaeologists, historians and the arts of attention and research. their value is mainly manifested in:

(A) Buque Culling

In the form of the Han stone to picture for historical informative to document and reflect. Burial land can reflect the historical, geographic, economic, and other circumstances. Tomb of love, life, official post records to reflect the prevailing political system, while drawing scenes of life and recreational activities can be the Buque official history, is a valuable reference.

(Interpretation of Cultures

The Han stone is the study of literature and art of the Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty funerary rites valuable information. Wide range of subjects, informative complete, provide for the study of the Han dynasty's political, economic, cultural, artistic, religious beliefs a precious image file. [3]

Third, from a content point of view, Nanyang Han stone is a comprehensive series file content

(Nanyang Han stone is a vivid folk files

Celebrations, weddings and funerals are an important part of the folk culture. Nanyang Han stone intuitive, vivid image files to show our rituals and customs of the Han Dynasty, the Festival, including diet, burial, praying for rain, and the festival customs of marriage, evil spirits, pray, and show the life style of the Han Dynasty. << crowned diagram >> reflect Meet the parents kowtowed caused Hyo customs and literature contained "in the first month, Yam Tze Jian eighteen years, Jibei crowned outdoors to see their parents "(Liu Chao-note cited to confirm each other, the << banquet Figure >>, << Paochu the >> reflect a variety of diet in the daily life of the Han people live and feast Bin Chen Kabuki banquets customs to whole grains staple food, while chickens, ducks, cows, geese, fish meat, fruits and vegetables and a variety of non-staple food. [4] for self-entertainment, hospitality in commonly used pots, bottles, spoons, ear cups and other drinking vessels, investment pot, six-Bo, mora, etc. Drinking wine uses related to ancestor worship Sishen and illness exorcism, fully reflects the traditional Chinese diet culture, through Mubi depicts God Tu, Yu Lei, to ward off evil and exorcism carving tigers, bears and other objects on the door to ward off evil spirits and pray that reflects current festival customs << funeral travel >> << hearse travel >>, << the cemetery tombs Figure >>, << Mausoleum Otsuka Figure >> << Fuxi and Nuwa >> << Sun and Moon Combination >> << tomb goalkeeper >>, << Erlong copulation >> such as portraits reflect the the burial system burial custom of the Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty stone portrait of woman with great courage, rain division, Denon, River Park, Raytheon, etc. to reflect the customs of the Han Dynasty pray for rain the first snake Fuxi and Nuwa performance reverence human ancestor of the Han people, the snake as a "totem" God and marriage The "matchmaking marriage customs [5].

(B Nanyang Han stone is a rich historical archives "

Nanyang Han stone reproduce the way of art history, future generations can have a panoramic social outlook of the Han people's social life before the Han Dynasty and the Spring and Autumn and even earlier historical period. Renowned historian Jian Bozan is called "Illustrated Han Dynasty History. "<< two peach killing three persons >> << Yanzi see Jinggong >> the << The Emperor and the Assassin >>, << HongMenYan, >>, << Orphan >> << Koso chopped snake >>, << Fan Ju gowns >> << dog bites Zhao Dun >> << Ximen Bao addition to witch governance Ye >> other stone, highlight the theme of the story, the characters vivid, the concept of food for thought. reveals Han stresses integrity, weight Lutheran in society, and help us to learn from history, to Pictured training.

The early Han Dynasty Taoist Thought and witchcraft superstition popular plus infiltration of original Eastern Han Dynasty Taoist culture, Nanyang Han stone appears that a large number of inscribed with auspicious to ward off evil fairy illusion, God poultry auspicious theme of portraits, vivid expression of the people of the Han Dynasty of ideas. ancients that the person is the soul (Soul Guardians (shaped combination of unity. casualties, soul separation. << Book of Rites • Country special offerings >> records "soul gas to divine form soul return to the earth, the festival seeking all the yin and yang of justice. "shaped soul lived and therefore, the soul of gas, as the dead, such as health" reach "died and died, your desire in life, such as Wang Fu On Hermit in << • floating luxury articles >> said people have "life is not extremely Yang, Chong is mourning the dead, or to the engraved gold engrave jade, Xiao Zi, Pian Nan, fertile land made grave, yellow soil caused by accumulation, multi buried treasures, even people traveling, made from the Otsuka, widely planted pines and cypresses, farmhouse ancestral halls, Chong luxury on Tyrants ". elaborate funerals and the human soul by the dragon, phoenix, basaltic, big spiral, Crane guide people jokingly dragon or dragon riding a tiger riding a turtle deer car, tiger cars, fish, cars and other ways to achieve the ideal of happiness after the death of the soul into the kingdom of heaven, and pinned the hope of immortality through the entrance of the tomb, Mubi, etc. carving god Tu, Yu Lei, were cloth image to achieve good wishes to sever ghostly interference. [6] and a large number of painted day-to-day living, polder hunting the Han stone, of cockfighting the lackeys, complains feast content expressed pray for a long life and prosperous ideal. Han Stone fully demonstrated the spirit of the ancients to pursue a strong practical and utilitarian.

Han Dynasty stone reflection of the ruling means and ideas of the ruling class, truly reflect the prevailing social ideology. Politics, the Han Dynasty period, "to abandon 100, Only Confucianism, Confucianism as the orthodox, Confucianism established official school, Chong Shangxiao Road to Filial Piety. luxurious and sturdy stone Tomb of the Han dynasty built by the wealthy elite win Hyo name, elaborate funerals and the atmosphere became a social trend. << Han Zhi Jiao Si >> contains: Emperor Wu ascended the throne in early, especially with spirits worship "pet alchemist, the ruling class of the fanatical superstition, witchcraft popular superstition.

Nanyang Han stone reflects the angle of arrival, acrobatics was popular sports activities. Arrival angle portrait number Nanyang Han stone, vivid and lifelike. Including unarmed Competing armed pitted and wearing masks fighting with people, in the form of man and beast bucket, ox, tiger, bear, beast and beast bucket form. acrobatics more activities, is quite difficult. such as handstand >> << << red narrow >> << bar Ding >> (also known as Lane maker << get stick >> << the Feijian jump pill >> << spit fire >>

Nanyang Han stone carvings depicting human Vientiane, to show the colorful life of the people of the Han Dynasty. << The Juji travel >> << funeral travel >> shows nobility the the travel Xunshou, travel expedition, travel, hunting and other activities, << tours music map >> << cast pot Figure >>, << hunting >> realistic approach depicting the scene of a pastime, a large number of image Chi Ji executive shield, holding Lian owners coma, the end lamps mention pot maid, etc. reflects paid respects to lower a person's social life, << >> performance from the side of the Han Dynasty interpersonal << the bribes >> vivid portrayed then bribed officials with bribery, attempted bribery picture << the lecturing Figure >> reproduction Han educating scene, << plowing Figure >> << cows diagram >> << fishing >> reflect the situation of the people engaged in agricultural production and labor.

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(C Nanyang Han stone is an "art files"

Han stone art image through literature, painting, dance, music, calligraphy and other art forms, with a wealth of information, is an important carrier of culture and art heritage, agglutination many artistic achievements of the era, the masses engaged in arts and cultural activities reflect and artistic wisdom of the masses, to be called the literature and art files.

Nanyang Han stone theme, including a lot of myths. Myths and legends is a form of expression of the literary arts, Nanyang Han unique artistic characteristics. Mythological figures and more clearly the unique shape of the first snake, a beautiful shape, imaginative more common are: Fuxi and Nuwa, Xi, Yi shoot, Moon, Thunder travel, the wind primary rain division, the Hebo fish car, East Duke and the Queen Mother of the West. Cowherd and Hou Yi shot day, Moon, the most widely circulated myth. the << Chuci • Heaven >> Wang Yi Note said, "Yao when ten days and a scorched earth Jia, kill vegetation, Yang Yi shot ten days, its 9 Japan-China nine Ukrainian are dead, exaggerated simplified approach reproduces the indomitable fighting spirit of the Chinese nation, consistent performance generations of Han oral tradition and written myths, greatly improving the cultural values ​​of the Han.

Han stone painted Han Dynasty hall door Que, towers, bridges, and other architectural styles and artistic style. Nanyang Han Shizhong Han on behalf of the aristocratic residential general Church as the main building, break and built a palace, in addition to the kitchen, garage, stables. decorative treatment to simplify and abstract processing pattern, the pattern is generally a diamond piercings, even diamond-shaped sets Cross piercings triangle. [7] These patterns generally have a special meaning, a symbol of a better wishes and hope. "the five baht" pattern symbolizes money wealth of rich radiant sun, a symbol "Shidi pattern" pinned "to see the date of Xing, the world Ming dynasty" righteousness, "ten" herringbone million "herringbone symbol implies veneration and worship of the sun god.

Nanyang Han stone carvings vividly demonstrated prevalent in the Han Dynasty Dance and Music BaiXi of it is a blend of dance, music, acrobatics, Art and Illusion Performing Arts First, Nanyang Han stone is a true portrayal of the art of dance. it to pieces, elegant, clever, beautiful image files to supplement the lack of expression of a subset of classics, history provides a rare first-hand information for the study of the Han Dynasty art of dance, from which you can glimpse into the performance art of the Han Dynasty limb such as Stone Reliefs seven dance, built encouraged tread encouraged long-sleeved dance screen full interpretation of a the Han Dynasty wide variety of dance forms to seven dance, for example, along with the wonderful music, dancers in seven disk (or drum rotation jump for joy, light and nimble action, long-sleeved fluttering, pine Young whisk, great "flying potential", orderly screen Lichtung, chic ethereal, rustic, natural encouraged >> << tread dancers, pour footer bow down, long-sleeved drag

, Screen concise Lichtung artistic conception. Han stone dance screen full performance of the Han Dynasty heroic confidence, Majestic's mental state. [8] screen simple and natural, free and easy in the informal details, these precious image data to create a forceful and deep Han Feng Han Yun. Secondly, many types of musical instruments depicted in the Han Dynasty stone covering the Han Dynasty Common types of instruments, musical instruments, shapes and played many instrumentalists figure. According to historical records, the Han Dynasty stone musical instruments there are three types: First, percussion instruments, such as the construction of the drum, scabbard drum, Bo, bell cymbals, etc., is a wind instrument class the Xun, Chi, yu, pan, playing stringed instruments class, such as the piano and Joseph 9].

Han stone also has a small amount of the art of calligraphy files. "Yu Ping Big Yin Fengjun Ru long, some text Stele stone Tomb of Xu A Zhai, Yang officer Temple, independent western slopes which Xu A Zhai Epitaph Stone Reliefs of Nanyang Han Stone Carvings Museum's greatest treasures, engraved with six lines of the left part of the epitaph text vertical full line of 23 characters total 136 characters the epitaph Bocaizhongchang, blend the advantages of the official script and Rubbings official script to the Rubbings transitional masterpiece, for the study of Chinese calligraphy, the history of the development of the body of the book, as well as portraits stone dating installment has a very important value.

Nanyang Han stone fully demonstrated carving art of the Han Dynasty Stone Reliefs plane Yinxian engraved carved concave Yin, flat-screen layout of the screen, tick the end of the bas-relief, the horizontal and vertical pattern bas-relief of the substrate, local high relief carving techniques Lichtung crisp, clear theme prominent, reflects a deep male big, wild, uninhibited and quaint-sounding aesthetic characteristics, and show the personality traits of the people of the Han Dynasty and vigorous boldness.

(D Nanyang Han stone is a "Astronomy files"

Nanyang Han Stone Carvings most valuable topics astronomical star chart, it has a strong local characteristics, content-rich and important position in such astronomical star chart accounted for half of its kind nationwide Stone Reliefs kind witnessed astronomical science of the Han Dynasty in China. Use image recording astronomical phenomena combined with the literature of the Han Dynasty, fully reflects the achievements of the Han Dynasty in the development of astronomy, the illustrations the Han Dynasty Astronomy files.

Typical engraved with male Ukrainian or Japanese round of the three-legged bird engraved monthly round toad or rabbit, performance eclipse astrologers the sun and the moon together wall, good fortune, "Sun and Moon Tong-hui", the Cowherd and Vega, the Big Dipper , Star, soryu, Bai Huxing, comets, hook Chen Xing, etc. These patterns cleverly explains the causes of astronomical phenomena, but also contains the realm of philosophy of yin and yang harmony the hands of the owner of the tomb marital harmony, political Chengping, Tak Yee world expectations. symbolic approach to astronomy and humanities in close contact them, financial people Lunzhe management, natural phenomena, political indoctrination in one, constitutes the Chinese culture, a profound mood. [10] Nanyang Han portraits carved stone of a large number of unearthed from the side reflects a The astronomy levels, provide extremely valuable for the study of ancient astronomy image archives.

Four, Nanyang Han Stone Carvings Museum archives in a modern sense.

Nanyang Stone Reliefs mostly from ancient excavating a destroyed stone Tomb of the Han Dynasty in the long years of the Han Dynasty stone tomb the excavation and demolition, or living people, or for other purposes, or loss of wilderness or living overseas for the effective protection of the Han Dynasty stone, Nanyang established China's first specialized collection, exhibition Art Museum of Han Dynasty stone carvings, and actively take various measures to collect, a collection of all kinds of Han Dynasty Stone, heritage of ancient Chinese civilization actively Service the majority of the people so far, the new museum building area over 2700 square meters, more than 3,000 pieces of collections, known as the National Museum built the earliest, largest and most varied Han Dynasty Rock Carvings Museum. Nanyang Han Stone Carvings Museum in the form of in-kind collections exhibition vividly show it to the world to a substance and the spirit of the Han Dynasty.

Nanyang Han stone as part of China's Han Dynasty stone art, intuitive picture retains the true face of the social life of the Han Dynasty, have high archival science research value and larger space. Han stone as a files, we have the need to strengthen the protection and finishing, and combined with masterpieces literature applied to historical research, cultural interpretation, art learn various aspects of the ancient stone reliefs shine with a new radiance.


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