Brief bel canto method common mistakes the audible and solve Guide

Abstract: Bel Canto is a highly technical singing, the difficulty of training, learning and training, success and failure, along with the entire process, every step is a difficult technical problems, the author through years of practice and teaching experience, common error analysis of the bel canto method of training and effective way to propose solutions, peer reference purposes only.

Keywords: beautiful sound, guttural, true and false sound area, high position, fulcrum, papers-generation write writer engaged in vocal music teaching for many years, often find that some students' understanding of the bel canto method of error that bel canto way is to exaggerate the volume, there bristling sing "sideways to sing" point of view, and thus there have been several factions of the so-called bel canto, the common the "tubular sound faction guttural faction" Most sound cards in the throat, which is error vocalization of the bel canto method To illustrate these issues, I What is the real beauty of sound, to talk about the personal point of view, to help students get rid of misunderstanding.

Bel canto method by standard means, the method of Italian bel canto singing, true and false sound pitch ratio of the needs of mixed use, vocalist resonance cavity mobilized to achieve the sound area unified relaxation sound, smooth up and down, have a good The overtones effects.

Learn and master the bel canto is a long and arduous process of training, such a process is the voice as an instrument for fine Diao doing fine, however, make it easy to enter the training often misunderstanding. Following were introduced:
An exaggerated thoracic cavity of the chest cavity resonance in the sound area resonant cavity is issued to the entire length of the vocal cords and the maximum thickness of the tone, singing chest obvious shock when the pitch in the sound area, chest vibration significantly and resonate to strengthen, the strongest voice when singing this sound area almost the whole body felt as I believe that the chest resonance can not use too much, especially training for tenor or soprano nervous, often resulting in the throat, the treble is difficult I often see some of the students in practical training bel canto method, in order to pursue the large volume of sound fulcrum on the chest or the hypopharyngeal cavity, which is the most harmful practices, easily lead vocal cord lesions. actually runs through the relative the principles of relaxation, tension anywhere, may lead to errors audible the the students loudly Ministry of Sound area can not be used exaggerated volume approach training in sound when the sound do not imaginary can.

Second guttural guttural is a common error sound, the sound, not concentrated, resulting in this case mainly students mistaken is to play the role of the hypopharyngeal cavity of control due to the fulcrum of the throat, voice thick results throat tension force base of the tongue retrusion, jaw stiffness.

The correct approach should be hypopharynx maintain the natural, and can not stretch, squeeze play the role of hypopharyngeal cavity resonance. Use psychological awareness to control the stability of the throat feeling, keep the state when the suction, like a yawn as tongue relax, lying next tooth duct, pay attention to the pure vowel pronunciation was to try to bite, especially the mouth vowels, such as: yi mi, etc., to try to get rid of the throat involved in vocal exercises to make the necessary tongue the top of the next tooth while base of the tongue to relax, you can also use the most simple songs to practice, I often use << Claustrophobia >> this song training, the results were quite good, requires students in high position from the outset, from the sound of singing, Another word from one word to and diverted another sound from a sound must be maintained at the location of the attack, especially hair "flower" tone, to prevent the change of location, or easy to pour in the throat, throughout the singing, you want to feel the throat, what not to change only the lips, teeth, tongue, palate in an active campaign, and at the same time try to relax the chin muscles around the neck, on this basis, to gradually this song mentioning tone exercises This song is e tune the treble in l f sound, helpful for most students to practice this tune. posted in the free papers Download Center

three "fake" sound area:

Sound in the sound area to loudly area over has been the focus and difficulty of vocal training, a lot of people think that the sound area is not uniform is the foundation did not lay a solid foundation, I think it's just a phenomenon caused not unified key "Fulcrum" has not swung right, because the voice of the people is divided into true and false vocal cords, which really sound area and falsetto District of, true vocal cords in the sound area often play a major role, loudly false vocal cords play a major role, and to conduct from the sound area to the loud sound of true and false mixed use is not an easy thing, especially g2 tone more often than not "too fake" virtual sound, "Bai" shouts.

Common feature of the bel canto keep singing the whole process sound area unity, this unity is based on the "true" and "false" sound mixed resonance, the unity of the correct sound area, in accordance with the "true" sound of proportion is greater than the "false" sound proportion of the principle, in particular in the sound zone to loudly zone process, the "true" sound components with pitch uplink gradually reduced, followed by "false" an increase in sound components general in the sound area known as the natural sound area a1 --- f2 "true" sound in the sound area mainly is a standard, but some students, especially female, beginning from the sound area used "false" sound practice my singing, vocalization, often able to sing the high range, if you do not listen carefully identified, it is difficult to distinguish because in the sound area, and are based on "virtual" and "false" sound practiced and , and thus there is no unified sound area, but the total giving the impression that the sound is not enough natural volume, especially in the sound area is weak, such students may start training pays little attention to the area of ​​training of natural sound, or use the wrong way, and thus to correct it very difficult, if thoroughly correct, you need to fight a protracted war, freed first true sound, repeated practice in the area of ​​natural sound, may start to feel the treble is difficult to combine, will produce two sound, plosives appear for Voice, this situation is normal, the students in this case to keep training, to hold back the loneliness.

Training in the sound area, we should be careful not to increase the volume to practice, with the feeling of talking, singing voice "white", "a little flat", "oral small point," cross point ", all of which must maintain a focus on the nasal resonance, not the slightest change in the position over to change the sound area g2, as the pitch continues to rise, it is necessary to increase the breath, mouth open large open throat, jaw relax.

Four to sound as the United States, and ignore the articulation of the position of the bel canto language expression and language, bel canto emphasized the beauty of the sound, and so likely to cause a certain degree of difficulty in diction and articulation, how to dominate the relationship of the beauty of sound and articulation articulation coordinated problem out, some sing bel canto of people is too great importance to the beauty of the sound, the lack of clear and express language of the capacity, the result is to let the audience enjoy the beauty of the sound of vocalization song, listen unclear in singing what, only know the sound is nice of very beautiful. learning canto often like to sing Italian songs, especially in concert with Italian because Italian vowels relatively easy to pronounce, but with the singing, and thus relatively singing singing can sound mellow, especially Italian opening vowel, to effectively open throat, expand the volume, but if you do not attach importance to the singing of Chinese songs, more difficult to feel the bite Qing Chinese characters, therefore, in practice the process should pay attention to the singing of Chinese songs, while vocalization focus on closed vowels, try to bite these vowels, the benefit will be singing Chinese Links to free papers Download Center

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