Kaishu Traditional simplify source again combing

Abstract: 350 simplified characters based on the table in the Summary Table >> << simplified characters was published in 1986, tables $ 132 simplified characters, 503 482 simplified characters and their corresponding traditional Chinese characters, accordance with the simplified induction statistics, in order to illustrate source of kaishu Traditional simplified.

Keywords: regular script, traditional Chinese characters, simplified method, classification,

I. Introduction
"Chinese characters into the regular script stage, glyph continues simplified font would be no big changes." [1] Chinese character development to regular script, the Chinese Physical simplify seems to the ultimate stage, but the text exchange communication tools should be more simple as possible. fonts are not easy cases, people will think of the strokes of the body's own province less strokes of Chinese characters simplified Chinese became seeking simple and most important. regular script before appeared simplification of the stroke, but 50 The era of organized and simplified Chinese characters on a large scale, or the first time ever.

Second, regular script from traditional and simple principles and methods of those who use the countries and regions of the Chinese characters, must establish certain principles and methods during the simplified Chinese characters, Chinese simplified Chinese characters in the 1950s, the general principle of "conventional, steady progress." , is in the past on the basis of simplified Chinese characters can be simplified. popular among the masses for a long time, has socialized the simplified characters, only to make the necessary changes and additions, the selection of the most commonly used word for Simplified Chinese, not every troublesome the word simplify the need to simplify the word be carried out in stages and in groups, not a solution, nor time to implement. doing so is consistent with the needs of the community, but also the mass base, both convenient for beginners learning, but also take care of the illiterate people the habit, is conducive to the smooth implementation of the simplified characters.

Simplified Chinese characters in this period can be summarized in the following way.

1. Retain the original word outline.: "Consideration" for the "consideration", "cover" to "cover".

2. Retain the characteristics of the original word part: "sound" as "sound", "open" to "ON".

3. Change more complex form of sound words sound symbol or pictogram.: "F" to "F", "drama" as a "drama".

4. Change the form of sound words as a form of sound words such as: "state" as a "state" and "Post" Post.

5. Homonym instead.: "Ugly" as "ugly" "" "".

6. The cursive Kai such as: "East", "East", "book", "book".

7. Change the complex radical as simple symbol: "only" for "only", "Environment" for "Xing".

8. From new Associative: "dust" as "dust", "treasure" for "treasure".

9. Symbol instead.: "Righteousness" for "justice" for "head", "head".

10. Borrowed ancient word, such as: the "cloud" as a "cloud", "from" from ".

Some of these methods can be traced back to the original Notepad made on the basis of the principles and methods of these simplified Chinese characters not want to come out of thin air, but in the research, summarize the practices and experiences of the previous simplified Chinese characters., Such as "to retain the characteristics of the original word parts "(that is part of the generation of all." in the original notebook there with the head or tail of the animal on behalf of the whole animal, the earliest time to draw a cow represents a cow, a sheep painting represents a sheep to Oracle said that in painting a Ngau Tau cattle, sheep draw a sheep's head said., and later under the guise of the word, in fact, "are homonyms alternative to a .1922 years, Qian Xuantong << Jane current provincial Chinese characters in Mandarin Preparatory Committee >> strokes case, his objective analysis of the composition of the simplified Chinese characters, and the eight generation of simplified characters: First of all deletion, thick with the outline, using cursive, write only part of the original word, four original word part with a few very simple painting alternative, using archaic, the six notes changed little strokes, seven is not made simple words, eight under the guise of his word. predecessors principles and methods of simplified Chinese characters are now absorbed than in the past, but now the principles and methods slightly improve Bale.

Three, the Simplified Characters sources classified simplified characters is based on ancient "simplified" form "simplified" and "traditional characters" corresponding, from the Chinese characters since they have a long-standing simplified characters, new Simplifying Chinese Characters China was founded, not a new creation simplified characters, but as far as possible using the simplified characters have been popular. specific approach can be simplified in the past on the basis of simplified Chinese characters, first finishing the research and certainly widely popular among the masses for a long time, has been the social of the simplified Chinese characters. >> << kanji simplify program simplified characters with a wide range of social basis of words.

This part of the total table >> << simplified characters (132 350 1986 Table does not simplify the radical use of simplified characters (which corresponds to a total of 365 traditional Chinese characters and in the second table can be used to simplify radical with the simplified characters (traditional characters corresponding total 138, in accordance with the simplified method of induction, statistics should be noted: first, the classification of the simplified method, quite inconsistent classification of different a different angle. someone looks at the source (divided into archaic words, new created characters, people focus on the body (divided into provinces shaped, reshaped, homonyms instead, was both the source as well as the form of two aspects of the author's analysis, summarized The statistics are both sources and physical aspects. various simplified methods not interfere with each other ", the classification of the simplified characters can not be absolute. example: the" cloud "can be seen as eliminating the need for a part of the original word , using archaic words ("cloud" ancient "cloud" can also be said of similar examples of the author of the paper classified as "eliminating the need for the original part of the word" will not repeat summarized the archaic word ". not much for instructions.

The source of the 482 (corresponding traditional characters of 503 simplified characters are doing an inductive description.
1. Eliminating the need for part or most of the original word some words are composed of several components (radical taken from the original word in the part of the body to replace the whole, these words to simplify, so it can be said that "part instead of a whole. "
Simplified Chinese characters in this way are labeled (labeled wrapped (wrapped around the plant (plants, etc. of 74, accounting for 14.7%.

This method is as old as the. Already said above, the earlier text, has a strong picture, many words are almost realistic structure would easily lead to complicated and extremely conducive to writing convenient, people will try to grab the main features of the live objects, and will be repeated or unimportant part omitted, so as to achieve the purpose of the simplified this way, will not have much impact on the meaning of words, writing is convenient to many: "Guo" original meaning Outside the city, four booths on the city wall of the elephant relatively too wide, covering adverse box structure of the province for two kiosks, "mining" the word knowing Abstract tree fruit hand, eliminating the need for the fruit is. seen such a simplified manner in Oracle is already very common era bronze inscriptions in such Province (Easy for, Xiaozhuan as the interception made part of the original word, "Fa" Xiaozhuan the official script provincial law, is also part of the interception of the original word made to regular script stage, more text symbols, simplify no longer preoccupied with the form and meaning associated to retain the original character of the characterizing portion, eliminating the need for other strokes, in order to simplify the practice of body more prevalent, the 74 to simplify The word is a good example.

2. Symbol or word substitution radical approach. Obviously, this is a simple symbol or word to replace the original troublesome part a part of some of the words are too complicated, these complex symbols to replace with a simple symbol these words to simplify these words as long as a symbol can replace a lot of nothing to do with this symbol radical common symbol: ",, ㄨ, and Dao, text, Rolling, cloud, large tongue ", etc.

Simplified Chinese characters in this way: do (running a newspaper (quoted currency (coins of 139, accounting for 27.6%.

This approach is also existed since ancient times. << >> "Off" vulgar body jade articles ", with" off "to replace" now eliminating the "door". << Kyomoto popular novels >> "rights", "rights", "Liu", "bad", "phoenix", Jane Liu "," bad "," Phoenix ", is also a symbol instead of law.

<< Second character simplified scheme (draft >> such word as "symbol word symbol word Traditional many of the original form of sound words (such as" chicken "," Deng ", these words are simplified, simplified characters not and then the form of sound words (such as "chicken", "Deng", because these symbols (though some into a word such as "large, cloud" is neither a statement nor ideographic these simplified characters only table symbol.

Therefore, some experts and scholars to conclude that the development of Chinese characters is tokenizing direction. Advocate "mark" a Chang Yu Jin >> << the development direction of the structure of Chinese characters in an article by the structure of 2500 commonly used Chinese characters were analyzed and "If the token word, half-mark word statistics to an account for 38.32% of the total, the number after the Italian pronunciation (form of sound words." [2] (to P98 while lead others << Xinhua Dictionary >> (1987, from the structure of modern Chinese characters of these two aspects of argumentation "rearrangement this 冫, Dao, fish four-word sample of Investigation statistics illustrate the notation word, the half mark accounted for 45.8% of the total number of words. tokenizing direction development. [2] (P98, he said: "At present, the Chinese character system notation, while not dominant, but the number has been considerable. estimated that in the near future, with marked word is likely to catch ultra intended tone word has become the mainstream of Chinese characters ....... our characters have taken the original text, guise the text and pictophonetic text three stages of development, if not abandoned, it will forward the token text (characters accounted mark this writing systems Most of the door, this is not the will of the people for the transfer. "[2] (P98

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Obviously, this view is not echoed by the crowd. "Sound" on there contact the word, according to the the sound prop things "under the guise of If the stage of the development of Chinese characters rather than the trend, not to mention "the text on behalf of morpheme voice and sense no contact characters" [2] (P97 mark text? tokenized as the direction of the development of Chinese characters, the same , many years later, will also sever the link between us and future generations.

3. Change cursive of rolling pen-shaped regular script stippling. "Hanxing cursive. Cursive rolling pen-shaped instead of complex configuration word ingredients, highly simplified Chinese characters structure and wording. Due to it to keep with the original character of the" outline ", some cursive word is not difficult to identify. everyone familiar cursive word sweeping strokes disconnect switch to regular script written to this simplified characters called "cursive Kai word." learn " Since the "car", "music", "Yao" simplified "learning", "car", "music", "Yao is cursive Kai. Hanbei existing Kai cursive, Song and Yuan This method is very popular, such as << of popular fiction Kyomoto >> "book" written "book" << Biography of Women >> "F," written in the "floor".

This approach simplifies the Chinese character guide (guide Following (Following real (real 33, accounting for 6.6%.

In the the total table >> << simplified characters Table II "simplify the radical, like next to the words" simplify "Yan" next to the "food" simplify "Shi" and "simplified next" The Shito next Simplified "Si", simplified Xian "next to the" simplified "gold next Guoqi" and "simplified next" could be used for such understanding.

4. Shape next to change the form of sound words or phonetic.

Chinese characters in some form of sound words of many radical is abnormal complicated the writing more than inconvenience, so people will find ways to not affect the meaning of words to express the premise, with the stroke the more simple the shape next to or phonetic went to replace the complex radical, these word simplify.

The change shape next: dirty (dirty alkaline (alkali

Change phonetic: jacket (jacket Dam (Dam death (death,

Harmony next to next to the shape also changed the form of sound words: dirty (Zang, dirty,.
Can know the characteristics of this simplified method from above, these words are simplified or form of sound words. Simplified Chinese characters in this way a total of 81 (16.1%), next to change shape and change the number next to the phonetic shape at the same time very 2.47% each, and the number next to the Change sound more, accounting for 95.06%.

5. Homonyms (or nearly sound merge is simple homophone (or nearly sound word to replace the traditional characters, that is, with a few strokes homophones (nearly sound word to replace the traditional characters. Simplified Chinese characters this way, both streamlined the number of words, but also reduces strokes, kill two birds with one stone.

Kind of simplified characters: board (board do not (do not BU (BU 82, 16.3%.

In fact, this is the interchangeable characters, but with interchangeable characters to simplify the double meaning of the strokes and body structure. The << the Mohist? Shangxian >>: "and then the country, Alpha will Ke Deer public also" << Historical Records Assassins >>: "there are runny nose and then words" are "after" such a simplified way for. "seen this simplified method is also very ancient sources. mostly one instead of a few one instead of two or one instead of three, the word concurrently two or three word post can really make the characters very streamlined on the number of words, but this type during the kanji script conversion is prone to problems, which is a simplified Chinese characters blamed on the one hand, is the more intense discussion of Chinese characters in simplified that "a simple and more complex," On one level caused by the confusion of the word, will bring the word of Ambiguity, in particular, often appear in the computer The a glyph corresponding information processing simplified Chinese text into Traditional Chinese text on the error. Even so, these simplified characters brought us convenience, in any case than it produces much more.

6. Another made the traditional way of new words. To transform some words on the original bad word, nor will instead borrow homophone For such complex characters, often in accordance with the tradition of coinage another made a new word fewer strokes.

Keep traditional characters outline of another made on the basis of the traditional characters, simplified some words, such as "dragons, fish, horses, birds, when Lu" some of these contours word cursive to regular script, some savings The results of some of the original character strokes.

Some word is created by changing the formation methods. Plenty to new creation simplify Associative instead of the complicated form of sound words, such as "stove" for "stove", "tears" for "Tears", some instead to new creation simplify Associative complicated knowing the word, such as: the "dust" as "dust", "pen" of as "pen", some simplified form of sound words instead of complicated knowing the word, for example: "channeling" of as "channeling", Some of them, Simplified form of sound words instead of a complicated form of sound words, for example: "We Care" for "protecting", "surprise" for the "surprise", and so on.

Such simplified characters: help (Pampers (Po dust (dust a total of 26, accounting for 5.2%.

7. Restore archaic. Existing simplified characters and some use of the word has existed since ancient, or classical, or use or body, or with its odd word we will collectively known as the "restore ancient body".

Simplified Characters history than its complex characters and some even older, they are not so much a simplification of complex characters, not as good as traditional characters Complication like "cloud, gas, from Scotia, Volume, with, with, Kai word is the word existed since ancient times. those classical, or body, odd word with the corresponding shape of the traditional Chinese characters special sound and meaning no other ancient universal today with its simplified example, ceremony of "classical" ceremony "," up "for the" up "or body" near "the classical" Wani "" no "" no "odd word, and so on.

Such simplified characters: obstruction (Table hinder (table silkworm (silkworm total of 53 (10.5%).

8. First simplify for the radical use of the word, and then used to simplify the radical or word appropriate analogy: sign (sign wax (wax Alliance (Alliance hunting (hunting flutter (flutter overhang (overhang love (love strike (strike preparedness (preparedness Tony (Tony See (see page (Page fish (fish Correctional Services (Correctional constricted (stuffy. simplified Chinese characters in this way a total of 15 (3%).

Simplify the radical and partial simplified characters and so on, and so expand the simplified surfaces such as doors (doors, Yan (Introduction, Shi (food, a few (a few, are all radical simplification, a corresponding class launched "flash stuffy meter Order hungry drink machine Angeles "simplified characters. streamline work, this role has the largest simplify a radical way of analogy, you can simplify the tens of hundreds of text Reform Commission compiled << simplify complex characters .1964 May received a total of simplified characters the word total table >> 2238 (due to the "sign" shall "should be re-see, in fact, for 2236, launched it from 146 to simplify the radical, class of 1754 simplified characters, accounted for two-thirds of the total or more.

8 ways just some simple summary, some can be quite difficult to include nine kinds of approaches to as "Korea" simplified "Korea", in addition to part instead of the whole, strokes slight change, the head of The above two short cross is connected to a long cross.


[1] Qiu Xigui. The philology Summary [M]. Beijing: Commercial Press, 1988,96
[2] Chang Yu Jin. The development direction of the structure of Chinese characters [J]. Language building, 1996, (5:95-98.

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