Art classroom teaching art literacy training and improve students' study concluding report

Abstract art literacy includes many elements: First, you must have a certain cultural accumulation of knowledge, and second, the content of art and a basic understanding of the phenomenon and the third is the creation of works of art techniques and an understanding of the process, the four of art in The value and role of social understanding.

Keywords arts literacy teaching art to survive a research background and significance of the modern education reform proposed requirements of quality education, art education and thus establish a "big art concept." Modern art disciplines in order to develop the students' art quality, training and development of their art skills, develop character, inspire students to learn is characterized by dynamism and innovation ability. basic education is to enable every child the opportunity to exercise. present pure painting art teaching purposes, the production in the form of higher purpose, and for their own life needs, emotional expression needs, capacity-building needs of knowledge in art, art design, art exploring consciousness is weak.

In daily life, art, technology, learning, really is not much chance to use, most eyes are looking at, with the knowledge to think, to go with the aesthetic choice and we can not let everyone into a great art home, but we are able to become an informed appreciation of home, tasteful living artists, so in art classroom cultivate and improve students' art is the art of teaching literacy origin.

Two theoretical basis and practical value 2.1 theoretical basis for compulsory << arts curriculum standards (trial version) >> The first basic idea is to enable students to develop fundamental art literacy. Art curriculum should be adapted to the requirements of quality education for all students, development of students, students of human spirit and aesthetic ability, to promote the formation of students' healthy personality, promote their full development has laid a good foundation. therefore, should be selected based on, help students develop knowledge and skills in art, combining processes and methods, the composition of the basic curriculum content, we should pay attention to the level of course content to adapt to differences in the quality of students in different regions, so that the standard >> << has universal adaptability should be taken so that students in the learning process art gradually appreciate art learning characteristics, formation of basic literacy and ability to learn art, lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Art is a human culture carrier of the earliest and most important one, the use of art is passed as emotion and thought throughout human history as an important cultural behavior. "Broader cultural context in understanding art" is the second National Arts Curriculum proposed a new concept of art education one of The Arts curriculum reform proposed in this new concept is based fundamentally reverse the fine arts disciplines merely as a simple skill skills training concepts, but as a kind of cultural learning concept proposed, and its purpose is to enable students to learn through the arts disciplines, as with other humanities disciplines involved in human cultural heritage and development, cultivate students' love of the motherland excellent traditional art to the world of tolerance and multiculturalism respected so in the art classroom training and improve students' art is the art of teaching literacy a top priority!
2.2 Practical value of the function of art education is to develop the students 'art quality, training and development of students' art ability to improve students 'aesthetic sentiments, stimulate students' ability to innovate. Undertaken is the main place of art education classroom, so the class is to develop and improve Student art literacy main front. (1 so that students have a lasting art interest in learning, in art class by America's influence, the real taste of America, and can be transformed into inner spirit. (2 concern multicultural arts students physical and mental development influence in the traditional art of learning, understanding culture, learning the art perfect personality in art activities in outstanding student experience and understanding of ancient and modern works of art house classics, these artists' works are often emotional and wisdom.

3 definition of the concept

Art students humanistic qualities literacy is an important part of the future arts literacy is that students engage in social life, engaged in economic production, to make the necessary decisions on individual art understanding of scientific concepts and processes and a certain ability to explore, but also better understanding of the relationship between art and society and the nature of art, a scientific attitude and the proper values.

The basic literacy including art art enjoys a basic understanding of the content, the creation of art methods and processes have a basic understanding of the value of art in society and have a basic understanding of the role, which not only refers to the basic knowledge and skills to master art should also have a basic approach to art, including a keen visual awareness, visual phenomena and art works can make a positive response to consciously and bold use of art and the beauty of ideas and ways to express their emotions, the pursuit of artistic survival, can continue to pursue higher aesthetic taste, but also to maintain their aesthetic tastes scored.

4 content of the study (one in the art of teaching, teachers use various means to inspire students, as in the teaching of art appreciation, you can target artwork, art phenomenon, with the music, stories, role playing, etc. create situations and deepen history, culture and knowledge of the social role of art.

(Two subjects selected according to different historical periods and different cultural backgrounds artists or works of art, comparison, analysis, and found the same place between them and the differences to guide students to appreciate the artist's motivation and meaning of art.

(3 Skills class teaching, the use of multimedia, play some related film, television, video or pictures, so that students understand the ins and outs of various techniques, especially for some of our folk art, there are a lot of production techniques already facing extinction, need for students to understand, and even can ask some artists or local artists to school lectures, demonstrations, deepen students' understanding of Chinese traditional arts.

(4 teachers creative use of art materials, according to the students, the school and the local characteristics of the teaching content to choose, change, and re-creation, flexible use of local natural and cultural resources, and actively develop school-based curriculum to enhance teaching art with the local natural and cultural featured links.

(5 focus on the content of each lesson learning continuity and permeability, inspire and guide students to learn to observe and think, the United States on in life, America is on your side. Painting as a language of beauty, is just one part of the to improve the aesthetic and appreciation is the ultimate art class learning objectives.

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5 research objects and methods 5.1 Experimental study object of study is mainly based third grade, second grade and other grades also do the experiment, many cases of design studies positioned in the lower grades. aimed at students in art after entering the gate literacy training.

5.2 Experimental Methods (1 action research method: In the course of the research side of practice, while research, while reflection, focusing on understanding the practical problems. (2 literature study: collecting, studying art history and theory of art teaching art appreciation and other related books to guide the whole process of this research. (3 case tracking method: a typical selected several students to improve their basic literacy for the content, to be thorough and meticulous research to find out the regularity of an educational method (4 Reflection Summary law: For students in the classroom to explore and experience accumulated theoretical improvement and sublimation.

6 The main process of the research and research subjects from 6.1 in December 2008 to start learning theories

Investigation and deliberation, gather information, learn about the theory of modern education and the new curriculum ideas, grasp the latest research trends. Formulation of the research program, the students basic art literacy survey analysis, study and understand the subject status, contents, value, comprehensive and rational Recognizing issues and to guide research.

6.2 Discussion on the research process (a fully tap the resources of classroom teaching, weekly research a painter and his works, close to a month to arrange a master to master learning activities, once a semester, "I like the masters, like painting" works displayed. (two well-written textbooks and teaching cases, attention to students' emotional education, attention to student of beauty knowledge and experience. (3 create beautiful scenes field, so that students in America's atmosphere feel the culture, in art class approached cultural learning. highlights embodies art course humanity, through the perception of culture and history and life Sino looking to guide students to have a pair of beautiful eyes. (4 enrich teaching methods to stimulate interest in learning, attention to life experiences, creating teaching situation. (5 expansion art classroom content, to promote art classroom with other interdisciplinary development, promote innovative education classroom art multidimensional integration. (6 classroom to help students complete the self-evaluation, and improve the participation of teachers and students to encourage joint evaluation methods.

Learning theory to guide the research: (a process extensively in the study of a variety of educational learning theories, such as: Yin Shaochun teacher walked into cultural art courses << >>, << Li Xigui teacher education in order to breathe free> > Lee Town teachers and education >> << love, hou's three books >> << aesthetics, Mr. Zhu Guangqian of America >> << Tan, Feng Zi-Kai comics << >> selection, browse ChenDanQing of Set >> << regress, etc. (2 arts are interlinked, professional class reading books alone is not enough, but also from literature, philosophy, history and other aspects of the book to absorb nutrients.

Arts education through various activities and the construction of campus culture, so that students in art history and culture of teaching and subjected to Western influence and infection, and to carry forward the traditional arts and cultural heritage, cultivate aesthetic taste temper, enrich their lives and improve their spiritual life quality, optimizing students' art literacy. (a summer vacation with some students visited the museum >> << feelings and experiences in Xuzhou Xuzhou six thousand years of civilization, history, and sentiment brilliant Xuzhou Han culture. (2 campus sketching, 9 Students organized a month vacation we sketch Sketch Exhibition << go >>. (3 summer July 29 participated in the Beijing Great Hall of the "fourth session of the national primary and secondary painting calligraphy Competition Award" ceremony May 17 .10 day with three students to participate in the Chinese Military Museum's "I grew up development of our motherland," the award ceremony and exhibition of outstanding works.

6.3 research results, of course, the students basic literacy art form is a long process, not a year can stand out, the students have a good art literacy, teachers should have a certain cultural knowledge accumulation and reserve, the content and the phenomenon of art have a basic understanding of the art of creative techniques and processes to understand the value of art in society and the role of understanding.

Through 20 years of accumulation, the author in the usual reading and continuous exploration study, the topic for yourself accumulate a lot of things in the classroom but also formed its own unique style, and that is to guide students to independently explore, a degree of relaxation Problems develop an extension by the lead, so that students in a wide range of cultural contexts to study art.

In that year, the school began several seminars, demonstration lessons for the county opened twice on the leaves << >> and << Zhisheng small blood vessels of the story >>. << Zhisheng's own teaching materials Stories of the school to discuss a variety of forms and modifications. << Case study text Lenovo boundless charm to create unlimited - "word association" a lesson in teaching design and analysis published in the << >> TEACHER magazine 2009 on the first phase of the students creative children's drawings in various national competitions have a very good performance, Liu Ru happy one works << >> << Blessing of the motherland in the stamp design contest >> children's drawings stand out, to be State Postal Bureau adopted, and in June 2009 for the country.

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