On the hand-painted decorative textile design

Abstract: The development of hand-painted textiles, the characteristics and the use of hand-painted textiles, discusses the role of hand-painted decorative textile design hand-painted to promote the perfect combination of design and production, but also to promote the close ties between the designer and consumer textiles hand-painted designer provides a personal style, a venue to showcase their design talent., hand-painted textiles those chasing the trend of the times to show their own individuality and aesthetic taste special psychological satisfaction.
Hand-painted is directly drawn on textile fabrics, decorative patterns.

Produced with hand-painted textile design patterns weaving or dyeing patterns has its own characteristics. Now, hand-painted fabric art form in the world fashion trends. Psychological beauty of the people is a natural reflected.

A hand-painted textiles

Hand painted is an ancient art of dyeing. Before the invention of printing process, the ancient people on the use of hand-drawn methods decorate clothing, called "painted multicolored hand-painted techniques of ancient China from the original pottery art. Shang and Zhou and Han have painted textiles With the development of the production, the invention of the printing technology, hand-painted gradually lost competitiveness method of hand-painted and not lost, it is retained as an ancient method, also in Chinese and foreign cultures of the Han and Tang Dynasties exchange, then silk dye Valerian's technology to spread around the world.

China's textile hand-painted art, after a long period of silence, in the late 1970s and the development of textile hand-painted first appeared in Shanghai in silk varieties, recently spread to knit, cotton spinning category not only as clothing, skirts material, headscarf hand-painted as indoor decoration with material of hand-painted, such as curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, decorative wall hanging, novel now, hand-painted art in the world to get the development. in Russia, hand-painted textile art is as a professional learning and research, not only engaged in textile decorative landscaping and living-related items, but also pure art creative arts in Japan, the hand-painted method has been used in the kimono colors drawn on for patterns, dyes, tools rendering technology and other aspects of development to create constantly sum up a complete set of hand-painted knowledge and experience, forming a the kimono pattern on a unique painting method, and extended to other clothing to draw up the hand-painted fabric art form in the world popular trend, which is the pursuit of beauty, love the beauty of a psychological nature reflect hand-painted textiles fantasy and the pursuit of novelty, romantic, free and easy style gives, not only to promote the design and production of fully integrated, and also to promote the designer with the close ties between those who took the hand-painted for designers to provide outstanding personal style platform to showcase their design talent., hand-painted clothing, so that those who chase the trend of the times the display on their own independent personality and aesthetic taste special the psychological satisfaction.

Characteristics and the use of hand-painted textiles

(One mechanized production of embroidered or printed fabric defects

Mechanized production of clothing woven flowers or printing production process, there is separation of design and production. Usually tread patterns by the designer to draw a pattern (or according to the needs of society and production patterns, flower draft ), and then by the production technology department through artistic conception riding flower or engraving plate production after production. During this process, pattern designers only provide design proofs for production, while not involved in the actual production. production equipment and Production constraints are often not fully play to make many of the designer's whimsy, limiting the diversity of color style.

(Two hand-painted textiles technology

Fabric hand-painted craft appear on the surface so that production of textile suit back to the primitive stage hand, but it has the advantage of large-scale production of the machine can not replace the hand-painted textile design patterns, weaving or dyeing patterns compared and characterized in the : ① hand-painted simple, easy to operate, can give full play to the designer's intent. ② The production is convenient and it does not require large venues and complex equipment, just some simple drawing tools, dyes and finishing treatment necessary can be carried out. ③ with a strong personality features hand-drawn method is suitable for silk, cotton, chemical fiber, wool and linen and other textile needles.

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(three hand-painted textiles characteristics

1. Suit targeted. General, the design and production of textile suit should meet in different ethnic, regional, class, different gender, age, cultural literacy, as well as the different environments, different uses today For the United States gradually deepen "understanding, self-decoration is also gradually changing the blindness of mere copycat, while seeking attire harmony with the environment, aptly emphasis on personal preferences. requirements of apparel fabrics, colors, and the best is" the world is that this is only a pieces, CD-I unique. "This allows manufacturers to recognize the: Fancy camp road the better production batch as little as possible, a pattern, the production of hundreds of thousands of nearly 10,000 meters will lose targeted, only the hand- draw the fabric according to the people's hobbies, intentions or specify the requirements for the topics styling, layout and color to meet their unique aesthetic needs.

2 color layout arbitrariness: the largest producer of machine-woven flowers, printing patterns displayed color effect, the majority of unit patterns Quartet consecutive designers in the unit spent back design patterns, shape, color can lively, but look at the overall layout of the fabric, it is difficult for local flower bit of change or changes in color from the needs of the garment decoration only hand-drawn process in accordance with the requirements of the different people, different clothing styles make partial or whole flower bit layout does not seek strict symmetry, but for the chic novel can draw directly on good clothing, good fabric can also be painted again cut as much as possible to achieve the perfect combination of clothing styles and colors.

Use of color with an infinite qualitative. Woven Indian effect, trapping would be subject to the restrictions. General printing and dyeing production, taking into account the process equipment and the cost-effectiveness of printing rollers or flower version is always limited, which limits the number of color sets. CD hand-painted craft decorative needs indefinite use of color, using a variety of hand-painted, you can get a variety of color effects in different fabrics fabric, such as mixing, infiltration, complex color, shading gradients, etc., in order to change a unified, novelty chic.

Performance practices flexibility due to the limitations of the production process, woven flowers prints must be designed to meet the specific requirements of the production and hand-painted crafts you do not have to consider the length of the lines, the size of the block surface, the thickness of the mud, then version restrictions painting, can also be sprayed Ping Tu, rendering, based on the need to design a variety of techniques to achieve the effect of woven printing process can not reach the draw.

Eclectic fabric hand-painted from the current use of the form of the dye color to distinguish, in general there are three drawing methods: hand-painted Chinese painting style method, slurry painting method and dye solution draw law.

Hand-painted art, the designer should continue to absorb a variety of artistic techniques, development, and create a new style of hand-painted can also be combined with other methods, such as weaving Painting, Painting, embroidery painting combine to produce a new hand-painted effect, adding to the charm of the dress. In short, textiles hand-painted development will add luster to the growing wealth of material civilization and spiritual civilization.


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