Su Shi 's point of view from a given storm (long-envy human Zhuo Yu Lang) female beauty

Abstract: Su Shi's pen, there is a lot of fresh, vivid image of women: soft slavery is one of them. Works << fixed the storm >> (long-envy human Zhuo Yu Lang) fully demonstrated this image looks soft slave beauty, talent the United States, the conduct of the United States, reflecting the characteristics of female beauty in the works of Su Shi, the performance of his progressive views on women.

Keywords: the soft slave looks US Talent US conduct US

Different aesthetic standards in different times, different people have different aesthetic, because people swayed despite the aesthetic, but some general common beauty still exists, it will not change because of the changing times, nor will supraspinatus appreciate those different change not only the existence of a common beauty and glimmering sense commonality. "beauty with addicted contingent" knowing everyone, past and present with the goods, such as Su Shi << given storm> > characters portrayed in soft slaves on behalf of the past and present, everyone agrees the United States not only appears in the Song of beauty seems today is beautiful. the soft success in shaping the typical image of the slave, electricity makes the work charm of high artistic and aesthetic value.

Beauty and ugliness is always relative. Appearance of some people is ugly, but the mind is beautiful, a good image of the ugly appearance heart in literary works, such as the >> << Notre Dame's bell ringer Quasimodo looks ugly, while the heart was very kind this is "ugly" for the United States. literary figure, there are some physical beauty and mind ugly, such as Wang Xifeng >> << A Dream of Red Mansions, look beautiful and vicious heart, we only she can to enjoy as a literary figure, rather than her character should be to learn she can not be regarded as the ideal of beauty. simply say the beauty of a woman's face, it seems surprising that physical beauty is an external the United States, a person is more important is the inner beauty, the beauty of the soul, while the soft slave valuable point is that she is not only a beautiful face, beautiful soul, is the perfect unity of inner beauty and outer beauty. Below we Appreciation look soft the embodied female beauty lies slaves:

One, the United States looks

An ugly person with natural through good behavior to change its image, but can not say nothing to recognize a person's physical beauty is also crucial, in mutual understanding not very premise. First impression has accounted for a large proportion of the visual affect, why young people look better than the old, the young people of their age, color, while the elderly experienced many vicissitudes, facial wrinkles, but the elderly people have a wealth of experience and wisdom of young people is much higher than the Geisha dancers Su Shi 's most beautiful, soft slavery is one of them.

Su Shi << given the storm >> ('s the envy people ask Zhuoyu Lang) original sequence: "Wang Dingguo song children said Sophie slaves surname Yuwen Shi, prospect Juan Lai, good deal, ancestry live in the capital. Scheduled the country southward migration normalized I asked Sophie: the 'wide southerly earth, should be bad?' soft peace of mind, saying: 'This is my village.' because the suffix of the word cloud. "This cover is not only talking about the background of the author's writing, but also talked about the the soft slave beautiful face. Ancestor for Genpo years (1079) In June, Su Shi Wutai poem "was banished Huangzhou Wang Gong word given country, from Su Shi learn to text, implicated for accepting Su Shih , was demoted the Pennsylvania prison salt liquor tax. Pennsylvania Lingnan region, conditions relatively difficult to Wang Gong with showgirl soft slave counterparts, after three years, the North go drinking together and Su Shi, Wang Gong, a soft slave drinks upon. Su Shi, then add to the fun, as the term is also visible the soft slave personality, Su Shi minded.

In the Song Dynasty, a large number of Geisha dancers exist, with the ruler advocacy officials Secretary queens, has the singer, dancer, for pleasure, there are many endowed with both these women some also sincere feelings owner, lifelong master hand in hand, accompanied with the joys, and the owner, through thick and thin. Wang Gong, with the soft slave to Lingnan, then it is a true portrayal of the life of that era-specific. If we say that in modern society, officials with a showgirl travel is a spurned behavior, in the Song Dynasty, the distinct, small with historical background and understanding of things is different from the showgirl and master Dependence, stubbornly persists, togetherness valuable spirit is laudable. poet Su Shi 's woman, not only looks smart and beautiful, but also talent, wealth, beauty of admirable character, which is a common feature of their image. term in the original sequence mentioned the prospect Juan Lai ", in praise of soft slavery natural beauty, the beauty is in excellent shape, unparalleled.

Often envy world Zhuo Lang, days teach Fenfu point crisp Mother. "This is the word of the first sentence, the author did not describing the beauty of soft bondage from the front, instead of using the virtual approach." Zhuo Yu Lang ", the to carved jade artisans by Wang Gong, who are good at Acacia passionate seed point crisp Mother "this to Mei Yao Poem," Women can point crisp poem "smart talent here in order to praise the soft slave point crisp probably the equivalent now Biaohua craft arts. 'allotments "that delivered this sentence is that envy you, the passionate man, God delivered to you an ingenuity" point crisp Mother "to Su Shi is not a reasonable facsimile of specific soft bondage looks and figure, but take the beauty the imaginary Yu practical approach, a God delivered to Bingqing jade Put placed in front of the reader, to the readers fully imagine the free space.

If the poem is, in the original sequence only occasionally mentioned description is not enough to say the the Ming Su word pen female beauty A remarkable feature of the case, then we can also be in other words from the Su-word as evidenced by the direct appearance of the soft slave. : "long eyebrow eye fine faint dressing New York bun" for (<< 减字木兰花 >> [Yau-home gifts Jun Ji]), catching write a maid vain rouge, makeup elegance of natural beauty. "eyebrow length, "fine eyes", "makeup", the "York bun" all show the maid of the true nature of the United States, without ornaments, her beautiful original ecology, fresh and natural, no one _ [contrived v. Passions. << Pipa woman from a positive description of a fair-skinned, pretty hair on the temples, show a the towel >> (Pipa female) skin Yingyu, trimming comb cicada. chi window Su'e tonight, and it is therefore with the people, like bucket Chanjuan " pipa physical beauty of the woman, and ending with the moon as a backdrop, is even more evident Pipa woman reigning beauty, beautiful. "its shallow cut new green, Xia Yi drag Xiaohong," Praise the hair of a maiko, harmonious beauty of the dress, "Hanyu The fine Ningzhi "praise the wife's comely.

Described by Su Shi "female shape is fresh and clean without bright enchanting beauty looks without charm, embodied the true nature of the beauty of the female" Unlike Wen Ting-yun Liu Yong 's artificial modification of the United States with the writers do not take women as objects of ornamental but respect for women, the women put on a higher level, not without relevance now.

Second, the talent US

"Bai Zuoqing Gechui white teeth, the wind blows, the Xuefei inflammation sea becomes cool, the writing soft slaves to white for and starred in the song, clear sweet voice came from the mouth of her Fang Jie, people feel like the wind from the Xuefei, so the hot summer heat of the land into the cool of the township. the politically frustrated poet from depression, depressed, unhappy, irritability becomes transcendent broad-minded, very calm and serene. artistic effect write soft slave singing, affirmed the soft slave feat of superb white teeth, white teeth, write soft slave face the United States, of course, the writer intention and not only this, but the use of synaesthesia of art practices, and to showcase the beauty of the soft slaves singing Wind since Xuefei visual effects, inflammation sea becomes cool, then the tactile effect at work, so that readers turn to the visual perception of tactile changes, in order to show the soft, comfortable soft slaves singing, gives rise builds Wyatt aesthetic enjoyment. the exaggerated means that arouse the reader's infinite reveries. "Words are the voice, the song is the female singer Sophie slaves expression of the inner world, her mood is broad-minded, and the owner with the joys the spirit of fair-weather dictates, in turn, for support, firm life and the life of Wang Gong beliefs played a key for just.

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Despite the said objects, "said can ornaments pseudo: the Jujian worries Mandarin, the hot human for snow Wen. Words grid withered, is often revealing Physiognomy: Chuan style of anxious people, not to make changes to the Cheng Dan heroic people of the pen, you can not do becomes restraint hyped He also "this is not, for the analysis of literary works style, but this point of view the use of this, there is nothing soft slaves since for songs, the equivalent of what written soft slaves singing has its special style, her character, the character of the show only noble, sincere emotion in order to impress people, this just shows that the songwriting has soft slave a high degree of artistic authenticity. "Shipin out of character", could write such a good song is from her noble conduct and sincere emotion.

Su Shi 's women not only songs, but also a good dancer, versatile. Loud voice, containment live line Bonaventure do not accept "(<< 减字木兰花, Qing Ji >>) to be compared foil Qing Ji singing loud can "containment housing, cloud, birds fly non-stop good dancers, such as" the cream atrium Juanjuan Dance Month "

Moving dance of female singer (>> << Huan Xisha [school painting teeth children being wonderful years]) write Moonlight courtyard hit section of the dance, "Cuixiu leaning Wind Ying catkins (<< Huan Xisha >> [ten thousand ares Fengtao not be credited to the Soviet Union]), songwriting Kabuki Cuixiu the catkins like white, light snow towel swaying. they and some familiar with the musical instruments. << partridge days · beauty >> "breasts oblique hold horizon hand flick the water ice, "write Pipa woman superb skill. flute blowing the << new water >> (<< the Pusa >> [Juan volume the missing monthly southwest drop]) is the Geisha, unless when piper to express Yiyi dismay of love. "Yusheng from lips warm from the sound mournful pharyngeal the chest fill" (<< Pusa >>) is displayed Sheng prostitutes superb Flutist.

Overall, the in Su Shi word, the image of these women are not only proficient in a variety of musical instruments such as the pipa, erhu, flute and dulcimer, playing sounds wonderful music, and voice Qingli whirling dance even though they are a Geisha dancers, status humble, but Su Shi's pen has been due respect to them as artists to look at and praises into one, sympathy, understanding their encounter and unfortunately, had a strong resonance with them, to enjoy the arts together bring aesthetic pleasure.

Third, the conduct of the United States

"Miles returned years the less, smile, laugh when Youdai Ridge Meixiang, write soft slaves heading north. Sketched out the first of her demeanor looks," Miles returned years the less, her fame or fortune of Lingnan's hard life, mood comfortable, after returning from more radiant, younger looking years more less "is somewhat exaggerated, but it is Su Shi soft slaves fear hardship, the adventure if razed heartfelt praise." smile ", write Sophie slaves North go beyond the one to get through those hard times, a relief, the performance of the open-minded and optimistic attitude towards life, difficult years of her defeat, but her character more experience, to make her more stubborn and strong "Ling Mei", Dayu Ridge in the plum, the vitality the "laugh Youdai Ridge Maehyang write soft slaves and masters southward migration and return, not only did not see the deserting of the state, but more spiritual glow, worthy and Ling Mei comparable this also shows the strong will of the soft slave the the bucket frost Aoxue like Ling Mei all well below foreshadowing.

"How Lingnan should bad? Road, this peace of mind is that I Township the poet first negative sentences at the beginning, not accidental, Su Shi had not been to Lingnan but Demeaned this literati wild Lingnan Morning narrative, Su Shi, a sketchy understanding of the question so Lingnan good or bad, "but said" steep turn makes A sentence "This peace of mind is that I village", more sonorous, powerful, Paradox timeless. general the officials are afraid to Lingnan Su Shi Wang Gong and soft bondage full of admiration, but also shows Sophie slaves daguan, the intelligence of the character.

"This peace of mind at Ago, kind of go with the flow, the words to express broad-minded personality in Bai Juyi poem more common. The Bai Juyi the << Hyangnobong under the new BU Shanju, into the early Thatched Cottage, even question Dongbi >> five four-, "normalized at the heart of Thailand itself rather hometown He independence in Chang'an?" out of the city to stay early in the << do >> "I was born in this township, peace of mind is a place to return to." << kinds of peach and apricot >> probably peace of mind regardless of the Cape and the End of the World is the home language, can be used as a hometown means to make peace. in Bai Juyi seems, both of body, mind, peace of mind is itself the premise of security, only peace of mind in order to reach the body of Ann, also in order to achieve the highest state of physical and mental Aetna his pursuit of a physical and mental nature one realm of life.

Su Shi's words clearly by Bai Juyi poetry of, and added into the Wang Gong and soft bondage of stigma, their personality color. This go with the flow, not with the foreign object and change the optimistic state of mind, they overcome Lingnan difficulties and obstacles play a an invaluable role. hometown is the people, the people to go, where hometown. hometown this refers to a specific place, the hometown of immobile people is subjective, the heart is movable, writers wandering around, had lamented "This body, such as pass Scotia, where I Township!" (<< Linjiangxian, >> [forget Chengdu to upload 10]) at home everywhere, as the people in the homeland will break through the traditional sense of the homeland concept, people where people will go, where hometown also to who can make people feel at ease everywhere hometown. former hometown may be prosperous, now the seat of the desolation of the people not because of external conditions good or bad change, which is a supreme realm of life, a philosophical attitude to life, do not complain, do not despair, do not complain, but although living in adversity predicament, still equanimity. "This peace of mind at is my town "is a" Witty Words containing profound philosophy of life, Sophie slaves revel adaptive, adaptable optimistic Quantm 'closely aligned with the master of the house, the same affliction' 'loyal love' feeling of how commendable! "Su Shi Wang Gong and soft bondage with praise by their infection in his later years was demoted Lingnan hardships, it is the spirit of this adaptable, contribute to his optimism, strong enough to live, and a lot of literary performance achievements Su Shi the spirit is the same strain and Wang Gong master and slave, so he put it introduces the word appreciation.

The conduct of the United States of Su Shi 's women can also be seen from other works, such as << Xijiang Yue >> (jade bone of that worry miasma fog), by Yongmei to express nostalgia on asakumo, praise asakumo plum-like noble quality, it is she abandons Su Shi distressed, to stay together, so Su Shi never forget. << drunk in abjection >> (Cang Yan HUAFA), the Su Shi shaped a heavy feelings, impersonal image of women. "old one upstart sound book must only beauty, Utah Do not attentive." The Honourable singing-girl affection sincere, Shuganlidan, valuable confidant. << Jiang Chengzi Su Shi >> (Cuie ashamed the Dai and scared people watching) , "Cuie shame Dai cowardly people to see. mask cream Wan, tears stole bomb and do a closed tears listening to Yang Guan Man Road Kingstown days kind far, the day is easy to see, Jianjun difficult," wrote the woman artistically and elegantly Song of.

Word pen in the Soviet Union, there is a lot of fresh, distinctive image of women, regardless of their living environment, social status, in Su Shi's minds, they all love Gao Zhiyuan, talent, wealth and is the incarnation of the good, Su Shi most respected people, especially those beauty and talent, wealth and noble for a woman, Su Shi praise ye view of women in the Song Dynasty, the low status of women, Su Shi progress in promoting gender equality, improve women's social status from to an active role.

Substances increasingly prosperous modern society, with soft slave hard working, hard-working spirit, no doubt for people to overcome impulsive mind, peace of mind of their own work, and has a stable emotional life, and promote social progress and civilization have practical significance also look forward to a new era new women learning soft slave spirit, become an integral part of the modernization of the new force.

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