China's feudal society harem system from A Dream of Red Mansions

Abstract: China's feudal society wives system is a product of the patriarchal family culture, the patriarchal family system the wife of the male as the link to the benefit of the family ties and continue the family line of tools, in order to ensure the continuation of the haunting family incense jump fork they intervene in which the husband and wife, The wives sometimes struggle sometimes balanced situation between. << Dream of Red Mansions >> wife and concubine Description has been multifaceted, multi-angle reflection.

Keywords: << Dream of Red Mansions >> Choose a wife the concubinage wives system

<< Dream of Red Mansions >> is an encyclopedia of China's feudal society, the story involving political, economic, cultural and other fields, it has even more head harem system of China's feudal society.

<< Dream of Red Mansions >> human marriage exists in the form

<< Dream of Red Mansions >> book description Jia, who lords, young master can be described as many wife the great master Jia She wife Xing's wife, a concubine bright red, Cuiyun, two classic wife Ms. Wang Jia Zheng, concubine Aunt Zhao, Zhou oldest maternal aunt, Zhen Jia wife Youshi concubine Pei Feng, kai luan, Jia Lian wife Wang Xifeng, concubine Similarities, flat children, Qiutong,,, ... these classic Master numerous wife, but only one wives, the rest are concubines.

Through Jia these phenomena, we can get a glimpse of the feudal society, the institution of marriage evident: in the feudal society, the men, although multiple wives, but only one wife, wife concubine. Therefore, our ancient institution of marriage is summarized as monogamy multi concubine "system seems to be than we usually call" polygamy "system that is more accurate.

Multi concubine "phenomenon, however, exists only on the rich and powerful family, the poor people living at the bottom of society only lived a monogamous system life due to economic constraints and are unable to concubinage as Engels said "polygamy is the privilege of the rich and dignitaries like harem system is the privilege of the rich and dignitaries" << A Dream of Red Mansions >> us today to explore the Jia represented by the big feudal family " The wives the system. "

Second, >> << Dream of Red Mansions human wife

(A) Choose a wife: parents' order

"Since the clan, the family concept is generated, the marriage is not only limited to the scope of both spouses, and become a different clan, a way exchanges between the family. Success of marriage is no longer parties personal matter, and it is directly related to clan and family interests, the family political failure, economic gains and losses related to marriage in close contact with the family to consider the marriage of their children can give real benefits to the family, for the young men and women it is impossible in his own wishes to choose a wife or husband. "parents' order" Choose a wife that is a product of this sense of family, it makes both men and women have become victims.

Entanglements of love between Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu, Xue is the central story of the book << Dream of Red Mansions >> gem love Daiyu and Jia authorities are fancy Baochai, whether dealing with others the identity of her Miss Xue Jia Bao Chai are in line with the standards of the ideal daughter-in-law of their hearts. contradictions rooted: love who Baoyu own wives who do not gem own, all decisions taken at the orders of parents " Thus, the tragedy produced.

Parents' order "Choose a wife placed in the" family interests "above all," the benefit of the family and makes feudal parents of future daughter-in-law's family background have strict standards: the perfect match!

(B) Standard: Optional wife good match

<< >> In Dream of Red Mansions, the author gives us a description of Jia, Shi, Wang Xue "Legend". The bustling four families descendants, Wives and Concubines we can find from these wives are very noble, their origin 's.

The Jia DaiShan - Shitai Jun

Jia - History

Jia Lian, Jia Zheng - Ms. Wang - Wang Xifeng

Jia - king

Jia Baoyu - Xue Bao-chai

Jia - Xue

Xuejia daughter-in-law - Xue Yima - royal daughter

King - Xue

Four families this intricate marriage, in the fourth round was to reveal: "These four are contacted pro a loss all loss, a prosperity or, support Zheshi to both take care." "A prosperity" feudal the big family of the implementation of the objectives pursued by the "perfect match" marriage, "a loss of all loss" has become the inevitable result.

Third, >> << Dream of Red Mansions human concubinage

To concubine background (a)

Concubine woman married man wife outside, the background source is much broader than the wife.
Satisfied servant concubine, Aristocrats and Bureaucrats family, the man of the house home slaves accounted for himself, doing his concubine. >> << Dream of Red Mansions, Aunt Zhao is the handmaiden satisfied concubine of Aunt Zhao former maidservant identity of the fifty-fifth back was to reveal: her brother Zhao Guoji death the Jia family should reward some funeral was when Tanchun the housekeeper, will be in accordance with the old account at home - two at home reward too are twenty-two two outside are tours forty-two - reward Aunt Zhao Two hundred pennyworth. visible, Aunt Zhao is "home" that Jias "root adobe long I , Fuchu slaves satisfied concubine. posted in the free papers Download Center

She was originally Xianghuan buy female concubine, which is based on money as a means the woman bought Zuoqie, a conversion of money in this transaction, the women completely. Xiang Ling is Xue bought Zuoqie the the House of Miss, after being the kidnapper abducted and fall into the hands of the "stay Overlord" Xue Pan, made his "room.

Dowry Zuoqie that man to his wife's dowry the girl satisfied that concubine level children, the sixty-fifth of the book of Jia Lian Xing's servant children and Similarities comes to flat childhood, children Tao Xing: "This level children is a and he (Wang Xifeng) girl from young children, to close in the house ... "is one of the of Wang Xifeng dowry girl in the visible level children, to Jia Lian made a" room "belongs" dowry Zuoqie.

Gift handmaiden of concubinage concubine >> << Dream of Red Mansions is relatively rare, but one case. The maidservants Qiutong is Jia Lian, Jia She gave his son a wife.

(B) a wife's attitude

Voluntary type high door classic Master Zuoqie material life is guaranteed, if favored, or for her husband Takako times would be much better. Someone voluntarily Zuoqie. Xiren this is the gem of the girl , she has won the status of half the masters on the voluntary won the favor of the gem and Jias of all, in order to one day become a gem concubine.

Resistance type. Wealthy Zuoqie many benefits, but it happens to someone disdain this "Yuanyang anti-marriage. The mandarin duck is jiamu maidservants, Jia She fancy For satisfied concubine But Love" Zhida heart high "do not eat this great master to see her failing sent Gesao of trying to force her, she simply opened downtown jiamu front of sleeve possession of scissors, swore, would rather die, and would prefer to do the nuns nor Zuoqie really songs can praise!
Numbness type. << A Dream of Red Mansions >> there is a class of people, they are a wife to the man of the house, neither voluntary nor that revolt "concubine" identity, somewhat numb. Ping child concubine of Jia Lian gem deep deep sympathy for her plight caught in them "vulgar Jia Lian, Feng Wei, but she blindly" comprehensive appropriateness "intimate effective when Xifeng assistant can not see her any dissatisfaction, she can not see What sense of tragedy.

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