On the the fictive kin cultural narrative in A Dream of Red Mansions

Abstract: As a folk embody >> << Dream of Red Mansions, the nominal kinship relationship can be broadly divided into four types, namely affective, utilitarian, game type and compatible types of nominal kinship performance is not only the achievements of the novel real interpersonal relationships, and a profound and novel interesting episode of Pushing Hands, has both a deep cultural references.

Keywords: << Dream of Red Mansions >> nominal kinship emotional benefits game

As one indistinguishable from the secular style painted screen << Dream of Red Mansions >> shows us the many Chinese folk landscape, long history, wide coverage, rich in content, the far-reaching impact of fictive kin folk "fictive kin" not only the achievements of the real interpersonal relationships in the novel, but also profound and novel interesting episode of Pushing Hands, both a deep cultural references relied upon by the manifestations of the specific examples, we >> << A Dream of Red Mansions nominal kinship relationship is roughly divided into four types, namely affective, utilitarian, game type and compatible.

First, the affective

Xuebao Qin is the cousin of Baochai, grew up with the business his father to go many places, due Xue Yima relationship with Ms. Wang was with Jias climbed up, kiss her looks and talent are no less than Chai and Dai in its temperament cute from the exchanges with the the Daguanyuan Morohito the evident back forty ninth Xuebao Qin early into Jia, jiamu like 无可无不可 "immediately" forced "Ms. Wang recognized goddaughter. Then, due to snow in the Pearl jiamu will reward the the duck head hair do Jincui Hui-huang "the mallard Flightmare fur to Baulkham, Jia Mu of Baulkham special pet our from Xiangyun emotion on found: "visible the old lady hurt you: so significant pain gem did not give him to wear."
Yinger is a the Po Chai personal girl, The 35th back gem begged her to play Taozi her they Feng Baochai life with Yu Chuaner of same to, she can not sit Yu Chuaner sit down to a low stool sub onslaught people end a foot when she still can not sit but that Xue government girl in Jia recognize a godmother! that is the fifty-sixth the same level children said: "The day before yesterday Yinger also recognized the leaves the mother doing Ganniang, invited to dine Chijiu, two and very thick. "leaves mom is the gem servant Beiming the mother, when the Department of the Jias old people, and this time Yinger one with Xue government in Beijing have been several years before, this pro-mother and child was made known naturally falling coexistence result of mutual pity mutual pity. Daiyu want to recognize the 57th back "Tsz aunt love language comfort crazy frown" Xue Yima motherhood, the fifth the eighth back Xue Yima to sojourn Xiaoxiangguan care Daiyu "one should be bait, very attentive", "Daiyu sense of wearing countless after they as Baochai to call", of course, is also out of each other affectionate meaning There are scholars from thick Dai thin hairpin "ideological tendency that Hsueh and her daughter has been in use and deceive daiyu, but" heart more than dry multi-Gate "Daiyu is only because Xinyousuogan recognized under the door fictive kin.

Such nominal kinship relations as a major factor in the emotional, specific fork can be divided into "love at first sight and soon fell in love type, Baulkham of touches on the former, Yinger Daiyu of cases it is the latter, but in any case," We love and hate forever pointing outside us a sentient being, the nominal kinship relations reflect mutual purely emotional willingness most part pure humanity.

Second, the utilitarian

Nominal kinship only nominally valued emotional factors, but sometimes mixed with more interest factors, or if no such interest factors driven by some nominal kinship relations even does not generate.

Orb is fleeting figure << A Dream of Red Mansions >> Chapter 13 Qin Ke's death the maidservants Ruizhu touch column died Orb request that goddaughter Qin wrestling mourning driving Spirit "the mourners Tingling iron Temple threshold and then "persisted in his refusal to go home." early appears to be a loyalty servant righteous servant, but see Qin Ke kinky the funeral Tenkorou "Old Man, it is not difficult to understand the Orb intention of Bihuo systemic, and" fictive kin "bunker. she Mingchih save themselves back to the twenty-fifth" Nightmare magic Shusao Every Goki "the Transactions of wind and Jiabaoyu frightening performance, While the disaster by Aunt Zhao sky, but directly to the person handling it is a gem of the Ganniang bridleways woman, reason for her to do so just because Aunt Zhao's clothes jewelry and 53 pieces of silver less, according to. while she had do gem Ganniang, I am afraid that there are two of the original Gang: One of her nuns identity so Jias of desire limitless disaster has been a trusted relying on praying for the gem, Jias willing to for utilitarian sky, herself multi-layer identity are naturally conducive to more easily access the Jia fraud extort money, but also due to utilitarian sky.

The from Tingnan bought 12 small actors in Jia also have each Ganniang, but the fifty-eighth back Fangguan a result any mom, shampoo and Ganniang of, conflict, said: "I month of January seen these girls competing to become the so-called dry money are holding you touched my light is not the hand, give me left East left West! "the gem also said:" earn his money, and humiliate him. " bitch tool to make money. copied The Great Garden, the dagger back seventeen Ms. Wang will be singing girl "in their each 10 mother with a self-employed married", "these Ganniang are willing endless Thanksgiving to take advantage of" Thanksgiving to take advantage of the willing "because these girls from their private property, regardless they marry what people can receive a valuable dowry, is tantamount to a fortune in vain.

From the various cases, we can easily find the substance of fictive kin "pro" long gone "pro" into the appearance of the interpersonal relationships, "profit" is the party to chase the target, but also has a utilitarian awareness of the barrier between the two sides, certainly can not be a real emotional relationship, many conflicts have emerged, the plot of the novel has become the ups and downs. posted in the free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

three game-type

General cognition, the game is a kind of cultural and recreational activities, but also Western aesthetics usually refers to a theory about the origins of literature and art, and not with any utilitarian purpose, but in order to get rid of the excess energy to the material and spiritual bondage create a free world, and get a no interest in the feelings of pleasure. << >> Jia Yun and Jia Baoyu, The Dream of the Red Chamber nominal kinship relations that fall into this category.

<< Dream of Red Mansions >> before eighty gyrus, Baoyu and Jia Yun intersection of only three. Occasional only slightly familiar and also Big Five-year-old Jia Yun, smiles: The twenty fourth gem in front. " you had overhangs more than the first, but rather my son. "Jia Yun will interface said:" treasure tert never too nephew stupid, recognized the son who is the nephew of good fortune. "back twenty-sixth gem home recuperate, Jia Yun go for gem greeting, greet only say "uncle Today, Daan" did not mention the word "father". This let us find back twenty-four dialogue is just a harmless joke. available to the first the thirty-seven back Cao Xueqin these "Faint" re-connecting up, he let Jia Yun the two basins rare White Begonia dedicated to gem, and wrote on Baitie the text one line unique that - - "unworthy men Yun respectfully lord father Wan Fu Jinan.

Jia Baoyu is not only << Dream of Red Mansions >> central figure, is also a huge Jias "Phoenix" figure, say Jia Yun he did not have a shred of cling Heart is impossible but Jia Yun the paralogs children's played to earn some money to feed their families to seek a project in Jia's many engineering, not treasure Erye he wanted to give, are Lianer Ye and Lian he expected and actual action to go Grandma's path. For this purpose, he sent WangXiFeng's gift is precious borneol, musk, while sending gem but two basins White Begonia. these different gifts also happens to be his cognitive gifts object, vulgar Masayuki improve our understanding and knowledge of Jia Yun person also large, so we say, of achievement "Jello vegetarian even knot Begonia Society Grand View with Yayun and Son name is actually more like a game, because really opposite, Jia Yun is not utter the word "father".

IV compatible

The title of arrangements of the twenty-seventh called "Yang Fei drama Dicui Pavilion, butterflies, buried a fragrant mound swallows weep Canhong" course, the protagonist is Baochai Daiyu, which was interspersed Wang Xifeng and Little Red and her daughter nominal kinship story This case has all the emotional, utilitarian and game content, therefore we say that it is a >> << Dream of Red Mansions typical "compatible" fictive kin relationship.

This same little red girl occasionally as Xifeng pass an answer, Xifeng to take the initiative to disown her goddaughter, this novel is a unique the Xifeng Little Red said: "morrow you Fushi me, I acknowledge thee dry girl. my conditioning, you sterile! "masters grandmother deny thee do dry-girl" proposal put forward in the sentiment improvisation, of course, first like a game, but this a proposal must be built on an emotional basis, Know Prior Xifeng did not know Alice, just know that she is a gem house the girl did not even know what's her name, only because the little red "clean Pretty "," talk got the message "and" altercation cut, the Xifeng like the Lady Dowager like Baulkham fancy as this girl first met. said she also has a utilitarian purpose, that it should be is you want to say something like that will not take a cavity the girls for tone and consistent with their own mind "Fushi" own and run errands for their own biography messenger.

Xifeng to listen to the little red the said own mistaken seniority, the little red the real mother Lin Zhixiao home has their own dry daughter, the proposal had to be dropped. Nominal kinship between the wind sister and the little red do not form novel wording was plainly tells us: the Xifeng There are also older than their daughter and her. Lin Zhixiao home is one of the Jia powerful face of Pufu sixty-third back Shou Yihong Qunfang open Banquet "before she took Shangye women inspections to Yihong, but the gem, very hot, Qingwen arrested people waiting to field 11 teach about it, but contact her and Xifeng relationship, we can easily to find the word "utilitarian" Lin Zhixiao home met Xifeng Xifeng said the government a lot of people rushing own Jiaoma, but we read from the book is in front of people or in person after they are nothing but nominal kinship relations is not a game that can only be called "Grandma" heart no relatives feelings verbally without relatives appellation is it?
"Folklore as a cultural phenomenon, it belongs to the scope of the 'ceremony'. Showing Folk received wide attention. Folk things like life and culture is gradually formed as the generation, development of human society." Looking < the front of the Dream of the Red Chamber >> fictive kin folk and all kinds of nominal kinship relations, we can easily find the "emotional" and "pseudo-emotional Daguanyuan Communication projection, also from the perspective of folk culture on people's lives and negative effects, so that we can be closer to the creative intent of initial reading << Dream of Red Mansions >> Links to free papers Download Center http://eng.hi138.com

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