Selected Works of Ancient Literature Teaching Students' Humanistic Quality improvement analysis

[Abstract] In recent years, one of the main objectives of university education is to actively enhance the humanistic quality of university students. Ancient literature as an important carrier of national culture and national spirit and its strong aesthetic function, carrying important task in this regard. First we should focus on the emotional education of college students, strengthen the ancient literary works to improve the moral qualities. Secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of teachers of ancient literature course selection, but also in the ancient literature teaching aspects of selected courses and teaching methods improved, in order to gradually improve the humane quality of university students.

[Keywords] Ancient Literary Works, college students, humanistic quality

"So-called humane quality, from a comprehensive knowledge, abilities, ideas, emotions, will, and a variety of factors such as the intrinsic quality and performance of a person's personality, temperament, training." Humanistic quality is a step-by-step continuously improve the process involved in many aspects of the humanities and social sciences and natural sciences.

Humanistic quality education since the 1990s, strengthen the college students to cultivate the human spirit, humanities, this educational philosophy has been more and more attention in college. Reflect as well as works of art of the ancient literature of the social reality of life shaped distinctive artistic image, inclusive and reflect the broad national spirit, strong national sentiment, noble virtues of the nation, the national psychology, learning ancient literature, both accept the process of knowledge, but also to promote the national spirit, and advocacy of national humanistic quality education process of ethical penetration of national psychology. said, the ancient literary selection course is one of the most desirable course of humanistic quality education for college students.

First of all, the ancient Chinese literary works is important carrier of national culture and national spirit, national culture is an ancient Chinese literary works included a very wide span of ancient Chinese literary works from prehistoric civilization has been traced back to the 20th century, the beginning of the new cultural movement in this long process of historical development, the Chinese nation has created a very bright spiritual civilization in various fields - including literature, philosophy, language, art, military, ethical, political, economic - have left the brilliant cultural heritage. by ancient literary selection course to these outstanding cultural communication among the college students to go where they can appreciate the brilliant civilization of five thousand years of Chinese, and enhance their own national self-confidence.

"A nation psychological characteristics, cultural traditions, spiritual outlook, value orientation, the concentrated expression of the national spirit, the heart and soul of a national culture is the spiritual pillar and the inherent power of a nation continuation and development." Spread to ancient today pursue their literary, almost all the Chronicles writers ideals and beliefs of the essence, reach and economic world, the poor are spared "Confucians have those" road of its long and far Xi, Wu Jiang search up and down " those "Ship Even Sank first dead long so Hero Tearful" virtuous are those who "sacrifice to take the righteous," the fighter who, who "Wu Hook looked, shoot over the railing," the Patriots have no not we learn the object of praise, the classic table of contents in the ancient literature to college students, will unknowingly be our national spirit penetrate into their ideology, and to gradually improve the Humanity Quality.

Secondly, the ancient literature has a strong aesthetic function. Selected Works of Ancient Chinese Literature course is a very aesthetic atmosphere of course. Yunzhi poems from other Parallelism Fu, to plot twists and turns from the implication graceful prose fiction presented with a variety of formal beauty, ancient literature specific to the works, we can appreciate the beauty of language to the << Lisao >> rhythm of Li Bai's poems, the Han Yu prose style of the United States, Liu Zongyuan the natural beauty of prose, Xin Qiji lofty beauty Su Shi artistic conception, << >> The Peony Pavilion, the beauty of the soul of humanity << Dream of Red Mansions >> United States ...... ancient Chinese literary works is a temple of beauty in this temple Strolling can purify people Mind, cultivate people's sentiments, people toward the good and the beautiful direction, to develop a noble character and high-grade aesthetic value orientation.

Outstanding works of ancient literature, is the main carrier of the traditional culture is a concentrated expression of the human spirit, is an important part of the national cultural heritage of highly qualified students must inherit and learn from our culture today. Ancient literary works selected courses teaching enhance humanities quality of college students to work hard in the following areas:

(A) Strengthen the ancient literary works to improve the moral quality of the emotional education of college students

Moral is educating people fundamentally. Shanghai University of chang once said: "We train students should first be a comprehensive, a patriot, a cultural and artistic accomplishment, noble moral qualities, goodness of heart, followed by is a discipline, expertise, and a future engineers, experts' ancient literature content vivid and strong feelings, which contains a wealth of human emotions. ancient literature teaching emotional education students The advantage is obvious, because of outstanding literary works is the "emotional symbolic form, the artist mastered the ability to create art in symbolic form becomes invisible inner feelings for human perception, viewing things." ... so in Ancient Literary Works in the teaching process, teachers should pay attention to the education of the emotions, the Chinese nation's fine cultural traditions convey to the students, in order to enhance its internal human qualities.

1, patriotic emotion education

Outstanding works of ancient literature contains a wealth of patriotic feelings and national sentiment, good patriotic spirit to cultivate college students have a very important role in Chinese history scholar are full of patriotic passion to sing the touching patriotism from Qu Yuan thousand times to die never regretted "Cao Zhi to" do my best on the country flow benefits under the people "from Tze Ngon" sense thinking to serve the country, drew his sword from Gaocai to Du Fu defeated country in the city of Spring deep vegetation flu flower splash tears, hate the other birds startling ", from Zhongyan" first to show concern and worry, after the world music "to Gu Yanwu world rise and fall. everyone is responsible" Lu You " national hatred is not reported to the warrior old sword at night vainly sound "to Wen Tianxiang's life since ancient times who no dead, to retain loyalty according to annals. reflected in these people with lofty ideals for the country, the noble sentiments of sacrifice personal interests for the nation mind able to infect and deep patriotic feelings and the spirit of college students and mold their sentiments, evoking the national self-confidence and pride. cultured people's patriotic spirit and their works of art shaped image defend the country singing the culture of the Chinese nation literature the main theme of dignity, uphold the national integrity. explain ancient literary works, teachers should have awareness of depth explanation on the literary works of patriotic ideology, patriotism, students of patriotic thinking and patriotic spirit .

2, the moral quality education

Ancient Chinese literary works contains Chinese nation's outstanding quality of Mencius "sacrifice to take justice" the moral spirit, Confucius "person is filial piety, out of the Ti, I have the honor and the letter, the Pan-loved public, while the pro-jen" the benevolence spirit, << ceremony Good views on love remember >> "sincere, matter of always insincerity nothing the actual occurrence gentleman Cheng as your" spirit of integrity, << >> "The Peony Pavilion, the world would like sentient beings have become dependents" << paragraph Qiu anecdotes like the >> middle Qiu the integrity, the postorder >> << Zhang Zhongcheng pass Zhang Zhongcheng and Nam Ji-yun death-defying spirit, Tao Yuanming embodied in the "landing brothers, why flesh pro family, Li Bai "Peach Blossom Pool water depth of thousands of feet, not as Wang Lun gave me love" embodied friendship ... ancient Chinese literary works reflects the numerous fine tradition, care for the young, helpful, selfless dedication, and be kind to others, caring for others, honest kindness, integrity, selflessness, tolerance, virtues, are we today train college students good ethical qualities profound cultural foundation, the emotional resources of moral quality education of college students.

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(B) strengthening the ancient literature course selection Teachers

First of all, an excellent ancient literary selection course teachers should have good ethics and sense of national beliefs, and enhance their own sense of national pride, order those outstanding part of the national spirit in the ancient literature accurately convey to the students. ancient literature and modern spirit there are certain differences, This is reflected not only in the language on the form, is also reflected in their thinking which requires teachers to dedicate themselves to thoroughly understand the work and to be guided, in the classroom, so that students to absorb and understand the essence of ancient literary works.

Ancient Literary Works course teachers should be internally and externally, and constantly improve their knowledge of literacy, moral qualities and temperament. The German educator first Diesterweg said: "Teachers Only when he is committed to his education and upbringing , he can really train and educate others. "in the teaching and learning activities, teachers' level of education is directly affecting the quality of teaching and teachers can not be a moment to relax enhance their education and upbringing. want a solid understanding of their own expertise, toward the generation of writers, literary works very familiar at the same time, it should keep abreast of new trends and new achievements in the discipline, timely updates of views and perspectives.

Teachers unfolded charisma not only makes great interest to students of these courses, but also have a good impact on the formation of students' cultural literacy teachers of ancient literature course selection should have classical temperament, has a do not care for the joy of the gas, and thus be able to be in the classroom, extracurricular activities appropriate to guide students to gradually improve the quality of the students of the humanities.

Since Ancient Literary Works curriculum has a strong emotional emotional expression of the teachers in the teaching process, which also have higher requirements. Teachers must first chest affectionate, touched yourself first, and then moved the students. Ancient literature selected courses teachers should be on the nation, the motherland, the people, the traditional culture of the ancient literature has a strong love, and this love into teaching activities, to avoid boring informative introduction, but their works sense of joy, a sense of indignation, a sense of helpless emotions conveyed, in order to infect students. ancient literary works selected courses teachers should learn some poetry, prose Recitation with their own emotional recitation impress students to attract students.

(C) fully improved teaching aspects of ancient literature course selection

Good at guiding promote "learning" teaching method is advocated by the American educational psychologist Bruner can not explain-teaching, so that students should not be in a state of passive acceptance of knowledge, but should allow "students, he stressed: personally put things into place, to become the discoverer "and that" discovery is not limited to seeking things humans is not yet known, precisely, it includes knowledge personally own mind "In other words, students knowledge obtained by this method, even if mankind has known. these knowledge rely on their own strength, then for the students is a "discovery." This way of teaching there are several important steps: - organize students to analyze the data for abstract generalization from leads to the conclusion - to guide the students raised so that the students are interested in the issue proposed to solve the problem of various assumptions to guide students in the direction of thinking - to help students collect and organize available information prove the correctness of their own conclusions from the logic and practice, be necessary to supplement and perfect.

This method is more appropriate for college students is the quality of university education should be teacher-led, student, textbooks as an adjunct let teachers play research expertise, the focus on the student's academic ability, research interest and research methods. reduce teachers 'chalk and talk "teaching mode, time and discuss the opportunity to give the students' self-learning, allow and encourage students to treat the problem of different views, even unique views contrary to the natural conclusion, and to give help and guidance, to exercise and improve student's academic ability, verbal skills and ability to think independently.

(4) to adjust the teaching methods of the ancient literary works selected courses

Traditional teaching methods of the ancient literary works selected courses are teachers instill students rote form of this approach, we can not completely deny, but in the new era is still using this lifeless teaching methods, teaching effect can be imagined. Therefore, we should be combined with the new circumstances of the new era, the characteristics of contemporary college students, and innovative teaching methods and ideas.

1, multimedia teaching

We can take advantage of multimedia devices, audition means to be introduced to the teaching of the ancient literary selection example to speak << Book of Songs · Qin Feng >> Jianjia, when in the can play the songs sung by Teresa << >> water side perfect audiovisual experience to students, when speaking of Li Bai's poems, you can find some of the older generation of artists such as Qiaozhen, Jian-Hua Ding's recitation audio, so that students can recite their passion deep understanding of poetry, speaking < when <Du Danting >> can give students play the Youth Edition << The Peony Pavilion >>'s video, so that students can not only comprehend Du Liniang old dead, death can be born, "a moving and also to feel the Kunqu beautiful tunes These methods can receive good teaching.

2, compare teaching

We can also be linked to ancient literature and other disciplines to compare teaching to deepen the understanding of the college students of the ancient Chinese literary works. Example, we can combine contemporary literary works and ancient literature will now speak, students can clearly understand our literary heritage and change. addition, if we compared the ancient literature and foreign literature to teach, students can recognize the uniqueness of our nation's traditional culture, literature flavor.

3, the practice of teaching

In when teaching ancient literary works selected courses, also should pay attention to strengthening the practical ability of students, after all, to teach students a knowledge as church learn from him, so we have to focus on training students' abilities, it is necessary to strengthen their own hands and brains the ability. practical ability, can be several ways to achieve:
The first is in the form of the course papers. Literature course examines the practical ability of students hands-on brain the best way to write the paper. Teachers can write papers to teach in the classroom to the students how the topics to find information to come up with innovative point, and eventually completed the writing of the thesis, students complete the appropriate papers follow certain steps in the after-school, and this process will let students complete the course papers in the hands-on experience in the process gained a deeper grasp of the object of study. Moreover, the 're interested in other writers' works can also take advantage of the master research methods to study and improve their ability to practice this invisible.

In addition, you can also take a special way of practical courses to enhance students' practical abilities in this regard, we have begun to try, we have set the course of the the Ancient Literature Project Learning Workshop, a total of 2 credits per week 2 lesson. taken in the form of small classes. According to ancient literary works elective classroom teachers taught, to expand the depth of the direction, the students staged a topic, the students formed a team to check the information in the class, according to the thematic content, lesson plans, organization and in the classroom teaching, guidance by teachers can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students and enthusiasm for learning, and to find information, lesson plans have a clear and in-depth understanding of the topic. learning outcomes in this way much higher than the basis of the knowledge of the teacher in the classroom to teach, but also to improve the research capacity of students, thinking skills, language skills, teamwork ability, can serve multiple purposes.

In short, the ancient literature course selection educators have to be constantly explore new teaching methods and means in practice, in order to get the best teaching effect, improve students' practical and applied teaching of Ancient Literary Works and the upgrading of the Students' Humanistic Quality.

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