The Tao Yuanming landscape feelings

Abstract: Tao Yuanming's poetry qualitative naturally, full of a kind of landscape feelings fit with his of "Love Qiushan" nature, and his desire to return to nature, close to the bosom of nature and charm unity of his poem, "On embrace Kuang and true, mainly in the Landscape Complex and external causes his bones under any real leisure Xin-yu on pursuit from far. he wrote a poem like to use landscape imagery, such as Hill and Chak, he often fresh King, fresh thing to write fresh territory, to express their feelings of attachment and desire on the landscape and the landscape blending the same time, both heavy Cho pull and harmony pass off his personality characteristics, and it could be right on subjective feelings into objective into the objective lens, reached Selfless and world convey the idea of ​​a "benevolent, wise man happy water" landscape complex landscape imagery, landscape temperament one muddy financial embodies the deep feelings landscape Tao Yuanming.

Keywords: Tao, Feelings of landscape, landscape complex, landscape imagery, landscape temperament

Paper type: theoretical study

History of the Tao, and more generally to "dilute Wen Tong" (Zhu Xi [1], the quality of the natural "(Yan Yu [2], dilute noble" (Liang Qichao [3], "harmonious Serenity" (Zhu Guangqian [4] and so broadly that it naturally affectionate, comparable << Book of Songs >> three hundred This article focuses on three aspects of the landscape complex "," landscape imagery and landscapes temperament to do a bit shallow Tao Shi noble quality and high ideals of the level of analysis, in Tao Yuanming chat to explore the landscape mood as well as poet Shen Yun in this mood Feelings of landscape.

Tao Yuanming landscape Complex

Tao Yuanming good situation made environment "simple nature of his poetry, poetic deep and alcohol, and can the natural into wonderful, embodies Feelings of landscape, The source of power is his landscape complex compared to the general literati," Tao Yuanming with them different places is between him and the nature there is no distance in the history of Chinese culture, he is a state of mind and matter throughout offerings. "[5] Feeling in Poem hair from the mountains and river Ze get beauty of feeling the payment of of poetry, his poem "On the embrace of the wilderness and true" [6], the reader can be moved by the occasion, love landscape. Tao Yuanming emergence of images such as Hill and Chak mostly contains forward poet Xin Henan since far, Committee mind outside the attitude, in essence, is a landscape complex materialized.

Specifically, the Tao Yuanming poetry landscape complex is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

1, the nature of this love Qiushan - deep down there close to the landscape of gene

Tao Yuanming's life is a life and landscapes become attached alone "less suitable vulgar rhyme the present love Qiushan" (<< normalized Sonoda ranks five >> The first ten words, we can perceive the return of nature is with him pursuit of life fit. of love Qiushan "means" love nature "," Sex love mound mountain "and his bones have close to nature factors. desire and completely after two decades living in nature has melted into a nature, he is no longer a spectator, the viewer of the landscape, more than possession, landscape already naturally exist in his emotions. Although once mislanding the dust network "(ibid. also "one of the last three years" (ibid., but just like the custodial the birds Lianzhao old forest, fish thinking so deep, he "mesh coated tired Chuan differences" (<< before making the town the military to join the army by Que> > no time or forget ground "mind Shanze Habitat" (ibid., finally "regain to nature" the (<< normalized five home vegetable garden >> First, longing for the heart of the landscape was completely flying, even in the face of death, He can also sing "died Ho Road, the carriers with the mountain A" (lyrics << intends to pull three >> three from his poem, we somehow be able to taste the favorite poet of the landscape and attachment those mountains, those Chak (water, as well as Shanze between animals and plants, and are filled with an extraordinary charm, the temptation he approached. "Shanze a long time to see the move" (<< Liu Chaishang >> - - Shanze Where will really greet people, just because the poet thought Hermitage, landscape complex of mischief, he would not think attacking the landscape. synaesthesia between the complex and in-kind. Precisely because of the the poet "nature of this love Venturi Mountain ", has a wonderful creation of nature Feelings of landscape mountain landscape so the others Qiao Bushang eye in his characters, but extraordinarily cordial, proud of his poetry to any pregnant, creating a mood of a kind landscape unique.

2, Changhen independence policies - dark social oppression eager to return to nature

Tao Yuanming was born in an era of social unrest, at a young age, he had to render meritorious service, ambition and the world economy, but he really alcohol mettle can not stand the imperial clan struggle, the political ambitions of the warlords to seize power, can not stand the constant bloody killings disaster brought to people's lives, even take unwilling to five dou of rice to bow down to the village villain, we choose the Hermitage this road. choose Hermitage prove he of "Love Qiushan" long-cherished wish of an overwhelming Yat Seas "Meng Zhi. Hermitage , you can "sow beans Nanshan" (<< return home vegetable garden five >> Third, "for a long time to go Shanze Tour" (<< return home vegetable garden five >> Fourth, you can try the "cleared and shallow mountain stream case to wash my feet "(<< return home vegetable garden five >> Fifth, bringing back memories" in the past had to travel to distant lands, until the corner of the East China Sea "(<< drinking twenty >> its ten short, mountain and water can relieve stress and fatigue of his mind, to wash away the the weary mood he triggered seen too secular society's dark and dirty. blending with the landscape, the landscape and pastoral as their spiritual home and the end result is the Tao in the dark society true to oppression made a wise choice, the role of which in addition to his bones have lofty Day parade and loved the mountains and love the water, of course, can not be separated from the the dark human social oppression opposite drive.

"Sex love Qiushan," and "Chang Hen independence policy also the (<< normalized vegetable garden five >> Fifth Landscape complex formation and performance of subjective and objective factors, the role of Tao Yuanming's poetry writing, they form a dilute natural kinds, fresh and smooth, rustic quality straight, mellow and timeless poetry, sincere feelings and quaint, it is Jin Dynasty Yuan Haowen to the phrase "natural vancomycin new, luxury shed all see the true alcohol" [7] In conclusion of his poetry characteristics. his landscape complex and clever fusion of landscape imagery of his poem, together constitute a perfect integration of landscape mood.

Tao Yuanming landscape imagery

Tao Yuanming's poetry lyrical refreshing scenery excluded the eyes and ears deep seclusion of Fun. Extremely frequent use of landscape imagery in his many poems, accustomed to fresh King, fresh things to write fresh environment. These images are subjective also there is objective embody the natural characteristics that landscape as beautiful objects, pursue landscape, mainly in order to meet the seekers of beauty requirements. including, a broad landscape imagery, including Hill, Chak loose blue bird and landscape related to the life of some kind, and the narrow sense of the landscape imagery just referring to the mountain and water (mainly Ze. below, we did give the mountain and water the imagery analysis Tao Shi landscape mood, to explore the landscape of the Tao feelings.

1, mountain imagery

The many imagery of the poetry of Tao Yuanming Zhongshan, Ling Cen, Nanshan, Western Hills, Dongling, Zeng mound, different images with different seasonal scene and mood combine to create a different mood, especially to Nanshan most typical .

Nanshan imagery respectively << >> Drinking twenty five and << normalized the Sonoda ranks >> Third, it is both an entity Mountain (refers of Tao Yuanming residence near Lushan, the ancient name Southern impaired Hill, but also as a poet. hearts of a Peach Blossom Spring, ideals and beliefs exist. << Drinking >> its five example, in accordance with the principles of the ancient Chinese, the last part of the third joint "leisurely to see the mountain can be understood as" a pleasure to see the mountain " also be interpreted as "saw leisurely Nanshan So, here, the mountains and the people, like a" leisurely "temperament - the people leisurely and comfortable, solemn and quiet mountain Miao Yuan from the side express a poet hearts desire return to nature like landscape itself philosophy and the pursuit of a leisurely see "show the poet, a life of leisure and detachment of mind, of course, include beautiful scenery in which the whole poem word actual write love but every word of Emotion, mood utterly, can be said to have the best romantic in the poem, scenery, reasonable and in harmony, God is no trace, so temperature Runeng relegated to Health Assessment >> << Tao Yuanming poetry class in is multi Gaokuang this preference is particularly Mesquite. territory atlas, the fugue as saying [8] In addition, "day perish Hosea, prime moonrise Dongling" (twelve << Miscellaneous Poems >> Second, Ling Cen towering Morrison, away Bringing are Wonderful "(<< Guo main book two >> Second, regression Ze casual swim head, Myanmar contingent Air had Confucius (<< tour Sacheon> > verses the Zhongshan imagery emerged dilute the natural, quiet mood of vague and remote, good performance the poet eager habitat hidden Hillwood, normalized complex natural feelings.

2, the images of water

Tao Yuanming in the image of water is also very rich, river, sea, lake, Ze, Stream Ze occurrences, especially as more and more used in conjunction with the Mountain "Ze" for the term commonly used in in << the ancient Chinese dictionary > is defined as "poly water depression" [9], Tao Yuanming apparently refers to water-related things or places. "Shanze a long time to see the trick," the mind Shanze ranking "," a long time to go Shanze tour "chill take Shanze" (>> << in Wangfu Jun seat visitor out, the the "circuitous Ze scattered Tour mesh", ", and Ze Zhou Sanchun" (<< and Guo main book two >> Second Chung reasonable return Osawa, high wind start drinking twenty (<< >> twelve other poems or sustenance longing for the feelings of the landscape, or a description of the noble qualities of the waterfront hideaway to express their admirers to emulate hereby " heart of any true contentment, won the asymptotic nature "[10] Fun. titles of papers

Tao Yuanming in Italy Imagery master his poetry freehand not yet algae ornaments, not something carved refined outline vivid image, but the usual natural language and Shudan plain brushwork to convey a deep the implication, in order to achieve the effect freehand vivid, and financial Hing Send in natural beauty, scenery personification imagery of this apartment "means" like "is used sustenance subjective mind sees the objective images Tao Yuanming, mountain imagery images of water one muddy financial, by no means isolated. The imagery often constitute an overall picture, and has a vague and remote mood. vague and remote imagery dictates, but also due to the state of mind of the poet. example, the heart that is distant (<< Drinking twenty >> Fifth, "far" breakthrough Landscape limited body, stretching to distant people's eyes, from the limited time and space into infinite time and space, into the so-called "elephant like "," scenic landscape, "Mr. Zong Baihua said: the painter poet 'tour where the heart is', that is, he the provision lingjing alone, to create the image, as the center of his artistic center." [11 ] Tao Yuanming has the right to seize the this "tour heart", his financial landscape imagery while for, together with itself to reach the realm of things I harmonic forget the original landscape above Huai change the landscape and feelings, thereby creating a natural while Trolltech the landscape mood. therefore the Song Su Shi, praised Tao Yuanming wrote a poem "only high meaning far" [12], similar Dajiang shipped pounds, but no chisels Scar. "[13]

Tao Yuanming landscape temperament

Tao's real interest is from the depths of the soul of the poet, full of deep sentiment of the poet of nature and life, thinking and explore the philosophy of life is subjective and the objective of muddy financial Wang Guowei << Human Words >> said: "Selfless material view of things, so I do not know what is and what is matter." [14] which is created by Tao Yuanming use to material view of things "" Selfless "carving Like Dreaming, Tao has long been integrated with the landscape, the landscape character from the character of Tao Yuanming.

Confucius also believe that man and nature is one of the characteristics of mountain and water is also being reflected in the quality of people, he said: "The wise delight in water, benevolent." (<< Analects of Confucius Yong >> Mr. Qian Mu this interpreted as: water edge processing line, Zhou flow without stagnation, known like the delight in the water, so. Angu heavy mountain, all things grow wherever, benevolent like of, so the Leshan. "[15] probably says Hill characteristics Zhuo heavy pull with benevolent similar, water features harmony pass off similarity with the wise. "Imitation of Nature" to explain the "benevolence" and "wisdom" connotation from Tao Yuanming's poems and biographies his character both. Mr. Lu Xun once said: "The Tao Qian's poem is not covered 'serene', so he was great." [16] This is more proof of just the character of Tao Yuanming and soft and economic.

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A mountain temperament - Zhuo heavy pull, independent and self-sustaining benevolent demeanor

Independent and fearless mountain., As long as it exists, it is firmly independent and does not cling to entreat others, but also not for personal gain, Five Pecks of Rice to bow down to knees. Athletic and know how to self-sustaining, cling Day parade in principle, with the "knowledge not succeed "Zhuo pull.

Tao Yuanming character Zhuo pull embodied in defying powerful forced, and always adhere to their own political ideals. Disappointed rulers, select the Hermitage, but also reflect his dark social reality completely negate and resolute spirit of resistance twenty >> << drinking by memories of past life, he wrote his official career to the Hermitage all the perception and experience of life, to convey a distressed and dirty, sinister social dissatisfaction. example << Drinking II ten >> Sixth, the poet drank himself sentiment, lamenting earthly life acting without principled. "behavior ten million end, who knows with non-Gou dwarf, the same total reputation ruined." few words, appearances can deceive the human eye, gives the common problem of misguided public opinion show no doubt. verbal aggressiveness is reflected in the hill Zhuo pull. >> << drinking twenty eight in, poet since in Lone Pine ratio, the performance of their noble constancy personality all the grass in the cold season, "not its posture", while it was still standing, is refracted in real life, expression of the poet to lofty vows, do not want to "go with the flow", even if keep the poor should learn the Chinatrust Songzhuo Li's character, however, at the same time, his thick on the mountains and pastoral love and closeness of the working people. again << drinking twenty >> for example, in the ninth first elders "mentioning invited to drink wine, poet inverted" Sang "and greet, indicating the poet nature of dilute, with no barriers between farmers, harmonious and seamless, and the latter part of the poem writing poetry the Farmer Cuxi phase Tan persuade farmer Do not be so serious, or out official poet life skills, Zhefan the "elders words," a bit like Qu Yuan and Fisherman's Q & A, similar to Tao Yuanming's self-evident minds, so the poem then said, "Yu the bridle Cheng can learn illegally already Ju non-fans. "mean that I seclusion has been determined, and then would not return to the career, and the world in cahoots. precisely the poet and farmers cordial coexistence, he was well aware of the sufferings of the people and in good faith. reciprocated, he in his poetry were expressed deep sympathy for farmers, such as "Morningside management shortage foul, with a month hoe to go home" (<< return home vegetable garden five >> Third, "home would not be bitter, Eph was resigned this difficult." (<< Gengxu years old in September by the early rice >> Nishida

2, water-like temperament - harmony pass off, good, generous, wise temperament

The mountains and rivers, as different views can be neglected. Wise you must first be benevolent, not benevolent, not true wisdom characteristics of the water is soft and varied, failing to content so I cloud: "The good is like water, which benefits all things without struggle." (<< Tao Te Ching >> Chapter VIII said exactly what it have the capacity to accommodate large water "edge-line, weekly flow without stagnation", so it has a case of the ability of the image was reflected in dealing with others, that is harmony pass off a way of life. Tao Yuanming as a feudal society scholar temperament of the water runs through the "reach out and help the world economy, the poor are spared," the trail of the ideals and life skills.

As for the Tao Yuanming character Yuanrong pass off, interaction with others whims highly representative water in case of material deformation, Tao Yuanming's personality is to fill the gap generally, joy and uninhibited. Su Shi Tao Yuanming once commented: "For Shi Shi, not to demand for suspected For implicit is implicit, not hidden the high hunger phase door begging, eat the chicken millet welcoming. ancient Sage expensive its also true. "[17] of your true poetry also your true, the poem Zhennai people really come. Tao Shi enduring charm of the main reason. Tao Yuanming came from a "Meng Zhi Yi in the whole world, Qian quill, Siyuan Zhu" (twelve Miscellaneous Poems << >> Fifth With large economic aspirations of the common people ", referrals, and eighteen years in Xiaowu UDL any Jiangzhou libation, did not order the official to too, but soon due to contempt," who wish to not be employed [18], consciously unhappy, even take unbearable the Xiaoli life tedious and binding, "less day self-normalization" [19] when others ask him again coming out, and he did not answer. before going until it was forced to livelihoods when a little Pengze Order, to the inspector did not want to "bow down" again to resign and go from no longer official career, but the joy of his seclusion is the evaluation of others, and care about the landscape and pastoral in the can "queer Appreciation of the doubt on Phase Separation "(two >> << emigrated First, he does not live in seclusion for high, but always stick to their seclusion of the interest, not the slightest bit hypocritical, drinking poetry, a single word is true temperament true mood of the performance, by no means, as some people are in the rivers and lakes harbor Wei Que.

The same time, Tao Yuanming water character is also reflected in dealing with people on Wang Hong, Jiang prefectural governor thought I could make him bitter nowhere to go, I heard that he wanted to swim Lushan waiting on the road, so to please his friend Pang Tong prepare banquet as they drink, Hong Wang broke into the banquet, the conversation big Huan, so got to know him. the Lotus Association monk Huiyuan association specially invited him, and he replied that he might Chijiu before going to actually Huiyuan he Precept Zhijiu Yuanming, suddenly "Zanmei away" [20]. shows water like Smart and joy in their character. Again, from his ukulele and drunk to want to sleep the king to go! "[21] some kind and speech can glimpse character Zhenshuai.

The ancients said, and so it is with hyped, poetry Tao Yuanming landscape temperament is Tao poetry of landscape temperament. Environment by feelings of Health, the situation in order to build environment. Tao poem's landscape temperament and poetic imagery mutual superimposed with fusion, they become a fabric landscape important part of the essential mood, Feng possible of characters and carved its landscape feelings play an irreplaceable role.

Tao poems Renew had a precise and appropriate conclusions: "Tao Yuanming if free to roll back and forth, just rustling sparsely few strokes, their mood was often far-reaching knows no boundaries if we like Qingyuan exquisite landscape painting, they also 'll never forget Yuanming's poem, like 'warm warm far-person village, Yiyi Market in the smoke ...'' Jie Lu in the human environment without traveling noise ...' These poems are Cource poem rounded crystal bead They have a kind of magic I caught you, never let you go. they are as deep in the heart of the reader, not to speech language, but straight McNair to the most innocent and most concentrated Zhi mood to meet you. "[22]

By Tao Yuanming example analysis, we can see that the general features of the Tao Yuanming is fresh and clean, dilute the quaint things I perfect integration, full of really interesting, and wrote his poem focuses Heart Feelings of landscape and natural to us that the bones Tao Yuanming wrote a poem, intended to save the pen first, often "does not intend to poetry and meaning have been to." In addition, the scene of Tao Yuanming often been personified in the rendering process, close to the daily life of the insipid subject matter and content, the poetry form also reflects the unpretentious the characteristics, mood vague and remote. many poems, Tao Yuanming ignited a landscape level feelings, is a landscape as lofty ideal, it is a role in the poet soul sensory landscape complex and surrounding landscape complex sections above text show depicting people and the natural world I harmonic forget to screen and one or mountains or water imagery, imagery cumulative the screen extending integrated into a muddy landscape of financial integrity mood. through the landscape The mood reflects the poet does not Murong Li, return to nature, to care about the lives of the lower classes and not a handout, "the noble quality.


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