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  • Analysis of the international ocean carrier liability system
    Abstract With the rapid development of China's export-oriented economy, China's maritime domain and the International Chamber of Shipping relatively closely connected, in order to ensure the rights and obligations of the parties to the international shipping process eff

    Feb 24,2014

  • Analysis of the U.S. war in Iraq Preliminary Study of the use of force
    Abstract After the Cold War, the U.S. became the world's only superpower, and its foreign policy decisions made by any of the international community have a great impact, especially in the use of force and other related foreign policy decisions. Accurate grasp of U.S.

    Jun 24,2013

  • Discussion of the Director Duty Act
    Abstract noncompete is director of an important obligation, a duty of loyalty is an important manifestation of directors. Directors are generally involved in the company's management, the company's business, trade secrets, major business decisions, major investments an

    Jun 20,2013

  • On the Legal Regulation of delayed flights
    Abstract China's current flight delays are common occurrences. As the current legal definition of the flight delays is not clear, the burden of proof is difficult, airlines and passenger information asymmetry between, leading to difficult to protect the legitimate inte

    Jun 8,2013

  • On the utilitarian technical values
    Abstract technical values ​​refers to people's views on the technical merits of a summary nature of technical value, as well as practice in the formation of the awareness of the value of technology, which affects the development of technical values. The tec

    Jun 8,2013

  • On the general average of the pirate ransom properties of
    Abstract ship phenomenon caused a serious threat to the safety of international shipping against pirates in recent years by the owner to pay the ransom in exchange for the release of cargo become taken in response to piracy, cargo security a last resort, but also the be

    May 18,2013

  • Analysis of environmental protection legislation to improve China's island and the surrounding waters Thinking
    Abstracts on China, the island and the surrounding waters as an interrelated whole, is very important to carry out environmental protection legislation. In recent years, the international and domestic environmental protection legislation, new principles and theory, lea

    May 16,2013

  • On the island in the maritime delimitation Effectiveness Analysis
    Abstract In recent years, the islands became a hot issue of maritime disputes between countries. The corresponding provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 'has not yet made the question of the validity of the islands in the maritime delimitati

    May 16,2013

  • Analysis of the sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands
    Abstract Recently, the Japanese government unilaterally declared unreasonable decision to buy the Diaoyu Islands and Diaoyu Islands incident 'occurred, from the so-called private hands between China and Japan on the Diaoyu Islands sovereignty dispute intensified. From

    May 16,2013

  • On the carriage of goods by sea of dangerous goods in the concept of Analysis
    Abstract maritime transport of dangerous goods related to the allocation of the order of the responsibility of the shipper, the allocation of responsibilities need to determine whether the goods are dangerous. >> Of << Maritime in China in the more general p

    May 12,2013

  • Analysis of the WTO safeguard the terms of the "unforeseen development"
    Abstract anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures, referred to as the "two against one Paul" is the WTO the three trade remedy measures, safety valve called free trade. Safeguards for fair trade, and contrary to the purposes of the WTO , so restrictions many

    May 11,2013

  • On International Commercial Arbitration confidentiality and the public interest balance
    Abstracts have been, scholars agree that confidentiality is one of the most significant advantages of international commercial arbitration, is arguably the essential attribute of arbitration. Today, however, the confidentiality of the International Commercial Arbitratio

    May 10,2013

  • On the WTO dispute settlement mechanism and comparison of the ICSID
    Abstracts << Washington Convention established the Settlement of Investment Disputes International Center (ICSID investment disputes between foreign investors and the host country government provides a better way to resolve that is outside of the host country's do

    May 10,2013

  • Legal Regulation of the MNCs'
    Abstract world economy today is a major feature of the central role of multinational corporations in economic development have become increasingly prominent multinational companies to take advantage of its capital and technological advantages, engaged in illegal acts an

    May 3,2013

  • Analysis of the China International Private Law mode
    Abstract model of China International Private Law contention has always been a long time, with a special chapter specific legislation, or take the codified road, scholars have argued for their own. Promulgation of law applicable to foreign-related civil relations with t

    Apr 26,2013

  • Brief Discussion the E era of international trade in "commitment" Legal Problems
    Abstracts With the development of computer networks, the E era of e-commerce with its simple, quick, low-cost advantages to subvert the traditional way of international trade, and commitment to becoming mainstream means of data messages express the offer. This paper com

    Mar 8,2013

  • Brief Discussion on the empirical analysis of national relief system for crime victims
    Abstract Incidental Civil Action as an important litigation system has been further improved in the << >> process of amending the Code of Criminal Procedure. Judicial practice, although there is a perfect Incidental Civil Action to protect the legitimate rig

    Feb 23,2013

  • View and improvement "Property Law" the parking spaces ownership rules seminar
    Abstract: << Property Law in China >> require parking spaces ownership treatment "should first meet the needs of the owners," the expression is too broad, "other venues" within the meaning of the unknown, and convention vested impractical and contrary to the

    Nov 19,2012

  • Interpret the current property rights infringement liability norms
    Abstract: Property Rights Infringement Liability in Tort Liability Act system has always occupied an important position, and widespread in the general the infringement and special tort liability being protected view of the open suffered against property range characteri

    Nov 19,2012

  • Chinese enterprises by foreign direct investment risk analysis - Northwest bearing plant attract investment lessons
    To write thesis net: Keywords: foreign / joint risk / Sole Summary: The use of foreign investment (FDI does not always achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation idealized, has been confirmed in more than three decades of research on China's utilization of foreign

    Sep 26,2012

  • Development of new national security review system of foreign mergers and acquisitions in Australia
    Key words: national security review / << Australian Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act >> / government investors Synopsis: The Australian Government is deeply threat to the interests of national security, coupled with the increasing complexity of the h

    Sep 26,2012

  • Young people of the United States the development of criminal justice and enlightenment
    Abstract: The United States minor things people shelter in the welfare system of justice among the first, after the gradual separation of specialized child welfare agencies, and further develop a comprehensive up Contemporary American young people the basic content of t

    Sep 28,2011

  • Test the nature of private international law proposed
    Abstract: On the nature of private international law, theorists from the mid-19th century has been the different opinions, of which three types of school support by the major jurists that law school, law school and national school of dualism that end, this paper analyze

    Sep 6,2011

  • Abuse of market dominant position in international competition control system
    Abstract with trade and investment liberalization and the rapid globalization of business development, international market, increasing competition, monopoly is increasingly prominent. Since the gradual elimination of the traditional barriers to trade, the multinational

    Mar 8,2011

  • Independence of International Commercial Law Discussion
    Abstract: Over the years, International Business Law International Economic Law in the paper to be inclusive "target =" _blank "> Private International Law or the Law of the disciplinary system, is the property of their understanding of international commercial law i

    Mar 8,2011

  • The risk of environmental law the precautionary principle in
    [Abstract] the precautionary principle of environmental law for the prevention of scientific uncertainty environmental risks, protect the important principles of humanity and the environment, since its formation in many international environmental conventions to be used

    Mar 8,2011

  • Renvoi in private international law for the system of Understanding
    Anti-induced restrictions on foreign law as applicable to the practice of one of the broad and narrow sense. Narrow renvoi, is for a foreign-related civil cases, the court in accordance with their own conflict rules should apply to foreign law, and the foreign law But t

    Mar 2,2011

  • On the WTO "Agreement on Government Procurement," Analysis of relief system
    Paper Keywords: international trade disputes Trade Agreement on Government Procurement Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the trade remedy system non-discrimination principle Abstract: China has been launched in December 2007 to join the WTO <<Government Procuremen

    Feb 25,2011

  • The impact of low-carbon economy of international trade law under the Three
    Paper Keywords: low carbon tariffs on International Trade Law broken economy emission trading mechanism Abstract: a low carbon economy over the traditional sector law legal system had a greater impact. In which competing interests on the international economic and tra

    Feb 24,2011

  • China's TRIPS-plus provisions in response to the strategy of expansion
    Abstract: In recent years, the United States and the European Union and other developed countries the flexibility provided by TRIPS agreement, signed with other countries in the free trade agreement by adding a large number of TRIPS-plus provisions. These provisions on

    Dec 2,2010