Constitutional studies should be used as the core curriculum courses of higher education

Abstract: Party and 18 just held the rule of law is raised to an unprecedented height from the characteristics of the contemporary college students, the goals of higher education and higher education content discusses the significance of the Constitution for Higher Education, proposed to build a country ruled by law the Constitution should learn as a core curriculum courses of higher education, so the students at the university level in addition to learning professional skills and knowledge should also establish a belief in the rule of law, which will certainly be of great significance for the establishment of the country under the rule of law, constitutional and democratic.

Keywords: Constitution of higher education general education courses

December 4, announced the day of the current constitution, also China's "socialist rule of law publicity day in early December each year across the country will expand the activities of the different forms of legal propaganda to promote the rule of law, constitutional, democratic, republican ideas to the people education as the primary means to train socialist builders and successors, and students in higher education have the awareness of the rule of law, whether the understanding of the constitutional, republican philosophy will be related to the ability to achieve the goal of socialism. therefore, the author advocates the Constitution should not only as a compulsory subject for law students in the field of higher education, the Constitution should be as general education courses for all students to accept.

The Constitution is the fundamental law of a country, it is the main provisions of the various systems of the state's basic political system, economic system, cultural system and the fundamental rights of citizens, it is the power and the right adjustment relationship. While a "high degree of rich and powerful, civilized, democratic the society of the rule of law "should be what kind of society, at least, is the right to be respected, the power of constraints, the law is to develop a good implementation of the good society. China since the promulgation of the first constitution in 1954, has always stressed that the law in the national governance important role on this theme, has enacted more than 400 laws, tens of thousands of regulatory documents. policy faults occurred during the Cultural Revolution, but since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, the building of the legal system has been the work of the government in China of the most important goals. fifteen popularizing today sixty-five popularizing the footsteps of the national legal advocacy to the general public have been did not stop but as law enforcement cadres have for the understanding of the law is not as one might expect place then I as a the Mianyang City forty-five Franco-Prussian, the Franco-Prussian fifty-five sixty-five popularizing a member of the Speakers Bureau, has faced to different audiences for various types of legal lectures had to see that, in the process of legal advocacy, and many even law enforcement for the understanding of the law is biased., I think within the higher education system, the Constitution was set down as a general education courses are the most effective, the most direct way to solve this problem.

A view from the characteristics of contemporary college students, the university stage to open the Constitution curriculum is the most sensible Liang Qichao as early as 1900 <Junior youth wisdom then country wisdom, juvenile then national wealth, Junior strong, the country is already stated> strong, independent teenager country independent juveniles of their liberty, freedom of the country, juvenile progress the country to progress, Junior is better than in Europe, the country is better than in Europe, a juvenile male on Earth, Kunio Earth. "juvenile as the future of the motherland, juvenile advocates not a ornaments of the rule of law and constitutional government, respect for the rule of law and the constitutional rule of law and constitutional juvenile as high school students, because of the lack of social common sense and the accumulation of human knowledge, but also by the pressure of the college entrance examination, they do not have to fully understand the rule of law significance of the country's college students receiving academic education above the high school, higher education professional knowledge and skills training, it will be into the job, take on the important task of building a socialist country if they do not understand the Constitution, that constitutional government will be out of the question, if they do not understand the Constitution, that the rule of law is only a joke. college students at the university while learning professional skills and knowledge, their mental and physical development to reach the pinnacle of life state, the world, life is gradually formed during college about human nature and social cognition directly affect the value of a long life on the road in the student orientation at this time if they are guided to an objective evaluation of the society, and seriously thinking to guide them from the rule of law, a rational point of view of social phenomena, neither beautification not vilify that impetuous in the contemporary college students, world-weary, radical, extreme negative thoughts will be completely changed. ask. now read or have graduated college students, law students are familiar with the Constitution and the rule of law, other disciplines students knowledge of law is almost zero, not to mention is related to the idea of ​​constitutional government and the rule of law. we have no way to imagine such a person become a social mainstay of a number of years after graduation, will future with Where these people must there will be some to become civil servants or law enforcement, because the university, to focus only on professional skills training, the lack of influence of the concept of rule of law, rely on one of the few legal lectures each year they can not really understand the law, understand the constitutional. likely someone will say "life is the most good teacher ", when their interests are threatened, they will learn to closely related to the daily life of civil, criminal, or even knowledge of administrative law, at worst, they can go to consult the law bars but the concept of constitutionalism, human rights If you do not have the legal knowledge reserves, they are unable to understand the basic policy of the country. college students characteristics, should be opened in the university, the Constitution of this core curriculum courses, university graduates Whether engaged in any industry can do to duck to water.

Links to free papers Download Center, clear point of view, the Constitution should be used as the Higher Education General Education courses our << Higher Education Act >> fourth, fifth from the Higher Education Aim provides higher education mission: to serve the socialist modernization "must implement the national education policy, combined with productive labor, educated to become builders of the socialist cause with all-round development of the moral, intellectual and physical and successors. train senior specialized talents with innovative spirit and practical ability, the development of science, technology and culture, and promote socialist modernization. "March 21, 2012 released by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education thematic planning our << >>. << the planning >> main tasks are: to improve the quality of personnel training, improve the level of scientific research, and improve social services, strengthen the construction of university culture is not difficult to see from the above documents, the goal of modern higher education is no longer a separate pursuit students mastery of professional skills, we also hope to train college students as "talent" talent in different fields have different standards of talent, but if you want consistent with the higher education mission, innovative spirit and practical ability as judgment of highly qualified specialists standards. personnel must know the law and understand the people's livelihood, understand the professional talent. law as a modern society, people must have survival skills, if you do not know how it must be a far cry from the higher education goals of higher education goals with the development of the times kept correction, we pay more attention to a person's expertise does not focus on "moral, intellectual, physical and other aspects of comprehensive development." serious incidents frequently occur in this century college, so that people from the new thinking college training objectives we do not need to train a large group of Majiajue not respect human rights, no respect for the rule of law, the so-called "talent", not to cultivate issued "My dad is Li Gang," This is not respect for equality, do not respect the order of the so-called "talent", the same We do not train like Xin drug house, so depending on life as a matter of responsibility, do not know how to so-called "talent." started going to school in Majiajue medicine Xin freshman gave them the creation of a constitutional course, guide them to establish the concept of equality, the rule of law, they understand human rights, know how the rule of law, and know how to republicanism, to know how to constitutionalism, so depending on the laws and rules that may be less of such behavior no matter.

Constitution content Some say China's Constitution is a misreading of a legal, people will know when we talk about the time of the civil law, criminal law, civil law, criminal law purposes, but when mentioned in the Constitution when, in line with the higher education content a lot of people will be exposed puzzled expression: the Constitution need to learn this, the Constitution is political? look at the current constitutional studies textbook, two-thirds of the contents of the basic system are speaking countries, including the nature of the country, polity, administrative divisions national institutional system, these content in the secondary school of politics we have learned to university courses politics, forms and policies related to the polity, government and including legal professional students also proposed Constitution useless argument .
Constitution misreading Another reason of university education is now filled with the color of the "utilitarian", a course if they can contribute to student employment, it is a worthwhile course, if the course the students employment does not function, then the sidelined concessions. mentioned China is already in the planning of higher education, legal education should cultivate the "application of legal talent", because the reason for China's national conditions, China's Constitution there is no suitable justiciability, it is a Ministry hanging Law, the interpretation of the Constitution was only "political".

So, in the eighteenth handful of "rule of law" raised to an unprecedented height, we must name the Constitution, so that the nature of the Constitution regression Constitution is the law between the adjustment of the rights and powers, and the power means, rights purposes while emphasizing the basic system of the country, the Constitution should also be concerned about the focus on "people's livelihood" We want to make the contemporary college students recognize that the Constitution is the protection of the fundamental rights of citizens book, which has been of higher education in China is consistent.

, From college students' employment prospects look, should also be set up at the university level courses college students of the Constitution, although it is favored, but as in the past as a university gate is equal to the good times end on the iron rice bowl is gone. employment careers under pressure, a lot of students to civil servants as the main direction of employment consideration. On the other hand, at all levels of government in China annually for the civil service exam, graduated from college to become the first civil service recruitment conditions but if the student is not short period of two to three months before any training school legal origin, admitted to the civil let these people there is no legal basis for law enforcement, pay attention to people's livelihood, pay attention to the rule of law in China is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst but should we in University of stage Constitution for all students of this curriculum, the the illegal science majors know that the Constitution is not only confined to the provisions of the content of the basic system of the country, but even more important is the protection of the fundamental rights of citizens that we talk about the rule of law face Zhao war should will be smaller.

In summary, I believe that today's emphasis on the rule of law, the Constitution should learn as a core curriculum courses of higher education more favored to accept the baptism of constitutionalism, the rule of law, to build China into a high degree of civilization, democracy, the rule of law That day will surely not be far away.


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