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[Abstract] Princeton University encourages all eligible students into Princeton University, regardless of students' financial backgrounds. Princeton University has a strong social contributions, which can be eligible to enter the Princeton University students to provide financial support. This paper describes the financial assistance of Princeton University's guiding principles, based on the application and distribution.

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A guiding principle of financial support financial support from Princeton University project to four basic principles:

1 Princeton University admission to all applicants who are no special requirements. The demand for financial assistance in the admission process is not a manifestation of any adverse factors, Princeton University welcomes from different economic backgrounds outstanding students, is need-blind admission.

2 Princeton University, funded solely on the basis of need, there is no achievement scholarship.
3 Finally, according to the needs of each family economic background, detailed inspection to decide.
4 all the needs of each student by the scholarships, including those from university funding, external resources, scholarships and campus jobs, no student loans to pay tuition through.
Second, financial assistance based on financial needs and help in the school budget for each student at Princeton University, the capacity assessment and their families, between parents pay, student summer income students as part of their savings, and education sources of relief are the family, a decision that the applicant financial assistance based on need.

The contribution of parents Princeton University hopes to parents based on their ability to pay for their children in college costs. If a student's parents for non-financial reasons, to stop paying fees to finance capital does not replace the parent's payments for break up or divorce of parents, students, Princeton University's policy is to require financial information from both parents, both sides expect to pay for education expenses if you live with the father or mother remarried, your father or mother and stepfather (mother ) pro, completed applications for financial assistance to Princeton and free application for federal student financial assistance, it does not require access to information from the other parent, if living with your parents have not remarried, the father (mother) Princeton Financial to complete the pro- grant applications and free applications for Federal Student Aid, the other parent must also complete the non-management Princeton University parent form. financial assistance of consultants will carefully assess the information from both parents, to determine the college can pay its costs.

Students' own contribution. In addition to requiring the parents to pay, but also requires students to pay educational costs each year, students pay fees from summer employment, savings and income .2009 education students enrolled in September, need to pay $ 1,500 in the summer proceeds. The Summer pay for low-income and foreign students, will be relatively less for savings can not afford to complete the summer, Princeton University, providing access to additional funding opportunities.
Third, the financial assistance application for financial assistance to Princeton University for the applicant to provide a lot of convenience, such as online access, special forms and rapid electronic communication. Moreover, the application process will not be charged any fees.

Application process in 2014 there will be more improvements to the log when the Princeton University website as long as the selected enrollment and funding, and then register an account when logged on to Princeton University, 'financial assistance application' will be service files form a university scholarship, apply for financial assistance as a supplement. does not require user configuration file, do not accept it alone as a complete financial aid application forms, however, including Princeton, funding recipients on the list, if another college to complete the user profile, the data in the appropriate part of the application will be very convenient.

Princeton University, including all applications for financial assistance applicants, including students in Canada and other countries. Princeton University after the application required to provide proof of income information, as the admission assessment purposes. That including parents in 2009 federal income tax returns and pay tax statement, etc. If the school funding to provide after receiving the tax forms, student scholarships and the 2009 estimate is not the same, will be based on real income and tax data to be adjusted. If students and parents of students not providing income tax report, you must provide proof of income. need to provide the following information: Parents estimated 2009 tax information, non-tax information, the parents of the current value of assets, students in 2009 taxes and tax-free income, students of the current value of assets 2009, the family is expected to spend.
Fourth, the allocation of financial assistance to Princeton University, made clear once the applicant and his parents can pay for specific figures, they began to enter this number and Princeton University to compare the annual cost if the family's ability to pay less than the annual cost, began to consider the allocation of financial assistance. Including in two ways: First, scholarships or grants, the other is the campus employment.

1 scholarship students will be provided by non-university resources scholarship applicants to win outside scholarships, financial assistance are required to inform the Office as to the application of foreign scholarships to encourage students, financial assistance program will reduce or eliminate the semester or summer job expectations. S & P Princeton University, grants will be reduced, and this is generally required in these students was canceled after work if Princeton University grants scholarships to reduce because of external adjustment, the loss of funds will be supplemented by the purchase of personal computers .2. funding. by filling out grant applications can freely apply for federal student financial assistance to obtain, from $ 976 to $ 5,350 for each grade. eligible for grant funding for academic competition this year is the recipient of the income will be reduced The following states will be possible for students to obtain state scholarships or grants: Alaska, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont. Students need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid funded state the truth. Links to free download

Campus employment: Many students have to participate each semester's work, financial assistance granted as part of Princeton University has developed a lot of the campus employment program to encourage more students to work to help them pay for college expenses as part of the school pay a fee every two weeks, students can be used to solve for books and personal expenses. In the new school year, students can work through an average of 7.5 hours per week, working 30 weeks to earn the expected revenue. Campus include Campus library, cafeteria, computer center and various other departments. The school also encourages students to community service work, such as federal work-study program under the guidance of social services, transportation, public safety, crime prevention, recreation, youth services and other special events.


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