Analysis of the current problems of government investment projects in China and Countermeasures

I. Introduction

Over the years, government-funded projects by the government and its relevant functional departments rely on their rights and functions unique to the administrative management and operation of government as a government investment project owners, government investment projects from the investment decision-making, the transfer of funds, implementation of construction enterprises completion of delivery of the whole process of implementation of the direct management model. This management model is characterized by the executive power in the economy and play a leading role in the allocation of resources, it is the pursuit of investment, ignoring investment returns, focusing on progress, neglect quality, focus on total investment , ignoring the investment structure, therefore, to improve the investment efficiency of government investment projects, must examine the government investment for the project management model, which is a major problem looming.

Second, China's current status of government investment and project management problems

1, the traditional management model of government investment projects, and highlight the shortcomings of the dominant

China's government investment project management in the past both by the use of funds allocated to form their own command unit, to build office, Ji Jianban to implement the project engineering management, these temporary formation of general infrastructure team, there is the low level of staff professionalism, work is not enough standardized, resulting in repeated waste of social resources. However, the planned economy period where there was no sophisticated engineering consulting industry, can not achieve social, market-oriented management services, the construction unit to do the project management team since the ride is also often no choice in this case, government investment projects showing a decentralized management, temporary and self of the basic features.

2, the lack of a unified management system and rules

There is no current national and local capital investment projects for the government management system, the practice of different cities, in the institutional and management is basically a fragmented, although developed countries have <<Bidding >>,<< Contract Law>> <<Construction Law>> and so on, but the main object is covering a larger range of government investment project management system is not uniform, therefore, largely based around their needs to determine how to manage government-funded projects. to urban infrastructure construction and management, for example, some city governments are the direct management of investment projects mainly, and some cities to set up a business unit management, as well as some cities set up a company to manage. setting up a company, the company's responsibilities range there are different, some companies are investment, financing, construction as a whole, and some companies are solely on the construction project management project management of government investment focal point, from the amount on the account for a large share of the department of view, large part of the administrative departments in the building, some in the planning department, but also has spread, such as land administration, urban construction department, water conservancy, transportation department and other departments.

3, the government administration of inadequate government investment projects, investment monitoring

For government investment projects, most notably the problem is the virtual home of investment projects the Government investment projects are generally the owners management committee generally by the Financial Management Committee, Planning Commission, the Construction Committee and other relevant government departments. Although many government departments involved in project management, but no one sector to bear the full responsibility of investors, subordinate to the project construction unit has not been a real legal status, there is no need for state-owned investment results and risk charge, nominal government investment responsibilities. Government investment institutions may not only be responsible for project management, organization and implementation of the project, but also the exercise of the construction market monitoring role, which is tantamount to a second term between the athletes and referees, will result in inadequate supervision of government investment projects, the situation, some of the construction market and construction management laws and regulations binding on the lack of government investment projects.

Third, the reform of China's government investment project management strategies

Many cities have realized investment projects for the reform of the government of the necessity and urgency, has embarked on reform, the reform trend is focused on professional management relevant government authorities in many cities, property owners, the current government investment management organization for the original management of government investment projects, shortcomings exist in a deep impression, the same urge to speed up the reform of government investment projects. and some cities have embarked on reforms throughout the government-funded projects of reform measures, though with different starting point is the same, that is of specialized government-funded projects to implement unified management, in accordance with 'investment, construction, supervision, use the' separation principle, the establishment of clear responsibilities, effective restraint, scientific and standardized management and operation mechanism of government investment projects, to improve investment efficiency and management level.

1, using the internationally accepted mode of government investment projects, investment projects to gradually limit the government set up from the owners' committee set up temporary project management practices of agencies to manage projects, to commission a professional project management, consulting, project management supervision of the company acting Doing so will enable the focus of government investment projects using project management services to improve social management, but also to promote domestic engineering consulting firm, business development, engineering consulting services to the domestic market demand and effective supply in the two aspects have been developed and each other. Links to free download

2, fully rely on professionals and intermediaries

Government professional regulatory bodies themselves mainly by the architect, project division, lawyers and other professionals who constitute the contract, on the other hand, apart from its own project management, in general, should follow the procedures provided for the appropriate selection and project advisory commission company to manage, supervise the government, while all the important technical aspects should have a professional check, project quality, technical, safety, cost and other responsibilities should be very clear, these professionals are under the government's strict control or by a professional Association, the Society organized the registration because of the risk of professional liability system, unlimited financial responsibility and liability insurance regulation, the formation of the entire project consulting industry must be responsible to the Government, to the owners of the operating mechanism to mobilize professionals and institutions responsibility, so that they become a project high-quality, low cost guarantee complete foundation, which can reduce the burden of government investment projects, but also conducive to investment goals.

3, establish a sound monitoring system of government investment projects

China's current investment projects, the supervision of government departments is very heterogeneous, including discipline, monitoring, auditing, finance, planning and construction departments of various institutions, so many party and government agencies to oversee the management of government investment, likely to result in duties difficult to distinguish, work hard to coordination problems, leaving many gray areas, so we must first re-examine the existing monitoring system, strengthen coordination, and also to learn the successful experience of foreign countries to establish and strengthen the supervision of the NPC and the public, the government investment projects to truly become 'the action under the sun', to play its due benefits.

4, to create a government, social organizations and citizens to interact with coordination mechanisms

Reform of the government, social organizations and citizens of their respective roles had changed, government-funded projects must be market-oriented reform reinventing government, social organizations and citizens to interact with collaboration mechanisms. First, the Government as a facilitator of government-funded projects, cooperation , managers and supervisors, must be in the macro-control, policy guidance and supervision play a leading role, and the second to play, including investment, project management, consulting, design, general contracting, construction, supervision and other enterprises, intermediary services agencies, industry associations, including the role of various social organizations and guide them in accordance with its own characteristics in the construction of public works investment, management and operation, to the social norms of public services provided by service charges to operating profit or to seek development, third, guide the public to actively participate in order to improve the effectiveness of public services the Government should fully protect the public interest, clearly the public has the right to enjoy a fair basis to bring government investment projects of public services, public works has the right to understand the investment, construction, content , quality and service charges and the basis for providing services have the right to choose the subject and the services, and full informed to pay for, provide services to the irregularities in the government have the right to sue to obtain compensation.

5, establish and perfect rules and regulations of government investment project management, project management of government investment into the legal system
First, the construction project accountability. The legal person must be on the construction project quality, schedule and overall responsibility for investment while the internal construction and management center, but also through the implementation of the project leader responsibility system in the form, construction and management responsibilities will break down into individuals. Second, the bidding system. The purpose of bidding, not only preferred a good unit, but also to ensure the integrity of government. Third, investment control, auditing and supervision systems. In order to effectively control project cost, not designed to gradually achieve the proposed budget, no project, no construction plans the budget, without bidding, strictly control the construction site of the visa, subject to the necessary visa Party, supervision, be incorporated into the design to confirm the accounts together, the four monitoring system is the Government a huge amount of investment projects, government investment management center with engineering construction contracting and other powers, checks and balances mechanism must be established. Links to free download

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