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  • Analysis of innovative financial instruments to manage the impact on corporate financial
    Abstract: The global financial crisis spread, well-developed financial markets, time, financial instruments innovation is the business management should be considered an important factor. Deepening in corporate financial management in a new era of development, companie

    May 29,2013

  • On improving the road thinking about investment and financing system
    [Abstract] This paper analyzes China's reform and opening up highway construction investment and financing problems, construction of a sound investment and financing system of highway several countermeasures. [Keywords] road construction; investment and financing syst

    Oct 26,2011

  • Game model analysis of SME financing
    Abstract: SME financing is constraining innovation and technological achievements into technological constraints, the root cause of this phenomenon lies in the financing market, the two 'mismatch', function curve by building small and medium enterprises financing, polic

    Oct 18,2011

  • Commercial Credit Risk Analysis of the sensitivity of decision-making control
    [Abstract] In the commercial credit risk decisions, the relevant parameters are usually assumed constant, this assumption is actually difficult to set up this paper, with Excel software were used to solve a single variable, simulation, table, program manager, form contr

    Oct 15,2011

  • On private loans: financing SMEs
    I. Introduction (a concept of private lending for private lending concepts, theorists have done some research. Is generally believed that private loans are credit corresponding with the regular. So, broadly speaking, private loans can be defined as the addition outside

    Oct 12,2011

  • On the production company financing
    Papers to write Net: Abstract: With China's rapid economic development, and production-oriented SMEs in the performance of different financing issues, to influence the development of these enterprises in China, this article will focus on these issues to discuss, and fin

    Sep 3,2011

  • About the new medical reform the financing situation of public hospitals Preliminary
    Abstract: Because public hospitals are not for profit hospitals, the hospital itself, in order to grow, we must have the advanced hardware, update the hardware requires a lot of money, lack of own funds in the hospital how to finance the case of change placed in front o

    Sep 2,2011

  • Strengthen the management of accounts receivable on funds withdrawn from circulation for the currency
    Papers to write net: [Abstract] accounts receivable management and control to ensure the normal operation of enterprises, and promote capital return has a very important significance. Start from risk awareness, strengthen pre-empt things in control, after the manageme

    Sep 1,2011

  • China's listed companies financing policy studies :2001-2009
    [Abstract] financing policy is an important part of financial policy, is a listed company an important basis for financial decision-making present, China's listed companies adopted the kind of financing policy, adopted a kind of financing behavior, forming a kind of fin

    Sep 1,2011

  • Langfang science and technology enterprises to deepen reform of the mechanism of the analysis of investment and financing
    [Abstract] are the most advanced productive forces, science and technology enterprises and the most vibrant combination of the operating mechanism is a major force in the national innovation, but in recent years as a constraint to investment and financing the developmen

    Aug 26,2011

  • On the path to achieve our margin: horizontal comparison and forward
    Summary: margin business to start is to improve China's capital market has a far-reaching measures, so as to China's stock market "unilateral market" situation to an end this article on our history and introduction of margin trading The main impact of a brief summary, b

    Aug 18,2011

  • On the financing of radio and television industry
    Papers to write net: Summary: radio and television industry is an important part of cultural industries, is conducive to its rapid development and deepening of the reform of cultural system of capital and financial operation of the broadcast television industry, the m

    Aug 17,2011

  • For wind power project financing workshops
    Abstract: In the energy situation is worsening, increasing depletion of traditional energy sources, environmental pollution is increasingly serious cases, to develop renewable clean energy, wind power has an important economic and social significance, but with the rapid

    Aug 16,2011

  • Private enterprises financing difficulties and the solution strategy discussion
    Summary: financing is an important process of enterprise development issues, only the clever use of corporate financing strategies in order to obtain sufficient funds, to seek a broader space for development, the pursuit of business objectives more efficiently present t

    Aug 5,2011

  • China SME financing issues and public policy analysis
    Summary: SME financing is well known, but have explained the cause of the problem and measures are still lacking a point of view of both economic analysis and policy analysis, emphasizing the development of SME financial support system, not only shows the current develo

    Aug 4,2011

  • Financial Management of Construction Problems and Solutions
    Abstract In this paper, the current construction financial management problems, from improving the internal management system to improve project management, from strengthening the cooperation between banks to a reasonable allocation of capital and other aspects of the o

    Nov 7,2010

  • On decision-making practices of SME financing
    [Abstract] SMEs play an important role in the national economy, to promote national economic development, increase employment, promote scientific and technological advancement have made important contributions, all determined that we must pay enough attention to SMEs. I

    Oct 12,2010

  • Financing Strategy of Intellectual Property Securitization
    Abstract: With the advent of knowledge economy and the development of asset securitization, the securitization of intellectual property more seriously by the people. Compared with the traditional financing model, the securitization of intellectual property has its own u

    Aug 18,2010

  • Comparative Analysis of Mining Financing
    Abstract: Mining of mineral exploration and mining enterprises in the manufacturing process need to be fund raising, and financing is an effective use of economic behavior. In this paper, the financial investment of mining, the main problems, the financing channels can

    Aug 13,2010

  • Corporate finance decision-making tax planning
    Abstract: This book is based on the new Enterprise Income Tax Law in 2008 after the implementation of tax policy, described in the financing decision in tax planning. Allow enterprises to more effectively integrate resources, increase their competitiveness. Key words:

    Jul 30,2010

  • Data mining means of financing small and medium enterprises in Jiangsu Province Selection
    Abstract: This paper for the study of SMEs in Jiangsu Province to investigate the financing of its successful financing channels, the sample involved in Jiangsu Province, Nanjing, Changzhou, Nantong, Lianyungang, Yancheng, Huai'an and other cities of the SMEs. In a larg

    Jul 27,2010

  • On the capital structure on investment behavior - Review of relevant literature
    [Paper Keywords] capital structure, investment behavior, literature [Abstract] directly affect the capital structure of investment behavior. Combing through the system of important documents related to find home and abroad, foreign scholars believe that the capital st

    Jul 26,2010

  • On Capital Structure and Financing of preference of
    [Abstract] l2 years on the credit of the scale, corporate bonds and equity financing data, the use of long-term moving average trend analysis and found that position of absolute dominance of the status of bank credit, followed by equity financing, and finally bond finan

    Jul 16,2010

  • Xianning financing situation and solutions for SMEs
    Abstract: The SMEs are an important part of the national economy, its role in promoting growth, technology advances, export and economic growth play an important role. However, as China to speed up the process of market economy, SMEs face many new difficulties , where S

    Jul 6,2010

  • Of solving the problem of financing of measures for SMEs
    Abstract: This paper analyzes various angles the question of financing of SMEs, particularly after the outbreak of the financial crisis brought about by the series of negative effects, and the corresponding solutions. Keywords: financial channels, financial support po

    Jun 17,2010

  • About SME financing issues related to mergers and acquisitions analysis
    As most of China's capital markets are underdeveloped financing problem faced by SMEs, M & A as a way of integration of resources can play a role as a corporate finance M & A is the effective path of rapid development of SMEs is to upgrade China's industrial str

    Jun 4,2010

  • State-owned enterprises mergers and acquisitions of financial problems and countermeasures
    Abstract: The world within the increasingly fierce competition among enterprises, in order to improve our core competitiveness of state-owned enterprises, an effective way to integrate resources through mergers and acquisitions. To achieve economies of scale. The state-

    Jun 4,2010

  • On the Financial Problems of Mergers and Acquisitions
    [Paper Keywords] M & Financing Strategies [Abstract] In the modern market economy, mergers and acquisitions of enterprises to capital expansion, and enhance the competitiveness of an important and effective means. Acquisition financing is one of the implementation

    Jun 3,2010

  • System of Innovation of Private Enterprises
    Abstract: In recent years the rapid development of private enterprises, but financial difficulties have become a bottleneck restricting the further development, the need for a wide range of barriers to financing system for deep system analysis, through the financial sys

    May 10,2010

  • MBO financing problem in
    MBO financing, including debt financing, equity financing and quasi-equity financing of three. First, the developed countries, the financing of management buyouts Experience (A) diversified financing model MB0 diversified financing model developed in two aspects:

    Apr 27,2010