Strengthen village-level financial management standardization construction of new initiatives

Paper Introduction: create two conditions: First steadily carry out payments to clear arrears and collect debts for rural financial Shuangqing MLAs adopted a democratic appraisal, debts of democratic methods, farmers were recovered debts and receivables 1.856 million yuan, 1.42 million yuan to repay the debt. Second, improve the democratic management system, strengthening the financial basis of standardized management.
Keywords: rural, financial standardization, countermeasures

Lanshan District Rizhao City after village actively explore effective ways to improve under the new situation of rural financial standardized management, adhere to improve the rural financial management, democratic management, audit and supervision, financial disclosure, village council and other five democratic management system, and continuously push forward the rural finance management level, to promote the economic development and social stability. The town in the rural financial standardized management, the main caught a few of the following areas:
First, strengthen village-level financial management, financial management plug the loopholes.
By creating two conditions, strict three tests, the 'five reunification' management, strengthen the management of village-level books and funds. Create two conditions: First steadily carry out in order to clear arrears and collect debts for rural financial Shuangqing MLAs adopted a democratic appraisal, debts of democratic methods, farmers were recovered 1.856 million yuan in arrears and receivables repayment of debt 1.42 million yuan. Second, the implementation of rural financial computerization. Finance and administered by the Joint Staff station office, set up rural financial management center, administered by the station office in. It equipped with a computer and a set of five file cabinets, to conduct computerized financial management in rural areas. Strict three tests: First, strictly cash to clean off. Imprest implement quota management system, with less than 1000 village fund of 1,000 yuan, more than 1000 people village imprest 2000 yuan, the excess part of the rural financial management center escrow provisions income business occurred on monetary funds must be two days cross-town financial management center, not submitted on time, and found a buckle village accountant delaying costs 50 yuan, 2% deduction village party branch secretary, village director, village fiscal year wages, and spot checks regularly or irregularly village Stock cash, avoid misappropriation get all and spend and borrow phenomenon. Second, strictly bills and approval. When reimbursement, financial center managers to balance the documents one by one review, to be incomplete, irrational, non-compliance, not legal documents will be returned, allowed accounted for. Third, strict customs check and approval. Free papers. According to the actual, the village more than 500 yuan more than 1000 yuan non-productive expenditure and production expenditures, research must be approved by the village committee, village representatives' meetings or villagers session; for expenditure approved projects, financial management centers timely follow-up supervision, follow-up audit to ensure that earmarked. The town with the 'five reunification' security level financial management in place: First, to develop a unified financial management system. On the basis of the financial management regulations, the new situation for fixed assets, debts, records management, new issues, has formulated a five systems, work rules to make the management of village affairs. Second, unified billing. The provisions of the 27th month to month in May as unified billing date, the village accountant in the town center to oversee the financial management of the unified preparation of accounting documents, unified billing. Third, the safekeeping of books and documents. The implementation of the rural financial 'double escrow' system, namely: the escrow account rural five: general ledger, inventory ledger, fixed assets ledger, profit and loss ledger, shareholders' equity ledger; escrow rural monetary capital, price of securities. Financial management center set up rural financial management archives, do one village a locked cabinet to prevent loss and damage books. Fourth, unified expenditure standard. On the village telephone charges, newspapers fees, other units opening, celebration, festival, New Year and other expenses have made specific provisions to make democratic management rules to follow, he blocked account relations, human account, avoiding the village cadres squandering money, free spending, saving the village collective funds. Fifth, unified bill management. Financial Manager responsible for collection and payment management dedicated village-level financial instruments, when issuing the record, and regularly check stub with the village of numbers.
Second, improve the democratic management system, strengthening the financial basis of standardized management. Free papers. Establish and improve the village democratic financial management team. Democratic management team is generally 5-7 people, by the village representatives and village meetings secret ballot elections. Democratic management team members is limited to cadres, party members and village representatives, the basic conditions for good ideological quality, strong policy ideas, honest, things fair, healthy and happy in serving the villagers do not owe taxes, no violations of law, the village cadres except relatives. Democratic management team members for the committee the same may be re-elected after the expiration. Democratic management record book specially printed, detailed financial records each time, place, participants, details of financial management, problems, recommendations and other matters. Democratic management team set consider the right to supervise and unreasonable expenditure of the veto in one.
Third, strengthen auditing and supervision, the better off spending accounted for. First, strengthen the audit team. Staff at the tense situation, the town fully serviced with strong auditing staff. 7 auditors of all party members, college degree or above 5 people, all with help level above the title. Audit work, the town holds a monthly audit, specially made 'on time accounting knot, documents not Kuayue' provisions, each document appears a plan period, giving the village accountant appropriate economic penalties, to stop the fraud, flexible reimbursement phenomenon. Meanwhile, the town audit, strictly to good policy burdens off, in time to capture information financial burden of farmers involved in the work, pay attention to developments tend to eliminate the heavier the burden on farmers behavior. Through strict enforcement of the provisions of the financial management of the system, the town village unproductive expenditure decreased, in 2009 than in previous years to reduce unproductive expenditure 30.1 million, down 11%.
Fourth, the consolidation and development of village affairs system, and promote social stability. The town in village-level financial disclosure work, the implementation of the five unified, namely: a unified public format, a unified disclosure, disclosure time unified, unified open procedures, unified supervision and assessment. Free papers. Combined with the implementation of the rural tax reform policy, substantial financial disclosure, the village affairs content was adjusted to 18 major items of 50 small term, especially for land and other project contracting, agriculture two taxes and surcharges, public welfare gold, 'thing' financing, 'two workers' use, family planning, village borrowed (credit) shall use special care, relief money paid and other projects, to further improve the concrete, from the town by the village unified sprayed a public bar, published a public list, subject to open public standings standings and restrict each other open. Press accounts open bar set, table summarizes the account balance, the entire contents of the balance of payments schedule, balance sheet, income distribution table on a monthly basis at the end to fill the balance of public accounts. According to the audit disclosed standings after the original certificate by one case registration, the audit by the auditors and correct stamped audit special chapter, the principal leaders of the village, the village head of accounting and finance sign, indicating the report monitoring telephone, post open bar side announced. At the same time, strengthen supervision and inspection, organize someone to check in after the open, timely collect opinions and suggestions of the masses, and severely punish acts of fraud in recent years, there have been three village branch secretary because to engage in 'false public' or 'private' by the disciplinary action. Currently, the town of village-level financial disclosure rate reached 100%, the masses satisfaction rate above 99%.
Fifth, deepen village council system, take a good mass line. The implementation of village affairs village council system, is the matter involving villagers' interests first by the village committee will come up with solutions, discussed and decided by the masses, fully solicit their opinions on the basis, and then reported to the town government approved, in order implemented. Since 2005 to explore the implementation of the system since the town submitted the villagers openly discuss matters have 521 decisions involving water conservancy construction, project contracting, many aspects of welfare, two workers accounts, liquidating the historical, in line with the people's interests, and earnestly feasible plan by an overwhelming majority of the villagers agreed to give the people's understanding and support. In the procedure of the project implementation process, the implementation of the accountability system, all matters of procedure adopted by the village committee arrange organization and implementation, and timely disclosure of project for bidding, the progress and final accounts, who do not do according to the agreed views on hold somebody responsibility, who is out of the question to deal with anyone. There are a party secretary therefore be dismissed from his post. By the village council, effectively improve the scientific level cadres making full use of the power of the people to do something like the river, roads, drinking water, building schools and some large projects and career, bringing closer the party, cadres relationship.

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