On the important role of the financial budget management in the enterprise

Abstract: The financial budget management as an important management tool for a modern enterprise plays an increasingly important role. Strengthen the financial budget management, increase revenue purposes can be achieved, thereby improving the efficiency of the use of corporate assets, and improve economic efficiency. Mainly starting from the status quo of our corporate financial budget management, analyzes the disadvantages existing in our financial budget management, and made the change?

Keywords: financial, budget management, control, evaluation

A Financial Budget Management Overview

Financial Budget management is an important part of enterprise management, enterprises in certain strategic objectives under the guidance of the business activities and investment and financing activities implementation plan and coordinate the operation of the financial management activities of Chinese and foreign scholars on budget has a different definition, more representative view: corporate financial budget in the scientific production and management forecasts and sleep rough on the basis of quantity, the amount in the form to reflect the next annual Ni enterprise for production, sales and financial The business strategy is an important part of internal control.

Financial budget, including a cash budget, expected income statement, balance sheet and projected cash flow statement, financial budget on the basis of the forecasting and decision-making around the corporate strategic goals, for a certain period of time (generally as a new year is expected to or a few years, the acquisition of funds and delivery, all income and expenditures, operating results and its allocation of funds operation of the specific arrangements. visible financial budgets around the strategic requirements and development planning to the operational budget, the capital budget, operating profit, cash flow at the core preparation, and mainly to be fully reflected in the form of financial statements. general, corporate annual preparation of the financial budget and the operational budget, capital budget, financing budget is sub-quarter, month implementation of the financial budget is an important basis for enterprise management, but also to develop the basis for the implementation of the internal economic responsibility. Accordingly, the financial budget is also known as "total budget".

Second, the significance of the financial budget management

In our country, the financial budget management has not been widely promoted, even though the budget management of enterprises has been carried out, there are many problems in the preparation and implementation of the budget process, many business owners have doubts about the financial budget management that budget management is not an effective management approach, as some private enterprise executives said, so many years did not engage in budget management, and still make money, there are many of those who engage in budget management, closure of loss, there are some scholars introduction of foreign so-called latest management theory prove budget management is not only outdated, but also useless.

(A financial budget management enables personnel to perform their duties and improve efficiency.

Financial budget management clearly defined corporate responsibility as well as target the production and management personnel, relevant personnel aware of, and incentives to mobilize the enthusiasm of the enterprise production and management personnel, to reduce the costs and improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.

(2 to help business managers to make decisions.

Corporate financial budget management of existing resources and enterprise future development goals effectively combine the various indicators in the budget management system, re-sorting and transfer this information to have decision-making power management personnel, thus effectively to help business managers and decision-making.

Third, the common problem in corporate financial budget

(1 enterprise budgets are often inconsistent with the long-term development goals.

The budget should be combined with the corporate strategy, corporate purpose is to strive to achieve the strategic goals of the enterprise budget reality, many companies do not have a clear strategic guidance, budget and long-term development goals of the enterprise is inconsistent corporate budgeting and business groups Development Goals inconsistent, it is easy to lead to "short-sightedness" of the budget, leaving the company's long-term interests are adversely affected.

(2 budget is not timely feedback, many enterprises are only scheduled to submit the budget to perform the analysis.

Enterprises in the preparation of the budget is impossible to predict all might happen, when significant changes in market conditions or other reasons, the budget can not be achieved not make adjustments in a timely manner, it will make the budget divorced from reality, become empty outdated digital lost the budget due role.

(3 implementation of the budget process is the lack of effective oversight mechanisms.

The need to deal with the budget expenditures, should have the company collective leadership to discuss and decide how to deal with, but is no longer the principal leaders of one person having the final say. This will distort the internal allocation of resources, and the resources to flow in budget Kuanyu department budget Kuanyu will affect the company's performance evaluation, the unreasonable budget targets makes assessment of the lack of objectivity and fairness.

Fourth, improve the recommendations of the Financial Budget Management

(1 to establish a scientific evaluation of the financial budget system, improve supervision of financial budget.

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Traditional appraisal system is too simple, indicators and methods are not correctly reflect the efforts of staff, easy to discourage staff enthusiasm, have a negative impact. This setup is too narrow, on the one hand, you can not accurately assess the results of operations of the enterprise, on the other hand is also easy to force the the executor behavior of short-term and long-term development of the enterprise.

(2) According to the experience of the past financial budget, the preparation of the financial budget of the scientific program, the strict definition of basic expenditures and project expenditures.

Strict definition of basic expenditures and project expenditures, reasonable adjustments to the basic expenditure fixed approved method, more just, equitable and transparent allocation of budget funds. Spending item Day proper classification, sorting and scrutinized, and effectively enhance the project budget the preparation of plans and forward-looking, and the project budget arrangements with departmental career development planning is closely integrated centralized management of each business sector should be responsible for organizing the preparation and implementation of the department budget, is responsible for approving the budget for operational matters, the implementation of the budget dynamic monitoring and timely feedback, the evaluation of the implementation of the operational budget deviation analysis as the basis for the implementation of the day-to-day management control.

(3 enterprises should establish a scientific evaluation system, and constantly improve.

In the end of the financial budget to deal with the budget performance of the various departments for assessment in determining the assessment of rewards and punishments, to be punished in order to avoid the preparation of the units able to fulfill the budget of the state-of-the-art budget preparation conservative budget units to complete the budget by reward phenomenon can consider performance and budget differences in the direction and size according to the coefficient of the advanced nature of the budgets of the various departments decided to reward program. Department budget difficulty incentive coefficient, small department budget difficulty reward factor. Preparation of the accuracy of the science budget program to encourage employees as much as possible.

(4 transform audit ideas, audit and supervision throughout the budget process.

In accordance with the requirements of the financial budget management, audit and supervision throughout the whole process of the budget. Budgeting audit is necessary to do a good job, but also to grasp the budget implementation audit, starting from the budget revenue, and focus on the audit of budget expenditure, from the results of the implementation of the budget, audit focused on the budget execution process, and gradually improve and perfect the financial budget management, to promote the legalization and standardization of financial management. Secondly, there must be a clear goal, to promote financial budget is reasonable, accurate, standardized and effective, promote the implementation of the financial budget and the realization of business objectives. Increase the audit of the expenditure structure adjustment, especially to enhance the transparency of the budget and binding material procurement process audit, unreasonable phenomenon effectively inhibit the use of financial funds.


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