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Write papers network: Abstract: Quantities bidding mode with simple, unified and legal characteristics and its project cost control must be accurate preparation of BOQ, consider carefully the tender process documents, to avoid disequilibrium price, focusing on assessment offer a reasonable standard of review stage.

Keywords: military engineering, inventory valuation, bidding, cost control

With <<Construction Quantities specification>> the promotion and application of the military project valuation model from 'fixed pricing' gradually 'Bill of Quantities,' change, change the pricing project cost pricing reflects the ideas of reform , a corresponding change in the project bidding rules to assess the standard rules, the mode of operation and specific contract requirements in the Bill of Quantities mode, how do the bidding phase of the project cost control has become a military construction unit needed to solve problems .

First, the Bill of Quantities mode characteristics of the bidding

Quantities bidding mode, is the bill of quantities by the construction unit or agent, the preparation of the tender commission, as part of tender documents, bidders according to their own corporate fixed price, fixed according to the budget base price, market prices, management agencies to determine the release rate, since only in the evaluation of reference. Compared with the traditional fixed base price plus uniform fee pricing model bidding, bidding BOQ has the following salient features:

(A) BOQ with simplicity

BOQ are an integrated unit form an integrated unit in the project include direct costs, indirect construction costs, profits, and other various taxes and fees should be paid, unlike in the past as the first calculation of the fixed pricing fixed direct costs, and then calculate the material spread and independent fee, and finally get to take charge in the total cost.

(Two with the unity of the BOQ

The use of BOQ, tender price people pay attention to engineering analysis, identification and preparation of construction design can avoid the bidders due to budget staffing levels, caused by differences in the quality of the construction drawings with a calculated amount falls far short of the project ills.

(C BOQ has a statutory nature

BOQ bidders based on the market and offer its own power for the implementation of the lowest bid approach, fully reflects the market competition. Toubiao winning the contract unit price upon confirmation, completion of settlement can not be changed, is conducive to the allocation for projects and engineering changes to determine the price and cost of claims processing.

Second, the Bill of Quantities mode bidding phase of project cost control measures

Bidding phase of project cost control is reflected in three aspects: to obtain competitive bids, the most reasonable offer effective evaluation, pre-contract cost control to change the new pricing model to the three aspects of cost control new content and new focus .

(An accurate preparation of BOQ

BOQ is the core of cost control. The preparation of BOQ should note the following:
One is prepared on the basis must be fully informed of relevant information to understand the intent of building, technical specifications, field survey the situation. To understand the actual construction conditions (site construction site, space, transportation and other construction conditions and hydrology, geology, weather and other natural conditions , to lay the foundation for the calculation of quantities, engineering changes to minimize future.

Second, the project is divided. Requires clear boundaries between projects, project work content, process and quality standards clear, both for measurement, but also easy to offer, try to project into small, to avoid the disequilibrium price.

Third, concise list of instructions, including job content of the supplement, the special requirements of the construction process description, the main material specifications and quality requirements, instructions, on-site construction conditions, instructions and other natural conditions, especially on-site construction conditions, description of natural conditions, should be an accurate statement easy to bidders and their understanding of the situation in control. supporting forms should be designed, practical and intuitive operational. is not only cumbersome to make the tender to operate, but also conducive to the evaluation easy to operate.

(Two documents carefully considered bidding process

Procedures relating to the project by tender, will form a number of important documents and important information such as tender notices, tender documents, tender Q, BOQ, project pre-tender, tender, bid and construction contract notices, etc., which do not terms less directly related to the project identification and project cost control, cost control is a major factor, should be carefully analyzed and carefully considered, to be precise, detailed, comprehensive, between terms, documents should be avoided between conflicting. as This should seize the following key points:
First, we must include a clear price range. After the successful construction companies, often included in the tender offer would be the scope and content of the doubt, emphasizing the offer Text only required construction unit content of all construction, or change the original request for additional price quotes, so should be in the tender document adding 'in the BOQ, characterization insufficiency, drawings and specifications referenced correctly, including its offer as' clause to prevent the tender BOQ units contained in the content and scope of the random distortion, tender offer should contain clear content, clarifying the responsibility. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

Second, we must change the price formation mechanism Specification in the tender documents, provided by different engineering change according to different price formation mechanism, regulate the price of engineering changes, effective way to eliminate bidders trying to increase the use of random price changes to achieve the purpose of raising projects. Generally that, in the tender file: 'engineering change, the work of the volume of changes in 15% (with less, and that part of the sub-project out of some items not exceeding 2% of project costs (including the execution list original integrated unit, not in the list above or beyond calculated according to prescribed procedures agreed and audited, the press after the floating ratio to fall, as an integrated unit, is calculated as: an integrated unit = the audited consolidated unit * (total bid price ÷ base price total * 100% 'of the terms can be.

Third, we must guard against BOQ calculation error. Calculate the amount of inventory, there will inevitably be errors in computation, tender agencies often want to count the amount of work for a small list of projects, the high prices, to achieve more than the actual settlement to benefit, so can the tender document states: 'In the BOQ, part of the project the amount of error of 2% (with no less than the adjusted bidder in the tender offer, when taken together, exceed 2% (excluding the above, require the successful bid unit within three days after, the rear adjustable by the tender review, the same integrated unit, as adjusted for the tender contract basis, a package to die. non-design changes in the actual construction does not match with BOQ, shall not be adjusted. ' Through this provision, bidders can effectively prevent people to apply to high losses caused by the construction unit.

(C to avoid disequilibrium price

The so-called disequilibrium price, that is, the total bidding units in the tender offer context to determine the same, adjust the internal bid for the project, in order to increase the total price and not affect the bid, but also get better at closing the economic benefits. There are two main ways: First, bidders through research design drawings, try to figure out the psychological construction unit, the list of construction projects in the future may increase the amount of projects, the high prices, may reduce the project reported low, while an early settlement of receivables on the list The project reported high, low post-project report. Second, bidders through research design drawings and tender documents for the contents of the list is not clear, there is the possibility to cancel or change the projects, the low end, take the following measures should be noted :
A pre-tender to set up, although Bidding allows no pre-tender, with the lowest bid by the successful evaluation of the bidding method, it is suggested to promote the establishment of pre-tender for the evaluation at the lowest reasonable cost to provide a business basis, but also construction units can avoid blindly lower prices or bid-rigging phenomenon. if there is no preparation of pre-tender, the tender can be the average unit price as a base price of the project.

Second, we must develop guidance. Tender units can be specified in the tender documents, guidance units for the tender offer price ceiling for each project; unit can also be free of any tender offer, but provides less than the total pre-tender offer, the offer of the project shall not be higher than the guide price, which will offer an imbalance within a reasonable limit where the key is to determine whether the guidance and reasonable, can be consistent with market prices, to prevent profiteering, while including reasonable costs and expenses profits, lower prices to prevent the over-construction unit in the evaluation analysis, analysis of the evaluation team can offer guidance with the reasons for the differences, and even used to estimate the price is below cost.

Three to work for the preliminary work. Tenderee preliminary work must be taken, deepening design, design drawings and tender documents will be the purpose and scope of work detail, clear big gap between the price of the precious material of the brand, specifications and quality levels, carefully calculate the amount to ensure that the project BOQ small amount of calculation, accurate count, count to prevent more or less the amount of calculation work for some does not advance details of the project, consider first the temporary price speak with one voice included in the future in real adjustments in order to block the loopholes in the tender for the price part of the tentative, pending the specific implementation, and review the budget well in advance, be aware of.

(D focus on a reasonable review of the evaluation phase of offer

In reviewing the bid unit price, you can not look without looking at the total cost of each unit, because in fact the total price to meet the requirements, does not mean that every offer to meet the requirements, the lowest total price does not mean every offer lowest this should focus on the following points:
First, we must seize the main project. To overcome the price does not look to see the shortcomings of the number of projects, the number of large engineering unit to focus on its comparative analysis, to distinguish which offer is too high, which offer too low.

Second, we must compare the work content. To overcome the price does not look to see the work content, do not look at the construction plan, do not look at the shortcomings of the job requirements, such as sub-headings paint brush, brush brush twice and three times the price is different, with high-grade brand and brand with the general price should also be different. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

Third, we must increase the offer to clarify the procedure. Due to the different construction techniques, different materials will cause the cost is different, to ensure the evaluation is reasonable, fair, in order to ultimately achieve a reasonable low bid, in the evaluation, calibration process should be based on <<Bidding>> and in the light increasing list of international conventions offer clarification process, to give bidders a chance to explain and elucidate. Program and offer to pay attention to the organic links. Links to free download http://eng.hi138.com

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