Analysis of the water project cost management and network control

Write papers Net: [Abstract] Now, in order to maximize the economic benefits of investment, the project cost in all sectors of the applications is very extensive. The hydraulic cycle is long, and high investment makes the water project cost management and control into a new phase for the water project cost management raises profound thought, but also presented some challenges, so this article on water pre-investment projects, decision-making and design, bidding and construction of medium-term, post-completion and acceptance of three main stages to explore all, in order to set out the feasibility of a strong water project cost management and control programs.

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Now, in order to maximize the economic benefits of investment, the project cost in all sectors of the applications is very wide, of which water project cost in the use of water resources industry plays a huge role, but, due to water conservancy projects have a long life cycle, investment high vulnerability to natural and geological characteristics of the environmental impact, making the water project cost management and control of a certain variability, water conservancy staff need to always pay attention to all aspects of the dynamics, at the corresponding solutions and measures, so How to make effective and scientific water conservancy projects to maximize returns for the water project cost management raises profound thinking and challenges, while this pre-investment on water projects, decision-making and design, bidding and construction of medium-term, post-completion and acceptance of three main stages to explore all, in order to set out the feasibility of a strong water project cost management and control programs.

An early stage of the water project cost management and control

1.1 investment decision-making stage

Investment decision-making phase relationship with the late stage can be controlled effectively, so the cost must be on the technical, economic and other aspects of research, to develop the best program to provide an important basis for decision-making, so the cost should be aware of the following aspects.

First, carefully investigate the resources required for the project and the real basis of environmental factors, and the survey to collate the information and analysis.

Second, investment in water conservancy project forecast, you must collect good materials procurement to the project, the main materials and equipment and their prices, construction equipment, water and electricity and other basic information.

Third, according to relevant industry information and state, government regulations, effective market forecasts and investment estimates for the construction of water projects to provide the necessary basis for the same time, the completion of related feasibility study report, for example, the project the risk analysis, to determine the project's main source of risk and risk-resisting ability, water project cost forecasts and personnel according to market estimates project investment decisions.

Finally, in order to prevent blind investment, making decisions, usually a 'collective decision-making system', or investors, decision-makers and expert combination of the three decision-making.

1.2 Design Phase

Design phase of the project cost management to pay attention to technical, economic, and design of the actual relationship and now has a market economy, so in order to achieve the rational design and economy, the construction unit to actively cooperate with the design units to avoid the design and construction out of line, or the construction of a large number of design changes and other issues. Therefore, to control the design stage, generally need to pay attention to these three directions.

First, the use of design tendering exercise to select the use of advanced technology, engineering, low cost of a more scientific and rational design.

Second, the technical and economic indicators based on the total figure for the preliminary design plan and the calculation of individual design, analyze, compare, evaluate, select relatively reasonable solution.

Finally, throughout the design phase, the technical and economic unity, implementation of the 'do first budget, then plan' approach, the implementation of quota design, and eliminate some of the design process, 'not afterwards, does not plan to' undesirable phenomenon.

2 hydraulic medium term cost management and control

2.1 the bidding phase

Bidding stage is the key to the whole project cost management, so at the tender stage, the construction contract must be clear and operable, clarity, there are constraints in nature, and with the price, duties, obligations and other relevant statutory provisions.

Among them, the price of construction contracts including fixed price contract, fixed price contracts, adjusted unit price contract for the impartiality and seriousness of the tender, usually of short duration, small-scale construction projects, should adopt a fixed price contract, duration, scale large construction projects, should adopt the adjustable-price contract, while the project cost pricing provisions include the pricing of the project cost, once signed, is generally not allowed to tamper with them, but because the project construction process diverse and uncertain emergency situations , want to completely change does not appear impossible. Therefore, these provisions place on the agreement in such cases the contract price after the deal with the settlement of the way.

During construction, the project cost control is the most direct manifestation of the control of the allocation for projects, so, in order to safeguard the interests of both sides to ensure that money supply in the project on time, to ensure the smooth progress of construction projects, for projects should be in terms of the allocation method The total contract price control under the premise of the multi-node control of progress payments, clear that the progress of the submission, approval, allocation of time.

2.2 Construction Phase

Construction phase of the project construction phase is the longest stage of the share, and investment projects mainly Links to free download

During the construction phase, so in order to avoid the waste of investment, in addition to requirements of the construction unit to strengthen contract management of the project cost, pay attention to settlement construction management, construction site management, but also note the following details of the problem.

First, the project cost the price of important materials, the total estimated project cost of about 70%, for the construction process should be strictly in accordance with the construction contract amount of material to determine the price of materials.

Second, the water conservancy construction process is a dynamic process, with the volatility, if not pay attention to the design, the design is prone to change, so the beginning of construction, the design must be strictly off if the actual situation requires design changes, So, to change, there must be the chief supervision engineer, co-signed on behalf of the design behind the executable unit, and to try to make time for the construction before the design (and some design changes must be approved by the job is not it?.

Third, standardized management of the construction phase of the on-site visa, so as to do with the sign while, in order to avoid future adverse impact on the completion of settlement, the visa must be the chief supervision engineer, the construction unit representatives, representatives of the construction site of Ning co-signed after the effective (because of the approved budget constraints, there is also need a visa approved?.

Fourth, the tender side with the contractors, suppliers signed a related contract, or sufficient risk premium (now there is a water project called behind in the valuation amount is equal to this cost? Other measures to achieve a minimum of water conservancy construction process to avoid the presence or emerging risks.

Late stage 3 water project cost management and control

Stage of completion and acceptance in the water conservancy project, the construction unit will always be speculation of luck, too exaggerated the amount of engineering and engineering difficulties, the amount of some trumped-up project by adding a final settlement, or settlement of the same item repeatedly. At this time, the cost must adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, strictly in accordance with the construction contract work, carefully review the drawings and verify the actual amount of work, according to engineering data and previously collected data to correctly calculate the completion of the project cost, the project settlement, at the same time, we must apply the rational choice of fixed or unit price , note that the nature of expenses, to complete the project completion and acceptance phase cost management and control.

4 Summary

In short, only for the water project to implement a comprehensive cost control, overall grasp of the situation, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of cost management and control, while with the water project cost management system to continuously reform and water project cost management has also started moving in international , standardization, and scientific direction. as long as the emphasis on pre-construction investment decision-making and design, to grasp the overall planning and implementation of medium-term, carefully later work on the water project cost the reasonable control and management of water conservancy project will make the play its maximum economic benefits.


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