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  • The purchase method and the equity method joint Discussion
    Abstract: The method of accounting for business combinations using the purchase method, and equity are combined method. Both deal with pricing based on different, after the merger of the accounting information have different effects. Article mainly analyzes merged under

    Jan 30,2013

  • On the important role of the financial budget management in the enterprise
    Abstract: The financial budget management as an important management tool for a modern enterprise plays an increasingly important role. Strengthen the financial budget management, increase revenue purposes can be achieved, thereby improving the efficiency of the use of

    Dec 22,2012

  • On the reform of the budget system of China's Government Performance System
    Abstract: The performance budget is the budget under the conditions of a market economy in the direction of the reform, the implementation of performance budgeting in China is in the theoretical preparation and research the feasibility stage. Proper understanding of the

    Dec 22,2012

  • Reflections on the improvement of the accuracy of engineering fields
    Abstract: engineering fields is an important part of the project management, to improve the accuracy of engineering fields, has an important role to ensure the project construction in order to improve project quality, reduce project cost, saving the project expenditure

    Dec 22,2012

  • About the Bill of Quantities bidding mode characteristics and project cost control measures _ on behalf of the network
    Write papers network: Abstract: Quantities bidding mode with simple, unified and legal characteristics and its project cost control must be accurate preparation of BOQ, consider carefully the tender process documents, to avoid disequilibrium price, focusing on assessmen

    Oct 20,2011

  • Analysis of the water project cost management and network control
    Write papers Net: [Abstract] Now, in order to maximize the economic benefits of investment, the project cost in all sectors of the applications is very extensive. The hydraulic cycle is long, and high investment makes the water project cost management and control into

    Oct 19,2011

  • Project Construction Cost Control Analysis of the tender stage
    [Abstract] The assurance system for establishing the need for cost control were analyzed for the contract signing and implementation of the process of how to control the cost of construction projects put forward specific method. In explaining the need for cost control o

    Oct 19,2011

  • On the government-funded projects the whole process of project cost control
    [Abstract] At present, China's government investment project cost control remained in the implementation phase of the project cost control, and pre-investment decisions on the project, design and tendering stages of cost control not pay enough attention, there is no eff

    Oct 19,2011

  • Various stages of construction cost control methods and measures analysis
    [Abstract] With the continuous progress of socio-economic level, and the continuous development of science and technology, the rapid construction pace has marched forward, which, as the construction of the more important indicator of the project cost, under its control

    Oct 19,2011

  • On the highway project cost control
    [Abstract] In highway engineering management, project cost is a very important element. To strengthen the road project cost management, adapt to market economy, effective control and construction expenses of the actual situation, the rational use of funds for the effect

    Oct 19,2011

  • On the real estate project management on capital controls
    [Abstract] as an important component of corporate management of funds management, corporate governance can be said that one of the core, how the operation of its various aspects, will report directly to the normal operation of enterprises have an important impact, espec

    Oct 19,2011

  • On the construction of the project cost effective network control
    Write papers Net: [Abstract] effective control of the project cost is reasonable, based on effective control of the core, which is run through the dry barrier process control construction order to improve the construction of investment returns and social effects, must e

    Oct 19,2011

  • From a financial point of view On the strategic growth \ the level of profitability and risk control of the relations between
    Abstract: survival, development and profitability of the enterprise of the three basic goals, each case of a business everyone in the pursuit of profit in the process, enterprises inevitably involves the development. To how fast it most appropriate to develop ? rapid de

    Oct 15,2011

  • On the corporate financial risk on the prevention and control
    Abstract: Financial risk is the financial management of enterprises in the process must face a real problem, there is an objective of financial risk, financial risk only for business managers to take effective measures to reduce risk, but can not completely eliminate th

    Sep 28,2011

  • New project cost control on the way
    Abstract: New Project cost control throughout the entire process of project construction. Articles from the pre-construction investment decisions and the design phase, project bidding, project implementation, financial management, accounting, audit the accounts of the

    Sep 6,2011

  • On valuation and control of project cost
    Abstract: This article explains the meaning of project cost, and design, construction, bidding, construction, visa and other aspects of pricing and control of project cost analysis. Keywords: project cost, pricing; control On a construction project, the total projec

    Sep 6,2011

  • Municipal project cost control management seminar
    [Abstract] paper, the author experience in engineering practice for municipal construction phase of the characteristics of the pricing model in the list of municipal project cost control were the key areas of analysis, and proposed public works construction industry in

    Sep 4,2011

  • On the implementation phase of the project cost control
    [Abstract] project implementation phase of the construction project cost control is the focus of the whole process of cost management take effective measures to strengthen the implementation phase of the project cost control, proper management and use of project funds,

    Sep 3,2011

  • On the engineering and technology corporation general contracting project cost control
    Papers to write Net: [Abstract] In recent years, with the institutional reform of state institutions to quicken the pace of restructuring many of the original fault-Institute for the engineering company restructured engineering companies tend to be more on the project's

    Sep 3,2011

  • With regard to the oil companies think about internal financial controls
    Abstract: The internal financial control is the core of enterprise management is the key to its survival and development, the relationship between the survival of enterprises, strengthen oil company's internal financial controls, improve its management and for ensuring

    Aug 31,2011

  • Analysis of financial control analysis
    Abstract: The international financial crisis, China's money market liquidity weakened, many businesses financing difficulties or even bankruptcy. Inadequate financial control system is the existence of serious problems of Chinese enterprises through the use of the overa

    Aug 5,2011

  • Strengthening Financial Management of the coal enterprises of
    [Abstract] strengthen the financial budget management of coal enterprises to set up the implementation of financial budget management system and operation mechanism, the implementation of responsible budgeting, budget management institutions set up to highlight key prov

    Dec 2,2010

  • Strengthening the financial infrastructure on Some Thoughts on Internal Control
    [Abstract] In recent years, college enrollment and higher education because of international competition and other reasons, colleges and universities have set off the infrastructure boom, infrastructure investment has expanded rapidly, increasing the amount of investmen

    Dec 1,2010

  • New forms of corporate financial management
    [keyword] in the new situation of financial management with the accelerated process of global integration, knowledge economy impact on all aspects of business management. And to the enterprise challenges of many new opportunities worldwide. Especially more so after jo

    Nov 7,2010

  • Construction of Control System of Enterprise Group Financial Risk
    Abstract: With the accelerating economic globalization, enterprises are faced with more complex external environment, the risk of experiencing various types of tests. Companies need to raise awareness, strengthen leadership, strengthen the daily management, good risk ea

    Jul 27,2010

  • College of internal control of financial management
    Abstract: University College Financial management is an important part of internal management, and internal control and financial management of universities is to protect the target of an important guarantee for effective implementation. This close connection with the u

    Jul 25,2010

  • Of the school management and control of financial risk
    Abstract: School to maintain and develop the most basic elements of capital, so schools should strengthen the financial management awareness, strengthen the school's early warning and prevention of financial risk. In this paper, the existence of financial risk my school

    Jun 13,2010

  • The financial risk of M & A and its control
    [Paper Keywords] M & A financial incentive to control the causes of the financial risk [Abstract] mergers and acquisitions is a high-risk business activities, risk throughout the entire M & A activity has always been, where mergers and acquisitions of financia

    Jun 5,2010

  • Hospital prevention and control of financial risks
    Hospital financial risk is the financial activities of the hospital due to various uncertainties, the hospital financial income and the expected return deviation occurs, resulting in loss of opportunities and possibilities. Hospital organization and management of financ

    Jun 3,2010

  • Technician College of the financial performance of the internal control mechanism
    [Abstract] Technician College is to enhance the implementation of financial internal controls of financial management awareness, the establishment of anti-corrosion system, the importance of financial management performance measures. In this paper, the combination of th

    Jun 3,2010