Analysis of financial management to promote innovation and improve the management level

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[Abstract] The financial crisis sweeping the globe, so that domestic macroeconomic environment has undergone significant changes in the face of changing economic environment, companies need to use innovative means to strengthen corporate governance.

[Keywords] financial management innovation

By the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the financial crisis to the real economy is constantly expanding, the face of severe global economic situation, the Chinese enterprises have also not been spared as the equipment manufacturing industry Luoyang LYC Bearing Co., Ltd. also feel a deep chill, domestic macroeconomic environment has undergone major changes, lack of effective demand and the economic downturn, businesses in the capital, costs, benefits, etc. suffered an unprecedented challenge, but challenges and opportunities co-exist for companies who want to succeed, financial crisis is corporate power savings, look for opportunities to strengthen and expand the integration of industry a historic opportunity. companies want to seize this opportunity, we must face the changing economic environment, so that knowledge change, strain, with an innovative means of to strengthen enterprise management Financial management is the core of enterprise management, speed up the management of innovation, financial management, more innovation should bear the brunt. the only way to completely change the kind of financial management over the past behind, financing difficulties, adverse conditions and poor ability to resist risks in the economy adjustments to survive the winter, to meet the economic revival in the spring.

First, the financial management of innovative content

1, the concept of innovation in financial management

As the network economy, changes in the environment of financial management, financial management of innovation, companies must update the full range of financial management:
① establish the risk values ??in the financial crisis sweeping the globe face the harsh reality, companies must establish a risk of financial management concepts, enhance risk prevention awareness, establish a sound financial early-warning mechanisms, improve the enterprise's ability to resist risks.

② establish the safety and security concepts. Popularization of network technology, applications can play in better financial management to improve operational risk management and to avoid the role, but need to establish the safety and security concepts and the use of enhanced network security and confidentiality.

③ establish the concept of knowledge management. Enterprise financial management must pay attention to intangible knowledge and human capital management, knowledge management, the starting point is to maximize the access and use intellectual capital as the key to improving the competitiveness of enterprises, creative application and development of knowledge, implementation of the new era of corporate financial management.

2, the innovative financial management objectives

Corporate financial management goal is closely linked with economic development, the establishment of this goal is accompanied by the transformation of economic structure continues to deepen. Today's economic transformation to a knowledge economy, increasing knowledge, updating and accelerate the application, a profound impact on business all aspects of business management activities, so that the goal of financial management to a higher level of evolution of the original pursuit of corporate self-interest and wealth maximization goal will shift to the knowledge of financial management objectives to maximize First target to reduce business knowledge to maximize the parties other than shareholders, the business goals of conflict behavior, regardless of the operator to prevent the company, creditors and the interests of the workers to seek to maximize shareholders' equity. Second, the goal of maximizing the knowledge does not exclude the role of physical capital, it is the tangible physical capital and intangible intellectual capital in a relatively short period of time the best combination of operating results. Third, the objective of maximizing knowledge to take into account the interests of all parties inside and outside the enterprise to achieve business goals and social goals of harmony and unity.

3, the innovative financial management tools

With the rapid development of high technology and the popularity of the Internet, the traditional financial management tools are no longer adapt to the market's rapid economic development, financial management, financial management is to change the network, the network advantages of financial management - computer software and accounting systems accounting and management of the perfect unity of more and more obvious in the financial management of the network, distance is no longer a management problem, any physical distance the mouse into a distance, financial management capabilities can be extended to the management at any point. The emergence of the network of financial, greatly expanded and extended financial management capabilities, will improve the efficiency of financial management and enterprise management.

4, the financial management system of innovation

Effectiveness of financial management, innovation, depending on whether the financial management system to remove the obstacles from within the enterprise, to establish efficient and orderly financial management order. Thus, the financial management system to achieve effective innovation is the key solution. Therefore, enterprises should comply with the legitimacy of the market to adapt to suit the actual nature of business, Zequan Li combination, scientific rationality and other innovative financial management system under the principle of knowledge economy, knowledge accumulation, human capital accumulation and technological innovation has become promote the most important modern economic growth factors, new resources, so the company's financial management system must be fully innovative development of human capital, and guide the internal configuration of a large number of non-production activities and human capital to production and business activities to promote business Economic activity status by the rugged steering intensive operations. Links to free download

5, innovative financial officers the ability to work

Competitiveness of enterprises in the final analysis is the talent competition. To raise the overall level of corporate financial management, is to rely on a high-quality financial management to achieve and complete, but the financial officers spent a lot of time and effort into the daily accounting, knowledge of aging serious financial concepts behind, way behind financial management, lack of innovative spirit and ability, it is difficult to meet the requirements of reform and development should be conducive to accelerating the development of outstanding talent of the selection and use of the mechanism to continuously adjust and optimize the personnel structure, emphasizing their professional ability to judge , communication skills and the ability to update their knowledge and improve the innovative capacity of financial staff, and effectively improve the overall quality of the financial team for the sustained and healthy development of enterprises to provide personnel support and the guarantee.

Second, financial innovation should adhere to the principles of management

1, to be simple, clear objectives.
Financial management, innovation must be simple, clear objectives, otherwise it will cause confusion, but also susceptible to failures. Whether it effective financial management innovations should be specific, clear, planned for the target application, should be to meet the specific requirements to produce specific end the result is a clear goal.

2, must be practical, seek practical.
Innovation in corporate financial management goal should be business-oriented and practical, not too much emphasis in all aspects have big leap. We must be practical, because of corporate financial management system should be innovation without effect, and the pursuit of grand scale, and allow sufficient time innovative work on the necessary adjustments.

3, to face now, continuous innovation.
Not for the future, but for now the financial management of innovation. Must be useful to people right now, but the current application in the same time, the development of innovation throughout the enterprise has always been, a driving force for sustainable development and the source.

4, to improve the environment, broad participation.
To foster the spirit of innovation, financial management innovators who inspire hard work, courage dedication To create favorable environment for enterprise financial management innovation, for the good and praise innovators, allowing corporate financial management reforms fail To mobilize participation throughout all aspects of business financial management, innovation, management innovation to improve the efficiency of corporate finance.

Third, financial management, innovation in the way

Financial management and to promote innovation, the objective requirements of comprehensive reform, and create a drive innovation, and innovation-based social environment and economic operation mechanism for providing strong financial management innovation power source. Concrete and words, corporate financial management, innovative ways to include the following five areas:
1, to create a good atmosphere for innovation. To the creation has an important influence in the management of relationships more closely especially in the field of innovation due to people's quality standards and the role of power factors, may cause the atmosphere oppressive environment, The value of the expression to be suppressed people, devoid of human self-confidence, awareness of human security and stability, and employment of people were forced to create a sense of awareness will be more than this will be a huge obstacle to innovation. innovative atmosphere of the formation depends on the leadership those reasons, therefore, the leader should be improved methods of leadership, and enhance the democratic consciousness of the masses,
Create an equal, democratic and harmonious financial management, 'soft' environment conducive to innovation initiation, stimulate innovative power management, while, to increase the propaganda and vigorously promote and encourage innovation, so that the entire company from top to bottom to form a 'than, rush, super,' the momentum of innovation and competition for innovators to create a good atmosphere for innovation, to maximize the power to stimulate innovation by innovation.

2, to establish the correct innovation goals. The goal of financial management innovation, management innovation is the main innovation, when you want to reach the final result. Financial management objectives in the beginning of the innovation already exist in the consciousness of the subject innovation or innovative projects within, it is not independent, but with the goal of financial management systems are closely related. All innovation activities is the pursuit of goals behavior, the goal is to form enduring innovation management and power motives. Once you set the goal of financial management, innovation management innovation has become action-oriented, approach every step of the innovation goals, the main innovation will bring to achievement, expected return for greater innovation, and thus more to stimulate further innovation and innovators, to maintain innovation and lasting power.

3, the expansion of broad scope for innovation. Financial management innovation, lack of motivation, innovation is not high, mainly due to the narrow room for innovation, therefore, to provide for innovation and expansion of the main broad scope for innovation is necessary. Enterprises not only good for the financial management of innovation foundation engineering, but also to create a favorable financial management innovation policy, institutional, legal, regulatory and cultural environment in which innovators can have full choice and innovation in space, effectively stimulate its innovative power, continue to create the most suitable for business economic management innovations. Links to free download

4, establish and improve the innovation reward system, improve the incentive system to meet the individual needs of different levels, the effective potential to stimulate innovation and motivation of people, so, according to the innovator's innovation performance and results, the implementation of flexible reward, the material combination of incentives and rewards the spirit of the main reward for innovation to meet the individual needs of different levels, resulting in greater incentives to innovate. With the level of productivity and improving the quality of personnel, should inspire shifted to a higher level to meet requires that social, self-esteem, self-realization of the spiritual motivation up.

5, provide high-quality environment for innovation. First, we must improve the work 'hard' environment of financial management innovation requires not only high-quality personnel, but also to provide them good working environment. To improve the working conditions of office equipment, technological improvements, increased the use of computers, fax, Internet and other high technology, innovation and information to reduce costs, operating costs, increase innovation in the financial management of power. Second, we must cultivate a good competitive environment. the full and effective competition is an important financial management, external driving force for innovation No competition, no sense of crisis on the lack of innovation and motivation, innovation and competition is a 'booster' and therefore, according to the rules of market economy, with the market to speed up the cultivation of the innovation system, to create a full, fair and effective competitive environment, the formation of 'Innovation - Application - Promotion - another new' virtuous innovation chain ring. Third, we must provide a sound institutional environment. Institutional environment that is the basic system, to establish and perfect a market economy with its own characteristics, financial management, corporate laws, regulations, institutions and systems for the financial management system to provide a good environment in which the main innovation power of innovation to be effectively carried out.

Economic crisis, for every industry, is both an opportunity and a challenge, while only innovation to be able to make a business challenge. Innovation is the financial management of an eternal theme, is a complicated systematic project, need all the long-term unremitting efforts, we have many ways to explore yet to perfect!

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