New ways to strengthen the management system of China's petrochemical

1. Development status of China's petrochemical enterprises

With the accelerating pace of economic development in China, the scale of the petrochemical enterprise development expanding petrochemical enterprises to continuously improve the self-development of the innovation capability in the future need to consider how to improve the problem of shortage of petrochemical company's own management system, because Petrochemical Company management system there are some problems, there are some obstacles in the management system innovation and management system development process, thus resulting in a series of problems in the management of the petrochemical company, for example, a petrochemical company in human resources management, there is a certain not handle well the relationship between the problems in the process of selection and recruitment, training people, and caused some problems, requiring deep thinking countermeasures addition petrochemical company in the highly competitive market environment, the ability to sell becomes worse, the petrochemical company's ability to sell face competitive pressure from foreign enterprises, scientific, effective, and the authority management process, there are some deviations, can not meet the domestic development and management capabilities, it is difficult to achieve new breakthroughs in the development of in domestic need to continue to strengthen the emerging markets continue to strengthen the development of new institutional construction of the petrochemical enterprise to improve the institutional capacity of the domestic petrochemical enterprises innovative and reasonable solution to good institutional issues, in order to achieve sustainable development power of good petrochemical enterprises.

2. Foreign petrochemical advanced enterprise management experience

2.1 emphasis on the basic and strategic research work

First, many foreign companies attach great importance to the strategic research work, the Institute for Strategic Studies in particular involved, including the company's various departments, which has an important role in the promotion of innovative development, science and technology as basic means to achieve strategic objectives, including the emphasis on basic research and prospective studies around the science and technology strategy. despite the relative inputs, basic and prospective studies recent poor profitability, but as a reserve study on the realization of the company long-term strategic significance. example set from the institutional point of view, ExxonMobil's Strategic Research Center, Mitsubishi Chemical's R & D center, its positioning for conducting basic and forward-looking research. ExxonMobil Strategic Studies Center (CSR internal specialist research company, and university cooperation, carry out basic and prospective studies, and to provide scientific advice.

2.2 foundation with professional both multi-level management system

Most foreign petrochemical enterprises attach great importance to the multi-level management system for basic and professional with both hands, so you can be more comprehensive and effective business management. Exxon Mobil, for example, R & D system is divided into three layers: the first layer is the company's strategy Research Center, is mainly engaged in basic and forward-looking scientific research, the second layer is a specialized research company, involved in three business areas upstream, downstream and chemicals, is mainly responsible for the science into practical technology, the third layer is each business company in the research and development institutions, primarily responsible for the commercial development, promotion and application, and technical services.

2.3 centralized management combined with hierarchical operation management system

Shell uses a combination of centralized management with hierarchical operation management system. Shell with Shell Research Limited, Global Technology Center are centralized and unified management of the limited company, responsible for research and development planning and project management of the so-called hierarchical management, Shell will be based in Houston, USA and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Laisiweike responsibilities of the three technical centers targeted at the development of new technologies, technical improvements and projects, while other distribution in Canada, India, France, the United Kingdom and Technology Center in Oman and other places as a second-level R & D institutions in charge of product development and provide technical support.

3. Domestic the petrochemical enterprise system management problems

3.1 petrochemical enterprise human resource management issues

China's petrochemical enterprises in the process of constant development there are still many problems, and issues of human resources management to the enterprise development can not be ignored, the traditional petrochemical enterprises in human resource management is just a simple file management, human simple personnel management activities such as resource allocation, although in recent years, with the continuous development of China's market economic system, but also to improve its management of exploration, choice of business professionals with a broader space for many petrochemical enterprises did not really recognize the huge potential for development of human resources and role, not with the overall strategic planning combined to carry out effective development and utilization. especially human resources department during Recruitment culture influenced by the traditional planned economy system, the lack of knowledge of the importance of this work, and did not make adequate preparations, This can not be true for enterprises to cultivate outstanding talents.

3.2 petrochemical enterprise sales management

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Petrochemical enterprise sales management there are some problems, these problems mainly as follows: first, the lack of knowledge within the company at all levels of management and marketing staff on the importance of marketing management. Some employees even just a simple marketing plan considered a Theoretically content, not in the actual work to implement. the epistemic insufficient, seriously hampered the progress of the the petrochemical enterprise management level, sales management focused content to explore is not in place. petrochemical enterprises in China management tools over a single, detailed exploration of which focus on the content, the lack of scientific thinking preparation and co-ordination, including ERP and CRM relationship management and use of the system there are obstacles, can not do information technology and scientific management.

3.3 of the expansion of the petrochemical enterprise management and internal management structure is irrational

Petrochemical enterprises in overseas expansion is always limited, and the amount of investment and inadequate, resulting in barriers to overseas expansion, its own scientific development and the effective development of foreign markets for less than the internal structure of the petrochemical enterprise unreasonable phenomenon, from the existing knowledge structure point of view at this stage of China's petrochemical enterprises, which can master professional skills, but also understands the law, and particularly the lack of foreign language proficiency to communicate complex management personnel first is suitable for the development needs of the enterprise technology many talents, and the the legal personnel familiar with the relevant state laws and regulations has been relatively scarce. Secondly, with the deepening of China's opening up the pace, the petrochemical enterprise master knowledge of foreign languages ​​and able to skillfully conduct exchanges with foreign enterprises fewer professionals.

4. Countermeasures to solve the domestic petrochemical enterprise system management issues

4.1 to carry out the new human resources management mechanism, innovation and human resources management concept

With the advent of the knowledge-based society, the importance of talent there is a growing concern, so to carry out the new human resources management system, to change the traditional idea of ​​employing a single, combined with the development of modern society and enterprise demand for innovative human resources management focus personnel training, according to personal professional ability, quality level capacity development direction with a reasonable allocation of scientific and effective methods of their work, and to actively establish and improve the management and incentive system, driven by the enthusiasm of staff, give full play The important role of talent in the business.

So as to improve work efficiency, promote the purpose of increasing enterprise efficiency. This process, human resource management department on this basis to improve the petrochemical enterprise management and scientific.

4.2 innovative sales management mechanism, modern management

From the actual situation of the company and the effective management and implementation of a comprehensive program management, to establish a standardized and efficient the planned sales management system for content management system in accordance with the logic of the planned work relationship with the continuous development and progress of modern science and technology, management techniques and methods continue to advance with the times. based on combination of traditional management experience, continuous learning and innovation, and establish a management mechanism suitable for the development needs of the times, according to the characteristics of the development of modern society, and take full advantage of the Internet and other multimedia information technology means to achieve modernization management, improve the scientific and efficient program management.

4.3 strengthen overseas expansion practice, build a reasonable internal structure

To adhere to the "field combat training and selection of potential talent as a key reserve candidates, give full play to overseas institutions and joint ventures as the role of the international personnel training base, to carry out the actual job training in the field, and must not be behind closed doors foster the internationalization talent through wider and wider areas, higher level of participation in international cooperation, to improve their combat level and competitive ability. addition to build the framework of the internal organization of scientific, reduce duplication of departments chance to improve the lack of development of the petrochemical enterprise scientific, harmonious internal organization and management.

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