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  • College Financial Reimbursement Problems, Causes and Countermeasures
    [Abstract] With the deepening of education reform, university accounting environment has undergone profound changes, such as the diversification of investment of higher education, making college funding not only the formation of a multi-channel, and the amount of money

    Dec 7,9

  • Strengthen village-level financial management standardization construction of new initiatives
    Paper Introduction: create two conditions: First steadily carry out payments to clear arrears and collect debts for rural financial Shuangqing MLAs adopted a democratic appraisal, debts of democratic methods, farmers were recovered debts and receivables 1.856 million yu

    Dec 5,18

  • Strengthening Financial Management to Promote Healthy Development of Rural Economy
    Paper Introduction: establish two teams: democratic management team, financial management and democratic supervision group. Rural economy, strengthen financial management to promote the healthy development of the rural economy. Key words: financial management, rural

    Dec 5,17

  • Financial Management of Small and Medium Enterprises
    Paper Introduction: As an important part of the SME our national economy, China's economic development and social stability plays an important role in promoting. But in the process of development of their health, there was a considerable number of enterprises only purs

    Dec 5,16

  • Challenges facing the modern enterprise financial management
    Paper Introduction: Financial management is an important part of economic management. With the changes in the financial management of the environment in the financial market, economic structure and the like. Some ideas and content of traditional financial management i

    Dec 5,15

  • Knowledge Economy Innovation of Financial Management scenarios
    Paper Introduction: the era of knowledge economy, objectively requires corporate financial officers must establish a new financial management concepts. Corporate finance executives only establish a 'people-oriented' thinking, the financial activities of the 'personific

    Dec 5,14

  • Problems and solutions of University Financial Management
    Papers REVIEW: College Financial management is in the range of universities organizations concerned funds mobilization, allocation, use, settlement, distribution and use of funds in general benefit management. Budget management is an important component of the Financia

    Dec 5,13

  • Under the new form of rural financial management problems and countermeasures
    Paper Introduction: Rural financial management. No checkout, no billing and other issues. Issue, under the new rural financial management and its countermeasures. Keywords: new forms of rural financial management, problem The first is related to the management sta

    Dec 5,12

  • On the scientific concept of development under the concept of financial management
    Paper Introduction: scientific concept of development is people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development concept. Currently, the study and control of scientific concept of development, Static College under serious financial management, there are

    Dec 5,11

  • On the increase "accounts receivable management" course teaching Effectiveness
    Paper Introduction: Financial management is administered by professional core curriculum. The author of The 'daily management of accounts receivable' teaching some crude's opinion. Through the above case studies can be seen. Case studies, How to Improve the 'accounts

    Dec 5,10

  • On Construction Group Financial Management System
    Paper Introduction: some company emphasized business development speed and expand the operation scale at the same time. The company should establish an efficient financial management system. Financial management system, financial management system Discussion Group Con

    Dec 5,9

  • Financial Management of water conservancy construction
    Paper Introduction: water conservancy construction projects according to the provisions have been fully implemented. Also for China's water conservancy infrastructure financial management of the new requirements. Now on water conservancy construction in the financial

    Dec 5,8

  • Problems in Rural Financial Management
    Paper Introduction: Rural financial management is the focus of the rural work, but also the difficulties of rural work. However, due to a variety of reasons, in some underdeveloped areas, financial management in rural areas, there are still some problems. Keywords: r

    Dec 5,7

  • Aim of Private Enterprise Financial Management
    Paper Introduction: but in the development of private enterprises also seen. Private business objectives can be summarized as survival, growth and profit. Access to financial management is not only the assets and reasonable decisions about. Select the target of priva

    Dec 5,6

  • College Financial Management Problems and Countermeasures
    Paper Introduction: the current low level Financial Management of College of becoming the obstacle to the rapid development of colleges and universities. Budget management system is not perfect. In short, universities must increase financial management, and ensuring d

    Dec 5,5

  • Current Problems and solutions of Financial Management
    Paper Introduction: In recent years, the vast rural areas continue to strengthen and improve the democratic management system construction, the full implementation of village affairs, pay close attention to the management of village-level financial norms and achieved re

    Dec 5,4

  • Financial Management Undergraduate Curriculum Analysis
    Paper Introduction: creation of Financial Management Major from 1998 to now the Ministry of Education formally approved. Financial management curriculum system positioning is not yet clear. Financial Management Curriculum status quo. Financial Management, Financial M

    Dec 4,28

  • Design and implementation of the MVC pattern personal financial management system based on
    Paper Introduction: MVC model has become a classic of software architecture, which uses a 'divide and conquer' the idea to make the application of the mandatory input, processing and output separately, the system is divided into three major categories: model (Model ), v

    Dec 4,27

  • Corporate debt analysis
    Thesis on corporate debt levels REVIEW :: survey findings. Corporate debt analysis. Keywords: corporate debt Findings on corporate debt levels show that in the sample companies participated in the survey, the debt ratio in the '20% below' business accounted for 34%

    Dec 4,26

  • For "further empirical investigation of bankruptcy costs," the article comments
    REVIEW :: paper is mainly on the cost of bankruptcy issues an empirical investigation. Review article on 'Bankruptcy costs further empirical investigation.' Paper Keywords: bankruptcy costs Altman is the author of the article published in 1984 in The Journal of, th

    Dec 4,25

  • Control and Prevention of Financial Risks
    REVIEW :: paper is essentially a lack of management capacity enterprise financial risk prevention and cash flow. Control and Prevention of corporate financial risk. Paper Keywords: financial risk, capital structure, control precautions In the modern market economy,

    Dec 4,24

  • Enterprises to implement a comprehensive budget management problems and countermeasures
    REVIEW Papers :: Currently, there are many large enterprises have implemented a comprehensive budget management. Measures to strengthen the overall budget management analysis. Paper Keywords: business, budget management problems, countermeasures Budget management a

    Dec 4,23

  • Several issues public welfare institutions financial management reform
    REVIEW Papers :: pure public financial management class institution objectives. Moreover, China's financial management institutions. Several issues public welfare institutions financial management reform. Paper Keywords: public welfare institutions, financial manage

    Dec 4,22

  • Reflections on the transportation revenue budget and the budget, such as the relationship between passenger and freight traffic
    REVIEW :: Papers in determining the rate of passenger revenue. Economic losses for the railway. Thoughts on transport passengers and cargo and other revenue budget and budget relations. Paper Keywords: passenger and cargo transport revenue budget, income rate, econo

    Dec 4,21

  • Corporate financial risk management problems and reasons
    REVIEW Papers :: economic activity forced the enterprises to identify high-risk financial risks faced. Here's enterprise financial risk management problems and the reasons were discussed. Corporate finance activities and external economic environment suited. Internal

    Dec 4,20

  • Discussion between government transfer payment system defects: local financial perspective
    REVIEW :: Papers should 'accelerate the formation of a unified, standardized and transparent fiscal transfer payment system. Run the project, run special' and 'running forward' has become an important part of the local financial work. Using frogs game model. Paper Ke

    Dec 4,19

  • To enhance effective communication and building a harmonious audit
    REVIEW :: Papers communication throughout the entire process of internal audit work indispensable work. Is also one of the important skills audit staff. Paper Keywords: communication, audit Communication throughout the entire process of internal audit work are an i

    Dec 4,18

  • Modern enterprise financial management concepts
    REVIEW :: paper analysis and recommendations. Paper Keywords: business, financial management, philosophy First, there is the concept of goal-oriented objectives have direction, financial management goal is the overall direction of financial management. Modern enter

    Dec 4,17

  • Monopoly profits inflated Cause Analysis
    REVIEW :: paper studied from the perspective of antitrust monopoly profits were inflated phenomenon and its performance, pointing out hazards which produces: on the one hand, contrary to the rules of market economy; on the other hand, is not conducive to the improvement

    Dec 4,16

  • Discussion on the causes and prevention of corporate financial risk
    REVIEW :: Papers financial risk is one of the biggest threats facing the normal development of the enterprise, how to guard against financial risks is currently the main task of China's enterprises, although the financial risk is an objective reality, but how to reduce

    Dec 4,15