A discussion on teleological perspective Culturally Loaded Words in translation in the subtitles of American TV

Write papers network: Abstract: American TV is the American cultural life most vividly demonstrated its cultural loaded words appeared frequently in the subtitles, so how to translate these cultural loaded words for understanding the American TV is essential. Starting from a teleological point of view, combined with subtitle translation of the U.S. drama << Desperate Housewives >> instance of cultural loaded words in the subtitles translation strategy.

Paper Keywords: cultural loaded words, teleology, and translation strategies

A cultural loaded words with the American TV

"Cultural loaded words (cultural-loadedwords The) refers to the unique things in the sign some kind of cultural words, phrases and idioms. These terms reflect the gradual accumulation of specific ethnic groups in the long historical process, unlike other ethnic groups, the unique the way of activities. "due to the load of a special cultural connotation, cultural vocabulary often constitute a difficulty in the translation as a cross-cultural communication, and even become barriers to information transfer.

American TV is the abbreviation of the Chinese people on the U.S. TV series. People from the earliest taken in the end of 1970 << Atlantic >> << Garrison death squads >> and << growth trouble >> then hit << jailbreak >> << >> etc. Do not lie to all of these into the United States, into the American family, the head of a full range of experience American culture. now watch American TV viewers are mostly born in the 1970s and 1980s people, these young people by the high level of education, a more positive acceptance of Western culture, coupled with the maturity of Internet technology, online watch watch American TV subtitles asked to appreciate the beauty play crucial audience through subtitles The translation can be real understanding and feel of authentic drama content and mood.

Subtitle translation << Desperate Housewives "in the first quarter, the play contains a unique American cultural connotations, the validity of such cultural loaded words passed to the target language audience explore the subtitle translation of the U.S. drama, and summed up the cultural loaded words translation strategies.

Second, the teleological

Teleology has become popular in the 1970s, the basic principles of functionalism. Founded by Fei Mier purpose of translation theory, translation methods and translation strategies must have asked the intended purpose or function of the decision. All translations follow the first principle is the principle of goal. Translation must allow the recipient to understand, and in the communication environment of the target language culture and the use of translation meaningful. << >> This TV series Desperate Housewives broadcast has obvious purpose, to achieve higher ratings, and then win huge commercial profits, you must use the wonderful subtitle translation. As a result, the teleological point of view with subtitles translation is very close to the teleological point of view is as follows:
The translation is not a transcoding process, but human beings a specific form of action. Where the action all the purpose of a translation before any of the translation start of the operation, you must first figure out what its purpose is also the purpose of disposal., Otherwise it is impossible to translate.

Under the domination of the purpose of theory, the translation of a foothold in the target audience and translation tasks commissioned by the body, especially on the target text they belong to a cultural function, the translator must be borne by the function of the target text in the target culture The decision should be adopted in the translation methods and strategies.

For the specific purpose of the translator, the source text is a translation commissioned by an integral factor, but also affect the final translation products formed the basis of many factors, but the source text occupies what position in the translation, it must be decided by the experts of the translator , while the translator to make a decision when the key factor is the purpose of communication in specific situations, not the source text's position.

Subtitles cultural load word translation method ("Desperate Housewives >> Chinese subtitles

(Has been translated

Literal translation is both to maintain the original content, while maintaining the original form of translation or translation text using this method, primitive culture intact loaded words will be moved to the target language, the cultural connotation of the original language will be maintained .

Example 1: Lynette: I know someone who knows someone who knows an the elf, and if any of you acts up, so help me, I will call the Santa, and I will tell him you want the socks for Christmas.You willing to risk that?
Asked: I know a friend, her friends know a little devil. So, today, if anyone of you acts, I immediately called Santa Claus, I will tell him your Christmas socks on it!
Live the phrase appears in the first quarter of the first episode, Lynette Mary's funeral with his mischievous son to participate in order to allow the son of the performance a little better, so let her lose face in front of her Santa Claus to scare her son. Santa here is the meaning of Santa Claus, and now the Chinese people the word has been no stranger, so literally translated as "Santa Claus" is not to bring the audience to understand the difficulties.

Example 2: Lynette: Yes, Renee, was always the one with the fashion sense. Before I met her, I'd never even heard of Gucci or Prada, ... Or, to Chlamydia.

Asked: Rainey is very fashion sense to know her before I heard of Gucci and Prada luxury brands ... oh, there are cosmetic chlamydia infection I had never heard.

Renee and Lynette is a good friend of the University, she married a baseball player, she is most proud of one thing to show off their Lynette front and Lynette to be outdone, always sarcasms This sentence is Lynette to a friend introduced Renee said, "Gucci" and "Prada" These are luxury brands of fashion, and now the Chinese are more familiar with these brands, so here literal translation can be.

(Two free translation

Primitive culture and the target language culture, the concept of meaning and cultural significance or conflict, some cultures to load the translation of the word difficult. The translator must give priority to the cultural significance and priority to the completion of cultural significance passed. paraphrase able to complete the functional equivalence in the United States play a lot of verbal slang and cultural loaded words can through paraphrase produce the desired results, and in accordance with oral habit.

Example 3: Katherine: Change in behavior is a warning sign and you have been as fresh as the paint for the last six months.
Asked: strange behavior is a signal, before six months are also normal.
In this sentence, the translator is a paraphrase as fresh as the paint this phrase literally translated as "before six months, the same as the paint fresh" will let viewers baffled this paraphrase is more in line with the expression habits of Chinese people at a glance.

Example 4: She did not to cook much the while moving up the corporate ladder was. She did not have time.

Asked: But in that time her business was flourishing, she rarely cook, because she did not have time.
This sentence, move up the corporate ladder was translated as "the business was flourishing." To visualize the description of Lynette's career. Literally translated as "Climb ... ladder that effect nothing.

Example 5: of Guess we found the skeleton in her closet.

Asked: to see if we can not find anything in her wardrobe?

Phrase, the "skeleton in one's closet", said a person to be tried to cover up the scandal, secret, Susan and other four housewives good friend Mary Alice after the funeral in accordance with local customs in its finishing clothing, accidentally discovered a letter. they are four and Mary's relationship is very intimate, the word "scandal" is derogatory, and can not be used between good friends, but in the translation to find out what "can not express the" skeleton in one's closet, "this phrase would like to trying to express. recommendations to be translated: see if we can find a secret? Share Free paper Download Center http://eng.hi138.com
If the original language and cultural differences of the target language is too large, the literal translation and free translation are not sufficient or effective to achieve the desired effect, and affect viewers appreciate the work, the translator can choose to use similar expressions in the target language instead of the original language.

Example 6: Katherine: This is half the reason the I joined the NRA is. Well, when Rex started going to those medical conferences, I want it in the back of his mind that he had a loving wife at the home with a loaded Smith & Wesson.

Asked: why I joined the National Rifle Association, every time Rex business trip, I let him remember that his wife, his wife loves him, but only on the standard pistol bullets.

"NRA is the National Rifle Association (USA) in the National Association of rifle (rifle)," Smith & Wesson "refers to the Smith Wesson Company, its 1852 founding date has been a pistol sector leading companies, the phrase the "Smith & Wesson produced a classic pistol. literally translated as" Smith Wesson "I am afraid the audience would be inexplicable." standard pistol "instead of the brand's name, let the audience in the target language The meaning of this sentence at a glance.

Example 7: Lynette ': I have no hope. My husband's always on business. My babysitter joined the witness relocation program, I have not slept through the night in six years.

Asked: I have to despair. My husband is always away on mission. My nanny suddenly disappeared and can not find! These six years, I never sleep well at night too!
witness relocation program, the witness relocation program, in order to protect witnesses from retaliation, their secret transfer to the lives of other places, the West is the usual practice in the United States. Lynette said her nanny participated in the witness relocation program The end result is the nanny suddenly disappeared my nanny also joined the witness relocation program, "translated as" For the general audience are not familiar with the background of this plan can not really understand the meaning of the original expression is bound to be puzzled. therefore asked to use the "disappeared" instead of "the witness relocation program, its results instead of the original language, allowing the audience to understand the original language to express meaning in a short time.

(Four interpretations

Sometimes primitive culture in the loaded words in the target language, a vocabulary vacancy, that is hosted by the primitive vocabulary of cultural information in the target language were unable to find the corresponding item or similar expressions. In this case, in order to be able to accurately convey the original word the cultural connotations and eliminate the barrier to understanding, the translator may be an explanation it retained the primitive expression. However, due to the replacement of the subtitles when you play fast, explanations will increase the length of the subtitle, so use the time to careful.

Example 8: Lynette: Yes, Renee, was always the one with the fashion sense. Before I met her, I'd never even heard of Gucci or Prada, ... Or, to Chlamydia.

Asked: Rainey is very fashion sense to know her before I heard of Gucci and Prada luxury brands ... oh, there are cosmetic chlamydia infection I had never heard.

This one in front of Gucci and Prada have taken a literal translation method behind to Chlamydia translation add comments. To Chlamydia chlamydia "means, where Lynette want to express means that Renee because of plastic surgery from chlamydial infection, laughing at her. here alone directly translated as "chlamydia", let the audience inexplicable, unintelligible, plus a "facelift" will give the audience specific background, able to better understand the original language you want to pass information and emotion.

Example 9:, Tom: Regional manager, corporate manager, head of the sales. Parker: Margarita,, cigar, sombrero.

Translation: Tom: regional manager, company manager, sales director.
Lynette: Margarita, wine, cigars, wide-brimmed hat.
Tom to work to exhaustion to refuse to join the dinner with Lynette, Lynette found a Tom Gongchu photos and other colleagues entertainment where Margarita is a cocktail of a translation when a direct transliteration of "Ma- the Ge Ruita ", you can not make the audience understand what it is. direct translation added after the word" wine "as a comment, the audience understand that this is referring to a wine, but if the translation can be revised as" Margarita, cocktails you can make the audience a more comprehensive understanding of the cultural background of the language in which to pass information.

IV Conclusion

Different languages ​​and cultural differences are more or less, especially between English and Chinese. Limitations of subtitles makes it more difficult to culture load the translation of the word in the subtitles, the translator needs to do some processing on the text, or even abandon the transfer of some primitive culture loaded words, the target language audience from the film and television audio and video to make up for the lack of such cultural significance. << Desperate Housewives >> swept our young audience a long time, but the existing version of the subtitle translation, culture load-word translation, there are many questions worth exploring. I hope that the examples in the text to give the subtitle translation translator bring some enlightenment. Share in the free paper download center http://eng.hi138.com

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