About to see the car brand translation from Saab SaabAdaptation and alienation

Abstract: Translation is the conversion of the two languages, two cultures, between the translation of the trademark is also closely related to cultural factors, different languages ​​reflect and hosted cultural vary car brand translation is a trademark translation. start from the translation of the naturalization and alienation theory, analysis of the international car brand translation, and pointed out that no matter which method of translation, and cultural factors should be considered in order to achieve promotional purposes.

Keywords:: cultural factors, naturalization, alienation, trademark translation

A, in the final battle of technology and alienation

Naturalization (domesticating translation alienation (foreignizing, translation is well-known American theorists Lawrence Venuti1995 two in his translator stealth >> translation. Naturalization Act means that the translation is clear and smooth, original may give target language readers as to minimize the strangeness, to help readers better understand the translation, and enhance the readability of the translation and appreciation. alienation rule is to retain the exotic flavor of the original, so that readers feel different national sentiment, to appreciate the differences of national culture, language, traditions, cultural exchange rich expression of the target language translation industry in China, we should say, translators and translators has long been consciously or unconsciously influenced by naturalization and alienation of the ideas contained in the impact, but different readers of naturalization and alienation have different focus, "Lu Xun Zhang Ningxin flow, and that the Chinese translation, although readers can learn to fee effort, but this a translation, not only in the input of new content, also enter the new representation (P223-228 "Zhai Qiubai that, even if it is a literal translation, we should also use the vernacular Chinese population of the head can speak out to write, not with tolerance - how much ring true (P215-222). "20 1940s and 1950s, Fu Lei is not in the shape of the translation request bore a striking resemblance, may wish to assume that the ideal translation is as if the original author of the Chinese writing, showing his naturalization is more important than alienation, Fu translated the smooth and easy to understand! literary talent as lively as ever, and often praiseworthy. Qian there, in pursuit of Transmigration, although he also said that to completely retain the original flavor, but still think that the translation to read, unlike Chinese translation. modern Wang Guowei to modern Baihua from Tang Dynasty Sikongtu to talk about the environment, Qian Transformation translation theory is actually the Chinese culture to accommodate the .20 in the 1930s such a literal translation and free translation dispute of the dispute is the syntax for naturalization and alienation. Frey and Qian translation theory actually contains the idea of ​​naturalization. visible, domesticating translation method is not limited to the ethnic characteristics of words and phrases translation due to the different users of different languages, cultural backgrounds, ways of thinking, such as, in many aspects of the meaning of the expression differences, there are differences, there is the so-called naturalization and alienation, the former is more authentic reproduction of a primitive culture, those who focus on the target language culture, naturalization and alienation is a larger concept can be discussed on the level of syntax, discourse structure, style and use.

Two, the alienation in Brand Translation

Trademark translation should Alienation should consider the following two criteria (a trademark translation significance of accurate smooth expression (2 trademark translation has an affinity for the trademark on consumers attractive and consumer brand trust in the translation of the brand must have two conditions: (a translation of itself should have the form of the brand, (2 translation must be able to produce the approximation of the original brand name. In other words, translation of the language should read, nice, good-looking, so that sound perfect unity of form and meaning. At the same time, the translation but also across the target language, cultural barriers, in line with the national people's aesthetic taste and consumer psychology in the target language, but also To focus on the God of the goods, the brand behind the quality of goods, performance and promotion functions. We found that many car brands for the target language culture have varying degrees of naturalization, to accommodate the cultural psychology of the target language readers and express habits, communicative purpose to achieve the brand, brand translation, the use of naturalized alienation each have their weight, we come to specific conditions.

1 instance of naturalization: paraphrase

Paraphrase also known as innovative translation (Stewart Leung, 2001:123, as a complement to conventional translation method. Lenovo or start with the nature of the goods according to the pronunciation of the original goods to get rid of the original trademark literal meaning of bondage, to explore new ideas, create characteristics in line with the aesthetic ideas of the translation of the Chinese people, better to give the goods the target language culture associative meaning, is typical of domesticating translation practices. this translation of the most classic example is the German luxury car the BMW, her founder Jisi Tan • Austria care. Jisi Tan • Otto was originally developed aircraft, the company formerly known as the BFW, Bavarian aircraft factory. Later, Ji Sitan • Otto transformation of car, and on July 20, 1917, the company name changed to the BMW, English is the Bavarian Motor Works Bavarian car manufacturer BMW initials, commodity information in German only, with no cultural meaning. literal translation is too long in the CE, is neither simple nor any appearance, such as retaining the title of BMW not meet the language habits of the Chinese people, also did not play the role of language to convey information. start with the letters of the alphabet B, think of as the initial consonant pronunciation [b], to create a "treasure", that is valuable, precious, expression the expensive value of the car, then look at her second letter M, the Chinese associated it [m] initial consonant at the beginning of the sound, how to put her with the car? before the car has not been invented, people's transport horse, both associated BMW, horse, and therefore translated as "BMW". This modern manned tool contains a wealth of information of Chinese culture. Du Fu Poetry for: "bamboo the Phi ears Jun wind hooves light · · · · · · Xiao Tang have this, thousands of miles can be rampant. "(see" the anti Bingcao Hu Ma >> this translation is not only beautiful, loud and distinctive, adding to the aesthetic ideas of the Chinese culture and information. BMW maneuvering at a tremendous pace. the car's appearance and function played by dripping every minute of it, so as to stimulate people's desire for consumption. another car brand "legacy", if literally translated as "heritage" in the eyes of Chinese people unlucky that the dead used thing, but translated as "Legacy" in Western culture, the lion is a symbol of strength and warlike and courageous, in Chinese culture, "lion" means to cement, fine, so the translation have the same purpose, will be caused by Chinese consumers seems another case of "regal" transliteration "Regal", reflects the dignity of a gentleman, and its slogan "the heart caused by line with the movement one more other things such as Regal. lexus "translated as Lexus, reminiscent of Top Gun." legend "paraphrase of the Honda car series in Japan for mileage, such as the literal translation of" Legend "more charm.

Alienation instance: 1, transliteration

Transliteration is the modus operandi of the goods from the primitive translation into the target language, because many car brands is the inventor named Therefore, many internationally renowned brands transliteration, such as the famous American "Ford Motor Company, transliteration Ford. another U.S. cars "Cadillac", the reason for this name is to commemorate the courage to open up the New World the French royal family officer, explorer Anthony • Clemens • Cadillac is established in 1101 to the known as the "car", the hero of Detroit to pay tribute to so we literally translated as the "Cadillac" and the proper nouns in the English language with another layer of meaning: the best (the best one). The other British aristocracy brand Rolls-Royce is a British engineer the Heny Rolls and another British aristocracy, car sales experts Strat Royce, named, literally translated as the "Rolls Royce". This brand is a symbol of status and identity, once have such a provision: Only with the nobility of their status to become its owners, it is the Queen of England, "Yu Jia, and its appearance noble, luxurious interior decoration by Rolls-Royce, another of the famous Bentley cars is the founder of the Walt owen Bentley, the direct transliteration of the "Bentley".

Bentley cars to meet the more the rich young man to the pursuit of high-speed driving, thrill-seeking need. The Queen of England "Yu Jia" by the "Rolls Royce" to read "Bentley", which adds to the Bentley luxurious aristocratic other transliteration types, such as the Italian "Fiat" transliteration for Fiat, the German luxury car "Audi" transliteration for Audi, a famous American sport utility vehicle "Jeep direct transliteration of the Jeep, the famous racing" Ferrari, " transliteration for Ferrari, Mazda transliteration Mazda, loud altogether. Ford Motor companies have introduced products "Transit" transliteration "Transit", quite a safe journey home the moral of as the products referred to Transit all the way safely and permanently. "than the more literal translation to the psychology of the Chinese consumer demand along. Polo, literally translated as water polo, but transliteration

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Polo, the Italian traveler's name, which means self-evident.

3, the literal translation

The literal translation in the target language to find a reproduction of the original content with major significance, in line with the appropriate principles, consistent with the target language norms of conventional corresponding language. Chinese and Western cultures of the concepts and information in brand translation is almost literal translation. Literal translation is not contrary to the target language norms and does not cause an error Lenovo or misunderstanding the premise, to preserve the original meaning of the image and syntactic translation. This method faithful to the original meaning of the commodity, if the original trademark meaning beautiful, elegant moral, while the literal translation can better express the meaning of the original trademark, the same with the marketing function, such as: cars of the "crown", literally translated as "Crown" has been sufficient to extraordinary refined, and elegant moral, meaning the best in the car, in line with the consumer psychology of the Chinese people. another Nissan in Japan, the "Blue Bird", literally translated as "Blue Bird" in Chinese and English trademarks are symbolize the fast speed of the meaning of this translation in line with the principle of equivalence. German Volkswagen, the Beetle ", because its image of a Beetle, the Auto Expo in Berlin in February 1973, when it was exhibited, the United States by TIME Magazine reporter Volkswagen was reported that ridiculed as "the Beetle." was originally named by Hitler the "KRAFTDURCHFREUDE" (vibrant joy), unknown, literally translated as "Beetle", vivid, well-known.

4, Adaptation and alienation in the combination of: transliteration Combination

The the transliteration Combination translation is an effective means to convey trademark charm. Transliteration of the so-called collusion may be called a homonym from Italy, that is not strictly in accordance with the transliteration, but only broadly comparable with the original trademark brand pronunciation homophonic, to give a translation of practical significance, the use of The Chinese characters contained in the polysemy of cultural information, induced to accept the information in associations reverie, to play the desired effect of cross-cultural marketing. Sound intended to combine the best level of trademark translation, is also owned by the use of strategy and alienation. German luxury car Mercedes Benz is a the Austria magnates daughter of Emil Jellinck the Mercedes (and peaceful, gentle meaning and the company founding, Carl Friedrich, Benz, the surname combined form has been transliteration as Mercedes Benz, Taiwan translated as "Mercedes", Hong Kong is translated as "Mercedes Benz" compared with three kinds of translation, a transliteration of the first loyal to the source language, but there is no connotation, the second may seem like an elegant, but it is difficult to reflect the characteristics of the car, the third "Mercedes Benz" word people associate << University >> "regulating the family, ruling the state and the world." famous, but equally embodies the performance and characteristics of the product is now translated as "Mercedes Benz", not only complied with the original English pronunciation, and from the Chinese characters literally reflects the car's superior performance, reminiscent drive Mercedes-Benz in the vast wilderness beauty, translated Vivid, just the right flavor of the other British cars Jaquar, literally translated as "Jaguar", but our translator transliteration Combination France translated as "Jaguar", sound like, and charm embody the meaning out of the bus as fast as leopards in the Chinese people's minds, leopard tiger speed faster, gives dripping carefree feeling, in the wild maintain an elegant, reflecting the function of the off-road vehicles, but also reflects the translation medium the principle of efficiency. France the cars Citiron transliteration Combination method is translated as "Citroen", Long auspicious in Chinese culture, noble, is a symbol of the rich and powerful American sport utility vehicle the Hummer, if the literal translation, compared with "phoenix bird", but joint translation of sound intended for the "Hummer", according to its form and function more charm and taste, translated as "horse" is a very vivid image, embodies the characteristics of its function, because in traditional Chinese culture, the horse has long been the people's horse, In Chinese mythology, the Maxima thousand miles a day. "Hummer", that is, the powerful Maxima, Vivid, so that consumers from the eager impulse, aroused a strong desire to purchase. Bora, translated Polaris, Porshe joint translation for Porsche, Buick translated Buick transliteration Combination translation of the translation of wow.

Third, the conclusion

International car brand varied, and how to translate and allow the people to accept and aroused a strong desire for consumption is an important topic to explore the market. Alienation trend in recent years, such as the beginning of the Swedish luxury car SAAR translated Saab, translated into a gentleman's baby, but its function as a sports car, literally translated as "Saab", the meaning of fighting, athletic, more vivid sports. Japanese family sedan "Family" can be directly translated into the family, but now translated Familia, audio intended to join forces to add a feeling of the car is warm and auspicious. Translation and change with the times and changes in the market, but regardless of what translation method, the ultimate goal is possible to occupy the market of the target language country to promote their products.


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Abstract: Translation is the two language in between two kinds of culture transformation. Trademark translation and cultural factors closely related, different language reflects and culture also vary, translation of automobile brand names belonging to the trademark translation a. This article from the domestication and Foreignization in the translation theory, the international automobile brand of translation, and points out that no matter which method should be considered in translation, cultural factors in order to achieve the aim of sales promotion.

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