A Dream of Red Mansions translation separated and non

<< Dream of Red Mansions >> the translation process, the emergence of the many excellent translation of home, such as Japanese Sinologist big high rock, rice mound Lang, stand between Cheung referred Chi Village, good governance, Wu Ministry Lee M, pine Mao husband, thread side a male, the former Soviet scholar River in Beijing, Menshikov, the former Czechoslovakia sinologist Austrian Kral, German scholar Franz Kuhn, the British scholar David Huo Kesi, etc., for a Chinese classical novel 1892, Tokyo wit Sen Huai south as Japan's first << Dream of Red Mansions >> translator << Dream of Red Mansions back wedge into Japanese, 1980, the British scholar David Huo Kesi complete the translation and publication of the 80 chapters of this << Dream of Red Mansions ", why would attract so many foreign scholar to pay attention to? German sinologist Franz Kuhn said:" The Red The Dream >> charming portraits is a vibrant and fully personalized background of the story is unforgettable. "I think it can be used as an initial footnote As for the big rock is called "Red fans, pine Shigeo" << Dream of Red Mansions >> masterpiece of all Chinese people, better get some inspiration Gentile person to Glimpse << Dream of Red Mansions ".

<< Dream of Red Mansions "on the translation and study of the foreign scholar, the understanding of Chinese culture is undoubtedly the master cognitive and thinking" David Huo Kesi. Let us look at him in the << Dream of Red Mansions> > English translation of the words in the Introduction >>: << A Dream of Red Mansions >> Chinese literature a great secular fiction, it describes the Rise and Fall of the century family in the Jia book two protagonists gem and Daiyu activities, background, is a humorous, practical details of life and beautiful poetry woven into a brilliant and beautiful, and properly reflects the red tape of Chinese family life. In addition, the book also often hinted, there is another ideal kingdom in the world outside. " David Huo Kesi understanding so unique and incisive, so the English translation of << A Dream of Red Mansions >> so far in the Western world has a unique classical position is not unreasonable.

Here, it is difficult to David Huoke Si spend ten years of effort demonstrated by translating the theory and Wang Guowei, "separated" and "non" point of view, let's not exhaustive, just from his translation of << Red House Dream >> the process the book names, a little Probe David Huo Kesi in dealing with all kinds of << A Dream of Red Mansions >> figure to the English reader to sort out the characters in the story, four basic principles: first, Jia in the master name all crown on Hanyu Pinyin, the second is the maid's name translated the Chinese meaning, and the third is the actor's name is all in French, is the name of priests, monks and nuns, all in Latin. Handling on the first, China's first << Dream of Red Mansions >> English translation of the translator, Mr. Yang Xianyi follow this one principle. Handle on the third and fourth, less involved with this article, it is not be discussed. this, "the name of the servant girl translated the Chinese meaning" to do something to discuss, to see to give us what kind of revelation, the name of the maid of many maidservants many << Dream of Red Mansions >> to name a very hot, Qingwen, Sheyue, for example, combined with the translation of the theory and Wang Guowei, "separated" and "non" point of view, take a look at David Huo Kesi for the translation of the names is the traditional " Faithfulness, Expressiveness and Elegance "or" creative rebellion ", such as Wang Guowei Human Words >>: Q 'separated' and 'separated' the other.

First, creative rebellion

From the Spring and Autumn Period, "the translator, tongue to English Pope was persuaded not be translated to the end of the Qing Lin Shu due to translation and Xiunao the 1960s, Roland Barthes declared the author is dead". We can be seen on the translation of such a trajectory: translation - translation of the creative - creative rebellion. David Huo Kesi is such a translation of "A Dream of Red Mansions >> translator, and is one full of creative rebellious translator. So-called "creative rebellion" that is translated literature a re-creation of the behavior of the source language and literature. Personalized translation reflects the behavior of such a re-creation, "the maid's name translated to Chinese meaning" This is as translator distinct personality characteristics are thus reflect the original book of << A Dream of Red Mansions >> the servant girl's name "and" translated the Chinese meaning "in the aesthetic and ideological level" separated "and" not separated ".

"Separated" and "Undivided"

Wang Guowei said: << Human Words >> Ouyang public << Youth Tour Wing spring grass the Que cloud 'Langan 12 alone by the spring of Sunshine Grove Lianyun thousand mile, February, March, OK color, bitter and unhappy person. 'Pragmatics in the present, is not separated from cloud' Xie Ikegami, Jiang Yan Pu River ', separated from men. Whitehead << Tsui House Yin >>' here should be the word fairy, owned by Huang Su-yun, and the king of games. jade staircase staring long sigh grass, lush thousands of miles. 'is not to be separated.' wine cleanse Qingchou, Hua Xiao Ying Qi 'is separated from men "and that" the pond of Health two, the beauty of spring grass "," empty beam fall Yan mud "CD not separated. Visible, Wang Guowei advocates literary works should not every other so-called "separated" when the language refers to the fresh and plain language, the image is vivid, natural and real beauty, but no artificial polish marks the contrary, the "separated" means polish, deep secret Allusions Seiko modification and lack of simple and natural beauty. >> << A Dream of Red Mansions maidservants the name on behalf of Cao Xueqin's aesthetics and aesthetic attitude, then David Huoke Si in the translation of < Dream of Red Mansions >> process "the maid's name translated the Chinese meaning", and from what made "separated" and "non trade-offs? Share the free paper for download http:// eng.hi138.com like Guiru Lan spent very hot
David Huo Kesi will be very hot translated as "Aroma". Aroma, New Dictionary >> (Supplement interpreted as, one of aroma, flavor, and the second (the art of flavor, flavor. Very hot from the flowers' fragrance. Know day and warm the way, David Huo Kesi is knowing the true meaning, therefore the "very hot" verb phrase alone translated as nouns rather than the other. "aromatic": seemingly general, but in reality research, because the collection of many maidservants of Hong made a Fang, Fang, "but a kind of character a personality, so worthy of pairing and gas, very hot doing things stable. this point of view, the translation was very hot looks" spent air "is" separated ", focusing on the spent gas very hot "is separated as the judgment of the very hot cloud" Wang Zi gentle rolls, empty cloud like Gui Rulan worthy envy Yering blessed, who knows the son missed. "Gui" aromatic, "Lan" aromatic how such gentle rolls "and" aromatic ". and as the painting written by" a bunch of flowers, and a broken chair ", filled with Cao Xueqin 's lament, and shalt be" a bunch of flowers before the feelings of the hearts of loved ones. As for Fang Guan, Rui Officer, Kwai officer, Di official club of the 12 actresses in the Grand View Garden, fragrant name, and "Aroma" a single case of very hot, the rest not available.

Fourth, the loyalty to Come True Qingwen

The David Huoke Si will Qingwen translated as "Skybright. Skybright, which means the skies. "Qing Wen", "wen", interpreted as "the cloud formation of literary talent << ancient Chinese characters commonly used in the dictionary >> << >> in three graves Yao diagram elephant day cloud red county, Yun-Su Wen ". "Skybright" in the sense equal to "a bright sky", the same time, "bright" such as "crystal", "clever" meaning, does not mean Skybright the translation of the perfect here, David Huo Kesi really do simplify the processing, and even can be understood as a "compelling" misreading. Look at Qingwen judgment of loyalty to Come, Choi Wan Yi San, heart sky high. As abject, romantic smart to be complained of. Shouyao more than defamation of Health, the passionate son of empty Qiannian. "Since loyalty to Come, Choi Wan Yi San", and where's the "Qing Wen"? look at his paintings, "both non-character, non-landscape, however dye Ink Weng Full of dark clouds cloud fog. "such a figure, such a landscape, but where's the" Qing Wen "? this point of view," Qing Wen "translated as" Qing Wen " is separated from men, "Qing Wen" translated as "Qing Wen" is not separated.

Five silent coldest start Sheyue

David Huo Kesi Sheyue translated and Musk, ". Musk, New Dictionary >> (interpreted as the addition of this one of musk, and the other musk plant. This shows that "Sheyue Month" this sememe missing, but the lack of its own the beauty of the missing, as "At this time, silence speaks" Let us look at the interpretation of << ancient Chinese characters commonly used dictionary >> In addition to the "musk" also refers to aroma, such as Du Fu << clove "Poetry:" the late falling Lanshe. "This is reminiscent of the very hot after they were married the cloud:" at least keep language Sheyue "one, we know that is similar to Sheyue every three years and very hot, and is accompanied by a dream of the gem to finish the Red House the end of a character, especially in the shadow of the very hot, so, very hot with an "aromatic" Sheyue with an "aroma", and naturally praise Mian "joys and sorrows, the month wanes, people scattered, such as "get off the piece of white earth really clean heart, why wave swing, silent coldest this point of view, the translation of" musk "dependents incense is not separated, translated as" musk "Gu is every carry.

VI Conclusion

On translation, in fact, academics and some experts do not advocate, and some even think that literature is not or can not be translated even in the early translation studies, the original - translation between the absolute dualistic concept that "the original relative to the translation, the owner, is originality, independence and construction, masculine, while the translation is a subordinate, secondary, imitation, and destructive, feminine. "However, the progress of a country's culture developed an important symbol of one of the world famous books in the state-owned translation, whether it is in the exchanges practice see from the 'other' who 'self' and self-scale to treat the 'other', thus forming a self- awareness and consciousness ", or in" to promote the formation of literature, culture and civilization Community, or to "promote the harmonious development of human society" aspects of the role of translation are particularly significant. This prompted us to revaluation of the value of translation, David Huo Kesi in the process of translation of << A Dream of Red Mansions >> handling of the names is in line with Benjamin Translation marks the continuation of the work life, translated lit works of eternal life and language endless updates of the flame. "David Huo Kesi translation different from the many translators of creative rebellion, enables us to reflect further on the Sichuan University Professor Cao Shunqing << Comparative Literature tutorial >> questioning the decision principles? translator using translation strategies and translation techniques is how to be used to serve a particular motive? "very hot, Qingwen, Sheyue, mentioned above, regardless of apart "or" not separated, whether perfect or as Cao Xueqin's original book as word Abas, but since as a translation, translation is another expression, the expression of course, there are less than perfect, which, as Professor Lv Mingchen, Jilin University, said: expression is prompted, not necessarily all. "So, translating >> << A Dream of Red Mansions, there are many places we need to pay attention and discussion, concerns the cross-language translation process The occurrence of the various language variation phenomenon and to explore the social, historical and cultural roots of these variations. Share in the free paper download center http://eng.hi138.com

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