Overcoming psychological barriers and improve the oral conversation ability

        [Paper Keywords:] psychological barrier conversational skills
        [Abstract] This paper 'traced' to the English learning process of the weak links 'that' was analyzed, and proposed five kinds of specific ways to overcome the psychological barriers among the English that in order to improve oral skills.
        Along with the deepening of reform and opening up, there will be four English language ability requirements are getting higher and higher, especially for oral communication competencies for obvious each day. Because there is no verbal communication, it will produce commonly known as the 'silent type' in English, hamper people's normal contacts. Therefore, in today's vast popularity among lovers of English language learning has played a 'crazy-style English' and 'big mouth in English', which not only reflects the people eager to improve their English speaking ability to the mentality of the session, but also illustrates the key people to learn English is to break the psychological barrier, boldly speak any English.
        Once the psychological barrier of people, it is difficult to do things well. To learn spoken English as well. Learning Spoken English among the psychological barriers often reflects the psychological and cultural qualities of the ground caused by the two major set of issues. Caused by psychological psychological disorder, usually caused by the introverted. Psychological barriers to overcome such a simple approach is to dare to open, not afraid of making mistakes; difficult to overcome the cultural quality of life caused by the psychological barrier. When people learn English to reach a certain level, there is a certain degree of identity and status, for example, non-English major university students and some of the work of high scientific and technical personnel, when speaking English? Tend to have the following concerns: I would say this if any errors status? I say whether the sentence grammar? my wording appropriate? is smooth, and so I put it. Once the produce this psychological barrier, it is difficult to communicate with others, by doing so again and again to lose the opportunity to exercise and improvement. In practice, how do we overcome this cultural quality caused by the psychological barriers to improve oral English level?
        Here's a little superficial to talk about my views.
        1, based on analog topics, the level of accumulation of sentence is an effective way to improve oral
        In the English learning process, we often encounter such scenes often hear English learning enthusiasts chatting with a foreigner, to be 'Hel-lo!' Or 'Where are you from? How do you like China?' I do not know how to start later on the topic. In fact, these English learning enthusiasts, usually there should be conscious of books to find better practical sessions, such as: 'English 900', 'Familg Album USA', 'At home in brit-ain' and so on, by category, to simulate a good topic for the book Useful phrases to recite the sentence down, depending on the scene choose to use. For example: meet foreign tourists in the resort, you can be like: 'Hello! Nicemeet you. Are you the first time to Beijing? Where do youlike the best? I have been toGraetwall. I like it verymuch. The sentence beginning naturally subject to travel around the impression was initiated. In this way, as usual accumulation of basic sentence patterns simulated topics, do a good job in this area fully prepared, we can rule out the spot to play when the psychological tension, making oral exercise capacity and improve, thus effectively increase the level of spoken language.
        2, and strive to learn new knowledge, broaden their knowledge is an important factor in improving spoken
Of course, the topic of the sentence through to prepare for the commencement of the expansion of knowledge is an important factor in a successful conversation is one. Expansion of knowledge, including a better understanding of Anglo-American cultural background knowledge to understand the differences between Chinese and Western backgrounds to understand the customs of Anglo-Saxon countries; In addition, we still need more access to some of the latest information on various types of disciplines. Extensive knowledge, and talking to cool the market situation would not have the conversation started when he is relaxed and comfortable. This practice, the process of psychological stress and obstacles to overcome, and oral skills intangibles also increased.
        3, to listen to say, more than try to figure out is the key to improving the level of English conversation
        People with higher cultural quality of life, speak English, often the existence of such a psychological barrier, that is, the remarks of his own not to your liking, their pronunciation and intonation there are concerns about whether the standards and therefore can not speak English. So, should listen more to the peacetime training on foreign language training programs try to figure out pronunciation and intonation and multi-start actively to participate in the practice of English Corner activities, there is a conscious expression of try to figure out the strengths of others to improve their deficiencies. By constantly sum up, do not bother, they would have less and less bold in their own confidence in speaking English will be the addition of many.
        Does not affect their normal tone of voice when talking to the courage, therefore, usually need to do more to listen to foreign language training programs, and follows to read out loud. Practice more, and the results will be better.
        4, extensive reading, read, large accumulation of vocabulary to improve English conversation level of the foundation and guarantee
        To improve the oral level, the light of the previous mentioned that the best method is still not enough. Need to have enough vocabulary could be built. To this end we should try to extensive reading, reading can help us to expand vocabulary, and thus to eliminate obstacles to the process learned in practice. As the reading process is a broad range of information content and the process of vocabulary, some words can only be a rough feedback to the brain, in order to use, have to collate and analyze. Therefore normal reading process, we can also list a number of high frequency words, phrases are classified recitation. For example, words related to food: bread; steam-bread, sandwich, cake, pie, etc.; the daily words: tow-el, soap, wallet, umbrella pillow and so on. Targeted accumulation of vocabulary. Large vocabulary, and practical use when you can ease the. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://eng.hi138.com

        5, read the original Anglo-American novels and newspapers and magazines, is to improve the oral conversation ability to complement the measures
        Speak a language well, the most effective way is to exposure to this language in the environment to go to listen more and speak more practice, then you will be able to master it. However, in our country for people to learn English, this language environment after all limited. To compensate for this defect remedy is a widely read British and American novels and the original original Anglo-American newspapers and magazines, to experience the expression of others, give yourself the best language to create a sense of opportunity. For example:
I miss him over and over again. (From God Father)
'Miss Eyre, are you ill?' Said Bessie.
'What a dreadful noise, I went quite through me!' Ex-claimed Abbot.
'Take me out! Let me go into the nursery! Was mycry.
'What for? Are you hurt? Have you seen something?' Again demanded Bessie.
'Oh, I saw a light, and I thought a shost wouldcome.' I had nowgot hold of Bessie's hand, and she didn tsnatch it from me.
She has screamed out on purpose, declared Abbot insome disgust. 'And what a scream! If she hand been ingreat pain one would have excused it, but she onlywanted tobring us all here: I know her naughty tricks!'
(From Jane Eyre)
        Such a broad reading through the original Anglo-American newspapers and magazines, novels, you can cultivate the habit of thinking in English, oral expression blurted out when you will be able to overcome the tight spot when they play psychological, verbal conversational skills will be able to automatically be improved.
        In short, as long as we usually from the above aspects fully prepared, the session when you are able to respond flexibly to various situations, psychological barriers will gradually disappear. Over time, you will be able to ease the dialogue with others to conduct, your ability and level of oral sessions will also continue to be improved. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://eng.hi138.com


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