On Business English verbal communication in the business environment and art


Business English verbal communication

business environment of Applied Arts Abstract: Business English in the enterprise business environment, indispensable, how active and effective application of an objective and practical problems, pay attention to the efficiency at the same time to guarantee a certain artistic, convenient for the pursuit of a higher level .

First, the understanding of the

Business English verbal communication

Business English verbal communication

in the enterprise business environment, there are unique, which is generally understood in the sense artistic. Able to express all the ideas that people want to express this uniqueness is reflected in its multinational companies in marketing manager insights and views on the market development process, first by way of talking with the Assistant Business English verbal communication, listen to the assistant have any thoughts. In addition, can also will expand multi-level, multi-faceted discussion and also by the questionnaire in the form of research, organization of specialized personnel in-depth questionnaire, carried out across the company, both inside and outside the company's views and recommendations of the collection.

In many cases, due to the technical requirements are too high, the operation of ideas difficult to implement specific. To this end, the reality, it should be possible to use business English, to facilitate relatively easy to understand the other side can understand the content of communication. Means that to achieve effective communicate the premise that both sides must be clear communication, otherwise, just to understand the pieces of the business English communication, speak really want to express the intent is difficult to thoroughly understand the art of business communication there is nothing can be described as "make bricks without straw."
Innovative and challenging business communication speech skilful, so to speak should try to work around thinking to let my colleagues to understand information and from the heart to receive instructions regardless of the content of communication difficulty, the situation facing a number difficult, if you truly looking for ways to conquer the so-called problem, always find the matching methods and ways, basically to achieve the purpose and effect of the performance by the Business English-verbal communication. At this time, have this Business English in the context of verbal communication with the charm will be filled with feelings of longing that is the case, corporate leaders and employees can really feel the importance of effective verbal communication.

Business English way of verbal communication


Business English verbal communication

to communicate through oral and written communication before and did not fully think clearly is a more mature solution to expression and communication, then the best approach is to first thoughts have set and can make use of the tools of pen and paper this tradition to a list, also can make use of the human good use of computers to expand the analysis in the help of these tools in the premise of the existence of these basic elements for further reasoning. modify and improve the program before immature and ideas through appropriate reasoning more reasonable. Only in this way, people with the Business English-verbal communication can be more confident, show a more complete self alone with communication skills and the arts.

According to the needs of the work, if you want to communicate the object is not in accordance with a predetermined location appears, we have to prepare yourself mentally,

Business English verbal communication

under different scenarios, like a good response in advance, for example, if the communication object out of the office. We can make use of mobile or home phone for the most direct and convenient connection and communication, if this communication object is like the Internet or Internet conditions, then through the online chat to communicate this way, can avoid face-to-face binding, maximize the effect of play, if the file or task transfer, you can send e-mail add e-mail attachments the way to achieve, if it is something on the books, but also can make use of the camera or scanner to achieve the conversion, and then direct add e-mail attachments to send the file. These are very convenient means of communication, including e-mail mode of communication is one of the most effective

Business English verbal communication

activities, the most convenient and cheapest way to so many business people often carry netbooks effect of Internet tools, Tablet PC can go out this way to lay a certain foundation for them to achieve maximum benefits. Links in the free paper download center http://eng.hi138.com

Business English verbal communication

Entire business activities, in addition to the Business English-verbal communication, there must be other ways to communicate, such as body language often referred to in everyday life, business people can make use of gestures to convey certain ideas and meaning through gestures to convey ideas be able to fully express the entire contents of the entire business activities in the requirements? The answer is obvious, if it is a simple idea, of course, we can make use of gestures to express this way than business English words to image much, but also much more convenient, but if the idea of ​​business people to express complex, we can imagine, the expression of this gesture will have a bottleneck, bound by a large degree, by comparing the Business English-verbal communication in meaning more clear, efficiency is relatively high.

Multinational companies may be faced with an objective, headquarters and subsidiaries to communicate geographical bring misunderstanding and estrangement of the people to assume that the company is headquartered in the United States subsidiary in China, then the U.S. headquarters of the leaders came to China subsidiary business communication, a subsidiary of the Chinese employees to use business English communication and communication. the face of the mother tongue is English Americans, the Chinese understanding of the non-native speakers of English is far less than Americans, there will inevitably be misunderstandings or differences, this time with the Business English explanations of thought and consciousness in the different cultural backgrounds, effective communication and verbal communication, business people from different cultural backgrounds living in empathy to a certain extent, or reached a certain degree of understanding. It is not difficult to understand the business people from different cultural backgrounds are often unable to cooperate because this or that kind of misunderstanding. Therefore, a prerequisite for

Business English verbal communication

communicate real understanding.

In most cases, business English verbal communication is much more convenient than other forms of communication, and efficiency should be much higher especially when business people located in different office locations, a telephone can be connected to communicate with each other in this process, call the communication object also felt the inconvenience less space. With the development of science and technology, the mobile phone function and constantly enhance the docking of the network and mobile phone users can also be mass fly letter to the transmission of information, especially to notify large numbers of people, the benefits of group list of mass show head. Only takes a few seconds of verbal communication in business activities can be realized.


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