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Abstract: The main task is to graduate study and research as a branch of English, English Language and Literature has its own small study of the direction of the unique, so there are some graduate students in English language and literature not know how to study In this paper, mainly from the read text, intensive reading literature, to promote innovative research in the field of English Language and Literature graduate students described how to do research.

1 Introduction

The ancients said: 'Learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous.' This sentence reveals the dialectical relationship between learning and use in a way also shows that students in the school when the two major tasks: study and research in the graduate student to do some research, different scholars have different views. the former Soviet Union are two schools of thought on post-graduate training: Long Road (LD Landau) and Chatham (IE Tamm). Landau school of graduate study claims During the basic knowledge of theory only, not to engage in scientific research, and emphasizes the Chatham school graduate should be engaged in learning, based on some research work. explore in order to graduate in the end not to carry out scientific research, they should know the true meaning of what is ? first study is to explore academic issues. academic knowledge is knowledge of the deep level is still unknown elements or surfaces can also be simply, research is to find something to write, however, found that Ye Hao, write things worth mentioning, all with study is directly linked from this perspective, the idea of ??school is more Chatham desirable.

Many scholars at home and abroad many of the English language and literature in this field have been studied. Some scholars have studied English literature and teaching level. Students by reading literary works, works of social background and obtain the author's life and creative thinking of the understanding and use of language , thought the concept of expression and other aspects of awareness and understanding of students at all levels to learn English all-round way, and truly master the language. Some scholars of English literature class made the investigation and reflection. the attitude of both teachers and students with comprehensive view the proposed improvements to this course, but for domestic graduate students in English language and literature on how to do research papers is still relatively small in this paper to be read from the text, intensive reading literature, to promote innovation and other aspects of English language Literature students should do research.

(2) English Language and Literature Graduate Studies should be how to do

English Language and Literature English as a branch of English Language and Literature graduate to work with professional characteristics of the research methods, combining theory with practice, to explore, to discover, to study.

2.1 Fineness text

Literature graduate students doing research in the fineness of the text must be before, so as to better understand the theme of his works to express ideas. What we should devote themselves to read the text, in-depth try to figure out what works? This Song Zhou Wang gave an image of the teacher metaphor - a beautiful reflection of your text. This means that, fundamentally speaking, is not that the text read text, but your own. Some hearts, eyes only, not the hearts, eyes never. Share for free download
readers should do with the hero went to work in the adventure, with love, and go hate together to share the victory, failed to share with. the text is read by interpretation are the subject of cultural heritage, cultural heritage and knowledge cultivation, so interpretation of the text vary, see the 'bottom' on the depth of the 'ism' is not specific from the sense, literature words of wisdom to pass a Read the original English literature is to understand the culture of English-speaking countries, an important way. read literature to support the surface can reach the deep culture of culture, that is the English-speaking countries culture with fundamental ideas, value judgments The two sides often use perspective, and perspective of these criticisms. English literature is the aesthetic life of the times the performance of the English-speaking peoples of the product of the creative use of English language. In summary, read the text, try to figure out materials, first of all emphasize 'I' will devote themselves to the text, try to figure out the taste and only the 'eyes 'The presence of reading is invalid reading, only the' head 'and the presence of inefficient reading is reading, only' life 'reading is the real presence of efficient reading. text read, is a process of acceptance, but also a process of discovery In recent years, methods of literary criticism in literary New Criticism --- also highlighted in read method. fineness text shows the importance in the study.

2.2 Intensive literature

Began to study English literature graduate from the reading of the literature work must start reading research literature is a very important part. With a literary work, at different times can have different interpretations to want to do postgraduate research literature, it is necessary to understand what our predecessors have done the research, so as to propose new research point of view, each field has the most comprehensive top academic journals, we must learn to look for authoritative review articles. are not reading the literature about here again, but should Intensive literature in the reading of the literature should take notes, take notes is a graduate of the accumulation of basic knowledge, so as to better help sort out the main points of scholars to deepen understanding of the work and improve the efficiency of backtracking. Intensive literature can be read summary Introduction, conclusion, the fineness of the body can be in no hurry, consider it carefully reading the article the author to express ideas, think about why the authors from this area, the authors obtained through this study what kind of conclusion, then re-read literature, the researchers think and read through these, you can make some difference with the previous point of view. In addition, students can communicate in and around reading experience, reading to discuss the problems found. Links to free download

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