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  • Analysis of "The Catcher in the Rye" in symbolism
    Abstract: << Catcher in the Rye >> American writer JD Salinger's masterpiece novel extensive use of symbolism, is intended to reflect the World War II confusing contradictions of American youth's outlook on life and morality, reveal the American young people

    Jul 17,2012

  • On the performance of Whitman poetry Preliminary Study of the content and themes
    Paper Keywords: Whitman performance content themes Abstract: Wall off Whitman (1810-1892 America's 'Poetry of the Father', he completely broke the traditional framework of poetry, boldly to create a free body, its only a collection of poems < <Leaves of Grass>

    Jan 1,2012

  • On Dunn poem Good morning the ideological content
    Paper Keywords: <<good morning>> awakening of the spirit of love, the universe of religious humanism Abstract: <<Good morning,>> in the center image 'Awakening' under the command of expressing the poet's love of awakening and the awakening of m

    Jan 1,2012

  • Discussion on the non-English majors to teaching English and American Literature
    Paper Keywords: Anglo-American literature and cultural training Abstract: Most of our non-English majors of a great lack of knowledge of English and American Literature, Anglo-American culture on contemporary college students to understand a deeper meaning, therefore,

    Dec 31,2011

  • U.S. literature courses to explore the differences in teaching philosophy
    Paper Keywords: literature, differences in teaching philosophy Abstract: British and American English literature class has long been difficult to break a teaching problem, while the rise of open courses, but for us to crack the challenge of teaching American literatur

    Dec 31,2011

  • Talking on behalf of the fairy-tale world of aestheticismOscar Wilde
    Abstract: Oscar Wilde as a 19th century Victorian schools on behalf of the British aestheticism, its clever poetic language, ornate style, the tone of sadness, melancholy implication fusion fairy tale in its creation of a small number of nine. Articles by Oscar Wilde's

    Dec 8,2011

  • Tragic Art of Ernest Hemingway novel
    Abstract: Hemingway is a good writer, since 1961, the study of Hemingway has not stopped, his posthumous publication, edition of his works, even brought him onto the screen. Hemingway in his novel Legend depicts the background of the experience of a tragic hero of this

    Dec 2,2011

  • On Anna Kalieninuo source of tragedy
    Abstract: This paper analyzes the reasons for the tragedy of Anna to explore the cause on the basis of the modern tragedy of modern marriage of three factors: the tragedy of marriage, birth and different personalities, love tragedy. Paper Keywords: novel 'Anna Karenin

    Nov 22,2011

  • Analysis of Pride and Prejudice in the dramatic feature
    Thesis network: Abstract: This article from the plot structure, characterization, stage scenes, narrative point of four aspects of Jane Austen's masterpiece <<Pride and Prejudice>> for a more detailed, analysis of the dramatic works of magic characteristics.

    Nov 22,2011

  • On the theory of Wuthering Heights in the love
    Humanity? Culture? - Wuthering Heighets' love Outline I. introduction 1.1 The love in Wuthering Heights 1.2 The two main characters' human nature II. The temporal social culture and humanity 2.1 Culture and humanity on that time 2.2 Humanity was dispelled

    Nov 8,2011

  • Analysis of the noble image of sunset beauty
    Abstract: The sunset is a common English poetry in a typical image. Face the sun sets, the poet will have a different aesthetic point of view of different emotional and psychological. Praise those who have, those who have sentimental. Based Langji Yunus, Kant and other

    Nov 8,2011

  • One hundred kinds of mysterious feeling of tragic awareness Analysis
    [Abstract] <<one hundred kinds of mysterious feeling>> Amy Tan is the creation of another new attempt to bring not only experience the traditional Chinese culture, in past lives and reincarnation into a new color: a combination of the characteristics of Chin

    Nov 8,2011

  • Analysis of discourse structure marked paper to write a review
    Paper to write network: Paper Keywords: Rhetorical Structure Theory chapter structure marked Abstract: discourse structure marked a late start, but the rhetorical structure theory (RST) as a guide chapter rhetorical structure annotation has recently made remarkable

    Nov 8,2011

  • Works of Hurston's black test proposed language features
    Abstract: Zola ? Neil ? Heston is known as the mother of African American literature, she consciously absorb nutrients from the black culture, the characteristics of a black frame and colloquial narrative cleverly integrated into the works of creation in . analysis from

    Oct 28,2011

  • On the "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" Tess's tragic fate in the root
    Summary: <<Tess of the D'Urbervilles>> is a British literary giant Thomas? Hardy's masterpiece. Heroine Tess's tragedy and misfortune is caused by a variety of reasons. This feminist perspective as a starting point, two aspects of analysis from the tragic f

    Oct 4,2011

  • On Perspective "Bible" to enjoy foreign literature analysis
    (Construction, industrial Keywords: American literature American literature and cultural appreciation of foreign literature Abstract: In the foreign literature, American literature and culture occupy an important place in this paper through the perspective <<Bib

    Jul 12,2011

  • On the ethics of religious poetry of Robert Frost
    Paper Keywords: religious ethics; Frost; impact; confusion; honorable Abstract: Robert Frost's poetry is known for subtle, simple language with the language behind the often sarcastic, deep meaning, implicit reflection of modernity The article aims of Frost's biograph

    Jun 16,2011

  • On the "Golden River" s Ethical Thought
    Paper Keywords: John Ruskin <"Golden River King"> Ecological Ethics Moral Ethics Abstract: <"Golden River King"> is a famous 19th century British art critic John Ruskin's short stories. In this paper, when the <"Golden River King"> Image and story ch

    Jun 7,2011

  • Ethics for the Lawrence Inquiry
    Abstract: This paper describes the basic content of Lawrence ethics, and the origin of ethics philosophy is analyzed. Lawrence ethics is a natural human ethics, the idea of ​​the formation and accepted his philosophy of youth relevant, but also by the impact

    May 23,2011

  • Of Lawrence "The White Peacock" On Ethics
    Paper Keywords: Lawrence; <"White Peacock>>; narrator; dramatic narrator; Ethics Abstract: Lawrence and Lawrence ethics is to understand the basic starting point, and "The White Peacock>> as his literary debut has been remarkable for the scarcity of the

    May 15,2011

  • Speech Act Theory and dramatic characters for multi-level discourse meaning - for Albee "The Zoo Story" in the words of
    Abstract: Speech act theory is one of the core theory of pragmatics, the theory has been used for American playwright Albee works "<Zoo" The Story> to discourse analysis. Characters dialogue and the script alone is the main component composition, a brief but profo

    May 13,2011

  • On the "ah Pioneers!" Ethics in the care of women to explore
    Paper Keywords: Women Care Ethics in Maternal Tolerance Abstract: The women's understanding and trust of land, women lenient tolerance of others something else, maternal female migration in the life of the three areas, explains Xiao La Kaise expressed in the work of w

    May 6,2011

  • On the "ah Pioneers!" Ethics in the Care of Women
    Paper Keywords: Women Care Ethics in Maternal Tolerance Abstract: The women's understanding and trust of land, women lenient tolerance of others something else, maternal female migration in the life of the three areas, explains Xiao La Kaise expressed in the work of w

    May 6,2011

  • On "the bucket of Ladder Oman Leto wine" Pragmatic Interpretation
    Abstract: pragmatics of language use and study of verbal communication. Will be pragmatic in the application of some of the basic theory of literature in the text, the literature provides a new perspective to this try to use the premise of pragmatics, Pragmatics and spe

    Apr 29,2011

  • "Motherhood" and "Romeo and Juliet," the tragic comparison
    Summary: <<Romeo and Juliet>> is a British playwright, Shakespeare's plays, and folk songs of the Han Dynasty <<Motherhood>>, is the wonderful world-renowned BUILDING, although a different genre, different period, from works of the hands of diffe

    Apr 27,2011

  • Literary Speech Act Theory in the Interpretation of irony - Analysis of "Pride and Prejudice" as an example
    [Abstract] to <<Pride and Prejudice>> as text, from the point of view of macro and micro ironic speech acts which can be found, the main thrust of the work is the irony of the implementation of the macro-speech acts, the implementation of the fictional Ironi

    Apr 25,2011

  • To talk about a love of art and commerce - fine art photography and commercial photography of the relationship between
    Paper Keywords: commercial photography; art photography; social status; solutions; Conclusion Abstract: Charles Dickens, British writer on the French Revolution novel "<Tale of Two Cities>> the phrase famous opening words, this seems to also be used to descri

    Apr 25,2011

  • Analysis of historical and cultural traditions in the display and analysis of self - assessment Sylvia Plath's "bee poems"
    Paper Keywords: Sylvia Plath; bee poems; display and analysis of self; historical and cultural awareness Abstract: American confessional poets Sylvia Plath, with their beekeeping experience as material, wrote the "bee poems" to demonstrate and analyze the sensitivity

    Apr 14,2011

  • On modern love and marriage patterns of thinking
    Summary: <<Pride and Prejudice> "was Written with the action heroine Elizabeth tell the world: not for money, status, property and marriage, but marriage does not consider these factors also will not work. She ever stand up for yourself, insist on doing their o

    Apr 1,2011

  • New Criticism of British and American literary criticism in China The Value of the
    Abstracts: New Criticism from the date of birth to be a strong criticism and opposition, so far, the New Criticism is still not in the Chinese literary critics have been important and positive impact. But the American New Criticism and new theories approach to the liter

    Mar 6,2011